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Walkers Crisps

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14 Reviews
  • Fewer burnt crisps
  • Freshness
  • Expensive
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    14 Reviews
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      30.03.2014 14:40
      Very helpful


      • "Fewer burnt crisps"
      • Freshness


      • Expensive

      Great crisps

      I don?t eat a huge quantity of snacks, but when I have a bag of crisps, I always prefer it to be Walkers. The reasons for this are several: Freshness, few crushed crisps, great flavours, few burnt crisps.

      The first two of those things are down to the packaging. Walkers must take great care in their packaging, both in design and execution because the crisps always seem to reach the supermarket in great shape, the bags looking pristine despite being packed into boxes and transported however-far. It?s not always the case with other brands, where bags and contents sometimes are ? or look like like they have been - crushed or squashed. This means that most of the time, opening a bag you will be met by mostly complete crisps of varying sizes.

      Burnt crisps are a pet hate of mine, they are essentially wasted crisps. With some brands I find you will often get one or two in the packs, and this was also the case with Walkers up until relatively recently, although again this is somethiing which their production and quality control techniques must have addressed because I find that they?re few and far between these days. Mostly the crisps are bright and light in colour to go with the nice crunch from the crisps.

      Walkers like to be experimental with flavours, as well as constantly supplying their ?staples? ? Ready Salted, Salt n Vinegar, Cheese & Onion ? to a uniform taste and high quality. In the main, I find that they always pack the flavour in, and give a close match to the claimed flavour.

      Most of the flavours will give around 170 kcal for a standard sized bag, all the nutritional values are detailed on the back of individial packets. Most of the crisps are suitable for vegans, with the exception ? bizarrely ? of cheese and onion!


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        23.11.2013 21:55
        Very helpful



        A quality crisp

        I do like a bag of crisps at the weekend with a glass of wine, but usually Walkers are more expensive than Smart Price so imagine my delight when in Asda this week I spotted a variety bag of 20 x 25g packets for £3, the flavours included are Salt & Vinegar (using british vinegar), cheese & onion (cheddar from Somerset), ready salted (salt from Cheshire), Worchester sauce and prawn cocktail (tomatoes from the Vale of Evesham). More exciting was the offer of 2 packs for £5, that 40 bags for £5!

        The bag is typically and distinctively walkers, red with the walkers label and across the centre the packs included clearly shown in their respectively colours. So Salt & Vinegar (green), cheese & onion (blue), ready salted (red), Worchester sauce (purple) and prawn cocktail (Pink).

        Other flavours available are Roast Chicken (Orange) Pickled Onion (Lime Green) Smoky Bacon (Dark Red)
        Tomato Ketchup (Dark Brown & Dark Green) Cheddar Cheese & Bacon (Dark Yellow) Sour Cream & Chive (Cream). In the past they have been Baked Bean (Orange) Baked Ham & Mustard (Orange) Barbecue (Black)
        BBQ Rib (Black)Beef & Onion (Brown) Cheese (Yellow) Cheese & Branston Pickle (Dark Green) Cheese & Chive (Green & Yellow) Chicken Tikka (Brown) Ham & Mustard (Dark Pink) Jamaican Jerky Chicken (Light Green) Lamb Curry (Dark Yellow) Lamb & Mint Sauce (Dark Green) Marmite (Yellow/Black) Ploughmans (Light and Dark Green)Roast Gammon (Pink and Black) Roast Turkey & Stuffing (Dull Green & Snowflakes)Roast Turkey with Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing (Dark Purple) Christmas edition
        Sausage & Heinz Tomato Ketchup (White) Spicy Chilli (Dark Purple) Spicy Mango Chutney (Yellow) Spring Onion (Light Green) Steak & Onion (Brown) Toasted Cheese (Yellow) Pizza (green) Vanilla essence (beige)
        Other Flavours include the 2010 FIFA World Cup range, American Cheeseburger, Argentinean Flame Grilled Steak, Australian BBQ Kangaroo, Brazilian Salsa, Dutch Edam Cheese, English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding,
        French Garlic Baguette, German Bratwurst Sausage, Irish Stew, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, Scottish Haggis, South African Sweet Chutney, Spanish Chicken Paella, Welsh Rarebit

        Walkers states that this product is made from 100% great British potatoes. Cooked with sunseed oil, which are naturally lower in saturates.
        Contains Barley, Gluten, Wheat, Milk.
        The packaging advises that they are made in a factory that also handles: milk, wheat, gluten, barley, soya, celery, mustard.
        Free From MSG (Glutamate) Artificial Colours and Preservatives. They are Suitable for Vegetarians.

