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Tesco Deep Fill Lamb Hot Pot Pie

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Pie

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2010 11:11
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      Too Fatty For Me!!!

      I love lamb but don't eat it all that often because of it being such a fatty greasy meat, so when my mum brought this Deep Fill Lamb Hot Pot Pie the other day I didn't fancy it much and only ended up having some because it smelled sooooo yummy while it was cooking!

      It's a family sized pie to serve 4 and cost £3.48, the pie took about an hour to cook in the oven and it smelled a bit like them mega fatty lamb shanks that you can buy.

      I only had a small piece but couldn't even eat that because I could taste the fat big time in the pie and the lamb wasn't very good quality because it was all stringy and gristly tasting. The lamb IS quite tender so that shows it's been cooked good inside the pie, but it's just proper naff quality and doesn't even taste all that meaty.

      There are pieces of carrot and potato in the pie and it's all covered in quite a thick gravy, the gravy tastes nice because it's got rosemary added to it and you can taste the rosemary but it's quite sticky feeling and you've got to eat this pie as quick as possible because the cooler the gravy gets the thicker and stickier it goes.

      The pastry is yummy, it's got a lovely buttery flaky flavour and melts nice in your mouth. It goes a nice golden brown in the oven and I think the pastry is deffo the best bit about the pie.

      One of the things that put me off this hot pot pie is that it has got quite a sweet flavour to the filling, I know lamb can be sweet however you have it but this has got a proper weird sweetness to it that tastes like it's been put in there deliberately for some reason.

      I won't eat this pie again, it's not DISGUSTING or anything like that but you can definately taste the grease in it and that makes it feel like a madly heavy thing to eat. The pie isn't that big so if you have a quarter of it each it won't look massive on the plate, but it's mega filling and quite sickly if you eat it too quick.

      A quarter of the pie has got 425 calories and over 22g fat, like I said the pie isn't all that big so that's a hell of a lot of fat in a few mouth fulls of pie.

      Not recommended...... gristly and stringy, the pie isn't that bad but it's not all that good either!!!


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