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Slimmer Sweetener Tablets

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    3 Reviews
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      10.05.2010 11:29
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      Not what i would recommend for those quitting sugar.

      I decided to try slimmer sweetener tablets after starting the atkins diet a few years ago as they clearly stated they were carb free. I discovered the tablets in my local Tesco and at 1.05 GBP for 1000 i thought i would give them a go. Being a complete coffee addict (between 8-12 cups a day) it came as a blessing to find zero carb sweeteners that meant i did not have to drink my coffee bitter.

      The packaging is quite plain and simple, the dispenser not so easy to use. It consists of a tube with a little flap on the lid that you tip the sweeteners from, it took time to get the correct amount as they would come tumbling out in their masses.

      Plus side:

      The price is very good for the amount you get (at about 10.3p per 100)
      There are no carbs in the product.
      Easy to store.

      Down Side:

      The dispenser is tricky to get the correct amount out.
      It leaves a chalky residue and strange after taste in the drink.


      After using the tablets (3-4 per mug of coffee, 8-12 times a day) for about 4 months straight i started to develop some very strange side effects. I stopped using the tablets about 8 weeks ago and am still suffering.

      1: Headaches that just appear, though quite mild.

      2: Muscle and joint aches and pains. (these are like a sharp dull ache that appears on 1 part of my body, then vanish after a few minutes and appear somewhere else on my body throughout the day) Even after stopping use of the tablets the aches are still continuing, hoping the detox from them will kick in soon.

      3: Weight GAIN. This was one side effect i was not expecting. I actually started to gain weight, especially on the hips and stomach.

      4: Mood swings. I found that after prolonged use that i became irritable and snappy for no reason.

      my GP has confirmed that i probably have a build up of sacharin toxins in my system that caused the damage.

      If it did not come with the risks and dangers i would give it a 10/10, purely for the cost of it, however, i did not think at the time that a bargain could cause me such problems and discomfort. One lesson i have learned is that i would rather have a little extra weight and be healthy rather than damage myself for vanity.


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        08.12.2009 11:46
        Very helpful



        Handy Cheap effective sweeteners with side effects

        I am unfortunately a girl with a very sweet tooth especially when it comes to my tea and coffee. Before having my little boy I would only drink tea and coffee in moderation at home, but after 9 months off drinking tea and coffee all day the habit stayed with me on my return to work.

        Now working in an office I can get through about 7/8 cups of tea and coffee in a day and up until recently I would have had 3 sugars in each cup (and can you believe I couldn't work out why I was putting weight on) after realising that I wasn't that same 23 year old that could eat and drink what she wanted anymore I knew something had to change, so I first cut down to 2 flat teaspoons of sugar in each cup and then switched to 2x sweeteners in each cup.

        I was on a trip around Tesco looking for my usual sweeteners when I came across slimmer, the first thing that attracted me to this product was the price. At 95p for 1000 tablets compared to my usual £1.35 for a 100 tablets this was something that I couldn't just pass by.


        The packaging:

        slimmer comes in a white plastic fully recyclable cylindrical tube. It is nothing special to look at, it is just a plain white tube with a red lid and red rectangular shape on the front outlining the slimmer written in white, so something that on its own wouldn't stand out at all.

        the packaging itself is also fully recyclable, it is a bright green piece of card with slimmer written in white across the front, again this is outlined in the red rectangle shape comparable to that printed on the tube. It states that slimmer is calorie free and this is written in white writing along the side and then there is a cup of tea at the bottom in a china cup and saucer. This is mostly all printed in fairly bright colours but not really eye catching to me. On the other hand it didn't deter me from buying the product either so must have something attractive about it.

        What is special about slimmer?

        Slimmer claims to be Calorie free, the little tablet adds a sweet taste while helping cut down on sugar and calorie intake, This is a big plus for me and if I was in doubt about this product I would have purchased it for this reason alone.

        Slimmer states that every time I replace a teaspoon of sugar with one slimmer tablet I will save 15 calories and just using this in 3 cups of tea per day will save me 1260 calories per month. Just what I need to feel comfortable in my bikini next summer lol.

        I can confirm i have lost a pound this month by only replacing my sugar for these, so in my opinion these statements are true enough.

