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Saxby's Ready Rolled Shortcrust Pastry

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‚Äú Saxby¬ís fresh ready rolled pastry is available in 375g packs from Tesco, Morrisons, Somerfield and Waitrose. ‚Äě

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2008 13:59
      Very helpful



      A great time saver and wonderful if you have trouble making pastry.

      Pies pies pies....who doesn't love a good pie? I know I do. I don't eat them all that often as I try to avoid eating too many carbs but on occassion I do like a nice pie, especially a nice meat and bean pie my mum used to make. A good pie of course is made up of two important sections, the filling which should be delicious, succulent (nothing worse than a dry pie...so to speak) and, most importantly, plentiful! A pie with a good filling is likely to be a good pie, however the other factor is what can elevate a good pie to a great pie, or can indeed make a good pie a bad one, it is of course the pastry! If the pastry is too thin it can be disappointing as there isn't enough of it, and part of the flavour of a pie is the pastry, too thick and it can make a pie much too heavy and stodgy. If it is too crisp and crumbly or too soggy it can ruin a pie. Pastry it seems is quite a mine field!

      I haven't made pastry a great number of times but on those occassions when I have, I have found it to be a quite an art, too much flour, too little fat, etc etc, can all ruin it. The number of elements which can affect it is amazing and can lead to some truely horrid pastry. As such, a while ago when I was feeling like I needed a pie I decided to try some premade frozen pastry. After all, I had seen Anthony Warrel Thompson recommending it on some programme or other and figured, well, it can't be that bad.

      I purchased the pastry from Morrisons (where I do all my shopping) and gave it a whirl. I made a variation of the meat and bean pie my mum used to make.

      Handling the pastry was great, it felt like a good pastry and rolled out flat nicely and trimmed up easily. Once cooked, the pie was great, the filling was great and the pastry was also delicious. This had a really nice flavour and to be honest would be very difficult to tell apart from home made. It had good consistency, wasn't too heavy nor was it too crumbly. If I had made the pastry I would have been very pleased!

      Although I would prefer to have made my own pastry, it is not something I have mastered and as such this is a great way to have good pastry without any problems. Also it is a great timesaver if you don't have much time to prepare something.

      I will certainly be using this again, and would recommend it to anyone.


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