        The Manufacturer is Walkers Snack Foods Ltd, and they can be contacted via facebook.com/walkers or
        via this address;
        PO Box 23
        LE4 8ZU

        So what do I think, well they aren't in the same ball park as my cheapo Smart price. The crisps are a good size, taste crunchy and bursting with their respective flavours. The crunch just smacks of quality and due to the foil packet, I have never had a soggy crisp. The variety is great for families, as there is always different preferences.

        These two crisps were crossing a road, a car stopped and said would you like a lift, the crisps said no thanks were walkers.

        A score of 5 from me.


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          17.04.2011 22:00
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Fresh tasting crisps/ a bargain if purchased when on special offer.

          When i was a child the brand of crisps i always remember was Smiths. They had a most amazing flavour called savoury vinegar; i am giving my age away now (to anyone that remembers these crisps!) Anyway, having done a little research, i never knew that Smiths were taken over by Walkers in 1979. I do miss that savoury vinegar flavour and to be honest i am suprised they have not brought it back. They relaunched the old 'salt nd shake ' crips with the little blue packet of salt. Personally i think these are a waste of time but for some unknown reason, my young son likes them; i guess its the novelty of sprinkling the salt on the crisps!

          There are many flavours of walkers crisps, but the one thing i don't like is when they bring out all these wierd limited edition flavours. I rarely buy these at all, but i do remember buying some once and I didnt like the flavour so i don't bother buying any of those as and when, they come out. I actually don't think much time is spent thinking about whether or not the public will like such strange flavours and i wonder how much tasting/testing has been done. Whilst red nose day is of course a very worthy cause and it is great if walkers were giving to charity but i thought the adverts were ridiculous in regard to walkers crisps/the celebrities involved etc and to be honest i was really put off buying the weird flavours. However, walkers are to be commended for giving 5 pence out of each packet sold, to comic relief. I do like most of the Gary Linneker adverts though; i think they are very amusing!

          With regard to their more regular flavoured crisps, i usually buy the 26 pack when its on a speciall offer. I think the most popular mixture of flavours is the one i buy;cheese & onion, ready salted, salt & vinegar, prawn cocktail, worcester sauce and bbq rib. A few weeks ago Morrisons had a fantastic offer on this mixture ( only £2.00 for 26 packets!!) That works out at less than 8 pence per packet!! I could kick myself now as I only bought one bag and the offer is now expired! My kids eat quite alot of crisps, especially my son; actually i usually have to hide them from him otherwise he would scoff the lot!! It is important that crisps are generally rationed re children as they do have salt in them and i certainly wouldnt class them as a healthy snack! but the kids and adults alike, do like their crisps and as with most more unhealthy foods, in moderation, i think they are fine to eat.

          Walkers do another mixed bag, but i have only bought it once because i don't like some of the flavours; it has the following flavours in it; smoky bacon, roast chicken, cheese & onion, ready salted, salt & vinegar and cheddar cheese & bacon. It is this large mix bag that you will find more often on sale than the other mix. (Its curently on special offer at Asda @ 2 bags for £5.00/26 25g packets) which is good bargain, provided you like the majority of the flavours.

          Fairly regularly you will se their 6 packet single flavour crisps on offer (usually costing around £1.00); sometimes with a BOGOF offer. It's really not worth buying single packets in the shops; they are so much more expensive at between about 40-50 pence per packet; which in my book is a rip off.

          Nutrition; On average there are about 131 kcal per bag of walkers crisps; besides salt they also contain fat and sugar; they do have very small amounts of protein and fibre though. Walkers crips also do not contain any preservatives or atificial colours; they are made with sunseed oil and they are suitable for vegetarians.

          Taste/flavour; My favourite flavours are ready salted, tomato ketchup, bbq rib and worcester sauce. I prefer a slightly more spicy flavour; so of course its each to his/her own re taste. Walkers crisps do taste very fresh and crunchy. They are good as a snack but should be eaten in small doses othewise the pounds will pile on!


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            29.05.2010 00:00
            Very helpful



            Good products accross the board

            If you are a person and have been alive at any point over the last fifty years then you will undoubtedly have heard of walkers, oh they're a little snack food company who own ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!
            When doing some research I found out that walkers is now owned by Frito-Lay, a company owned by PepsiCo. So it turns out it is official now the world belongs to Pepsi and Coke. Hard to believe that the Walkers company started humbly from a butchers shop in the 1880's, during World War 2 the company underwent certain changes that started it on it's way to the crisp producing powerhouse it is today.

