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Walls Solero Smoothie

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    2 Reviews
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      08.07.2009 09:24
      Very helpful



      A delicous summer cooler without being to bad for you or the kids!

      I discovered these Wall's Solero Smoothies by mistake. My Tesco's was selling them reduced for 48p for three, so I thought I would stock up on them for the family.

      Well during these hot days we have had recently I thought I would try one.
      Not being a great ice cream eater due to the calories they usually have I was shocked to see that these have only 99 per ice lolly. I thought that being that they were so low that when I open the box that they are going to be really small. What a shock to see a rather large lolly!!

      On taking the wrapper off, it is oval in shape and a lovely deep crimson
      colour. It looks like it is a solid block of fruity ice ( I should have taken more
      notice of the box as it shows what the inside is like!). What a shock I had when I took a bite as it had ice cream in the middle LOVELY! I rushed over to the bin where I had thrown the box as this must have more calories, I must have misread it! No it was right only 99 per lolly!!

      The taste was really good these ones were blackberry and banana, to make things even better they are artificial colours and flavours free. These would make a nice treat for children as you would feel that you are giving them
      something that isn't as bad as some of the other lollies that are on the market that are full of bright colours.

      On further reading on the box I discover it is not only blackberry that is in these lollies, but blackcurrant and blueberry as well. So this lolly consists of
      a banana ice cream with blueberry puree stripes in the centre covered
      with a blackberry and blueberry sorbet. I also discovered on the box that if
      you put 2 Solero's into a blender and mix with 75ml of cold milk you can make a delicous smoothie drink! (remove the sticks first though!!)

      So from now on I shall purchase these even if they are not on special, for once it is so nice to buy something which is reasonably low in calories, but
      not a disappointment when you open the box as many things are!!


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        07.06.2009 11:16
        Very helpful
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        A smooth banana ice cream covered in a delicious strawberry sorbet.

        As most of you will know Walls make a huge range of ice creams and lollies, including Calippo, Cornetto, Feast, Magnum, Mini Milk, Twister, Viennetta, Carte D'or and more. They are of course also famous for their huge tubs of soft scoop ice-cream also available in popular flavours. Walls make ice cream and treats in a huge range of different sizes and flavours for kids and for adults, so there is something for everyone.

        ***SOLERO SMOOTHIES***
        This yummy, fruity Solero Smoothie lolly's are made from Walls and are Strawberry and Banana flavour. They also do other flavours in the Solero range but these are not in the smoothie range. Other Solero flavours include Berry Berry and Exotic. Solero Smoothie is a delicious ice cream coated in a fruit sorbet with the great combination of strawberry and banana. It also contains no artificial colours or flavours.

        Each Solero Smoothie Strawberry and Banana contains the following:

        * Energy - 99kcal (5% RDA)
        * Sugar - 17g (3% RDA)
        * Fat - 2.5g (4% RDA)
        * Saturates - 2g (10% RDA)
        * Salt - N/A

        Each Solero Smoothie has 99 calories and is only available as a 90ml lolly.

        ***TASTE TEST***
        When taking the lolly out of the bright, colourful plastic wrapper, you can see that the lolly is a deep purple colour with a hint of red in it. It smells quite fruity and looks as though the sorbet has bits in it which I am guessing is from the Strawberries they use to make the sorbet with. (I can't bite into ice cream/lollies due to sensitive teeth), as I start to lick the sorbet on the outside it's light and fruity with a slightly tangy taste which is quite nice. After licking this off it reveals a white ice-cream centre which taste of banana's which I thought as first was a strange combination but the 2 taste lovely together.

        After finishing the lolly I was satisfied as this was fruity and delicious and I didn't even really notice the small bits in the sorbet which is good considering I hate yogurts with seeds or bits of fruit in. Overall I think this tasted more of banana than anything else, but I still enjoyed it and would buy them again.

        I was in Sainsbury's the other day and I was looking in the ice cream section for something fruity and these caught my eye. I think they were about £2.19 for a box of these in which you get 3 lollies. These are available from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and other good super-markets. You may also be able to buy these singly form your local shop or a newsagents.

        ***OVERALL OPINION***
        These are delicious fruity lollies but I wouldn't recommend them if you don't like banana's or don't even like the slightest taste of banana's as these taste more of banana than anything else really. I would probably try the other Solero lollies as well as these were nice to eat on a warm summer's day (not that we get much warm weather here!). They are refreshing and satisfying and I would definitely buy these again!

        (Review also on ciao)


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