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Agent Provocateur Strip Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Agent Provocateur / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      26.11.2010 14:04
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous perfume that I think you'll either love or hate

      I can't remember how I ended up with this bottle of perfume, but looking at what was left of my collection to review I spotted it and although I wear it quite often I can't remember now where it came from. I have the limited edition bottle, same fragrance but the red bottle has been replaced by a black and pink graffiti looking bottle. That's a tassel you can see hanging down, when I first saw the bottle I thought it was one of those you use to pump the perfume onto your skin, but really it's just a plain old spray.

      The smell is very hard to describe because it's so complex, which is strange as there doesn't appear to be many different notes when looking online at the descriptions. It's claimed to be an aphrodisiac which I assume is due to the musky scent which is apparent as soon as I spray it, it's definitely not an aphrodisiac in this house though as Mark hates the smell of it!

      Strip is a very heavy perfume, it's not one I'd want to wear in the daytime as it's so strong. I actually don't mind strong perfumes, I'm not the kinda girl who wants to choke everyone with my choice of perfume but this one just doesn't settle down and in reality I'm likely to be the only one I'm going to choke if I try wearing it too early in the day! This gives it the advantage of not needing to be topped up during a night out as the longevity of this perfume is amazing, obviously everyone's skin is different but on my (normal) skin the strong fragrance lasts for at least eight hours. Last time I wore it was on Friday just gone, I sprayed it at around 9pm and could still smell it quite strongly the next morning when I woke up!

      This perfume is mainly floral, there's a woody fragrance which comes through as the perfume is starting to die off but this continues to be flowery. The main fragrance for me is ylang ylang, this is one of the two top notes and this does linger throughout the life of the perfume and mingles with other flowery scents as well as amber to give the musky fragrance which some people find so sexy. I personally don't find this perfume very sexy at all, it feels to me like Agent Provocateur have created an extra strong fragrance in the hope of appealling to the folk who think dousing themselves in strong perfume equates to sexy.

      As the perfume calms down (a tiny bit, it never calms down too much!) the musky scent becomes more bearable, this lingers nicely and doesn't allow the floral tones to overpower it. Too much. I think the key with Strip is not to be too heavy handy when you first spray yourself, a little definitely goes a long way with this perfume and too much can become sickly. It has a surprisingly sweet scent underneath the mish mash of other fragrance notes, this makes it a nicely feminine perfume but you may be tempted to spray more and more on to get the benefit of this sweetness. Stop! Adding more Strip to your skin will not bring out the sweet tones, but will just add layers of the floral scent and this will actually work to cover the sweetness you may be looking for.

      I think mainly younger women will want to use Strip, the bottle is gorgeous and it looks great with the rest of my perfume bottles but at 34 I feel I'm coming to the upper age limit of women who would use this regularly. It has a very youthful scent, which is partly down to the strength of it but also due to the actual fragrance of the perfume.

      £30 (50ml bottle) from Perfume Plus Direct.


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        20.10.2010 13:24
        Very helpful



        A sensual, lovely perfume!

        One of the things that made me fall for this fragrance from Agent Provocateur, is that lovely egg shaped bottle, which I found to be original and stylish, that pink red design not normally something I would find appealing, but this time around, it really worked for the brand and the fragrance inside!

        I found this perfume to be one of the more sensual perfumes in my collection, it has as depth and mixture to it that I find intruiging and original, and I tend to use it now for nights out and such, as I prefer a more lighter and flowery smell during the day, as this is a bit more heavy and as mentioned, sensual... For me, the main scent that is noticed in this fragrance, is the presence of ylang-ylang, which is a very original and interesting scent, guaranteed to make you think "what is that scent...?" , this scent in the company of a very mild and soft iris scent, which after a while also transforms into a more "musk like" and forest scent, this more noticable when the fragrance has rested on your skin for a while... What I also find enjoyable about this perfume, is that it doesn`t take a lot of re-application, as in my case, I can go about five to six hours before needing another spray, and the perfume itself transforms nicely into a milder scent as it lingers on your skin!

