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Alexander Mc Queen Kingdom Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Alexander Mc Queen / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      13.03.2013 20:09
      Very helpful



      A lovely scent!

      There were a few perfumes I was interested in, but they seemed to have been discontinued so I couldn't find them available anywhere.

      I first read about Alexander McQueen's Kingdom perfume on Dooyoo a while ago and I thought the bottle was an interesting shape.
      Months and months after reading the review I decided to track this perfume down.
      On the internet it was nowhere to be seen, except for on ebay, where I managed to pick up a bottle for about £30.00.
      It comes up regularly on ebay and you can even buy a brand new bottle in sealed packaging, but these cost in excess of £100.00 (more than the perfume cost before it was discontinued) and on ebay perfumes can often be fake or (apparently) watered down so I personally wouldn't gamble that much money unless it was being sold by a reputable name.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is shaped like a segment of fruit. It is silver and rounded with two flat sides, which are made out of dark red semi-transparent plastic.
      You can see inside of the red plastic when it is held up to the light and you can see the perfume inside so you know how much you have left.
      Around the edge of the red plastic are the words 'Alexander Mc Queen Kingdom Eau de Parfum 50 ml 1.6 fl. oz.' and then 'made in France' in smaller letters. You can't see this wording very well as it is small and it is dark against the dark background of the dark red plastic. I like that it is not too easy to see.
      The bottle can be laid on one of its flat edges or it can be laid on its rounded silver plastic shell. I tend to lay it on one of the flat edges so that it is stable and doesn't roll around.
      The curved silver casing has a round button on it and there is a hole next to it where the spray comes from.
      I really like the bottle. It is an interesting shape and I like that the dark red plastic is semi-transparent. It is quite difficult to see through it so that you know how much you have left, but for me this is a good thing as I hate having perfume bottles that are less than three quarters full because I don't think it looks very nice on my dressing table. I know this is rather pathetic, but I don't mind with this one because you can't really tell unless you hold it up to the light!

      ~ Scent ~
      This is described as a oriental spicy fragrance and I am not keen on spicy scents, but I really like this.
      It is not an offensive, overpowering scent. To me, it doesn't really smell spicy at all. It smells woody, floral and fresh.
      The top notes are orange, mandarin orange, mint, neroli, bergamot and lemon.
      The heart notes are carnation, ginger, rhubarb, jasmine, celery seeds and rose.
      The base notes are amber, musk and oakmoss.
      I really like this scent. It reminds me of being young as it reminds me of similar scents that I could smell on older women when I was a growing up.
      It is very earthy. It is quite woody with a light floral element, but I cannot detect any fruity notes and I do not detect any mint in this fragrance either.
      It is a very fresh scent and I really like it.
      I imagine this fragrance would appeal to women of all ages and I feel it is quite versatile and would not smell out of place on anyone.
      It is not the most feminine of scents, but I do think it is really nice.
      This is a perfume I tend to choose for daytime wear rather than for special occasions and nights out, but although it is very fresh it does have a real depth to it so it wouldn't be one that I definitely wouldn't choose to wear for a night out.
      It lasts on my skin for about 8 hours, which I have been impressed with.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I really like this perfume and I wish that it hadn't been discontinued.
      The bottle is lovely and the scent is just as good - woody, floral and fresh. I don't find it spicy at all.
      I think it would appeal to women of all ages.
      I am disappointed that this perfume has been discontinued as it is really nice and I'd love to try the other limited edition Kingdom perfumes that come in similarly designed bottles, but they don't seem to come up on ebay so it doesn't look like I'll get the chance.


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        23.10.2012 20:06
        Very helpful



        this is my Kingdom

        ~Kingdom EDP~

        Kingdom is a fragrance release courtesy of designer Alexander McQueen. Kingdom falls into the 'spicy, fruity and floral' fragrance family. A matching body lotion is available to allow the wearer to layer the scent for a more intense fragrance.

        Kingdom is described as a fresh and sparkling scent. As with other fine fragrances, Kingdom EDP offers different layers of fragrance notes.

        *Top notes - neroli and ginger
        *Heart notes - cumin, jasmine and rose
        *Base notes - Copahu wood, sandalwood and myrrh


        The design of this bottle can appear different depending on which angle you view it from. The intended design is a deep red heart with a dome shaped lid. The other side of the bottle is very rounded and I find it to be quite an unusual shape and design.

