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Sainsbury's Slendasweet Sweetner Tablets

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Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Other

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2009 23:41
      Very helpful



      If you're watching your weight or your teeth, look no further!

      PRICE: £4.40 for 500 tablets


      Calories: 0.2
      Kj: 1
      Carbohydrates, fat, fibre & sodium: All less than 0.1g


      Glycine, aspartame, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, leucine


      Aspartame contains a source of phenylalanine


      Sainsburys's SlendaSweet tablets are artificial sweeteners, designed for those who don't like unsweetened hot drinks, yet prefer not to use sugar for whatever reason.

      The product can be found in the area of Sainsbury's that sells things like dried fruit, different types of sugar, and various cake-making products. On buying these sweetening tablets, it's best to go at first for the mostly red and white coloured pack containing 500, and when you need to buy more, you buy a refill pack of 500 as pictured above.

      On both types of pack, the Sainsbury's logo is clearly shown on the front, and on the rear you will find nutritional information, ingredients, dietary advice and Sainsbury's quality claim, together with their contact details.

      Despite trying many times, I have never been able to bear the taste of hot drinks without sugar, and I hate saccharin-based artificial sweeteners. Back in I think it was the early 1980s, the world of food-science came to my rescue by inventing artificial sweeteners which contained no saccharin at all, the sweet flavour coming from aspartame.

      I have used various brands of aspartame-based sweeteners over that almost 30-year period, and have found they all taste pretty much the same, but the Sainsbury's SlendaSweet variety is very economical, as it's one of the cheapest available.

      One pack of 500 SlendaSweet will last me a long, long time, as I never drink tea, and I only have one mug of coffee (albeit a very strong brew) first thing in the morning; the rest of the time, I always have cold drinks, regardless of the time of year and how hot or cold the weather is.

      I personally find that any artificial sweetener tastes pretty dreadful in tea, but in coffee, I actually prefer them (so long as they contain no saccharine) to sugar, as they don't leave that sickly, cloying, sticky feeling around my lips which sugar does.

      The dispenser for SlendaSweet is very easy to use - you just click the little red button at the side, and out will plop one tablet - repeat the clicking motion to get as many tablets as required. One tablet roughly represents one rounded teaspoon of sugar. Once empty, the container can be kept, and you can buy a refill pack - it is very easy to refill the old container with the new batch of tablets, and is a lot cheaper than buying the tablets all over again in a new dispenser.

      I have never personally found artificial sweetener, whether in tablet or granule form, to be all that good in recipes which require sugar (with the idea of using SlendaSweet as a sugar substitute), so for those, I just say sod the calories and use real sugar.

      With some brands of artificial sweetener, I have often found that the mechanism on the plastic container which dispenses the tablets, ceases to function before the pot is empty - but with Sainsbury's SlendaSweet, this hasn't happened (yet!), and I have always been able to easily get all the tablets out, plus re-use the dispenser.

      The only problem I have stumbled upon is that sometimes, even when I'm using my dehumidifier, moisture in the atmosphere can get inside the dispenser and dissolve the tablets into a solid lump. When that happens, you can't get the lump out of the dispenser without smashing it to pieces, and even then the contents are unusable, due to being solid and having lost their tablet shape. The way I get around this, is to keep my SlendaSweet dispenser tightly wrapped inside a plastic bag - I always have to make sure I return it to the bag after each use though, because if I forget, then the problem with creeping condensation as just described is sure to occur.

      Sainsbury's SlendaSweet tablets dissolve very quickly in a hot drink, and you will only need to give the liquid a couple of stirs with a teaspoon, to find that the sweet flavour is evenly distributed throughout the drink.

      There have been some health scares over the years about sweeteners which contain aspartame, but I am one of these people who isn't easily spooked by society's hysteria, and I can promise that I'm alive, healthy, kicking, and halfway through my 50s. If all of these health warnings about artificial sweeteners, plus pretty much everything else we put in our mouths on a daily basis were 100% true, I would not have reached this age - and certainly not healthily, even if I had somehow scraped through.

      In summary, Sainsbury's SlendaSweet are taste-wise, no better and no worse than other brands of artificial sweeteners, they all being pretty much of a muchness; I personally will continue to use the Sainsbury's variety though, simply because they are cheaper, and to date, I've never had the problem with the dispensing function on the container failing before the pot is empty. At 0.2 per tablet, the calorie content of of SlendaSweet is negligible - overall, I declare this a good, sound product, which is a perfect substitute for sugar in hot drinks, and great for those watching their weight or the health of their teeth. It does ought to be said though, that this product will only aid weight loss if used as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

      Thanks for reading!


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