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Weight Watchers Toffee Cookies

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2 Reviews

Toffee cookies.

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    2 Reviews
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      04.02.2010 15:13
      Very helpful



      They Are Nice, But I Doubt Ill Be Buying Them Again

      Since the New Year Ive been trying to watch my weight and excercise more often. Now that hasnt exactly happened but I have been trying out loads of these so called "diet" foods which have been mostly from the Weight Watchers range. Now usually I wouldnt be able to afford a lot of food from this brand but they had a big Weight Watchers sale in my local Home Bargains so I stocked up on loads of different foods from this range a few weeks ago. And I have to admit most of them were deserts, like this one. I love nothing more than sitting and watching TV at night with a nice cuppa and some biscuits but that does tend to make my waistline expand for some reason lol so I thought these cookies would be a great alternative for times just like that.

      Useful Information:
      Manufacturer: Heinz/Weight Watchers
      Price: Around £2.50

      Nutritional Information:
      [Based On Two Cookies]
      Calories: 33
      Fat: 3.7g
      Carbohydrates: 16.6g

      Now Im not to sure what that means in terms of Weight Watchers points but Im pretty sure its very good. Compared to normal every day cookies these are very low in calories and pretty much everything so they are a great substitute for those normal, fattening cookies.

      The Taste:
      Now because these biscuits cntain toffee I thought that they would be really chewy and soft, dont ask me why I thought that but anyway I was wrong. These biscuits actually look pretty filling just from their appearance beause they are quite large and a bit thicker than normal bisuits with little dots of toffee pieces in them. To be fair they do look pretty yummy. So I settled down with my cuppa char and three of these biscuits in front of the telly. Taking a bite of this biscuit I was shocked at how dry they tasted, very crumbly and I couldnt really taste any of this toffee at all. So I continued to eat them and gave my biscuit a good dunk in my cuppa.

      That made all the difference to the taste and the texture. These biscuits taste much better after they have been dunked mainly because the texture is nice and soft but at the same time not to soggy so that means they are much nicer to eat. Also I think the tea brought out the taste of the toffe a lot more [maybe it had something to do with the heat] and I found the little toffee pieces were really chewy and tasted like proper rich and yummy toffee pieces. I would definately suggest eating these with a cup of tea because they taste much better that way rather than dry and alone.

      Overall Opinion:
      These are not the best cookies I have ever tried by far but they are quite low in calories and fat so I think that makes up for the taste in a way. If you are looking for Weight Watchers deserts I wouldnt say these are the nicest ones but they are worth a try every now and again especially if your looking for a change from your normal biscuits.
      They are a nie, sweet way to satisfy a sweet tooth without putting on loads of weight in the process.

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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        01.01.2008 23:09



        Fair enough

        I have tried many of the Weight watcher foods and nearly all of them have impressed me these biscuits however where one of the few Weight watcher foods I didn't enjoy very much.

        The biscuits come in packs of 2 like all the other flavours of cookies and are the same points, But with all the Weight watcher cookie's I found them to be a little on the hard side with a very unusual after taste that wasn't very unpleasant just irritating because as much water as i drunk afterwards the taste was there for well over an hour.

        Weight watcher food Is very tasty and with all the selection on offer there's bound to be something for everyone. The cookies and biscuits though just arnt for me and I don't buy them any more, Every thing else is excellent and like i say if your a crunchy biscuit person you'll love them.


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