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Adidas Sport Field Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Adidas / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    3 Reviews
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      20.07.2013 23:12
      Very helpful



      Good budget fragrance.


      When it comes to fragrances I usually spend a bit more money to get a real quality one but now and then I like to pick up a cheaper alternative for various reasons. One of the ones I have had like this is the Adidas Sport Field fragrance which was released in 1994 and has done fairly well alongside other fragrances in the Adidas range. I first received this fragrance for Christmas after I recommended it as a present to my Mother after I had used the deodorant version for a while. She liked the fragrance and bought it for me. It's a nice subtle citrus lead fragrance which is available for around £6 online and in any of the stores it is stocked.

      **The Fragrance**

      This is a very pleasant fragrance which has notes of citrus and a slightly musky feel with a hint of spice in there somewhere. The Citrus notes are noticeable From the first spray and are very pleasant. The scent progresses with the musky tones which come after two hours or so and subtly change the fragrance into a more spicy one. Adidas fragrances are made by Faberge who have a decent enough record with their line of fragrances. The fragrance has a summery feel and is ideal for that time of year yet it is not unsuitable for other times of the year however.

      Top Notes

      The Top Notes feature a nice cool and fruity mix of pineapple, mint and green apple with subtler tones of tomato leaf and mandarin orange. These notes last for around 2 hours before blending into the middle notes, In hot weather they may come along quicker than at other times.

      Middle Notes

      The middle notes change the fragrance a little with spicy ginger and lavender which blend with the background notes of musk and juniper. The middle notes fade with a subtle woody scent with a hint of floral jasmine.

      Base notes

      This really is where the woody notes appear in the form of sandalwood complemented by a blend of caraway and oakmoss which gives the fragrance a subtle yet noticeable change in tone. The fragrance doesn't last as well as more expensive fragrances so around two hours is what you get here.


      This is a fragrance that will suit many young men for it's nice fragrance and also it's price. It's ideal if you want a cheaper fragrance for everyday use or if you are going away somewhere and don't want to take the expensive stuff along. This could well suit a teenager who is exploring fragrances but doesn't have the use for the more expensive fragrances. As this is available in a gift set along with a can of deodorant then it's ideal for a Birthday or Christmas gift as well as just a value option for yourself. It's not as good as the more expensive fragrances but would you really expect that? Despite it's limitations in it's lastability it is an all round solid buy and if you don't like it that much in use then at least you haven't spent the best part of £40 in doing so.


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      22.11.2010 13:35
      Very helpful



      better than some

      Ok adidas make a lot of mens and womens fragrance and some of it is dire. I have had so many of these cheapo aromas over the years and I do think people should try to avoid most of them. This one isn't too bad if you can get over the alcohol sting that rises up to your nose and slaps you in the face when it first goes on.

      I think that the very strong alcohol kick is a bad point for this, they must have used it to give a longer running time for this. Its not great and it spoils this at first but give it a chance and it will get easier to inhale and wear.

      If you like a green fresh smell like a fresh shower gel this will be great for you. I think it smells like fresh grass after rain. That could be both a god or bad thing maybe. If you don't like that grassy athletic aroma with a lemon twist on the side and some musky bits later on then don't go for this one.

      When the first sting of this cools down it gets better. The sport field name suits this one, but in a good way I think. It will be easy for you to wear when at the gym, or after that. It feels fresh and easy and it lasts a few hours as well.

      I don't think this is the best eau de toilette in the world. It is a cheapo aroma but its not too bad at all for a few quid. If you end up with a bottle of this from granny at christmas then you will be alright wearing it, its not a pongy aroma. Its light and fresh.

      I think the main downer with this is the strongly alcoholic smelling vibe it gives. You do have to wait for that to go before it improves. It can make your eyes water if you put too much on in one go. Try to put less on and see how you go with it, that should work ok.

      I think younger lads will be fine with this one. Its ok for sporty types. A bit better than a cheap deo spray for young lads. It can be worn for day time and won't be a smell that will get up your nose after a few hours because it does get better with a few hours behind it.

      I would recommend it if you get it as a present because its not as bad as you would think. I won't buy it myself because there is much better stuff to pick from out there. I would wear it if I got it again as a gift and the chances are I am going to get some cheapo sets again this year. If I got this I would be ok with that.


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        10.06.2009 00:59
        Very helpful



        Cheap aftershave offering nothing special and virtually unknown on the market.

        Back in 2003, I would have given this a five star rating easily. However buying the newer upgraded version of this aftershave, I'm completely disappointed. Adidas, why fix something that was never broken? I can understand the original may never have taken off but there had to be people out there like me who were fond of the original model.

        After my first bottle of this was finally empty, I decided to look for a new one. However I was not surprised to see it wasn't really on the market anymore, as several years had passed now. I looked on E-Bay and the results came up with the same bottle, looking slightly different from the previous type I had been using for years. With nothing to lose, I thought I would give the newer version a go, despite it looking slightly different.

        ---- Scent and Smell ----

        Like the title appears, the scent will come across as a fairly light and refreshing scent. That of something you would smell on a sporting field or stadium, which they've possibly combined with aftershave ingredients. Quite a sharp scent when smelt at first, although soon becomes very light when sprayed onto human skin and not much is needed to cover the majority of the face.

        Refreshing power and that refreshing feel. It has woken me up slightly everytime in the morning and does combine well with clean skin after a wash.

        ---- Price ----

        Despite not finding this product anywhere in the shops these days, you'll more than likely find it scattered on E-Bay for around £4 - 5. Plenty of sellers have several of them and there is even the possibility of getting it sent from businesses abroad.

        One bottle will last you a VERY long time and possibly even years. My first bottle I received in 2003 and it wasn't until late 2008 that it started to drop down to its last few drops. I was even using it regularly too; it was a favourite of mine at the time until Joop came along.

        ---- Power and Effect ----

        At first, the effect will be strong on the skin. Giving off the impression that people around you will pick up on it and pass on compliments. However, after around an hour, the scent will soon start to wear off. The user will then need to spray on more or even use another form of aftershave if they wish to continue smelling great.

        The original model would easily last me half the day. I'm clueless at to what they have done to decrease the staying power

        ---- Packaging and Advertising ----

        Adidas Sport Field has slightly different looking bottles and boxes from each other, even though its the same product in general. Some in just a bottle and some in different forms of boxes, different colours and patterns. Looking at the pictures I uploaded, they are mostly the same with a few slight differences in appearance. The biggest noticeable change has to to be the colour of liquid, which is either dark green or light green. Despite all the colour changes from the packing and liquid, every scent in every bottle is completely the same.

        In terms of appearance for the boxes, nothing special to the human eye. Very standard green box with a few patterns, so it seems Adidas were not relying on the product appearance to sell this aftershave. As the theme of the product is a sports field, Adidas were concentrating on using green like many sports fields are. No tag lines are used either over the box or appearance, so the target audience could just be from teenagers up to active and fit people.

        I had never seen this product advertised on television or anywhere on the Internet. Not surprising with this product not being one of their top sellers.

        ---- Recommendations ----

        I strongly recommend from staying away from this one, especially if you're looking for someone that will generally last you the entire day. Maybe get this one if you want a good refreshing up after a shower, but don't rely on this product for making you smell great for the entire day. Despite the fairly low price, it really still isn't worth it. The duration of the scent really lets the product down completely.

        Such a shame these companies want their products to appeal to everyone and not just a small percentage, even if it does mean chopping and changing certain qualities of their original.

        ## Review also on my Ciao account. ##


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