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Trident 'Splash' Raspberry & Peach Flavour Gum

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Manufacturer: Trident / Type: Chewing Gum

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2009 17:44
      Very helpful



      Love it!

      I have made it my buisness of late to try out as many of the different Trident gums as I can lay my hands on and thanks to my local Nisa shop who have been selling off loads of Trident flavours at 10p a pack (instead of the usual 59p a pack) my quest is almost over and I've pretty much worked my way through all the flavours!

      The Packaging....

      Deep pink cardboard sleeve over a see through plastic tray which is foil (bright pink and orange in colouring) and on that I'm told it is Trident 'Splash' and that the tray holds 9 gums and you can see them and to get them out out of the tray you simply push the gum through the foil. On the sleeve there is a picture of the gum and I'm told in white, black and orange writing that they are Sugarfree Trident Splash 'Raspberry & Peach Flavour' and that the pack contains 9 juicy gums. On the back of the sleeve in small black and white writing I'm again told what they are, contact details for Cadbury Trebor Basset are given (the manufacturer of Trident products), nutritional information is given, ingredients are listed and allergy advice is given, the recycle symbol is displayed, the best before date is clearly stamped on and finally the bar-code is on display. I do like the packaging of all of the Trident products I've seen so far as they are just so smart and practical and the trays that the gums are in really does keep the product safe, clean and above all fresh!

      The Gums....

      Oblong in shape and shiny white on the outside they are crunchy for about a couple of minutes when you first start to chew them though they are not too hard...they are not they do go smooth eventually. The inside of the gum is white and a lot softer than the outer coating and eventually the more you chew the softer it becomes though of high quality gum this certainly is and I fell it really interesting to chew!

      Taste wise these contain a small blob of liquid which contains the gum flavouring in the centre of them. It's a very light translucent yellow runny liquid that is sweet and to me tastes very heavily of natural peach with an undertone of the zappy raspberries to each gum! I love it and the flavours are so yummy and refreshing and the taste lasts in the gum for just over an hour and the gum never falls apart or goes gloppy in your mouth either!

      Deliciously sweet, deliciously different I love the fact these gums are so very packed with flavours that gives a tangy taste explosion in the mouth! Lovely Trident. I'm so impressed with you as a brand!


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