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Tesco Finest Orange and Raspberry Crush

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2007 12:32
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended!

      Tesco Finest

      Freshly Squeezed Orange and Raspberry Crush

      Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been trying hard to make sure that I get my five fruit and veg per day, as nutritional guidelines recommend. Sometimes, when you’re pregnant and feeling a little under the weather, maybe a bit sick, maybe a bit to tired to actually chew your way through a couple of apples, having a freshly squeezed fruit drink is an easy way to make up the difference. I have a juicer at home, and really enjoy carrot, apple and orange juice, but it’s such a chore peeling and juicing everything that I often just take a gentle walk up the street to the shop and buy something instead! I call it conserving energy…

      This is one of my favourite drinks at the moment, and at a mere 79p for a 250ml bottle, it’s not all that expensive either. Made from freshly squeezed oranges and raspberry puree (no seeds!) it has a rich, tangy, and sweet flavour. The mix of zingy citrus with tangy raspberries is just wonderful, and I think when the rasps are out in my garden this year, I may even have a go at making this drink myself! The only possible downside of this drink is that it does have added sugar, so it’s not as healthy as it could be, but it gives you a whole 88% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, and can be counted as one of your five fruit and veg per day, which is great news!

      We all know how good oranges can be for us – full of vitamin C to keep our immune systems boosted, but raspberries are just as good. They are full of vitamin C too, and have anti bacterial properties which help your insides fight infection. They are great for helping to soothe irritated bowels too, and raspberry vinegar is great for sore throats. Adding the two together is just bliss in a cup and has such a lot of health benefits too.

      I drink this either straight from the bottle, or I take it home and pour it over crushed ice to make a cooling and very refreshing drink for a summer afternoon. As soon as you open the bottle you can smell the zesty, fruity scent of oranges and raspberries, and when you take a first sip, your mouth just explodes with fruitiness and flavour. I think this is one of the best fresh fruit drinks around, and I could drink it till the cows come home!

      A 250ml bottle provides: 140 calories, 0g saturated fat and 88% of your daily vitamin C intake. There are no artificial preservatives or colourings and the oranges come from over 16 countries worldwide. They are squeezed in the UK but will have been flown in from elsewhere – this is probably my only other gripe, as I’m pretty sure Tesco won’t use Fair-trade oranges. Maybe I’ll have to write them a wee letter…!

      All in all I really enjoy this juice, and would be quite tempted to try to emulate it myself with some Fair-trade oranges and a handful or so of raspberries from the back garden, if the sun ever returns to ripen them!

      Thank you for reading, Kate x


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