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Tesco Finest Roast Beef Sandwich

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Sandwich

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    1 Review
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      22.05.2010 23:26
      Very helpful



      Filling But Very Boring Tasting!

      I got one of these Roast Beef Sandwiches in Tesco the other day, it was dinner time and when I walked past the sandwiches it was this one that jumped out at me and it looked soooooo yummy I didn't even mind paying the £2.50 for it.

      I thought it was going to be special being as it's a Finest sandwich but even though there is a bit more beef in it, there isn't much flavour to the sandwich. Well there is but it's mainly the horseradish and mustard you can taste and not the meat, that's a shame because the beef is cut lovely and thin and is mega tender to chew..... if the beef had a nicer flavour then I would have liked the sandwich a lot more than I did.

      The sandwich is on lovely malted brown bread, it's thick cut and very soft so tastes proper fresh. I think the bread is the best thing about the sandwich actually because it's got the yummy sauces right next to it and they go nice with the malty flavour.

      Like I said the beef doesn't taste of much, it's got a lovely texture but the flavour is COMPLETELY over taken by the horseradish. The mustard isn't all that strong really but because that is right next to the lettuce it tastes stronger than it is. I don't know why they've put lettuce on it anyway because the taste of it is a bit weird with the beef and even if you like lettuce there isn't even all that much of it for you to enjoy! lol

      I don't think this sandwich is BAD, it's just boring and I don't think it's worth the money Tesco are charging for it. It's like they think they can put a fancy silver wrapper on a boring standard sandwich and charge a load of extra money for it! lol

      Not recommended.... there are deffo better sandwiches in Tesco and the cheapo £1.00 ones are better than this beef sandwich that doesn't even taste of beef!!!


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