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Smarties Xmas Tree Decorations

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Nestle / Type: Sweets

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    2 Reviews
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      23.11.2009 23:10
      Very helpful



      Delish Xmas Tree Decorations!

      These are one of my fave Xmas tree chocolates and we've been buying them for years even though the packaging has changed over the last few years.

      You get 8 chocolates for about £1.99, I love the shape of them because when they are wrapped up in their foil they look like colourful baubles that are ready to hang on the tree. Weeeeell, not ready because you've got to tie the loops to hang them up and that's annoying because I don't know why they can't make them with the loops ready instead of making it so fiddly!

      The chocolate that the baubles are made of tastes just like the chocolate that is inside Smarties to me, it's better quality than you will probably think with it being Nestle and the chocolate is lovely and sweet and creamy.

      Inside each bauble there are a few Smarties, about 7 or 8 I reckon but I haven't counted! They're normal Smarties and you get a few of each colour, the only thing that bugs me is the same as in a tube of Smarties that there aren't many orange ones in them and they're my faves! lol

      We all love these Xmas tree decorations in our house, they look wicked on the tree and taste yummy. I don't think they taste as good as the square Cadburys tree decorations we also buy but they are more exciting and fun to eat.

      I can't wait for my dad to get the tree out of the loft now so we can hang some up instead of just eating them out of the box! lol


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      12.12.2008 18:14
      Very helpful



      Something new for your christmas tree.

      Depending on which order DooYoo puts these reviews on site, this may be the first or second one I have written on chocolate Christmas tree decorations.

      This particular review will be on "Smarties Christmas tree decorations".

      These are very similar to the Milkybar ones that I may or may not have reviewed already,( sorry confusing ain't it!).

      The box for this product is navy blue in colour with a red painted bow across the top of the box. Under this is all the usual information, brand name (Nestle), product name, contents and the statement that this product contains no artificial colours or flavours, which is a blessing as at one time the mere mention of Smarties would send children bouncing off any wall available!
      On the front of the box there is a green and very lush looking Christmas tree covered in colourful Smarties, in the centre of this is a clear plastic panel through which the baubles within are visible.

      The box is rectangular in shape with the lid having a perforated and tear lid, once opened there is a cutout for resealing, but as the decorations go straight onto the tree there is no real use for this!

      The baubles are round and the size of a golf ball, and there are 8 in a box. They are wrapped in foil, the colour of a tube of Smarties. On the front of the decoration is the Nestle brand name and also the Smarties logo.
      Around the entire bauble are colourful Smarties and finally there is the simple statement at the back saying that this chocolate contains milk, soya and wheat gluten and that it may contain traces of nuts and peanuts.
      You may think that this would spoil the overall effect of the decoration, but after being hung on the tree you cannot see it, also due to the fact there will probably be no original packaging around when you actually eat them I would rather have the information to hand.... Just in case!

      At the top of the bauble is of course the obligatory hang string. The only problem I found with these is the fact that you have to tie the hanging loop yourself, not a real hardship you may think, but after tying over 50 of the damn things your fingers do start to get a little sore!

      Now onto the nutritional information, (though at this time of the year I doubt there are many that actually care!) -

      Per decoration -
      90 kcal
      0.9g protein
      11.3g carbohydrate
      11.1g of which sugars
      4.6g fat
      2.8g of which sugars

      Now the really important part.... The taste!

      The chocolate is smooth and creamy, nice and sweet, as you would expect! There is however and added extra with these decorations, and this comes in the form of around 6-7 miniature smarties within the baubles shell. This of course means much more care has to be taken when trying to eat them. My son hasn't quite got the hang of it, still biting a hole into the bauble and spilling it's precious insides over the floor. In fairness though my kids still follow the 10 second rule.... If it's been on the floor for 10 seconds or less you can still technically eat it!

      These are available around the £2.00 mark, the ones that I purchased were bought as a "Buy 2 for £3.00", this is still available at Asda.

      These are a lovely alternative to the normal Cadbury's decorations that we have bought in previous years, the fact that my children find these much more enjoyable to eat than the bog standard flat Christmas present design.

      Highly recommended!

      For more information visit - www.smarties.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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