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Trident Splash Apple & Apricot Flavour Juicy Gum

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Trident / Type: Chewing Gum

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    2 Reviews
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      24.06.2009 18:36
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      Not too bad, but needs a lot of improvement and a different target audience

      Instead of eating rubbish at work, I've been trying various things like dried fruit, rice crackers and gum to make the afternoons go a bit quicker...!

      I normally go for the more standard mint flavour when it comes to gum, but as this was on offer for 30p for 9 pieces (I've since realised that's still a pretty bad deal), the bright packagaing caught my eye and I decided to try it out.

      I thought that the apple and apricot flavour would be a refreshing change and decided to go for it.

      I'm bored of talking about packaging with products, but this has a cardboard sleeve (which is what you can see on the picture). Foil packaged plastic inside has individual sections holding each piece - a simple foil wrapping would suffice in my opinion, especially as this makes the whole pack really big. Easier to to find in your bag though I guess!!

      The tabs of chewing gum are slightly bigger than average, and also it's advertised as softer gum - the outside 'shell' is definitely a lot softer than with other varieties.

      I love sweet things, but this gum was far too sweet for me - possibly one of the few things in the world that is, or perhaps it's the slightly sour taste that accompanies it (maybe the apple?).

      Once it calms down though, you get a few seconds of chewing where the flavour is exactly right - lovely and fruity and refreshing, with apricot and apple equally mixed. Then it quickly fades into an almost tasteless wad, which is quite off putting to be honest. If you're looking for a bit of an interesting flavour kick, this gum is probably for you. If you're looking for a small pack of gum to handily carry around, to freshen your breath or to provide flavour for longer than a couple of minutes, you should probably look elsewhere.

      To be honest I can see this being more marketed at kids really, because of the bright colours, the fact that it's sugar free and it has a bit of a novelty.

      It's not suitable for vegetarians because it contains gelatine. It also has 4 E numbers and a lot of sweeteners. As the bottom of the ingredients list it says 'This stuff sounds bonkers but it makes great gum'. Glad to know they've got their priorities sorted then!

      There's another attempt at humour with 'No real fruits were used or stored in the making of this gum', which far from being amusing makes me think more along the lines of 'what a shame'.

      Overall, I probably won't buy this again, definitely not in this flavour anyway, and I'll put it to one side until I'm bored again in the office (so tomorrow afternoon when the cakes have run out, then).


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        26.04.2009 17:08
        Very helpful



        Love it!

        One of my biggest claims to fame is my best mates sister was the brains behind the ad campaign that was plastered everywhere to get Trident noticed! It worked and whenever I see these on sale or chew one I always think of my mates!

        This however was a flavour I was unfamiliar with and I liked the sound of it so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I love gum but I do get fed up of minty flavours though of course they have their place! LOL

        The Packaging.....

        Bright green cardboard 'sleeve' that covers 9 gums in a tray that simply pop out. On the sleeve I'm told they are 'New' Sugarfree Trident Splash Apple & Apricot Flavour x 9 juicy gums. On the back of the sleeve I'm again told what they are, ingredients are listed and allergy advice is given and I'm told no real fruits were used in the making of this gum and given allergy advice. I'm also told excessive consumption may produce laxative effects, I'm told to store it in a cool dry place, the best before date is clearly stamped on, contact details for Cadbury Trebor Bassett are given (the manufacturer of this product) and finally there is a bar code on there. Nice enough and bright packaging this is!

        The Gums....

        As I have said there are 9 in a pack all oblong in shape, quite thick and have a crunchy, shiny looking outer 'skin' to them. They pop out of the tray easily with no effort required and if you touch the gum with dry hands it has a very slight sticky sugary texture to them which is hard and no smell is given off.

        Bite into the gum you do get a slight crunchy noise as you go through the layer then the inside (still white) is softer with a small amount (very small but flavoursome it is) juice of apple and apricot. It really is lovely, with no hint of mint it isn't too strong in the flavour and they taste really fresh and a little sweet (though not overly so to be fair and they don't taste full of sweeteners but are lol).

        The taste of apple, to me is more apparent than the apricot but it is well blended, not sickly and the juices you unearth blend into the gum really nicely. Chewing it, you can still taste the flavour after half an hour and it really is nice. It's great, robust chewing gum which isn't really hard work to chew and is fresh and over-all great! I love the gum but in particular I love this flavour! I'm sure I'm addicted to it now lol!

        Allergy Advice:

        May Contain:
        Sesame Seeds and Nut Traces.

        I purchased my pack in a newsagents costing 51p but it is available in a variety of places of course!


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