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Sussex Slipcote Organic Cheese

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Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2009 13:38
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      A lovely cheese which is ideal for all the family.

      You may know from some of my other reviews that I am a lover of the Outer Hebrides and one of the reasons has to be the abundance of sheep that graze there. Having recently returned from a few days on the island I was pleased to see my favourite boy who I have loving named Rambo. He was munching his way through grass and feed in buckets having done his November duties with the ewes soon to litter the fields with the wonderful sight of new born lambs heralding the start of spring.

      As a result of this love of sheep and the joy of spending many hours in lambing sheds with my daughter in her vet training I always seek to find products I can use which come from this love. I am vegetarian so have to pick with care as lamb chops are not on my menu and wool jumpers can be itchy, but have recently discovered a cheese made from sheep's milk which is delicious and organic.

      Made in Sussex and called Slipcote this is a cheese worth looking out for. If you have any kind of dairy intolerance you may find it a comfort to know that sheep's milk is much more easily tolerated and may be an alternative. The cheese is made from sheep's milk which incidentally contains 100% more calcium than cow's milk and 33% more protein.

      The word Slipcote is an old English word which means little piece of cottage cheese.

      According to history many years ago in the late 1890s there was a cheese called Slipcote which in those days was unpasteurised and made from cows milk. It was creamy and full fat and was widely known. During the war when rationing was in the making of cheese like this was discouraged and so after the turbulent period a new product with the same name was reinvented and was this time made pasteurised and from sheep's milk.

      Made by a family firm established in 1988 this cheese has won many British Cheese Awards. This suits me as I am trying to support family firms as much as possible in this severe economic climate we are all having to face.

      This cheese is more like the little round English goat's cheeses you can buy and is not a cottage cheese. It is organic too and is suitable for vegetarians. Attractively packaged with a lovely picture of a sheep on a pale apple green background. I purchased mine from Waitrose and I paid £2.19. It is also available in 2 other varieties -basil and mint but I tried the plain one as I wanted to see if I liked it. It is also available from www.localfoodshop.co.uk or from themselves at www.highwealddairy.co.uk

      The flavour is very similar to soft goat's cheese and it spreads well onto oatcakes and toast. It is very similar in taste to crumbly Lancashire and has a salty, tangy, flavour.

      When opened it must be eaten within 3 days and I can vouch for that because after a week there was mould starting to form on a tiny amount I had left. Normally I would have eaten it all in the time frame but we were going away and leaving a house full of teenagers to fend for themselves which can leave fridge management as bit tricky!

      A delicious cheese which is perfect for a lunchtime snack and is really good with oatcakes- especially the Stockan and Garden or the Ditty's ones I talked about in another review.


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    • Product Details

      A soft cheese with a light, creamy and fluffy texture.

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