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Trident Soft Strawberry Smoothie Flavour Gum

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Trident / Type: Chewing Gum

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    4 Reviews
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      06.08.2010 18:59
      Very helpful



      Chew in moderation

      I hope you like the title, I've noticed some real Richard Whiteley-esque puns in the titles of a lot of Dooyoo reviews and I wanted to see if I could pull it off myself.

      I've tried all of the Trident flavours now and this is the most recent I sampled.

      I'm afraid to say I've become a gum chewer since giving up smoking in May, and I often get through a pack of these in about two days. While I smoked, chewing gum never even occured to me, but now I need something to chew and it's much kinder on my waistline if it's sugarfree gum rather than cake.


      Sweeteners (Sorbitol, Xylitol, Malitol, Aspartame etc...), gum base, glycerol, flavourings, emulsifiers, (E322 etc) vegetable oil, colour and antioxidant (E321). Contains a source of phenylalanine

      Nutritional information:

      Per 100g

      Energy 165 cal
      Protein 0.5g
      Carbohydrate 64.9g
      Fat 0.6g
      Fibre 0g
      Sodium 0g

      -My opinion-

      The ingredients are rather worrying aren't they? Now is the first time I have actually sat down and read the ingredients of one of these. To be honest I would not let a child under the age of sixteen chew these as these must be slightly damaging on a person that's still developing. I'm surprised that there are 165 calories per 100g. That is quite a lot for chewing gum. Although I do wonder if that's only if you swallow it! (I don't, by the way...)

      In terms of taste, I think this is the best, followed closely by Tropical Twist, the orange one. I don't particularly like the Trident gums that have hard shells and different flavours inside. I like my gum to be straightforward, thank you! This really does have a nice strawberry taste and it is what I would chew most often, but strangely enough it is a rather elusive flavour, Strawberry Smoothie is quite rare and difficult to find. Only certain shops will stock it. You'll usually find they have the strawberry and lime by Trident instead.

      The flavour lasts a very long time with Trident, I'd say about twice as long as other chewing gums.

      The problem is, if you chew too many in one day, like me, it can really damage your mouth, especially your tongue. I keep getting nasty lumps on the back of my tongue where I've sucked the gum too much!

      The packaging is quite attractive with the red and pink swirls, and the gum is accurately portrayed on the packet.

      On the whole, I'd say this is probably the best-tasting gum out there, but health-wise I'd say be a bit wary of it.

      This can cost anything from 50p to £1.


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        08.09.2009 21:47
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Go for the tropical twist instead

        Trident is a relatively new Chewing Gum brand in the UK and creates some nice flavoured soft gums which I like! This Strawberry Smoothie is one of the newer flavours.

        Trident has some very clever packaging for their gum. I really admire not only their closing mechanism but the way it is so thoughtful and sensitive to our needs.

        The packaging is like a case, which flips down and has two rows of gum, one on the top and one on the bottom. Once you finish the bottom row, as this is where the fold is, you can just rip it off, and keep the top unfinished row.

        The closing mechanism is like most other in that there is a notch where you slip the card in keeping it secure. This is repeated on the inside, allowing you to close just the top layer if you have ripped the bottom!

        Each gum also has a small piece of paper for you to spit it out onto so no messy pavements of grotty undersides of desks!

        The gum itself is pink and is rectangular in size. It is quite small, although packed with lots of flavour!

        ~~~TASTE AND TEXTURE~~~
        The taste is very sweet, and has a rather prosthetic strawberry flavour. I find the flavour rather too strong for my liking and don't like the strawberry "smoothie", as it isn't really a "smoothie". It tastes like cheap strawberry ice cream which is NOT a good thing.

        I much prefer the other trident gums as they aren't as strong in terms of flavour, but is juicy and refreshing.

        The texture is like any other gum. It is smooth and turns into a plastic texture which is disgusting and must be removed from the mouth after so long!

        What I do admire about trident gums is their longevity. The taste could last for quite a while and still squeeze even more juice! However, for this particular flavour, you might not want to!

        Individual Packs can be bought for around 50p whilst multipacks can be bought for around £1.50. I did consider the multi-pack but I am glad I didn't go ahead as I would've regretted it and hence tried to force my friends to eat it all!!

        ~~~OVERALL THOUGHTS~~~
        I think Trident Gum as a brand is good, and you can't really go wrong choosing them, but each flavour IS different, and I would recommend trying each one before making your mind up.

        I personally don't like this strawberry smoothie flavour as it is too strong, and doesn't taste like a strawberry smoothie, although you might like it, and I'm sure many people do!

