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Sainsburys Frozen Chicken Korma and Pilau Rice

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    2 Reviews
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      26.02.2008 19:15



      always like to have one in the freezer!

      I love this when I have no time to make my own Korma, or when im just too lazy
      Indian is my favourite cuisine :)
      This ready meal is quite well priced at around £2 last time i bought one. I try not to make a habit of buying these because the fat content is pretty high and I can make a homemade version which is alot healthier.
      But I must admit, this tasted very good! The rice was lovely and not sticky like in some inferior quality ready meals serve.
      The chicken korma itself was delicious. The chicken had a surprisingly nice texture. And the chicken to sauce ratio was perfect! Always a bonus
      The portion size was alright. It would probably be plenty for most people but because I look my food and have a good appetite I cant resist serving it with a nice buttery naan bread or a popadom!


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        04.09.2006 13:14
        Very helpful



        A great frozen ready meal

        Sainsbury's Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice (new and improved)

        I have to confess that I am a the great lover of Indian Cuisine ,but sometimes I see a new products in the supermarkets to replace the take away menu and relieve some of the costs of a take away, so when I came across this New and Improved Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice, I just had to try it.
        Upon a visit to Sainsbury's a while ago I found that they have now updated there range of frozen Indian Cuisine ready meals and that the Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice is one of the new and improved products. I could not help myself I had to try one.

        About the Product.
        Sainsbury's sell these in the frozen ready meal aisle and they are priced £1.85 each or you can buy four and save £1.00. You do not need to buy four of the same meal you can purchase any four from there new and improved Indian and Oriental ready meal range.

        What you get.
        For £1.85, you get a good-sized portion of Chicken Korma sauce as well as a good sized portion of Pilau Rice . It is by no means a huge portion but in my opinion, it is a good size portion and is quite a filling meal.
        The meal comes in a Black plastic container, which is covered with a plastic film, which you gave to pierce before cooking. Finally, it comes in a cardboard box, which gives you all the Ingredients, Nutritional Information and cooking instructions.

        This product can be cooked either in the Oven or in the Microwave.

        The Meal Itself.
        The Pilau Rice always seems to have a nice aromatic flavour and smell to it and never comes out dry. Due to the cooking Instructions and that you have to add some water half way through cooking to the rice it seems to make it nice an fluffy but not soggy.
        The Curry has between 7-8 pieces of chicken breast meat in each meal, which in my opinion is quite generous for a ready meal. The sauce is lovely and creamy to taste, it has a lovely thick texture and is not swimming with grease when cooked. You can taste all the lovely spices and coconut in the curry sauce.

        The Packing.
        As I said earlier the meal is served in a black plastic microwaveable container which is suitable for Kerb Side collection schemes, However the Plastic film and cardboard are not suitable for Kerb-side collection however if you save the Cardboard as I do until I have a box full it is suitable for recycling at your local council amenities site.

        List of Main Ingredients only.
        Pilau Rice (44%), (plus all its spices),
        Roast Chicken Breast (14%),
        Onion (8%),
        Whipping Cream (5%) (from cow's milk)
        Rapeseed Oil
        Coconut (3%)
        Crushed Tomato (2%)
        Coconut Milk
        Yogurt (from cow's milk)
        Chicken Paste
        Coriander Stem
        Desicated Coconut
        Garlic Puree
        Ginger Puree
        Green Chilli Puree
        Ground Tumeric
        Ground Cumin
        Garam Masala
        Chilli Powder

        Nutritional Information. (Per pack)
        Energy. 3444 KJ ; 821 kcal;
        Protein 25.8g
        Carbohydrates 87.3g of which sugars (10.3g); and starch (77.2g)
        Fat 41.1g-----of which
        17.8g of saturates, 13.7g of mono-unsaturated and 7.5g of polyunsaturated.
        Fibre 11.4g
        Salt 2.8g of which 1.2g is sodium.

        Allergy Advice.
        It is recommended that this product is not suitable if you have an allergy to Milk and Celery.

        My Opinion.
        I know this is not the healthiest of meals as you can see as it is high in fat and calories, but eaten in proportion will not do you any harm as with any food. So far it is the best Supermarket's own brand Indian cuisine Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice meal that I have had, and if you are a lover of mild and creamy curries and Indian cuisine I highly recommend that you give this a try as I feel this is an excellent product and good quality and value for money.



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