            It seems that most of the crisp brands I remember from childhood are now owned by the ravenous beast of Walkers, frazzles and monster munch among the most recent additions. This would be okay except it turns out that Walkers are meanies. Next time you open a bag check out how few crisps you get for your money.

            Stingey portions aside walkers do produce quality goods (just very stingily) they do everything from poppadums to prawn crackers, posh sensations or your bog standard cheese & Onion.

            Walkers occasionally undertake competitions which usually see the themed introduction of new flavours, for example they are currently promoting the world cup (come on England!!!) with a variety of nationality based crisps.

            These include argentinian steak, terriyaki japanese, American cheese burger and the only ones I've tried so far, beef and yorkshire pudding, although to me these taste more like milder than usual beef and cheese, they are quite delicious and I do want to try the whole lot.

            I'm not sure whether I think Walkers is a good thing or a bad thing, the pluses mainly come from their own original creations such as sensations and their poppadum range but the downside means a lack of healthy competition that ensures value for many and a sort of bland harmogenousness where all products are very similar and smaller companies are crushed under walkers mighty foot.

            Theres no denying walkers are where they are today because of their popularity which in turn is a direct result of their great products, I would just like to see them put about twice as many crisps in each bag. When anyone company gets really big it stomps out all other competition meaning they can get away with ripping us off a wee bit.


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              20.04.2010 23:00
              Very helpful



              I loved these crisps and they worked out so cheap in this Multi-bag from SAINSBURY'S.

              WALKERS CRISPS.

              Having read a review on a cheaper brand of crisps, which for 12 was more than the half price i paid for Walkers, I was inspired to write a review about in my opinion onew of the best makes of crisps available on the market, and have been for a long long time.

              Currently on special offer for the price of £2.00 this bag containing 18 bags of crisps, 6 being cheese and onion, 6 being ready salted, and 6 being salt and vinegar flavours in this big multi bag at Sainsbury's today at their excellent price. This makes each individual bag of Walkers costing a mere approximately 11pence per bag, which I feel is excellent value for money, sometimes it pays to buy a larger supply especially if you have a big family like I have.

              The bags each contain 25grams of crisps, the first flavour which im sure you are all familiar with is the cheese and onion flavour, and they are delicious, the crisps have a cheese flavour with the overtone of onion breaking through, they are made with a good grade of potatoes, and they are excellent, large in size and cooked to perfection in sunflower oil, which gives the crisps a lovely crunchy crisp taste and a crunch when you bite into them, they are always fresh as come in foil lined bags.

              The Salt and Vinegar flavour contain a slightly sharp vinegary flavour and the tang of the salt on your tounge is irrestable, i have seen my grandchildren licking off the flavouring, which is great because they contain no artificial flavours and they neither contain any preservatives, which is a reassuring thing to learn, safe in the knowledge that these crisps are suitable for children.

              Great to have on the side of a plate with a sandwich, also great to add on the side of the plate when eating a lovely ploughmans on a summers day, but i love them in a sandwich with just a light scrapping of butter, especially the flavoured ones, they are really crisp and delicious, and because they are cheaper what with buying the multi-pack, they really are a great buy in my opinion.

              The Ready Salted are just that salted crispy crisps with that lovely crunch and bite to them, great when having a childrens or well in fact anyones birthday buffett as they are great to have in a bowl, and I like to use the larger ones to accompany a dip or two, great.

              They are suitable for Vegetarians too, and also are suitable for Coeliacs too.

              Cheese and Onion Crisps contain Ingredients :

              Obviously potatoes, Sunflower Oil, and Cheese and Onion Seasoning.

              The Ready Salted :
              Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, and salt.

              The Salt and Vinegar :
              Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, and Salt and Vinegar Seasoning.

              Per 25gram pack, you will be delighted to note :
              Energy 546 kj, 131 KCals.
              Carbohydrates 12.7g
              of which sugars, 0.2gs.
              Fat, 8.3gs.
              made up as saturates, 0.7gs,
              of which polyunsaturates,0.5gs.
              Fibre, 1.0gs,
              Sodium, 0.19gs,
              Equivalent as salt, 0.48gs.

              Of course everything comes down to taste, and the preference of the flavour that you as an individual enjoy the most, but I am sure that you will agree that in this multi-pack there is a taste to suit all needs.

              Guideline Daily Amounts, thats the amounts eaten to get a simple balance of calories, saturated fat, and some other nutrients in your diet.

              The pack contains all the necessary information you will find on the back of the bag, listed all of these guided daily amounts.

