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Whitworth's Demerera Sugar

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Whitworth's. Whitworth's Demerera Sugar is unprocessed sugar, great for beverages, and has more flavor as it is "sugar in the raw".

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    3 Reviews
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      12.11.2011 15:32
      Very helpful



      Lovely stuff!

      One product I'm not sure I have ever reviewed on here is sugar and if I did it probably Tate & Lyle White Sugar and thats it. I don't really use sugar for anything and prefer sweeteners in my coffee (I don't use anything in any other hot drink), however I do buy it for guests that visit me, yep usually its just plain old white sugar!

      However with not feeling well lately I felt like getting me some demerara. I used to be quite partial to it in coffee and on cereals and the likes way back and so when I did run out of said sugar I nipped to my local shop and instead of a bag of the usual I opted for a 500g bag of this which cost me 90p which I was pretty pleased about as that didn't seem expensive to me and I've always though this to be posher than white sugar lol.

      The Packaging:

      The bag is plastic with red and green colouring on it and it simply tears open with ease to the top of it though isn't resealable. On the front of the bag we are told that it it Whitworths 'Natural & Unrefined' Demerara Cane Sugar and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown and the weight is stated (as I have listed already). On the rest of the bag other information provided includes being told a bit about the product and how to store it, there is a full nutritional chart stated and contact details for the manufacturer are given.

      The Sugar:

      The sugar is like small, very light brown crystals and is a dry product of course! It isn't a powdery sugar and of course is granules rather than being a fine mix. This is the perfect sugar to use in hot drinks and to make crumbles, pudding and cakes with., You can use it to make crusty, sweet toppings and allsorts...... really just use this wherever you use any other sugar usually and I love a sprinkle of this on my cereal!

      This has no aroma to it really in my opinion and tastes a little sweeter that other sugars I have had in the past. In hot drinks it melts well with a stir and although I don't bake with it my Mum always used and still does use it to bake with which is why I like it so much and her stuff is fabulous.

      I think this looks nicer offered to guests in a little bowl and I find that personally I use less of it as it so sweet but this product gets the thumbs up from me on every level. Its sweet, its lovely and its versatile what more could you want?!

      Nutritional Information Per Teaspoon:

      Calories: 16
      Sugars: 4.0g
      Fat: 0g
      Saturates: 0g
      Salt: 0g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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        28.02.2010 01:07
        Very helpful




        I've starting taking a bit more care when I make a cup of coffee since I was given my cafetierre and one thing I have done is swapped from normal sugar to demerera. I've been buying Whitworths because it's been the cheapest I've seen in the supermarket!

        It's proper nice too! The granules are loads bigger than in a normal bag of white sugar but they dissolve just as easy when you add it to your coffee and it doesn't take shedloads of stirring like I thought it would.

        This demerera sugar gives the coffee a delish flavour and doesn't just sweeten it like white sugar. It's a bit nutty and tastes gorgeous, it doesn't give my coffee that madly sweet taste that you get with white sugar and it's hard to describe the taste it actually DOES give the coffee but it's proper nice anyway and makes it taste like the wicked cups of coffee you get in a sit down Chinese.

        I always use half a spoon more of this demerera sugar than I do when I'm using white sugar just to give it a bit more sweetness, you have to be a bit careful though because if you overdo it you can taste the flavour of the sugar over the coffee and you really want it to complement each other instead.

        The taste of the sugar is sort of like treacle and that's the flavour that comes through into your coffee, it doesn't change the smell of the coffee much and that's a good thing!

        I don't think demerera sugar goes all that well with flavoured coffee because it changes the taste too much, one of the coffees that come with my cafetierre was Creme Brulee flavour and this sugar goes proper nice with that one but when I put some into a cup of Orange flavoured coffee it didn't go as good because the sugar wrecked the fruity flavour.

        Recommended.... delish and makes a cup of coffee taste LOADS more special!!!


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          23.03.2009 10:37
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          An asset to anyone who enjoys to cook.

          Whitworths Demerara sugar is one of the many brands that are produced by Napier Brown Foods, an independant company that manufactures a large range of cooking ingredients to the industrial and retail sector.
          Whitworths have always been providers of high quality cooking ingredients and the brand name has been on shop and supermarket shelves for many years, so it is a name that many people instantly recognise.

          Demerara sugar takes it name from a colony in Guyana, where the sugar was first produced and sold in large quantities. Most of the Demerara sugar is now produced on the Island of Mauritius.
          Demerara sugar is taken from the sugar cane and not sugar beet, it only undergoes a tiny amount of processing so that it keeps the unique texture and flavour that it is renowned for.

          When we buy a bag of the white sugar that is most commonly used in most homes today to add to our cups of tea and coffee it has been refined. During the refining process the naturally brown sugar loses its colour and texture presenting us with what we know as granulated sugar.
          Demerara sugar is a pure unrefined cane sugar, so it retains its natural caramel brown colour and the flavour remains intact.

          Whitworths Demerara sugar is packed plainly in a plastic bag, the bag enables you to admire the good rich brown colour of the product.
          The sugar is a favourite in many homes, it compliments a cup of coffee perfectly.
          If you make a visit to Starbucks or any good coffee shop you will almost certainly expect to see sachets of demerara sugar on the tables.

          Maybe the best word to describe the appearance of the sugar is sparkling, as you tip the packet the demerara sugar flows freely. You will notice that it looks crunchy.
          Whereas many of the brown sugars are moist and far heavier the Demerara is light, coarser and less rich.

          It is a good sugar to use for baking, if you are making a fruit cake a sprinkle of Demerara sugar on the top before cooking gives the crust of the cake a good crunchy and interesting texture.
          But if you are using a recipe that calls for caster sugar then it cannot be substituted with Demerara, the two types of sugar cook completely differently.
          It is the perfect sugar for fruit crumble toppings, it adds a lovely crunchy texture. Demerara makes the ideal glaze for a piece of ham and if it is added to any marinade that you make the sweetness of the cooked meat is superb.
          You can acheive a good crunchy Brulee topping using Demerara, or sprinkle it on your fruit or cereal for natural sweetness.

          All sugars need to be consumed with respect and Demerara sugar has around 400 calories in every 100g.
          A 1kg bag will be priced at around £1.40.
          Whitworths also have a Fairtrade Demerara to offer and demerara sugar cubes.
          The best way to store the sugar is to keep it in an airtight container in a cool place.


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