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Tesco All Day Breakfast Sandwich

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Sandwich

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    3 Reviews
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      17.03.2010 08:33
      Very helpful



      A good value sandwich.

      The Tesco All Day Breakfast sandwich seems remarkably cheap at £1.50. If you are buying a sandwich from a motorway service station or an independant bakery then you can expect to pay a lot more than £1.50.
      Usually All Day breakfast sandwiches are a meal in themselves and this Tesco sandwich is no exception. We decided to buy one sandwich and enjoy it between us.

      Tesco have packed the sandwich into the normal clear plastic carton and you can easily see the bread and the filling through the clear plastic. The carton is clearly marked with the nutritional values.
      The bread looks thick and the filling looks generous, so it appears that we are getting our moneys worth.

      Tesco have made the sandwich using a malted brown bread, I enjoy malted bread it is sweet and it has a unique nutty taste. The two slices of thick brown malted bread are struggling to keep the filling inside of them so this is looking favourable.
      The filling looks a little bit dreary and the texture of the filling looks as though it may not appeal to everyone.

      As you lift one half of the sandwich out of the carton the first thing that you notice is that the sandwich fails to remain firm, the bread is bending under the weight of the egg, bacon and sausage that lays within.
      The malted bread has gone slightly soggy in the middle but the area around the crusts have stayed nice and firm.

      I want to see what Tesco have put into the filling so I examine the list of ingredients on the carton and that tells me that the sandwich is filled with pork sausage, hard boiled egg and sweetcure bacon.
      To bind the three main ingredients together Tesco have added seasoning, mayonnaise and some tomato ketchup.
      61% of the sandwich is malted brown bread and the remaining 39% is the filling.

      The hard boiled egg is good, if you have hard boiled egg in a sandwich then it can be difficult to avoid that slightly rubbery texture but Tesco seem to have managed to give us decent hard boiled egg. The slices of sausage appear every now and again to surprise you and when you find yourself enjoying a slice then the sausage is tasty and well seasoned.
      From my point of view the small slices of bacon were a little bit disappointing, the cold bacon was sweet but it was also a bit chewy and the cold bacon fat didn't look very welcoming either.
      The combination of mayonnaise and tomato ketchup seems to have been a good choice, although the mixture makes the bread slightly soggy towards the middle it binds the ingredients well.
      You can taste the tomato ketchup and the spicy sauce tastes good.

      Eating an All day breakfast sandwich always seems to be a messy business, the plentiful filling has a will of its own and I always find myself needing a tissue to wipe up afterwards.

      The Tesco All Day breakfast sandwich contains 450 calories and the sandwich is quite high in fat.
      Tesco have out allergy warnings on the carton and they include gluten, egg, milk and wheat.

      The All Day breakfast sandwich was filling, decent and well priced. From a personal point of view I may revert to my favourite filling of prawns but I would by no means rule out the Tesco All Day breakfast sandwich.


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        04.02.2010 01:35
        Very helpful
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        £2.50 For A Rubbish Sandwich.... Rip Off Alert!!!

        This sandwich was a big time let down, I didn't want to pay £2.50 for it in the first place but I was starving at it was the only sarnie left in the fridge that I liked the look of.

        It was mega disappointing though and even though the ingredients of the sandwich sound yummy, put together they make the sandwich mega dry and there's not that much flavour in it either.

        The sandwich is made with brown bread and inside it there are rashers of bacon, Lincolnshire sausages, fresh tomato, tomato relish and egg mayo. There's a bit of butter on the bread but not much and I couldn't taste it over the filling.

        The bread on mine didn't feel that fresh, it wasn't stale or hard or anything but just not properly fresh I don't think. I took some of the bread off anyway because it's very thick, the crusts deffo had to come off as well because the filling didn't get anywhere near them.

        The egg mayo is the best thing about the sandwich because it's got a nice fresh taste and is nice and salty which is just how I like it. It's a bit dryer than I'd make my own egg mayo but the texture of it goes proper nice with the cold bacon and sausage. The bacon is quite nice as well, I like cold bacon and this one is nice because there aren't big pieces of soggy fat on it and it's got a nice salted flavour to it.

        The sausages are rank, they're butchers choice Lincolnshire sausages but because they're cold they've got a horrible greasy stodgy feel and also make the sandwich feel proper dry. They've got a bit of a springy feel as well that I didn't like much and have hardly got any taste at all.

        The tomato relish is nice, it's got a sweet and vinegary taste that's real nice. I wish there was more of it on the sandwich because it's spread on mega thing and you can hardly taste it in some mouth fulls.

        Not recommended..... naff and expensive!!!


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          09.04.2009 11:16
          Very helpful



          The worst sandwich I've ever tasted.

          I went into Tesco to get a sandwich for lunch, starving and feeling like comfort food I went for the biggest one there, the All Day Breakfast.

          As you would gather from a title like that, the sandwich mostly comprised of sausage and bacon. The sandwich itself was huge, a large triangle of really thick floury white bread. In fact, that's what it was, mainly...bread. Not particularly nice bread at that, I had to pull it apart to actually get to the filling, of which there wasn't much. The inside of the bread was very thinly pasted with a tomato relish/sauce. Not ketchup, but it did have a sweet artificial tomato taste. The bacon was ok, cold bacon in sandwiches is never a patch on the hot stuff but it was ok. The sausage was a little gritty in places.

          Ok, so for this disgusting sandwich, which I have to say, I really could not finish, how did it stack up on the calorie count? Not well is the answer, for some thing that had very little filling and was mainly bread I'm rather surprised at how they managed to fit all these little calories in! Just goes to show, what was in it must be 100% bad! It does claim on the packet to 'contain no artificial flavours or colours' amazing achivement then for it to taste quite so bad.
          The sandwich contains -
          660 calories
          11g Sugar
          26.3g Fat
          (Saturates 6.2g)
          3.8g salt

          So it there any good news? Well it cheap. Usually £2 I bought mine on offer for £1.80. But really for that I could of had a nice Prawn Mayo or a Chicken Salad, so even that doesn't defend it.

          Sorry Tesco, a dud product in every respect.


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