              The Bag itself comes in a red bag, and has pictures of these crisps illustrated on the front of the packet, I love these crisps, they have been making Walkers for a long long time, and seem to have got their receipe just right.

              Summary :

              I love the fact that even though these crisps came in a large multi-packet they were all full of lovely nice sized crisps, they were fresh and full of flavour, and did the job really well, I loved the way that you could taste the flavour of the flavoured ones, as soon as they hit your mouth and tounge, and they were crisp, crunchy and fresh. I will be going back to buy some more of these crisps, and they went down well with my grandchildren, who asked for more.

              Thanks for reading and rating my reviews :).


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                11.11.2009 12:28
                Very helpful



                I love 'em! I think you will too.

                Having just eaten a bag of Walkers Smoky Bacon crisps whilst sat browsing this site it occurred to me that I haven't reviewed a food item. I guess you could say Walkers are the dominant brand of crisp in the UK at least in terms of media representation. Not sure if this dominance went further a field I visited their website @ http://www.walkers.co.uk

                I didn't expect such a creative and dynamic site as I was basically looking at crisps! It is pleasantly laid out with vibrant colours, primarily blues, and the obligatory Gary Linneker pose. Pleasantly Walkers are considerate enough to offer you a choice of connection speeds, high or low, which is nice as a surprisingly high number of people still only have access to dial up services.

                Even though the competition has closed there is still a link to the 'make your own' flavour page which still contains useful information. Speaking of which there is a tab for 'Nation's Favourite' which provides animated information about the selected potatoes, their origin and cooking process and their history.

                The 'Our Range' tab provides information and descriptions of their range of crisps, light crisps, max crisps and the baked ones. Interestingly it is not just a list of flavours for each range and some thought has gone into the wording.

                The 'Nutritional Info' tab provides an extensive range of data across the entire brand inclusive of varying pack sizes and weights.

                Rather brilliantly, they have included a great fun section with four fun games which have broad appeal. There is a Tetris style game in which you pack your car boot with items, a cool racing game, a food cannon to fire at a moving character and their own take on Mr Potato Head. Walkers have even gone as far as letting you upload your own face, or a friends, for the last two games. If you find Mr Linneker annoying however he is the default option!

                There is also a 'Get In Touch' tab so you can email them about a product. They can reply via email or by post.

                There is also the obvious 'Home' tab. Walkers are currently running a promotion for great days out across the UK and Ireland. You have to register and sign in to access this area. Examples of deals include discounts on meals out and a day pass for The National Trust but there is something for everyone.

                So why am I talking about the website so much when I'm reviewing their crisps? Well put simply it is a brilliant site for a product which we kind of take for granted as we throw some packs into our shopping trolleys.

                I didn't see any information relating to Walker's business demographic so I am not sure if they are a global brand or not? But who cares anyway when I uncovered this little gem. Importantly the site also affirms Walker's commitment to working with farmers and also offsetting their carbon footprint.

                Get your kids on the site for an hour, they'll have fun and learn some things too.

                The crisps themselves are made from own grown potatoes and have the following points clearly illustrated:

                *No MSG's
                *No Preservatives
                *No Artificial Colours
                *Suitable For Vegetarians
                *Suitable For Coeliacs

                Foil wrapped in a recyclable packet which contains nutritional information and calorific guidance all clearly marked, they are a delightfully tasting crisp. For me they are probably the best but I just wished the packs had slightly more in them! The 25g or 34.5g bag always leave me wanting more. Highly recommended.


                An excellent tasting product with an extensive range of flavours. All information is clearly marked on the packet. The website is brilliant fun for kids though I played the games myself. And I'm *cough*

                Buy them!


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                  26.10.2009 17:52
                  Very helpful



                  A yummy treat in moderation

                  Walkers Crisps


                  I am sure that everyone has seen these crisps for sale, they are everywhere! They are also quite heavily advertised with the likes of Gary Linekar and Charlotte Church being used to promote them on TV adverts.

                  They are proud to tell us that they only use 100% British potato's which is great if you are conscious about buying local products and supporting the local economy.

                  There are loads of different flavours and they often have guest flavours, they are also available in light and max varieties too.

                  A 25g bag tends to contain around 135 calories, of which around 8.5g is fat. This varies slightly according to the flavour but all the information is available on their website and also the packs themselves. this usually costs around £0.40.

