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Weight Watchers From Heinz Ocean Pie

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Manufacturer: Weight Watchers / Type: Pies

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    3 Reviews
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      25.04.2011 01:23



      A great buy - must try!

      Having been on and off different eating plans for several years now I was recently persuaded into taking advantage of Morrison's "5 for £5" Weight Watchers ready meals offer. Among the several options available was the Ocean Pie. Being an avid seafood lover I made sure this made up at least 2 of my 5 meals.

      Although not following a specific Weight Watchers meal plan, I have found the meals beneficial to healthy eating. The Ocean Pie in particular is quite filling compared to various other low calorie option which tend to only reduce the meal size and leave you needing to purchase a large tin of Celebrations to kill the hunger pang.

      I should point out that taking any Weight Watchers meal out of the plastic tray and onto a plate will leave you thinking "Where has my food gone?". It does look miniscule however leave it in the microwaveable tray and this is overcome.

      The Ocean Pie meal is definitely one of my favourites. It's filling and full of taste.


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      24.06.2010 15:53
      Very helpful



      Weight watchers ready made meal

      As stated from some of my previous reviews I'm doing the Weight Watchers healthy eating plan. Since Weight Watchers have there own food products, I have decided to give some of the ready made meals that they have on offer a go.

      If I'm honest I'm not normally a fan of ready made meals, due to the bad character they seem to have with all the added extra preservatives lots of salt, sugar, fat etc. On the hold browsing over at the nutrition information on a few of the Weight Watcher packets they don't seem too bad.

      Weight Watchers Ocean Pie:

      As stated on the box this meal is only three and a half points and being less than two percent fat. It contains succulent white fish pieces in a creamy butter sauce. With carrots and broccoli, topped with mash potato, crispy breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese. This all sounded very nice when reading the box and even the picture didn't look to bad.

      Weight Watchers meals are mainly produced by the company Heinz, which I'm sure most have heard of before. The meals tend to come in cardboard boxes always from what I've notice they all seem to be coloured purple. Inside the box the food comes in a plastic tray with a film lid that you normally pierce and others you remove before cooking.

      The Meal:

      As I have already pointed out I've never been a fan of ready made meals, and this one was no exception really. Personally I would rate these two out of five stars, mainly due to the breadcrumb topping being a total let down.

      The sauce and the fish pieces were very nice, and you do get a fair amount of fish within the meal. The white fish pieces being soft tender and melt in your mouth. Sauce with the meal has a yummy texture with a rich creamy taste so all in all everything under the topping was tasty.

      What really let this meal down was the topping, it had an odd taste and the only way I can describe it is like plastic. Not that I've even eaten plastic by the way, but it tasted of the smell of burnt plastic!

      Appearance of the ocean pie didn't look to bad, and as I've said before you get what you pay for, however it did look appetising and smelt nice.

      How to cook:

      This is the easy part! One good thing about ready meals is that they are so easy to prepare. For this meal all you have to do is remove the cardboard packaging (obviously), remove film lid and place on a baking in a preheated oven for 40-45 minutes at 200c (need to adjust temperature for fan assisted ovens)

      Or if you wanted it sooner rather than later you can microwave your meal, remove film lid like before. Microwave; cook on full power for six minutes, then a further four minutes and leave to stand for 1 minute and jobs done. (Based on 750w microwave)

      This meal is to be cooked from frozen too.


      I purchased this meal from my local Asda store as they were on offer 'Weight Watcher freezer meals and desserts' 4 for £5.00. Which is a good price I think for 4 meals. However I have seen Weight Watchers ready meals in pound freeze also, so keep an eye out if you like them.

      Nutrition Information:

      205 calories
      13.6g of protein
      28.6g of carbohydrates (2.3g of which sugars)
      4.0g of fat (2.2g of which saturates)
      0.6g of fibre
      0.6g of sodium
      1.5g of salt equivalent

      As stated on the box this product contains no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fats.

      Allergy Advise:

      Contains - gluten, wheat, milk and fish.

      As with the tomato and chicken ready made meal from Weight Watchers, isn't overly healthy but going on other ready made meals this isn't too bad either.


      I found this meal not very satisfying at all, tasty fish and sauce just horrid topping, and one I wouldn't be eating again.

      Its good value for money if you like the meal, easy to prepare like most ready made meals are but without the massive fat content.

      Additional Information:

      Incase you would like to find more out about Weight Watchers they have a very handy and useful website.


      Weight Watchers Customer Service
      Millennium House
      Ludlow Road
      SL6 2SL

      Telephone: 0845 345 1500
      Email: uk.help@weightwatchers.co.uk

      Thanks for reading :o)


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        27.01.2010 20:37
        Very helpful
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        An enjoyable ready meal!

        *Where From & How Much*
        I purchased my Weight Watchers Ocean Pie last week from Morrison's and I paid just 70p. These have a regular price of around £1.45 - £1.49 and are available in most supermarkets. This is my price encounter with this ocean pie and I was attracted by the price. This is a frozen ready meal and therefore will be found in the frozen ready meal aisle.

        *Nutritional Bits*
        Each 300g pack provides:
        205 calories
        13.6g protein
        28.6g carbs
        4.0g fat
        0.6g fibre
        0.6g sodium
        1.5g salt equivalent
        ***WW POINT VALUE OF 3.5***

        *Appearance, Smell, Taste*
        This meal is packaged in a black plastic tray with a film seal, inside a cardboard box. The top of the pie is piped mashed potato, and breadcrumbs with a very small amount of grated cheese.

        Once heated in the microwave following the instructions (which takes 8 - 10 minutes, depending on wattage!) the pie emits a gentle aroma of, well, fish!! It is very gentle though and not in any way overpowering. This smell disappeared from my kitchen fairly quickly once I had wipe d the microwave out, thrown away the packaging and washed the dinner plates.

        Cutting through the mash top I notice that the creamy butter sauce contains small pieces of white fish, carrots and a very small amount of broccoli.

        This 'meal' is very small and I knew it would be nowhere near enough to fill my tum for long so I had also cooked roast potatoes, peas, sweetcorn and leeks which complemented the dish well and fuelled my appetite.

        The fish is not particularly 'fishy' or strong in flavour but it is a tasty dish overall. The carrots and small amount of broccoli are cooked perhaps a little too much for my liking. The mash is very creamy and a lovely amount of breadcrumbs and cheese makes this crunchy on top.

        *My Thoughts*
        I really enjoyed this meal this evening, as did my other half and son. We split two ocean pies' between us with lots of veg and this made a healthy, hearty, warming and filling meal.

        It is not the most delicious ocean pie I have ever eaten, however, it is nice enough for me to buy it again. I was really impressed with the price at Morrison's and would be happy to pay 'full price' for a nutritious convenient meal.

        Recommended, all things considered!


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