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Sweet Botanicals Apothecary's Garden Hangover Drops

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Manufacturer: Sweet Botanicals / Type: Sweets

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2010 01:16
      Very helpful



      Something different....

      We received a box of these "Hangover Drops" as a Christmas present and I was not too sure what to make of them at first. I have barely drunk any alcohol since last summer so I was not sure when I would get the chance to test these out to see if they do what they say on the box - to me "Hangover Drops" means "is going to get rid of your hangover".

      You get a flimsy when open, see through plastic tub containing 150g of oval shaped sweets. Th tub measures around 3 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches deep. The sweets are hard like boiled sweets and have a fine sugar coating. Each sweet measures 2cm long x 1.5cm wide and 1cm deep. So they are not too big to fit in your mouth comfortably nor are they too small to feel like a sweet. I would guess at there being around 45-50 sweets per tub as we still have 35 left and I have polished off a good few of these just pottering around the house.

      I was feeling like something sweet after my lunch the other weekend, and spotted these sat on top of the fridge. I decided to open the pack and have a few to see if they tasted as awful as I assumed they would (the words 'Botanical' and 'Apothecary' had resulted in me thinking they were going to taste like raw nettles or something equally as botanical. The pack is flimsy and opening the pack simply means eeling back one of the two short bits of sellotape holding the top half of the plastic tub in place.

      I was instantly pleasantly surprised as these taste like Vimto! They are really yummy and I enjoyed eating them just for their fruity Vimto like taste. The sweets do slowly disintegrate as you eat them but I ended up biting into them after a short while and they are hard all the way through and not chewy in the middle as some hard sweets can be (cola cubes etc). These do have a similar sugar coating to a cola cube.

      These contain:
      Bramble, Raspberry, Lemon, Ginseng and Rosehip flavourings.

      The ingredients on the pack are:
      Sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, panax ginseng, natural flavourings, colouring- plant extract.

      So despite the glucose syrup/ sugar- these do contain very natural ingredients.

      There is no nutritional information printed on the pack.

      Around 15 minutes after eating two of these I felt a mild tingle and slightly more awake for around 10 minutes- so I assume that had something to do with the ginseng. It was very mild and did not last very long.

      Mr Norton woke up with a hangover around a week later after treating himself to a few bottles of white wine one evening and although he has this crazy rule he will not eat anything sweet until he has eaten something savoury first (he's quite unique, we just go with all his little quirks).... He did actually have two of these (he must have been feeling rough!) and his first proclamation was "MMMMMM" followed shortly after with a "well, they must do something as my headache is subsiding"- whether it was the painkillers or the Hangover drops or a combination of both, Mr Norton concluded these so actually help you out a bit if you have over indulged in alcohol.

      It would make sense that they would make you feel a bit less like you have been hit by th infamous Beer Scooter when you wake up with a hangover as they have sugar and glucose in which is always good to make you feel a little less ill. You give people who have had a shock or who are going into shock something sweet as it helps your body/ brain to cope, sugar also does as Mary Poppins pointed out "help the medicine go down" so if you have had some painkillers, something sweet it always good to help them get to work. So, I can see how they may be beneficial if you are hung over.

      I have looked these up on line and they sell for around £2.80 a tub and are sold in chemists mainly or you can but them online. I would recommend these to have in the house if you like boiled sweets or even to have in the car glove box as ginseng may help you feel more alert (might be good in the car if you are driving- but not with a hangover of course!). They are not the sort of thing you would buy frequently, more as a one off random purchase or something to keep in the cupboard.

      Although the jury is out whether they do actually do miracles for hangovers, they did seem to do something for Mr Norton. They are quite pricey, but I think they were a nice present and we will savour them whilst they last! The plastic tub is a bit flimsy and I think they would have been nicer in an actual tin- that would justify the price a bit more, but that is my old criticism.


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