                  I think it is fair to say that we all know that crisps are not great for you, but as with most things, in moderation, tends to be okay. Now and again, I really fancy a bag of crisps and when I do, I always reach for Walkers. This is because they are always light and golden, and have just the right amount of crunch. The flavour is always apportioned well too, and I never feel let down upon opening a bag.

                  In summary, I do recommend these. Crisps should be a treat rather than a staple part of your diet, and certainly not eaten instead of a healthy meal. However, when you do get that crisp craving, then Walker's definitely do the job!

                  Go on, stash a few bags in the cupboard for when you want them and then treat yourself!


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                  02.10.2009 22:27
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Try one maybe two or how about 3?

                  I have been eating Walkers crisps for as long as I can remember and recently was very satisfied by they're recent attempts to boost sales by bringing in English footballer Gary Lineker.
                  My favourite flavour always has and will be Barbeque Rib, and I love it for these very reasons.

                  Firstly I have to admit that the taste is gorgeuos! tastes perfect every time and it tastes fresh ( even though it's out of a pacquet! ) The best BBQ that I have ever tasted simply because it is sharp and exotic both at the same time.

                  Secondly I adore the smell of the Certain additions in the vast range they offer, as soon as they flood out the pacquet it smells like the flavour and matches exactly how it should do! Sweet at times and it has a wheaty aroma.

                  Would I recommend a bite to you?
                  Of course I would! The range is so big that you are more than likely to enjoy at least one whether it be Prawn cocktail or Ready Salted or Smoky Bacon. Also now I am aware that they also do Less fatty versions which uses healthier oil so it could be helpful to weight watchers!

                  Thanks for reading


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                    08.07.2009 19:50




                    As some of you know, I have a very sweet tooth. Unfortunately, I also have a very savoury tooth and I'm a particular sucker for a bag of crisps.
                    So, you can imagine my delight each week when the weekly shop has been done and I can rumage around and see what delights my mum has bought for us to enjoy and devour this week.
                    Our family likes a huge variety of crisps, usually resulting in 3 or 4 huge variety bags being bought- our usuals are Wotsits, McCoys, Hula Hoops and pringles.

                    However this week was different.
                    I first came across the _WALKERS_ variety bag when I was looking for an accompanyment to go with my sandwich for my lunch.
                    My eyes lit up as I noticed the huge bag in the crisps cupboard.
                    I decided immediatly that today wasnt a day for McCoys flame grilled steak- no today was a day for a bag of traditional _WALKERS_.

                    Yes, there was a Mr Walker!
                    Henry Walker. He was a very successful pork butcher who moved from Mansfield to Leicester in the 1880's to take over an established business in the high street. Mr Walker and his son offered quality meat and the business prospered, eventually moving to Cheapside in 1912.
                    But when the Second World War came meat was severely rationed and even in 1948 Walker's shops were sold out by 10am every day. The factory was working at half-capacity. Mr Walker pondered over how he could make better use of his premises and his eager work force.
                    The company's managing director, R.E Gerrard, considered moving into ice-cream but there could be hygiene problems from manufacturing meat and dairy products so close together. Then he hit on potato crisps, enormously popular with the public, subject to rationing.
                    And so, the first Walkers production line burst into action in the empty upper storey of Walker's Oxford Street factory in Leicester. During these early days the potatoes were sliced up by hand and cooked in an ordinary fish and chip frier. Mr Gerrard himself was the first cook!
                    From this humble start, the public's love affair with crisps and Walkers began and crisp manufacture was here to stay.
                    Today, Walkers is Britain's favourite crisp and the biggest crisp manufacturer, employing over 4,000 people in 15 locations.


                    Back to the product I am reviewing. This product is the multipack of Walkers original crisps.
                    I pulled the huge big bag out of the cupboard and examined the packet. Not bad- this huge bag contained 14 packets of walkers crisps. The flavours this particular bag included were
                    *Ready Salted
                    *Cheese and Onion
                    *Salt and Vinegar
                    *Prawn Cocktail
                    Not bad, I thought, though I wasn't a huge fan of prawn cocktail I thought I may aswell give them a try.
                    The 14 packets of crisps were held in a predominantly bright reddish brownish bag, almost the same colour as the smokey bacon variety, however not as brown as slightly more reddish.
                    The _WALKERS_ logo is wrriten in its usual form: A yellow circle background with a red "SCroll" shaped thing over it, and then the words WALKERS written in white writing.
                    Underneath this it states that the bag contains 14 packets of crisps. Underneath this are 4 panels of colour- Red- indicating the ready salted, blue-indicating the cheese and onion, green- indicating the salt and vinegar and a bright pink- indicating the prawn cocktail.
                    Overall i found the packaging to be quite nice, however it wouldnt stand out to much to me on the shelf and I probably would opt for something else.

