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Tesco's Puff Pastry Sausage & Onion Lattice

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Pie

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    4 Reviews
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      12.11.2011 15:57
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      You can use this with chips and beans as a meal too.

      Having had a few colder days lately and whilst I was in Tescos recently looking through their freezer section, I spotted these Sausage and Onion Lattices.

      It comes in a carboard box and is easy to open at the end, inside a lovely almost giant sized Sausage Roll with lovely fancy lattice pastry across the top.

      Pop into the oven for 25 mins on 180 and I did brush a little bit of milk across the top of the pastry as I do like my pastry to look cooked and this gave a lovely topping to a very lovely tasting Sausage and Onion filling which was excellent, nice Suasage tasting with Onion and herbs it wasnt spicy but did have a tang of herbs running throughout.

      I brought these to have as a snack for lunch time and I think one cut in half on the side of a plate of sandwiches makes for a tasty snack. I enjoyed the taste of the sausage and onion filling, and the pastry was lovely thick and flaky and just the sort of treat to have on a cold afternoon, or in the evening as a snack. You can cut this into pieces and arrange as a snack for everyone, although I did half of one of these pies because they are absolutely georgous.

      I would definitely be buying these again and you can find them in Tescos in their freezer section and they come in a red coloured box and cost £1.45pence which I dont think is at all bad for a pie that tastes as nice as this one does.

      I would recommend buying one to try and have brought a few to cook to add as a snack to my buffeet that I have every boxing day.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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        26.10.2009 18:02
        Very helpful



        Delicious Comfort Food

        My mum's brought loads of the sausage lattice bars from Tesco but I've never tried it because it's like a massive sausage roll that needs to be shared and I've just never been around when the rest of the family have shared one. Now I've finally tried some though I reckon they've been keeping it away from me on purpose so they can have more because it's yummy!

        Like I said it's like an oversized sausage roll but it's loads nicer than that. The pastry is just the right thickness and rises in the oven to make it proper puffy and very light, if you have it with gravy like I did the pastry soaks the gravy up good and that makes it a bit heavier but the texture of it is always a lot lighter than you think it's going to be.

        The sausage meat inside is better than any sausage roll meat ever! It's got a lovely pork taste and has been mixed with onion, you can taste the tang of the onion in it and that makes the meat taste so yummy. It's also got a delicious herby flavour that goes all the way through the meat and into the pastry a bit, I think there's a bit of a greasy taste in the sausage meat but weirdly it goes well with the rest of the flavours and doesn't get overpowering like a lot of food that include sausage meat does.

        I think this is a delish take on a sausage roll, it's just madly perfect and I'm gutted that I haven't tried it before! I had gravy on mine and that was wicked, but I also ate the last quarter of the lattice when it had gone cold and that was nice as well but really I preferred it hot because the greasy flavour comes through the meat more when it cools down.

        The sausage and onion lattice costs about £1.50 in Tesco and is in the freezer, you cook it from frozen and it takes about half an hour to be cooked thoroughly.


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        18.04.2009 12:44
        Very helpful



        A tasty pastry product from Tesco.

        Sausage rolls can either be a big hit or a large miss, if you are lucky enough to find a sausage roll that has a tasty filling then I think it is generally a good idea to stick to that brand.
        This product isn't exactly a sausage roll but a spin off, the same idea just made a few sizes larger with an enhanced taste.
        So Tesco have given the product an air of grandeur, it is suitably named the Tesco puff pastry sausage and onion lattice.

        The picture on the red cardboard box has captured the sausage lattice perfectly, on the front of the box there is a small amount of product information and the nutritional values are clearly stated.
        I am no lover of insipid looking pastry, give me a good golden coloured crust any day of the week.
        When you first see the sausage meat lattice you are quite bowled over by that good looking pastry crust, not only has it been prettied up it has been liberally coated with some beaten egg before it has been cooked.
        The pork sausage meat is peeping out from behind the puff pastry lattice.

        The first job is to pre heat the oven to Gas mark 5, 190 C.
        Unwrap the sausage lattice and then place it on a flat baking tray. After that it is all plain sailing and around 25 minutes later you will notice a good savoury smell wending its way out of the oven door.
        By the time you have reached this stage you should have already decided what you are going to serve along with the dish. Bearing in mind the sausage lattice is quite a heavy meal on its own and
        will go well with a jacket potato and salad, or a few buttered new potatoes and peas or if you are feeling exceptionally naughty you could do a few chips!

        The lattice will easily feed four people. Be careful as you take it from the hot oven, the puff pastry always seems extra extra hot!
        As you make the first incision into the hot pastry it is clear that there is a lot of `puff`, the pastry flakes have a habit of shooting everywhere!
        Inside of the lattice there is a decent sized roll of pork sausage meat that has been flavoured with onions and spices. The sausage meat isn't that fresh looking `pinky` colour but more of a motley grey and it is still firm when it is hot.
        On the base of the lattice the pastry has softened slightly but that I can live with.
        Although you can definitely taste the onions I am a big onion fan and I would have liked to have had even more onion flavour, the herbs stand out well and the puff pastry top tastes lovely.
        We had just under a half of the sausage lattice left over after our meal, as we were going for a drive out the following day we put it in our picnic and spread it with a little chutney. The thin layer of fruity chutney seemed to make up for the slight lack of onion.
        It was good eaten cold, it kept its shape and was an easily handled picnic food.

        A quarter of the Tesco sausage and onion lattice contains 365 calories, 8.7g protein, 20.3g carbohydrate, 1.5g sugar, 27.7g fat, 12.3g saturates, 10.3g mono unsaturates, 3.9g polyunsaturates,2.9g fibre and 0.5g salt.
        The evidence is all there, the product is alarmingly high in fats. It also contains gluten
        , milk and wheat.