        ~Price and Availability~

        Kingdom EDP isn't widely available and I believe it was a limited edition scent. It can be located online from a few outlets. Stockists include :

        *eBay - up to £199.99 (!) for a 100ml bottle though some auctions go for less and samples are available at a much cheaper price
        *www.onlineperfume.co.uk - £22.95 for 100ml tester bottle

        ~My Thoughts~

        I have a miniature bottle of Kingdom in my perfume collection. Until I came to search for retail prices for this fragrance, I had no idea it was so rare and whilst I like the fragrance, I can't help but feel I would have been better putting it up for auction on eBay! I am a fan of another McQueen fragrance 'My Queen' so I had high hopes for this EDP.

        The bottle is stunning and very stylish. The EDP itself is a true treat to wear. I only need to dab a few drops onto my wrist and neck for the perfect strength of fragrance on my skin without overpowering. Kingdom EDP is different from a lot of fine fragrances as it bursts into action with quite a heady spicy blend which is layered with sweet undertones. The ginger is most prominent and is rich, warm and quite foody smelling. The neroli lightens the ginger somewhat and definitely takes the edge of it without detracting from the powerful spicy aroma.

        After 90 minutes or so, the spicy notes are intesified thanks to the addition of the cumin - very flavoursome and quite luxurious in my opinion. Here, the spicy, foody aroma is complimented by delicate floral notes. Jasmine is evident and offers a sensual twist whilst rose lingers in the background adding a fresh and slightly sweet tinge to the scent. I feel McQueen selected these notes well as it is quite mixed, unusual blend but it really works and smells gorgeous on my skin. The scent radiates from my skin and the scent has led to many compliments (which are always appreciated!). It is always nice to be told I smell lovely.

        Kingdom EDP remains prominent on my skin for several hours and conducts itself at the perfect strength during its time on my skin/clothing. I can't say that the spicy notes of ginger and cumin actually leave my skin during this time - they simply change and adapt to the other fragrance notes. They are still detectable as the base notes come into play and enhance the overall scent. Sandalwood and the Copahu wood come through strongest offering a woody almost earthy aroma which is complimented by the spicy notes perfectly. Kingdom EDP is rounded off beautifully and the entire fragrance is favourable from the moment I apply it until it fades from my skin. It remains noticeable on my jacket and scarf the next day and always smells pleasant.


        In my opinion, Kingdom EDP is well suited for evening use due to the intensity of the scent. I use this sometimes if I am off out for dinner or somewhere nice as it is quite a classy, confident scent which makes me feel good about myself. I am in my mid 20's and find that this fragrance suits me perfectly. My Mum (who is nearly 60) also suits this fragrance. I would say that if you favour spicy scents then you may like this one.


        A special, well thought out fragrance which screams 'quality'. It is rare and it is expensive but worth every penny in my opinion. I am savouring the remaining liquid I have in my miniature bottle. Because I do not feel the need to apply it regularly, the fragrance does last much longer than lesser concentrated fragrances. If applied in the afternoon or early evening, I find the scent is still noticeable in the early hours of the morning.

        4 stars

        Thanks for reading :)


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          06.02.2010 22:42
          Very helpful



          Beware your boyfriend might pinch it!

          This is a review of the fragrance 'Kingdom' by Alexander McQueen. It's his first fragrance and from what I can tell, it's not that popular out there.

          You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the packaging of this fragrane because the bottle is absolutely beautiful, like a gem stone from Arabian Nights!

          ***A nice idea for wedding favours?**
          For my wedding we gave fragrances away as part of our favours at the evening do and Alexander McQueen's Kingdom was one of the ones we gave away to ladies.

          ***Not very feminine!***
          I think this one is a bit of a blokey perfume, I think it's one of the ingredients, Sandalwood that makes me think that. The claim is that Kingdom is an 'insolent and romantic fragrance bult around a rare and nobel essence; sandalwood.'

          ***Reminds me of...**
          It describes it as a fresh floral woody perfume. I'd agree with that, and say it's a bit of a soapy clean smell. It reminds me of Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein.

          It's a bit pricey...50mls retails at rrp £47 but you can pick it up a bit cheaper from various websites.

          I don't think it'd be something you'd want to wear every day but it is definitely different to all the girly fragrances that crowd the market. This is one for confident people and has excellent staying power. Be sure to test it before you buy it though as I'm pretty sure it's not one for everyone. If your boyfriend wanted to borrow a fragrance I think he'd get away with wearing this one too!


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