        This funky and original bottle, with an intruiging and sensual scent really appealed to me, and in light of a 50 ml bottle costing as little as sixteen pounds, I must say this is a good purchase, a great gift and all in all a lovely perfume!


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        24.08.2010 17:29
        Very helpful



        my new favourite

        First review for ages so best thing to pick... something pretty and girly; my new perfume!

        I have for the past couple of years stuck to Angel by Thierry Mugler as I found it to be the only scent that lasted more than 5 minutes on my skin. Eau de toilette's have no staying power whatsoever so I always have to fork out the extra pennies on an Eau de parfum anyway.

        My best friend has the original Agent Provocateur perfume and I've always been a fan but it's a little bit too floral for my liking. I like a bit of a kick of spice or something different in my scents.
        The downside to Agent Provocateur is that only certain shops sell the perfumes and that's either Debenhams or Agent Provocateur themselves so when I spotted this online I couldn't have a spray and sniff as I usually do in Boots.

        But this was reduced from £42.00 to £22.00 for a 50ml bottle of the Eau de parfum and I thought this too good an offer to miss and took a risk and ordered a bottle.

        Agent Provocateur Strip
        Description from the website "Agent Provocateur Strip is Agent Provocateur's fourth scent creation and to date, their most sexual boudoir-like perfume. Agent Provocateur Strip starts with an immediate twist, a woody and brandy-like accord , like an aged cognac, with earthy, dirty accents that intensify with the interesting addition of vetiver from Haiti combined with patchouli, which is so dense at times, it is almost leathery. After this unusual opening Agent Provocateur Strip melds into a softer more feminine powdery musky and amber accord with floral notes and ylang-ylang rounded off by rosy accents, softened by iris and slightly sweetened with vanilla"

        Sounds good to me, good start!

        First Impressions
        (I dont know if the image on dooyoo is an old one but my bottle and every bottle online looks different)

        I am a full on girly girl and tbh the bottle has to look good on my dressing table too! I wasn't disappointed, the same shape as all their perfumes like a teardrop (actually reminds me of a hand grenade but that's not the prettiest description) it is a pink and black splodge design with 'Strip' written in pink capital letters and 'Agent Provocateur' printed over the top in red. It has a little black leather tassle hanging from the top for an added kinky edge ;)
        The bottle also has a clever little metal loop attached to the tassle which stops the perfume from spraying so no leakages in your bag etc.

        The important bit
        So it looks pretty, it was a decent price...but what does it smell like?
        I could describe it exactly as the website does with all this top note mumbo jumbo that reminds me of wine tasters or I could do what I'm going to and tell you in my own normal person language.

        Sex in a bottle is the best way to describe this, on first spray it is quite overpowering but this is a good sign because I hate weak perfumes. The first thing I smell is the patchouli mentioned, I've always been a fan of Lush products with this ingredient, it just reminds me of hippies and free love and all that and I can understand the free love concept if this scent was being worn in the 70's.
        As it settles into my skin it is just a very warm, sexy scent. I think I can probably pick out the musky notes and the leathery heat, it smells classic and yet different. It is a sweet perfume but not as sweet as my other favourite Angel, it is not in any way sickly, this is definitely a grown up fragrance thought the vanilla is still recognisable in the background. It smells like essential oils in that pure way (if that makes any sense) the different notes do not seem synthetic; they are the real McCoy.

        And the best bit for me...it lasts, longer than any man I've known :p I can still smell this when I'm getting into bed at 4am Sunday morning and then on my sheets for a couple of days, honestly. I don't need to reapply through the night either.
        People notice my perfume, I introduce myself and am met with mmm you smell good (male and female!) this is what I want from a scent.

        I think this perfume could suit any woman of any age if she had the confidence to pull of such a strong scent as I hope I do!

        Now all I need is a man who can afford to buy me Agent Provocateur lingerie.......

