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Tesco Low Fat Sunshine Fruits Yogurt

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2011 23:02
      Very helpful



      Nice, tasty, healthy, low fat, affordable yogurts with bits of real fruit - highly recommended



      I have always been a fan of yogurts ever since my kids got whined from milk so yogurts find themselves in my shopping trolley every week. When my kids were young, we tried all sorts of yogurts from the yogurt tubes (squizzy ones), drinking yogurts and the standard pots. I used to stick to certain brands as these were popular for lunch boxes and also it had to be something they will like eating and at a young age that is crucial. Now that my kids are young adults, I enjoy the flexibility of trying out new food stuffs once in a while without causing much havoc in the house. We all love yogurts and we all prefer chewy yogurts hence we have almost moved away from the smooth yogurts.

      With these little pots, I tend to prefer mixed packs as that way I can satisfy everyone's tastes and preferences. I usually buy the Activia range (8x125g) packs, These are currently going for £2.95 at Tesco, translating to about 37p each.

      =A nice surprise=

      While doing my grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I picked the usual yogurts but as I was about to turn to the next aisle small colourful pots labelled Tesco Low Fat Yogurts (new recipe) caught my eyes. I wondered what was new about them as everything just seems to be slightly reformulated nowadays and the word "new" plastered on the product. They looked very different from the lot and on further examination, I realised I had not bought these before. The yogurts were on offer, any 2 for £2.00 or 1 pack for £1.12

      Tesco Low fat yogurts come in 4 varieties each pack with 6 x 125 g pots.
      * Tesco Sunshine Fruits Low fat (New Recipe) contains 2 each: Peach, Banana and Orange
      * Tesco Sweet treats (Improved recipe) contains 2 each: Toffee, Vanilla, Orange and Chocolate
      * Garden fruits (Improved recipe) contains 2 each: Blackcurrant, Rhubarb and Gooseberry
      * Berry (Improved recipe) contains 2 each: Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry


      I have bought peach yogurts before but what were most striking were the banana and orange yogurts. I haven't seen these before, at least not within my price range so I decided to give this new range a try. I was a bit hesitant at first but decided to take the risk so I picked 2 packs of Tesco Sunshine Fruits Low Fat yogurts and added them to my grocery shopping all the time thinking what could possibly go wrong with peach, banana and orange as we eat these fruits fresh all the time.

      The worst I was expecting was that the banana yogurt would be flat and the orange maybe a bit sour but I was actually proved wrong. My daughter immediately decided to give one a try and picked the banana one. I could actually smell the real banana fruit as soon as she opened the pot and I could see the banana bits in the pot. One spoonful and she had her eyes rolling. She said this was the best yogurt she had eaten in a long time. She quickly finished this one as the pots are really small (125 g) and dived for the second one which she thoroughly enjoyed as well.

      The next morning was my turn to give them a try. I had the orange one with my cereal and what a tasty pot of delights. The contents were just enough for my cereal mix which was handy. As soon as I opened the pot, I could smell some oranges so you can't mistake which one you are having even with your eyes closed. Orange fruit strings are clearly visible and this gives the yogurts a fresh orange taste. The yogurt is a bit chewy which is something I like, but may be a problem for some people. I had my usual cereal with a difference and I really enjoyed and loved every bit of it.

      I took the peach yogurt pot to work as my dessert and really enjoyed the yogurt. The peach sweet smell was obvious as soon as I opened the pot and had the peach chewy bits as well.
      The next morning, I sampled the banana yogurt and had the same fantastic experience with my cereal as my daughter had described.

      =MY VIEWS=


      These yogurts have a sweet smell characteristic of the fruit incorporated into the mixture and a sweet taste which is just right, not too sweet. The consistence of the mixture is just right not too thick or too thin. The fruity bits are clearly visible and nicely incorporated into the mixture.

      =Availability and packaging=

      These yogurts are currently available from Tesco and normally in the big Tesco supermarkets; I have not seen them yet in the Tesco Express stores but maybe they sell very fast. The yogurts are also available from Tesco online http://www.tesco.com/groceries

      The packaging is very simple, with no extra cardboard packaging. Who needs this anyway, as it just ends up in the bin or if you are like me in the paper recycling box. The pots are attached to each other by the thin foil of the lids and you can easily pick the 6 pack without snapping them apart.


      The colours used are representative of the contents and the predominant colours are orange and yellow with a bit of peach representing the colours of the fruits. Images of the 3 fruits (banana, orange, peach) are very eye catching and form wall paper background on the top part of the pots which constitutes the peel off lids. The label is predominantly orange text printed on white/cream background and the "Low Fat" text is emphasized by printing it in blue. The label has a blue border on 3 of the sides and the small pictures of the 3 fruits (banana, orange, peach) in the right hand corner. Each pot also has an individual label with the characteristic features mentioned above. The colour of the pot and picture of the fruit on the label are representative of the fruit so generally it is fairly easy even for someone who cannot read the label to clearly see the fruits which constitute these yogurts.


      At the time of purchase, the yogurts were on offer, 2 packs for £2.00, that's 12 yogurts for £2.00 and this translates to approximately 17p each. What more value for money can one hope for such tasty little dairy delights.
      You could therefore pick and mix any two combinations of the yogurts on offer.


      Nice tasty, healthy, low fat and actually contains little bits of real fruit not just the smooth fruit flavoured. The fruit content in each pot ranges from 7-8%.

      It was easy to separate the yogurts pots by just snapping two pots apart first and then separating these individually. The snapping can be achieved by just lightly bending the pots along the joined ends of the lids and they snap off the other lot. The lid is very easy to peel off. Because these yogurts have no extra packaging, they need to be handled with care because they can easily be pocked open by sharp items including other grocery products with sharp edges. If the yogurt pot drops, the foil lid easily snaps open and I have had one accident this way. Personally I handle these yogurt packs in the same way I handle a carton of eggs, not that difficult, really considering the other benefits.

      The yogurts have to be kept refrigerated and once opened normally the contents of the pot have to be finished. This is not a problem at all as the pots are small. You can easily have 2 at one go with no problem. It is important to use the yogurts by the 'use by date' shown on the label as they are perishables.

      The yogurts usually have a reasonable shelf life at the time you buy them; usually the use by date is about 10 days from the purchase date. This is handy for me because I can buy enough to last the week and know it will still be ok to consume.

      The yogurts are not suitable for freezing.


      Tasty, chewy, affordable yogurts, good for everyone in my family. These yogurts have become a noticeable item on my weekly shopping list and will remain welcome in my fridge for a very long time.

      These yogurts seem very popular now, went to my local supermarket last week on the same day at the usual time I normally do my shopping and could not find it. I was told it was sold out! As you may expect, my daughter was very disappointed.

      I highly recommend these yogurts, try them, you will love them just as me and my family.

      =Nutritional information as provided=

      Each pot (125g) contains the following of your guideline daily amount.
      Guideline Daily Amount Summary

      Nutrition Amount % of Guideline Daily Amount (GDA)
      Calories 120kca 6%
      Sugar 17.4g 19%
      Fat 2.5g 4%
      Saturates 1.5g 8%
      Salt 0.2g 3%

      =Allergies information as provided=

      Contains: Milk
      Although the recipe has no nuts, the manufacturer cannot guarantee the yogurt is nut free.
      Factory: Before being prepared for manufacture of this product, the equipment was previously used to make products containing nuts.
      Suitable for vegetarian

      **Thank you for your rating and comments

      @hildah11, July 2011


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