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Wrights are manufacturers of traditional pies, pasties, and slices.

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      16.01.2008 19:29
      Very helpful




      Everywhere you go there is always something different to try. For example here in Stoke on Trent have oatcakes, and when people come to Stoke from other parts of the country and you mention oatcakes, they look at you strange and reply "What are They". Another famous food product from Stoke on Trent are Wrights Pies, which to me are absolutely fabulous and I would hardly ever consider eating any other pie, from the likes of Greggs and national companies.

      Wrights Pie's were founded in 1926 by John James Wright who first started to make them in his terraced house in Stoke on Trent. Still independently run by the Wright family and now made in Crewe, the brand is a trusted name within the area. All products are baked fresh and transported to the individual shops. Some are now packaged up and sent to local convenience stores, which is always handy if you fancy one at an unusual hour when the bakeries aren't open.

      When going into a Wright's Pie Shop, I always find that I am overwhelmed with what products they have to offer and can never make up my mind what to have. One never fills me so I always opt for one and a sausage roll maybe. The choice is endless and I must say up here in the North we are a sucker for a nice pie or two.

      Choice being: Meat & Potato Pie, Steak Pie, Steak Slice, Steak and Onion Pie, Steak and Kidney Pie, Cornish Pasty, Traditional Cornish Pasty, Cheese and Onion Pasty, Chicken Tikka Slice, Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Cottage Pie, Corned Beef Slice, Cheese and Bacon Puff's, Vegetable Pasty.. plus many many more that I have not actually tried myself. The bakeries also do their Pizza and fresh sandwiches. On a sweeter note, pies don't stop at savoury, with the like of Apple Pie, Blackberry Pie, Rhubard Pie all being produced, various sizes. You can choose within the shop whether you would like them hot or cold.

      The good thing about purchasing Wright Pies directly from the shop is the pastry, when you tend to microwave them to heat them the pastry goes a little soggy and doesn't seem to be of the same quality. The pastry on all Wright's pies varies, so I am opting to run through a few of my favourites and share the delights with you.

      -Meat and Potato-

      The pastry on this product is shortcrust pastry, always slightly browned and the taste is sensational. The crust on the pie is a little crunchy which is always good. The filling is made up of finely chopped potatoes and minced beef with a slightly peppery seasoning which is not too overpowering but makes it unique in its taste than other products that I have tasted.

      - Steak and Onion Pie -

      All variety of the STeak Pie come with shortcrust pastry however the Steak and Onion Pie has a very soft pastry as its base and a layer of puffed pastry to top it off. The pastry on top is very flakey, again always niced browned. The Filling consists of adequately sized piece of steak and very fine piece of onions in a rich, and again slightly peppery gravy.

      - Cheese and Onion Pasty -

      A creamy cheese and onion filling with tiny little pieces of potato as the filling. Not to over powering but if you like cheese and cheese sauce, this is fantastic, all wrapped up in puffed pastry, which we you go to cut with a knife and fork flakes everywhere and makes a mess. One of my all time favourites.

      - D Shaped Cornish Pasty -

      These are huge and are quite a meal in themselves. With a outer layer of their famous puffed pastry again what flies everywhere when cutting them, the filling inside this consists of minced beef and various vegetables including potato, carrot, peas, parsnip.

      All of Wright Pies cost less than a £1 for one and are great value for money. Years ago they used to produce their own gravy too, which you could buy in a little pot what I can remember but we are going back over 20 years now. LOL.

      If visiting and you see one of the shops, stop and treat yourself to a few thousand calories, extremely tasty.


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