        Of the Trident Brand, I personally like the Tropical Twist, as it is very juicy, has lots of flavours and tastes genuine and original. There are obvious hints of mango and citrus which doesn't taste artificial, and with that packet, I finished within a week, whilst this strawberry smoothie has been lying on my desk for weeks.


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          08.09.2009 05:10
          Very helpful



          Read review.


          Having tried a number of different varieties of Trident Soft I decided to review another one of their chewing gums after my previous review of Trident "Spearmint". The one I have chosen to review now is of course Trident Soft Strawberry Smoothie. Which is one of their newer chewing gums. This chewing gum is sugarfree Continuing the current trend it seems in the world of chewing gums with Wrigleys also having their gums sugarfree. Without further ado here is my review.

          **The Packet**

          As you can see from the picture, The packet of Trident's Strawberry Smoothie is a mix of red with a kind of pinky beige ring which goes around. When I see the packets on the shelf I think they look enough like Wrigleys for new customers to realise it's chewing gum but they are clearly their own product. You get 14 pieces of the soft gum in each packet which is four more than the most from Wrigleys. Once you open up the packet you will see the two rows of seven pieces I think it's rather like a wallet when you open up the flap.

          **The Gum**

          On opening the wrapper on one of these pieces of chewing gum you instantly get the strawberry scent of the chewing gum. Once you put the gum in your mouth you will get that scent turn into a great strawberry taste that lasts for longer than I was maybe expecting the first time I tried one of these. Although like with the other Trident chewing gums I have tried it's flavour then gradually phases out into a taste of nothingness so you can tend to get through these quite quickly if you are still looking for that strawberry taste while you chew.

          **Price and Other stuff**

          This is available in all the supermarkets and big newsagent chains as well as more local newsagents. I have seen this chewing gum to be very popular of late and have a look around as they can sometimes put them on offer. These packs are available for around 50p normally but as I mentioned you can find them cheaper than that. I have heard them as low as 10p but have not seen them lower than 30p or so myself but they may be cheaper in your area.

          **The Final Verdict**

          I have to say that while I like these I still prefer Wrigleys chewing gum and I probably always will given how many Trident varieties are now on the market and none of them have been that much better than the Wrigleys competition that I would rate them over Wrigleys. So how many out of five? I'd give this product three stars out of five because even though I like the flavour of these, the flavour still goes too quickly and it seems to be a little harder to chew than Wrigleys chewing gum.


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            15.05.2009 15:18
            Very helpful



            An ok gum but could be better Trident!

            Still on offer in my local Nisa store are Trident gum packets for 10p instead of bearing their usual 59p price tag, and as usual I'm still wading through the different flavours on offer whilst I can. Boy do I have jaw ache like you wouldn't believe lately and I'm a right gum addict lol.

            The Packaging....

            The cardboard box has red and white swirls all over it and has black, white and red writing on there. The box flips open to reveal 2 rows of 7 gums all neatly individually wrapped in thin white and red papers. On the front of the box I'm told it is 'New' Sugarfree Trident Soft Strawberry Smoothie Flavour and that the box contains x14 gums. On the back of the box I'm given nutritional information, ingredients, contact details for Cadbury Trebor Bassett (the manufacturer of Trident products) are given, the best before date is clearly stamped on, the recycle symbol is displayed as is the Vegetarian one and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice packaging and I do like the ease of getting gums out instead of having to faff about with a tube though there is a lot of packaging per gum given and I'm constantly looking for bins whilst eating Trident products!

            The Gums....

            Oblong, thin and cream in colour with some dark red flecks running throughout them these are tangy, creamy and strawberry rich delicious! At first chew you know the flavour is strawberry and I knew without being told that they were meant to be resembling a smoothie due to the yogurty/ creamy taste to them. They are a mixture of sweet and sour and very fruity and refreshing indeed. The gum is of excellent quality and nicely chewable without being gloopy and breaking apart or too hard or anything like that.

            However now the negative. After the initial burst of flavours in the mouth the taste doesn't last above 40 minutes (in my experience) and simply becomes rather plain gum really.


            At first taste this is really a unique and tasty gum. I like the fact it's naturally sweet instead of tasting full of sweeteners and it simply tastes very natural, however I'm not best pleased that the taste fades from the ,moment you start chewing to you ending up with nothing at all. On the positive side though this doesn't make me thirsty, does refresh my palette nicely and help me beat sweety cravings! Worth 59p? Sort of... Hmmm the jury is out lol.

            5 stars out of five for the gum at the beginning but 3 stars for how it ends up, sadly!

            Available in all good supermarkets, petrol stations and corner shops etc, I've seen it on sale in loads of places of late!


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