        It is a reasonably tasty product, the sausage meat is well seasoned if slightly lacking in onion flavour. The 400g lattice will cost you around £1.78p.
        So maybe the best way to enjoy it would be little and not too often!


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          15.04.2009 21:19
          Very helpful



          Definitely wrth a try!

          I first purchased a couple of these Sausage and Onion Lattices about a year ago when I was catering for a buffet style party. Now it has become a favourite standby and I nearly always have a spare in my freezer.

          ~~~First impressions~~~

          Basically it's all it says on the box which is 400 grams of "pork sausage meat with onion and herbs wrapped in puff pastry". The complete ingredient list as shown on this carton would be too tedious to read but I note a couple of points. Firstly it contains only British meat. Secondly it includes only one colourant (plain caramel) and no preservatives. So far so good!

          Undo the box and out slides a plastic tray containing the goody. All that is really evident is a bar of uncooked pastry around 8 inches long and 3.5, wide with a satisfactory bulge running the entire length; the evidence of the filling within! The bottom is solid pastry, obviously to contain the sausage meat in any attempt it may make to defy gravity! The top is not easy to describe but as the image above does not show the product to best advantage I will try! Strictly speaking it is not a lattice as there are no interwoven links but on top are thin strips of pastry running from side to side and placed quite close together. There is a central slit in middle of each strip and these are pulled into oval shapes which link together with their neighbours to form an attractive arrangement.

          ~~~Keeping and Cooking~~~

          The lattice comes from the chilled section but is suitable for freezing although, as per usual, the instructions advise this is done on the day of purchase. It seems to have a shelf life of around a week if refrigerated; if frozen it is supposed to be one month but I have stored them frozen for longer (about six weeks) will no ill effects so far. I think there may be a slight diminution of flavour after the cut off but nothing significant.

          The beauty of these is that they are so simple to cook. There is no need to muck around brushing them with eggs or milk to glaze, just out of the plastic tray, onto a baking tray (a feat which is easier if they are frozen!) and into the pre-heated oven. According to the instructions, at 190C / Gas Mark 5 they will take 20-25 minutes from chilled and 40-45 minutes from frozen but, in my fan assisted model, they take a good ten minutes less.

          The only herb in these appears to be sage and if you love the smell of sage and onion stuffing, as I do, the aroma from your oven whilst these cook will definitely stimulate your appetite.

          ~~~Appearance and Flavour~~~

          The end result has never let me down. The pastry rises beautifully and emerges from the oven with a delightful rich golden sheen. It is always crisp and light, top and bottom and the filling full of flavour, which will please anybody who has a liking for herby sausages! I couldn't identify all the flavours when I first tasted these as the sage predominates but apparently the filling also contains mace, black pepper and nutmeg and, once you are aware of these, you can definitely identify a certain spiciness. The firm but soft texture of the sausage mixture contrasts well with the crispy pastry too.

          ~~~Serving Up~~~

          Often we will eat these with a good serving of salad and some new potatoes but they are equally acceptable with beans and (a few!) chips. The serving described on the box is one third but my daughter and I, who definitely don't have small appetites, find a quarter is a generous enough portion for our main meal of the day. As this is equally delicious hot or cold it is very convenient when we eat at different times. It also makes a nice alternative to sandwiches for lunch and is convenient to parcel up in a packed version! I expect it would re-heat pretty satisfactorily and there is no warning against this. However I have never tried it.

          The lattice will also grace any party spread as it looks quite impressive and is a far more attractive offering than the usual sausage rolls, not to mention a lot tastier. Presentation is all of course and served on a bed of lettuce, edged around with sliced tomato it really looks the part! It slices quite easily with a sharp knife without crumbling too much and will yield twelve decent sized slices. The sausage mixture goes right up to the sealed ends so you don't have to worry about any meatless portions. It has been well received by my friends who are all, without exception, great cooks. (How I hate them all, bless'em!) They know I have an aversion to cooking and a couple, when first tasting this, enquired if I made it myself, their quizzical eyebrows raised in disbelief! I suppose it does have an appearance that suggests it could be home made by somebody who can handle a block of frozen puff pastry. Personally I couldn't be bothered with all that fiddling but to my shame I just smiled enigmatically before rushing off to hide the box at the bottom of the recycling!

          ~~~Criticisms and Negatives~~~

          I have no real criticism except perhaps I would like a more generous serving of the filling. Maybe because this is shaped in a long roll and not spread out, it goes right to the ends but does not reach the sides. However this is a minor point because it really isn't a miserly amount.

          Of course this definitely doesn't fall into the healthy snack category! A serving consisting of one third of the bar ( around 133 grams) has 485 calories, 36.8 grams of fat (over half the adult recommended daily amount), 16.8 grams of saturated fat ( a massive 82% of the RDA) and 1.8grams of salt (30% RDA). In fact the sugar content at 2 grams is the only reasonably acceptable statistic!

          Potential allergens are listed as milk, wheat and gluten and it cannot be guaranteed as nut free. Do I also need to add that it is vegetarian unfriendly?


          Just in case there is any doubt I heartily recommend this product. It looks as good as it tastes! It may not be the best from a nutritional standpoint but, as it encourages us to eat our salad, this minor transgression can be forgiven! It's very versatile especially as it is equally delicious hot or cold. All in all, at just £1.98 for 400 grams, just about 30p more than you would expect to pay for the same weight in sausage rolls, I consider it to be a real bargain.

          ~~~And Finally~~~

          During the course of researching this review, I noticed that Tesco also do a Chicken and Asparagus and a Chilli Beef version. These will definitely be on my next shopping list.


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