                    '''Bags inside'''
                    As the packaging correctly states there are 14 regular (25g) bags of crisps inside.
                    I think the amount of each flavour varies from pack to pack, however in mine, I was give 4 ready salted, 4 salt and vinegar, 3 cheese and ionion and 3 prawn cocktail.
                    Each bag was the same as the bags you can buy indidually however they did state they must only be sold in a multipack.

                    *Ready salted; _Red bag, huge golden looking crisp on front, walkers logo._
                    *Cheese and Onion; _Blue bag, huge golden looking crisp, nutrition information, walkers logo_.
                    *Salt and Vinegar; _Green bag,huge golden looking crisp, nutrition information, walkers logo_.
                    *Prawn cocktail; _Pink bag, huge darker looking crisp, nutrition information, walkers logo_.

                    Over all I think the most attractive bag was the _PRAWN COCKTAIL_, perhaps to do with the fact the colour is so bright.

                    I decided I'd be a good friend, and for the sake of all you Ciao'rs, id sample a bag of every flavour crisps, so that you get an idea of what your going to be buying.

                    *Ready salted; _Salty, normal crisp smell, not overly strong_.
                    *Cheese and onion; _Strong smell, crisp smell, quite cheesy smelling_.
                    *Salt and vinegar; _Quite strong smell, very vinegary smelling, makes you eyes water if you sniff to hard._
                    *Prawn cocktail; _Horrible strong prawn cocktail smell, my least favourite_.

                    I think my favourite smell was the cheese and onion ones, they had a strong smell and they really got my tastebuds wanting to dig in.

                    Again, I sampled them on, and all in all I was quite impressed with the taste. The crisps were very crunchy and the texture was smooth and because I ate them when they were cold, the flavour was very strong.

                    *Ready salted; _Very salty, crunchy, smooth, really nice.
                    *Cheese and onion; _Very cheesy, slight onion taste, aftertaste, really nice. My favourite._
                    *Salt and vinegar; _Very vinegary, not overly salty, stings if you have got an ulcer, quite nice_.
                    *Prawn cocktail; _My least favourite, quite a strong, yet artificial prawn taste, not reccomended.

                    Overall my favourite flavour out of this choice was definitly the cheese and onion. They had a really strong taste and they aslo left a delicious after taste in my mouth.
                    I'l definitly be buying a multipack of all cheese and onion in the futre I think.

                    These are definitly not the most unhealthy on the market of crisps. Howveer you would probably be better opting for _WALKERS BAKED_ or _QUAVERS_.
                    Each bag contains:

                    *Salt and vinegar; 181 cals, 11.4g of fat
                    *Prawn cocktail; 181 cals, 11.4g of fat.
                    *Ready salted; 183 cals, 11.7gt of fat.
                    *Cheese and onoion; 181 cals, 11.4g of fat


                    Walkers crisps and multipacks are available in most supermarkets, eg- Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys etc.

                    *Indidual packs- 30-40p
                    *14 Multi pack- £2.08
                    *6 multi pack- £1.06

                    I think these are quite good prices, espescially for the quality of the crisps. Obviously the prices will vary depending on where you purchase, but these are average prices.

                    '''Walkers- Other crisps'''

                    Walkers dont only do there normal crisps, oh boy no, they do many different types:

                    *Monster munch
                    *Other flavours in normal- smokey bacon, bbq, tomato ketchup etc
                    *Salt and shake

                    These are only some of the more popular ones that walkers provide

                    '''5 sense summary'''

                    *Taste- very delicious, range of flavours, quite strong
                    *Smell- delicious, quite strong, some not so strong
                    *Sound- none
                    *Touch- Smooth yet crispy
                    *Sight- bright packaging, fairly attractive.

                    You can eat walkers crisps in many more ways rather than straight out of the bag.

                    *Crisp sandwich- 2 peices of white bread, crisps and brown sauce
                    *Mushed up with mayo- Crush the crisps, mix with mayo and eat off a spoon
                    *Accompying a sandwich- place next to your sandwich and tuck in
                    *Suck them- A great way to make your crisps last is to suck them until theve gone really soggy and then chew:D

                    Sweet Tooth 93 x
                    also on ciao


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                    07.06.2009 21:24
                    Very helpful



                    nice but not healthy

                    I can remember when most crisps were Smiths and came with the (original) little blue bag of salt to sprinkle over them. That was it. Then along came some new exciting flavours like cheese and onion and salt and vinegar. Wow. Suddenly, we felt spoiled for choice. Oh those were the days, my friend. But ...
                    That was before Walker's Crisps exploded onto the scene. All of a sudden there were brightly coloured packages of crisps everywhere, and every colour was a different flavour. There was a pink pack for prawn cocktail, brown for worcestershire sauce, dark red for tomato ketchup, and that wasn't all. Smoky bacon, pickled onion, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar and the plain ...now called ready salted.