        I bought my bottle a couple of months ago now but ive checked and on cheapsmells.co.uk it is still £22.


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          15.03.2010 21:26
          Very helpful



          A lovely blend of woods, musk and amber.

          Launched: 2007
          Group: Floral woody musk

          ~ INTRODUCTION ~

          I'm an avid collector of fragrances and already own two Agent Provocateur scents in their lovely, egg-shaped miniatures. My quest to complete my Agent Provocateur miniature set with their latest scent 'Strip' hasn't been successful, however I managed to get my hands on two generous samples in a swap through an online fragrance community (Fragrantica.com).

          ~ THE PACKAGING ~

          The design of Strip follows its predecessors, Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum and Maitresse Eau de Parfum, both contained in an opaque, egg-shaped bottle. Strip combines deep pink and black writing and its stopper also has a tassel attached to it. Strip Limited Edition is the same flacon but this time there's a pink and black graffiti theme and a leather tessel attached. The design and name is certainly evocative to the consumer of sexy lingerie and accessory-maker Agent Provocateur.

          ~ THE FRAGRANCE ~

          Top notes: ylang-ylang, iris

          I might be the only one not getting any floral nuances in the top notes of this fragrance. For me, Strip opens with a quite powerful, green, woody and almost medicinal note that I later identify as geranium. Luckily, it wasn't overpowering and was offset with a slight sweetness of vanillic amber.

          The combination felt immediately reminiscent of Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum where a sharp-woody saffron note was prominent right from the start. Overall, an untypical, non-floral opening that sets the theme for a smoky-woody and musky heart.

          Heart notes: woods, vetiver, musk

          About 10 - 15 minutes later, Strip feels more settled and even sweeter. It has more depth and still carries some of the geranium, the main note I discern here is musk. The geranium is mainly woody instead of green or medicinal now and blends in well with the musk.

          Strip's musk can described as a natural skin note, that's been bathed in itself and its natural oils and not the clean, 'linen-fresh' musk contained in most synthetic perfumes like White Musk. For some people, this scent may have the connotation for 'unwashed bodies', personally I feel this note here plays an essential part in giving Strip - or musky perfumes in general - a sexy and mature character and roundedness.

          Base notes: geranium, amber

          After about 4 - 5 hours, Strip settles into a soft and warm amber. Modern amber is a man-made scent and is essentially made up of essential oils of benzoin and labdanum (rock rose) and vanilla absolute. I was enchanted to find such a simple but very attractive amber scent in Strip and was able to pick out the benjoin and vanilla from the mixture. The labdanum wasn't as present as the rest, though its characteristic 'clean dog' smell definitely prolonged that woody and musky dimension into the drydown.

          The base of Strip is creamy, woody with a pinch of salt possibly coming from the skin note. It's very-well blended and is on the soft side unlike the slightly harsh and 'uncouth' original Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum. Altogether, Strip lasted for about 9 hours and the last 2 - 3 hours stayed quite close to the skin with just enough sillage to get itself noticed.

          ~ CONCLUSION ~

          I find that Agent Provocateur scents are rather an acquired taste as they can have an unmasked, animalistic feel them. Strip is sexy and unusual but at the same time minimalistic and reserved. It's the best of both worlds. It's woody and aromatic, it has a long, musky centre but it never becomes over the top.

          I was especially pleased the way geranium was handled in Strip, which can be overpowering and masculine. Strip brings the best out of the geranium note and blends it marvellously well with the amber as well as the muskier, woodier elements. I recommend if you like characteristic, musky and woody smells without the often overpowering florals.


          Being a limited edition, Strip has now gone from the Agent Provocateur website. It can be bought from fragrance discounters both online and in town.

          A 50ml of Strip Eau de Parfum tester bottle on Ebay will set you back £16.99 + postage. Agent Provocateur fragrances retail at about £100/100ml so there's a definite bargain there.

          Thanks for reading.

          ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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