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Tesco Italian Pasta Salad

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Salad

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    2 Reviews
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      06.06.2011 15:23
      Very helpful



      tasty pasta side dish

      Tesco offer a wide range of prepared foods which could accompany various meals. These include pastas, coleslaw, chicken salads and more. This review discusses the Tesco Italian Pasta Salad.

      ~~Pasta Pasta~~

      This pasta salad is described as being "cooked pasta , tomato and basil dressing, red pepper, green pepper, sweetcorn and white onion". It comes in a 400g plastic box and is also available in a split box with coleslaw. It should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 2days of opening. The pasta is also suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial colours or preservatives.


      The main ingredients are cooked pasta (55%), tomato dressing (30%) then a host of flavourings, vingegars and spices to give the pasta flavour.


      1 tablesppon of this pasta contains 60calories, 0.8g sugar and 1.3g of fat.

      ~~Availability and Price~~

      This can be found along the sandwich filler aisle in Tesco stores or at www.tesco.com. Priced currently at £1.00 for 400g though I believe this is only until tomorrow..unsure of original price.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      I'm not a salad person..you won't catch me munching on lettuce and cucumber no matter how much weight I want to shift. I like hot meals for dinner but for lunch, I sometimes opt for a sandwich or some pasta type dish if I'm at home. Anyway, I buy a tub of this Italian Pasta Salad everytime I shop at Tesco and this big tub does myself and Keith perfectly.

      The pasta itself is visually appetising. There is plenty of pasta tucked into one sealable box and labelled with all the relevant info. The pasta is presented in twirly form (can't remember its exact title) and each piece is quite thick. The pasta is doused with a reddish tomato sauce which clings to ever piece to allow the flavour to infuse. There is a good helping of small pepper pieces but I cannot see any sweetcorn or onion present. The pasta has a Meditarraen type scent and is best served perfectly cold.

      ~~Pasta To Munch..What With?~~

      I enjoy some pasta salad on a sandwich with meat but this pasta is too thick and firm for this purpose. It is however, perfect to fork out directly from the box or have as a side to a meal. We occasionally have almost cold meals such as meat with boiled eggs, potatoes and coleslaw and the pasta is perfect for this purpose and also as a side with a baked potato.

      The pasta is quite firm and there is some bite to it..perhaps a little al dente but perfectly edible and tasty. The pieces being so big allow only a few spoonfuls to be sufficient depending on what it is accompanying. The pasta is full of different flavours with the tomato being prominent and rather sweet. The peppers certainly add a pleasant spiciness to the sauce which is rather tasty. Although I cannot see onions, I can taste them and they must be rather small and disguised but add a slight crunchiness to the sauce.

      The flavouring is my no means bland but I do feel more could have been added due to the thickness of the pasta. There is a slight vinegary aftertaste to the sauce which works well and is a pleasant finish to the bag of flavours offered. The pasta is filling and tasty although watch the calories etc as just because it has salad in its title, doesn't mean it won't count towards your daily allowance!

      ~~Conclusion and Recommendation~~

      I cheap and tasty pasta dish which could accompany many meals or you could be adventurous and chop up some chicken in for a chicken pasta salad. Very tasty and comes with my full recommendation!


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        31.03.2010 18:06
        Very helpful




        Another pasta from Tesco that I rather like is the Italian Pasta Salad.

        This pasta is in a quite large dish and is pasta in a tomato sauce with also chunks of onions, peppers and sweetcorn. This itself is very nice and enjoyable, however it quickly becomes a bit boring. It could do with just a bit more flavour, whatever this would be. I'd recommend eating it with something else - I like it with a simple salad, or grated cheese sprinkled through it. I guess it would go nicely with anything that you would usually eat pasta with, and is therefore very convenient if you're eating at home.

        It's not particularly convenient if you're hoping to eat it on your desk at work - unlike their other pastas it doesn't come with a fork, and it's also a rather large portion! The one tub is too much for me to eat in one sitting, however if you're very hungry you might manage to finish it!

        It is a very good price at around £1.50 for a 450g tub. Eaten with something else, I think this tub would easily work for four meals or to serve for people, depending how much one eats.

        The ingredients are:
        Cooked Pasta (56%), Tomato and Basil Dressing (30%), Red Pepper (3.5%), Green Pepper (3.5%), Sweetcorn (3.5%), Onion (3.5%).
        Ingredients of the dressing are easily found online, however I thought it wouldn't be particularly useful here.

        Per half a pack (225g), it contains:
        310 calories
        7.9g protein
        50.9g carbohydrates
        6.3g sugars
        8.3g fat
        5.2g fibre
        0.1g sodium

        Really it's up to you to decide about that, but as a side to a meal I don't think it's bad nutritionally at all.

        It's very enjoyable and quick and easy, but nothing ever beats home made!


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