                    You could have a different flavour of crisps every day in your packed lunch. Walker's really were the main company to introduce the wide array of flavours that we now take for granted, and some that didn't prove as popular and were dropped eventually. It's hard to understand how different they were back then, when now they are one of the "usual " brands available.
                    Walker's have proved popular because of their assortment of flavours, and the fact that they really are crisp. They have a loud crunch to them, which used to be fun when we were kids - to see who could crunch their crisps the loudest. They had some weird adverts on the telly back then, to do with the loud crunch too, if I remember rightly.

                    Unfortunately, I don't eat many crisps nowadays - that cholesterol problem some of us oldies have to watch - but they can't take away the memories. They also do lite versions of a few of the flavours now too, so people can still enjoy the flavour if they are dieting.


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                    28.04.2009 13:18
                    Very helpful



                    Junk Food Rant

                    Walkers crisps remain the market leaders in the UK, with sales reaching a figure of £480 million. An impressive statistic for something which is essentially a junk food product.

                    Walkers are said to have achieved there market dominance through non-compliance with the industry norm. They broke the industry's 'gentleman's' agreement which ensured that flavours would be easily recognised by associated coloured packets; ready-salted crisps were sold in dark blue packets, salt and vinegar in light blue and cheese and onion in green. In the 1980s Walkers broke with this tradition and changed the colour of their packets to blue for cheese and onion and green for salt and vinegar. This created some confusion amongst consumers but unexpectedly led to a great increase in their sales of salt and vinegar. Further success came with the recruitment of Gary Lineker in the 1990s to appear in their TV commercials. Lineker is still promoting the brand today - a prime example of how established sports stars are used by the junk food industry to encourage children to eat heir unhealthy products. Their latest marketing campaign involves a new flavour competition in which six flavours suggested by consumers (Builder's Breakfast, Cajun Squirrel, Onion Bhaji Crispy Duck & Hoisin, Chilli & Chocolate and Fish & Chips) are currently being tested on the public.

                    According to their website Walkers say they now are lowering the levels of saturated fat - Walkers crisps are now cooked in sunflower oil. Walkers Light for example are said to possess 33% less fat and have only 115% calories per bag. The problem they have here though is that the less fat used the less tasty the snack. And if Walkers Light contain 33% less fat then that must mean Walkers Max (thick cut crisps with deep ridges that add some texture) and Walkers Baked (crisps that have been baked twice) contain 33% more fat than the Light version.

                    No amount of marketing gimmickry can hide the fact that crisps are pseudo food. Research has shown crisps continue to be of low nutritional value and high in fats. Any meagre benefits in terms of nutritional value are outweighed by the costs. All crisps have excessive amounts of salt added to them. This is because if you take away the salt and the flavouring, crisps would taste like crunchy thin pieces of cardboard. They fill the stomach and trick you into thinking you've consumed something useful when in fact all you have done is add to the rest of the trash you chuck down your gullet each day.

                    Crisps are not recommended as a daily staple, but for many children that is exactly what they have become. Either through persuasion by advertising, laziness or ignorance, many parents fill their children's school lunch boxes with packets of crisps everyday. As such, crisps have become an expected part of a child's daily diet. If you want your children to have a heart attack before they're forty, feed them sugary carbonated drinks and packets of crisps everyday. Crisps form part of the equation that results in an individual's and a society's dystopian future of obesity, sickliness and ill-health.

                    Crisps are cheaply manufactured junk food sold at a maximum profit and excessively packaged. For what you get in terms of healthy nutrition, crisps are one of the most expensive forms of food you can buy. Crisps are also an excessively packaged food, especially the multi-packs. It is no surprise that crisp packets form a large percentage of the non-biodegradable litter that flutters around our streets and green spaces.

                    Don't eat Walkers crisps. Don't eat any crisps. Eat proper food.


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                      04.12.2008 18:55
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                      I love walkers crisps.

                      I admit I am a bit of a junk food fan. I love a packet of crisps or two in fact I cannot stoop at one packet I need more. I am not greedy I just love the taste of crisps.