        Using Slimmer:

        As I said before the tablets come in a cylindrical white plastic tube with a red cap. The cap is very easy to open and close and very effective in keeping the tablets secure, the only downside to using this product is that unlike other sweeteners that I have used the tablets in this tube are dispensed through a small hole under the cap by tipping them out, this is easy enough to do but you never just get the one or two sweeteners you require, it turns out to be more like four or five sweeteners. The excess sweeteners are easy to place back in the tube through the little hole as long as you tip them into your hand first and not straight into your drink.

        The tube measures 10cm in length and fits nice and easily into my handbag, This is great when your out and about or at work but find that all other sweeteners out there are handbag friendly as well so not really a revolutionary idea.

        The taste is very sweet and I would say that one tablet is equivalent to 1 heaped teaspoon of regular sugar (may be a bit sweet for those who only like a little sugar in their drink). I did find that when first using these tablets there is a strange taste to them but doesn't take long for you to adjust to it. On a plus side though I have found that the tablets do not leave a residue on the top of your drink (my dad hates this when making me a drink with granulated sweeteners).

        I have found that I can not use Slimmer in all of my drinks as it contains Saccharin which unfortunately has the tendency to give me joint pain, which I have found is a common side effect of this additive so others may find this as well. I use Slimmer in about 3 of my hot drinks a day (one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening) I find that this has prevented the saccharin from effecting me so far, but as I have not used the whole tube yet cant say that this approach will work indefinitely.

        I do find using sweetener tablets a lot more convenient than using the granulated sweeteners and I prefer the taste. Would I buy these again? Yes I would buy these again as the price is very good and they are cutting my calories by at least 1260 a month just by using them as I have been. I do think that I will also look around for other sweeteners that do not contain saccharin that I can use for work as carrying granulated sweeteners is not has handbag friendly alternative lol.


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          28.03.2009 16:59
          Very helpful



          Not the greatest sweetener on the marke but it will do me.

          I gave up using 'proper' sugar in my tea for lent several years ago. I drink a lot of tea, so saving 15 or so calories per replaced teaspoon of sugar seemed like a good idea. I calculated that saving 60 calories per day by giving up my four (sometimes more) teaspoonfuls of sugar (total over the day, not per cup!!) should result in 6lb weightloss per year. So I should be nearly 2st lighter..... no such luck, I'm probably that much heavier, but I'm pretty sure other factors are responsible for my widening hips!

          I've tried lots of sweetener tablets. I prefer tablets because they are more convenient to carry around than the granular style of sugar replacements. It's much easier to throw a sweetener tablet dispenser into my handbag than it is to find a secure container to take a few spoonfuls of granular sweetener about with me.

          Slimmer sweeteners do the job that they are intended for, they sweeten my tea. At 95p per 1000 tablets from Tesco, they are cheaper than other branded alternatives (even Tesco's own brand sweetener tablets are 99p for 100) and in cash strapped times I shall continue using the Slimmer brand. However, these sweetener tablets will not be ideal for every one.

          Plus points:
          Cheap - 95p for 1000 rather than 99p for 100 says it all!
          Secure closure to the dispenser - once the red disc at the top has been twisted to the closed position I am confident that none of the tablets will escape

          Minus points:
          The dispenser is a simple screw open/closed affair. It is not the click-to-dispense type preferred by most manufacturers. Basically you twist the lid open and are faced by a small hole. This hole lets more than one tablet dispense at a time. Not a problem when you know that this is the case, you simply tip the sweeteners into your hand through the hole in the dispenser, use the required number of tablets and then reinsert the extras back into the dispenser through the hole - simple if you're expecting a flood of tablets to escape, but not so great when you first use the dispenser, or someone else in the house uses it and is unfamiliar with the dispensing mechanism, as most people try to dispense the tablets straight into the cup of tea and get the equivalent of 5 or 6 spoonfuls of sugar sweetness go in at once!

          The sweetener produces a slight residue on top of the tea. I've seen much worse produced by other sweeteners however, but this might put off some users.

          The tablets are very sweet. Any one that takes a level spoonful of sugar rather than a heaped one will find these tablets too sweet.

          There is a very slight aftertaste to these tablets. I got used to it quite quickly, possibly because I drink my tea strong, people who prefer weak tea might find the sweetener aftertaste more perceptible.

          Extra info:
          Sweetener tablets can be used by people with diabetes provided they fit into the individual's diet.

          These will only aid slimming as part of a calorie controlled diet (ahh, that's where I've been going wrong!)


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          Cut down on sugar and calories.

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