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Sainsburys Taste the Dfference Sultana Scones

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    2 Reviews
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      23.12.2008 22:59
      Very helpful



      A delicious sultana scone that would pass as home baked

      Salisbury's are right, you can taste the difference. The `Taste the Difference` scones come in packs of four, they cost around £1.39 a pack and have the maroon and silver packaging that is reserved exclusively for Sainsbury's `Taste the Difference` products.

      These sultana scones are really indulgent, they are baked using Cornish Clotted cream and fresh Cornish butter and this is reflected in the overall quality of the product.
      Each scone is a good size, the top of the scone is a rich golden brown and the scones are heavily packed with plump sultanas which seem to ooze out of the sides.
      When you cut into the scone you find that the texture is slightly moist, I prefer that, many of the cheaper varieties seem to crumble badly when you cut them in half. The fruit is there in abundance and the scone doesn't crumble away under the pressure of the butter knife either.

      The scones do contain milk, egg and wheat gluten and due to the way the product has been manufactured they are not recommended for anyone who suffers from a nut allergy.
      They have used caster sugar to sweeten the scones and free range eggs to add richness.
      Each scone has 239 calories, so if you are a member of Weight watchers then these scones will be out of bounds.
      Fat content is 8.1g and Saturated fat content is 5.3g, there is 17.2g of sugar and 0.88g of salt.
      So the scones may well be delicious but they are high in fats and sugars so you might prefer to save them for a special treat.

      The scones are best eaten on the day of purchase because the soft moist texture soon changes. You can tell if a scone is past its best very quickly, but if I have one left the next day I put it into the microwave for a few seconds, the blast of warmth makes the scone feel relatively fresh again.
      My favourite way of enjoying a scone has to be with jam and clotted cream, a good spoonful of strawberry jam and a large blob of clotted cream makes them as near to perfection as possible.

      These scones cant be frozen but I can`t see them lingering long enough to need freezing anyway.
      They are the perfect treat for a family tea or a special occasion and are well worth the extra penny or two.


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        23.11.2006 20:26
        Very helpful



        A truly lovely teatime treat!

        Ever since being pregnant with my last daughter I have had 'a bit of a thing' about scones - especially sultana scones! In fact I've probably eaten so many that I've become a bit of an expert on all scones from all stores! I have to say though, that after munching my way through many a scone, there is now only one for me!

        Now, at Sainsburys there is a variety of scones you can buy - from their 'basics' range you can get ten scones for about 40p, or from their regular range you can get 6 scones for 63p (see, I told you I was an expert!) or, you can go that extra mile and buy the 'Taste the Difference' all butter sultana scones with only four in a pack for £1.19! Now this is where I surprise myself, because usually I am on the look out for a bargain or at least a good deal (I love BOGOF offers!) and simple economics tell me that four scones for £1.19 is not the best offer. However, in this case, this absolutely wonderful scone has won me over - in fact you really can 'taste the difference'!

        Let me describe this scone for you. To start with I do feel that it's slightly bigger than your average scone and the outer colour is golden and inviting - the basic scones are quite pale in comparison. Also, you don't have to go searching for the sultanas - they are large, juicy and plentiful!

        Scones can often disappoint when you bite into them and you get that horrible sensation when all the doughy mixture starts to stick to the top of your mouth (I often notice this with lesser scones) but not so with the 'taste the difference' ones. The texture is perfect, with no stickiness at all - in fact they simply melt in your mouth and taste great! I have to say that I like them best with butter so of course, the whole package is not recommended if you're counting calories!

        So, this neatly brings me on to the factual bit. All Sainsbury's products come with their little pie chart of facts on it. Looking at this one I can tell you that each scone provides:

        242 calories (whoops!)
        8.3grams fat
        1.1 gram salt
        4.8 grams saturated fats
        14.4 grams total sugars

        The packet also informs me that it is the juicy sultanas and the jersey butter that makes the difference!

        OK, so I never said that they were healthy, but they are definitely good for a treat! My problem is, that I don't seem to be able to stop at one they are that good! I shall just have to buy less!

        You can find these scones in the bakery section at Sainsburys, next to the regular and the basic scones - but I know which ones I'll buy!

        By the way I always say scone as if it rhymes with cone, but my husband says it as if it rhymes with gone! He is adamant that he is right and I am wrong! Can anyone set us straight!

        Thank you for reading about my obsession!


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