                      I don't eat any old crisps by the bucket load though, only one variety - Walkers.

                      Walkers are well known brand based in Leicester, the logo is recognised by many.

                      My favourite at the moment is Ready Salted, for some reason I have got quite boring in my older age and I only eat the 'plain' crisps as I tend to call them. They are not really that plain though. Oh no in fact the crispy texture mixed with a subtle but prominent hint of salt is very tasty and although the flavour is basic it is also very effective.

                      I am yet to find a flavour that I do not like although I tend to hop from one favourite to another on a weekly basis. I also eat crisps depending on what mood I am in or what sandwiches I have for lunch. There is nothing better than a few Salt and vinegar Walkers Crisps shoved into a sandwich especially a tuna sandwich. I love prawn Cocktail, Worcester sauce, bacon and chicken on their own and tend to eat these when I am on the go or looking for a quick snack to fill my tummy.

                      Walkers are a very well known brand and if I had to chose between an own brand and Walkers I would definitely chose Walkers as the crisps are crispy and have a lovely crunch. The crisps are also very tasty, but not too strong like some cheap brands. The packaging keeps the contents fresh, and although a large bag may appear half full on opening a packet is enough to fill a gap. I have noticed recently however that at anything between 35p and 50p for a small bag of crisps Walkers have left a slight sour taste in my mouth.

                      I cannot justify paying that amount no matter how tasty they are.


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                        28.11.2008 21:13
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                        i eat them a lot. i never find reason to dissaprove

                        When you think of crisps, you think of this brand. It must one of the biggest companies in the world! what images does the word ''walkers'' bring to me? not hikers, but instead light, roasted potato snacks.... And what with their constant war against obesity by cutting down on collosal proportions of fat, whilst retaining the same great flavour in every crunchy morsel, i give them a big thumbs up!!!! Everyone has a flavour of crisp they enjoy, even the most fussy snackers will delve into a packet of their selection of classic flavours, these being ready salted, salt and vinigger, prawn cocktail, cheese and onion, cheddar cheese, smokey bakon, roast chicken, bbq, and a few others i cant bring myself to remember...

                        The only real problem with the brand is a tounge in cheek one. but worchester sause? crisps? this immediatley brings mental images of soggy crisps doused in black watery sauce... however, they looked normal enough. so bravely, i tried one. it wasnt worchester sause... it was tangy, like i imagine floor sweepings to be. it wasnt once delicious. i think they made a mistake here.


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                          29.07.2008 14:36
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                          A light, tasty snack to rid hunger pangs!

                          Walkers Snack Foods, based in Leicester have been producing fine quality, great tasting potato crisps for many years and are probably the most popular snack product on the market today.

                          *** The Product ***

                          The average packet weighs 34.5g and a variety of well established flavours are offered including:

                          - Ready Salted
                          - Cheese & Onion
                          - Salt & Vinegar
                          - Prawn Cocktail
                          - Beef & Onion
                          - Steak & Onion
                          - Worcester Sauce
                          - Roast Chicken

                          Seasonal flavours also make that all important appearance from time to time.... Marmite, Sausage & Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Roast Turkey & Stuffing.

                          The crisp itself is light, full of flavour and with a real crunch on the bite! Lip smackingly delicious, they can be included as part of a calorie controlled diet providing you do take control over the amount you consume!

                          ***The Face of Walkers ***

                          Gary Lineker is currently the face of Walkers. The agile, ex-footballer has made an appearance on several television adverts, many quite comical in their storyline. His character is very possessive and doesn't like to share this tasty treat amongst fellow characters, hence giving the message that they taste so good, you'll want them all to yourself!

                          Over the past few years other well known celebrities have been drafted in to help increase sales. Charlotte Church and Victoria Beckham have both used their acting skills (I use this term quite loosely) to boost the image of Sensations, a product introduced by Walkers with a 'higher-class' emphasis.

                          Sealed in a black and white foil-fresh packet, the shelf image has a strong, classy look. The flavours are somewhat oriental in their make up - Thai Sweet Chilli, Oriental Crackers - Tangy Malaysian Chutney, Peking Spare Rib & Five Spice, Cantonese Black Bean & Spring Onion and so on.

                          *** Pricing ***

                          As a single 34.5g packet the average cost is around 40p but multi packs are available in all leading supermarkets as a more cost effective solution. Packets however are slightly smaller, but a good thing if you are trying to shed those extra pounds!

                          Morrisons, at the moment, offer a special 28 variety pack at the reasonable price of around £3.69 (will have to check that price to be certain!)


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