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Andy Warhol Marilyn Rouge Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Andy Warhol / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      12.06.2010 13:12
      Very helpful



      great value for money

      If you have read any of my earlier reviews (thank you x) you will know that I have a weakness for buying perfume and often buy from the cheaper end of the market. The strategy of buying cheap perfume over the internet hasn't always been a successful one (ZigZag and Café, I'm looking at you) but quite often I have had perfume success, so when I saw 50ml of Andy Warhol Marilyn Red EDT for £2.99 I snapped it up. The reason the perfume is so cheap is because it came unboxed but as I would be using the perfume myself I had no problem with that. If you would like to purchase this perfume in its box, you could buy it on Amazon and it is still incredibly cheap at less than a fiver. I would say this perfume is only available on the internet as I have never seen it in Boots or any other perfume shops.

      For some background on the perfume, Andy Warhol was an artist who specialised in a field known as pop art, which I think meant that he took images from popular culture and utilised them in his art. For example Andy Warhol is famous for his painting of a Campbells Soup tin, or more relevant to this review, his highly colourised images of Marilyn Monroe, one of which appears on the bottle of Marilyn Red.
      Every time I saw this perfume advertised on the internet in the past I assumed that it was an old scent, probably because of the price, newer perfumes tend to be more expensive, so I was surprised to find that it was introduced in 2001 and that there are two other variations on the perfume, Marilyn Pink and Marilyn Blue.

      As I did not receive the box I cannot really comment on it, however from what I have seen on the internet it seems it is a clear box with Andy Warhol written near the top. The box obviously lets the highly decorated bottle talk for itself and I would say it compliments the bottle well.

      The bottle is square shaped at the front but sort of slopes into a kind of hexagonal shape at the back. The bottle is clear glass, however the front has a painted red frame with a painted image of Marilyn Monroe in the centre carried out in hues of pink and red. Beneath this image and within the red frame is Andy Warhol's signature written in pink. On top of the bottle is a dark red piece of plastic which holds a lighter red piece of plastic, that when pressed releases the perfume. The lid for this perfume is very simple as it is just a square red plastic lid. I would say that the bottle isn't quite to my taste, as it is a little gaudy and I think I would have maybe preferred if it had been carried out in a stained glass style rather than a painted image. However, I will say that when it is among other bottles of perfume it seems to look more attractive as it stands out.

      When you first spray this perfume it takes a while to settle as the alcohol smell is quite strong. I would say that the first scent you smell is spicy and it has an almost incense like smell to it. After that you start to get quite a heavy floral smell although I cant say that I can identify which flower it smells like, I have looked on the internet and although there isn't much info on this perfume I did find that it is supposed to contain the scent of jasmine. I feel that this perfume may contain the scent of Amber as it seems to tickle at the back of your throat when you smell it and it also has a smell of warmth. Although this perfume is supposed to contain the scent of Blackcurrant I wouldn't say that it is a particularly fruity scent and really if I hadn't read that it had Blackcurrant in it, I would have said there was no fruit in it.
      Overall I would say this is a heavy, slightly powdery oriental perfume, which fades to a slightly floral musky scent. This perfume probably lasts for about an hour as a strong scent and then fades to a slightly weaker scent, however this tends to last for a few more hours.

      So although I don't think this is a bad perfume and I have received numerous compliments on it from other people, I myself feel that it isn't my kind of perfume and that it maybe more suited to someone older as there is something quite old fashioned about the scent, probably the floral powder scent. I would say it is excellent value for money and would be perfect for romantic evening occasions and I would recommend it to people but only if I knew that this is the kind of scent that they like.


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        17.01.2010 17:05
        Very helpful



        A good gift for fans of Monroe

        *** Overview ***

        This is a perfume, which was released in 1983 by the design house of Andy Warhol featuring his famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe. I am reviewing the Red Version of this perfume but there are also Blue and Pink editions if you want to collect all three. This was a limited edition of the perfume to celebrate the 75th birthday of the actress.

        *** Packaging ***
        This is packaged in a small bottle with a bright red screw top and a Red version of the famous portrait, as well as Andy Warhol's signature. It is a cult symbol and is a stylish bottle, probably the main attraction of this perfume. This would be great as a gift for those that loved Marilyn or the style of his artwork.

        *** Fragrance ***
        This is quite strong so you only need a small amount of this! It is definitely a perfume to wear in the evenings, I think it is a bit overpowering for the day. It has a strong floral and slightly musky smell. I don't find it unpleasant but it probably will not suit people who prefer subtler or citrus / fresh scents. It is meant to be a blend of various scents included blackcurrant, jasmine and sandalwood. I am not sure I can smell blackcurrant but you can definitely smell the jasmine and I think the sandalwood is what adds the musk scent. I definitely can smell a mix of floral but not being an expert I couldn't tell you what they all are!

        *** Quality ***
        This is a good quality perfume. I found that it lasted throughout the evening - the scent is still there by the end of a night out so I think it is quite good value overall.

        *** Cost ***
        The recommend retail price of a 50ml bottle of the Eau De Toilette is around twenty pounds. However you can probably pick this up much cheaper in some shops and ebay. The place that I have found that sells it for the best value is the www.fragrancedirect.co.uk website - currently at just £3.99. I bought this simply as I loved the packaging and wanted to try something new. If you order from this website then postage and packing is just £1.95 per order so it is worth trying if you are buying other fragrances.

        *** Conclusion ***

        I think that most people probably buy this because of the bottle itself. This looks great on a dressing table with other perfumes. However, the scent itself maybe a little bit over-powering for some. It does last a long time though so I would definitely recommend this to women who like heavy, floral scents.


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