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Al Rehab Sultan Eau de Parfum Roll On

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Brand: Al Rehab / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Type: Roll on

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2012 20:53
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      A lovely musky perfume oil from the Middle East

      Al Rehab - Sultan concentrated roll on perfume

      I first came across this perfume in Muscat when we were wandering around in the souk. I just loved all the perfume oils shops and scent burners and bought several perfume oils and a burner as well as Frankincense, myrrh and rosewood for burning in a special burner. The atmosphere of scented smokiness was just so evocative of the Middle East and every time I wear my perfumes or burn some of the frankincense, myrrh or rosewood I am instantly taken back to that experience which is just lovely.

      This was 'Sultan' concentrated perfume pil was the one I liked best so it was quickly finished as I only bought 3mls in a small roll on bottle. I hunted around on the internet and found some on Ebay so I bought it keeping my fingers crossed that it would be the same smell and not something else. You can imagine how thrilled I was when it arrived and smelled just as I had remembered it.

      A bit about perfume oils and the Middle East
      I was fascinated to learn that the word 'Taib' which means oils, fragrances or perfume comes from letters in Arabic which mean

      "To be good, pleasant, agreeable, delightful, delicious, to please, to regain health, ripe, to ripen, recover, cheerful, in good spirits, feeling happy, to heal, cure, mind at rest, goodness, sweet smelling, fragrant, and sweet scented." [Hans Wehr Dictionary / P577-578]

      Anyone who knows anything about the Islamic faith knows how important cleanliness to Muslim people. They must wash carefully before prayer and certainly all the Muslim people I know have the cleanest houses possible. In the Middle East it isn't only the women who wear perfume but also the men. In fact according to the site that sells this perfume it is aimed at men but I don't care I love it.

      The Company
      Sultan is manufactured by the Al-Rehab company which is one of Saudi Arabia's leading perfume manufacturers. They make traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes using the finest and often most expensive natural essences including Oud, Rose absolute, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood and other rare spices and oils.

      What I like about this company and their perfumes is that they make perfumes in a choice of options so you can choose liquid perfumes, perfume oils or solid perfumes all in the same fragrance. The oils are the strongest and most lasting scents but they are all made with no alcohol so they all last pretty well on your skin.

      My choice
      I was not aware that this was aimed at men when I chose it. I sniffed a great number of perfume oils while in the souks and this was one that really appealed to me. I asked the man to write the name of the perfume on the bottle and I am so glad I did as it has enabled me to get more of this since I have been back in England.

      My perfume of choice is called 'Sultan' and has been described by Al-Rashad Books:
      "Sultan has a Powdery Woody musk fragrance with white musk, oudh and very soft rose. A DEEP mystifying aroma. Popular among men."

      Oh well never mind I still like it despite the fact that it is popular with men , perhaps that means I will be too!

      What I think
      The bottle is very plain and not really anything to shout about. In fact many of their bottles are pretty plain until you choose to have a fancy one. They concentrate of the perfume rather than the presentation. I think a lot of people decant the perfume into their own beautiful bottles as there were also lots pf pretty glass decorated bottles for sale in the souks as well.
      The perfume is an oil and it is pretty well clear with no discernable colour.

      The first thing I found with the oils from this region is that unlike the designer perfumes these tend to have just the one smell. They don't really have top, middle and base notes notes they tend to be more linear. So the smell you first smell is the same as that you smell two or four hours later.

      The other thing I have found is that you don't need a lot of the oil and also it lasts a good long time on me. I can still smell it at the end of the day if I stick my nose where I have put the oil.

      The smell is very musky but sweet. It reminds me a little of 'white musk' from the Body shop or Biba in the day but there is definitely a very obvious rose element. Hence you get the sweeter musk, very gentle and in my view feminine but the manufacturers might disagree. I find it creamy and musky with a very Middle Eastern air to it. I never tire of the smell and can happily stick my nose on my pulse points several times a day to give myself a bit of a lift.

      As it has not got the top notes changing to middle then high what I put on my pulse points at the start of the day is the same as what I end up with at the end of the day and I like that. I love the fact that my scarves smell of 'Sultan' after I have worn them while wearing this perfume oil and it stays for ages giving that musky heady sweet smell for quite some time.

      I find I only need the small roll on my pulse points in order to enjoy the scent all day long. I tend to put a tiny bit behind my ears and a little bit more in the creases of my elbows. In winter I also add a bit on the inside of my wrists as I like to smell it myself during the day.

      I find that this is the sort of smell that people are intrigued with. Once close to me people often comment on how nice I smell and what is it? It is not a knock you over smell more gently around me once you get close is what I have been told.

      I find I can wear it day long, both night and day as it fits with both times equally well. It isn't heavy so can be worn during the day but has the headiness enough for evening too.

      Because these are oils they don't seem to be quite as quick to deteriorate in light though I do keep mine in the box it came in.

      As with any perfumes the actual smell can vary from person to person and also different people have different tastes so it is always wise to test the perfume on your own skin before paying out a huge price for one. The good thing about these perfumes is that you can buy 3ml to try it before you pay out for a bigger bottle if you decide you like it. These oils seem to have a pretty long shelf life but probably best to keep them somewhere cool and dark if you can

      Where can I buy this?
      I found these on Ebay and the seller has lots of different oils available with a bit of a description of what that perfume is like but a very brief description not a flowery romantic type of description you will find. I just typed in Sultan perfume in Ebay or goggle and it came up so you take your choice from there.
      Alternatively look out in the souks if you are anywhere in the Middle East

      Final Thoughts
      I was so delighted to find this perfume oil in Muscat as it was just my sort of scent and then to find a supply in the UK was even more exciting.

      I love the musky rose scent and every time I smell it I am taken back to the Middle East and the smell and buzz of the souks.

      The fact that this lasts so well on me and the scent is the same when I out it on as when I sniff it at the end of the day is very satisfying.

      I would heartily recommend this perfume oil is you like musy scents and a rose combination. As they are so cheap to try on Ebay it is worth sampling a few and see if you like them as you won't lose much even if you hate them.

      Thank you for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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