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Tesco Value Minced Beef and Onion Pie 3 Pack

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Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Pies

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    2 Reviews
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      25.12.2011 19:48
      Very helpful



      Great tasting pie

      Tesco do a Value Minced Beef and Onion Pie for just 30p and I don't know how they manage it quite frankly. This tastes just as good as any pie I've had from say Marks and Spencer. I eat them cold when I go to the garage to fill up, I usually get a couple at a time if I'm eating on the move.

      They have shortcrust pastry which is light and golden and they are filled to the top with the juiciest minced beef and onion gravy. Sometimes there is so much of the fillign that it spills out down the sides. They definitely don't hold back with the filling in my personal opinion.

      It is probably high in fat as I know each of them has 471 calories and they are a good size. Usually some of the kids from school pop into the garage on a lunch time and buy these. They keep you filled up for ages. They are probably a bit salty but not too much but they have managed to get the flavours just right.

      I have eaten them hot before and they smell really good as they are heating up in an oven but to be honest I think I just prefer to eat them cold as then the contents down't pop out as easily as the solidified fat helps to hold it inside the pastry.

      Definitely recommended by me.


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        11.03.2010 08:18
        Very helpful



        A good tasty pie which is worth more than you actually pay for it.

        This pack of three Minced beef and onion pies, from Tesco's value range, is yours for the not unreasonable sum of £1.18, which works out at just less than 40p each. Considerably less than many other competitors similar offerings but are they any good? Time will tell.

        So what do you get for your £1.18 then?

        You get a typical Tesco's Value range, Blue and white "Logoed" thin cellophane wrappered package containing a thick plastic tray housing the three Minced beef and onion pies. The label contains large amounts of information, the type of which I generally ignore but which many others find interesting and relevant. This includes Nutritional info - detailed below, Ingredients, and usage / defrosting / heating instructions along with some other statutory rubbish. There is also mention of associated Allergy advice - also detailed below, along with Storage and recycling instructions - talk about a load of Tosh.... They're just 3 cheap meat pies for Pete's sake - I do find it hard to be polite sometimes...

        Each pie weighs in at just over 5 oz (150g) and is, visually, quite appealing. They are of a good size with a good depth. The pastry is a nice shade of Golden Brown, decorated with a spread of 45 degree angled cuts across the top - very pretty...They look good enough to eat, but are they?

        According to the packaging these pies are suitable for either Oven or Microwave cooking with Oven cooking recommended as giving the best results. It would be wouldn't it, as I prefer mine done in the Microwave. Well Oven "wallahs", hard cheese, my comments will refer to Microwave cooked results only. I could lie and make up some sort of waffle about Oven cooking but I don't do that sort of thing so no comments from me on that front - sorry.

        Microwaving couldn't be simpler, remove the pie from all packaging, place it on a plate and cook as follows:-

        650W - 2 mins on full power
        750W - 1.1/2mins on full power
        850W - 1.1/2 mins on full power

        Leave to stand for two minutes and devour... Not exactly Rocket science is it?

        Oh I nearly forgot, the Health and Safety police have added a note here for you - CAUTION....Take care as the product may contain steam. Well at least they didn't say it might be hot! Maybe that gem will be on the next revamp of the packaging.

        As I am a Friendly and generous type I will drop in the Oven cooking instructions here for you even though I don't use them myself. Leave the pie in its foil wrapper and place in a preheated Oven at 200C / 400F for 20 / 22 mins. Interestingly enough here, you DO NOT get the dreaded safety warning about steam... Don't ask, I don't know and I care even less.

        Right - to the Eating.

        I was pleasantly surprised by how good this pie was, for the money! Remember it is a cheap pie and should be rated accordingly. The pastry was naturally quite soft and soggy; don't forget it was microwaved, because that's how I like them. The filling was, as you would expect for a minced beef pie, very small pieces of beef mince mixed into rich dark gravy which, in this case, has resulted in quite a tasty filling. The overall result is a good mix of flavours with nothing particularly strong or too overpowering. Quite often cheap ranges have too much onion or similar types of seasoning in order to hide the shortcomings of the so called meat content. That is not apparent in this case, well not in my opinion anyway. If you are looking for chunks of meat in the filling of your pie then this one is not for you. The clue is in the name of the pie - Minced beef...

        I am always reminded of a Cold Saturday afternoon at a Football match when I eat one of these. I suppose the memories of that help to make it taste better than it probably is. No that's unfair; the pies really are pretty good, especially at only 40p each. I have certainly eaten much better pies than these, and paid much more for them, but I have certainly eaten far worse pies
        than these as well, also having paid more for them.

        All in all, not a bad offering from Mr Tesco, in fact quite a good one..

        Miscellaneous gen as promised earlier, - lifted directly from the packaging...

        Allergy Advice:-

        Contains Milk, Wheat and Gluten
        Recipe does not contain nuts, but cannot guarantee that it isn't free.
        Ingredients - Cannot guarantee nut free
        Factory - No nuts.

        Make of that little lot what you will - I am confused, (Not difficult these days)...


        Wheat flour, Water, Beef ( 18%), Vegetable oil, Onion (4%), Corn flour, Beef fat, Salt, Yeast extract, Dextrose, Malted barley extract, Milk proteins, Onion powder, Black pepper, Glucose syrup.

        Nutritional Information:-
        Per Pie.

        Energy 2019kJ ( 485kcal )
        Protein 10.1g
        Carbohydrate 33.0g
        of which sugars 1.7g
        Fat 34.8g
        of which saturates 16.2g
        Mono-unsaturates 13.5g
        Fibre 5.0g
        Sodium Trace 0.5g
        equivalent as salt 1.3g

        No comment on the above, it's getting late and I am getting tired.

        As with all my ramblings, sorry reviews, with regard to this type of product, I would say to you all, please do not expect this product to compare extremely favourably with some of the "Top of the range" Pies available out there but to judge it for what it is, a 40 pence pie sold as a Value product. If you do that I think you will be reasonably happy with the result. To compare it with an expensive "Home made" or Butchers pie would be unreasonable and unfair.


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