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Aramis Devin Country Cologne

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Brand: Aramis / Type: Eau de Cologne

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2013 01:35
      Very helpful



      A long lasting fragrance

      ~Divine Devin!~

      Aramis Devin is a gentlemans fragrance based around the wonderful original Aramis fragrance. I have very often worn Aramis even though it is a mans fragrance, as it smells really lovely on me which is how I came to buy a bottle of Aramis Devin that I saw in a well known store at a super bargainous price. I bought my bottle of Aramis Devin after having sampled it, as I found that in many ways it reminded me of Alliage by Estee Lauder mixed with original Aramis, both of which I really like to wear. I find that Aramis Devin is a fragrance that can be worn by either a man or a woman if wanted, as it has plenty to offer due to its great depth of fragrance and super classic(perhaps by todays standards slightly dated) feel.

      This fragrance created by Bernard Chant is not a new one by any means as it has been on sale since the late 70's having been first produced in 1978. The fragrance has a classic feel to it in my opinion and once it warms up on the skin I really enjoy wearing it as it lasts so very well and smells amazingly good. The blend of ingredients used in the fragrance seem to work really well for me when I wear it, as I like the slightly spiced feel that the fragrance has which mixes with the classic Aramis bergamot opening that this fragrance shares with the original Aramis blend we all know and love.

      ~Wearing the fragrance~

      Aramis Devin will appeal to those who like me enjoy wearing Alliage (the closest female version of this fragrance in my opinion) as it shares many similarities yet manages to have a twist that makes it more wintery and spicy. If you enjoy wearing, Azuree or Alliage by Estee Lauder then Aramis Devin might be an interesting alternative that works really well on colder days due to its super warm spiced feel. The beautiful and bright opening notes of bergamot, lemon and galbanum are skillfully added to artemisia to give this fragrance the classic Aramis tangy feel that is so very pleasing to my nose. I really like the freshly applied feel of this fragrance as it has a great tangy citrus edge that bursts through from the very first moment I wear the fragrance.

      Jasmin warms and intoxicates the senses, whilst carnation adds a sweeter slightly synthetic flowery edge to what is a very interesting mix when I wear the fragrance. Cool green and fresh feeling pine, herbaceous feeling thyme and warm spicy cinnamon create a whole new layer of scent that sits on top of this lush, spiced, green feeling, leathery chypre fragrance to great effect. The base notes used to make Aramis Devin are punchy and strong enough to be able to fix the fragrance onto the skin for many many hours after the first application in my experience, meaning that the fragrance doesn't need to be topped up much if at all throughout the course of the day.

      There is warm amber, cedarwood and cool green moss in Aramis Devin which combines well with patchouli and musk to give a grown up feeling base to the spiced mid notes of the fragrance. I really like the way that the initial citrus kick Aramis Devin has, changes and becomes more spicy and warm once the mid and base notes begin to take effect and work with the oils in my skin. I really feel that the fragrance is able to envelope the senses and give a wonderful long lasting feel when I wear it that I find is even more enhanced once the fragrance changes over time on the skin.

      I would say that Aramis Devin can and does last all day when sprayed on to freshly washed skin if applied generously. When applied more lightly the fragrance still lasts extremely well in my experience although it does fade away more quickly after a number of hours if applied sparingly. When I spritz the fragrance on in a more generous yet not wasteful way I find it can last all day without the need for top up sprays. The fragrance does change over time as it softens and fades, slowly losing its initial citrus burst, although it still warms and envelopes the senses for a considerable time after application in my opinion. The cinnamon used in this fragrance gives a nice spicy touch that stays with you throughout the whole wear time in my experience although it does fade and soften over time. Aramis Devine has a good deal of longevity to it that is something I have come to expect from the Aramis fragrance range, meaning that a bottle of the fragrance will last for many months before it needs replacing, even it you wear this on a daily basis.

      ~Top, middle and base notes~

      Top Notes: Citrusy and fresh feeling bergamot, blend with galbanum, artemisia and lemon to give the fragrance a tangy uplifting opening feel that softens over time.

      Middle Notes: Exotic jasmin mixes with the sweet and full on florals offered by carnations in the fragrance. Cool green pine, thyme and spicy cinnamon add plenty of style and texture to the fragrance that make it stand out from the crowd.

      Base Notes: Leather, olibanum, cedarwood, warm amber, musk, lush green moss, labdanum and hippy chic patchouli work their magic towards the later stages of wear time to give a great deal of depth and staying power to this fine fragrance. The base notes give out a classic aged effect that the fragrance picks up on after a few hours wear time, that I feel works really well in Aramis Devin.

      ~Product presentation/ ease of use~

      The solid feeling clear glass fragrance bottle that Aramis Devin comes in has a classic look to it that appears grown up and really rather masculine in my opinion. Of course this is something that I would expect as this is not a fragrance aimed at women even though I feel women can wear it. The product box has a slightly minimal look to it in my opinion, with the only sign of style being the logo/ brand name of the product, although I rather like that as it gives off a grown up feel that works with the fragrance. The fragrance bottle has a nice weighty feel to it that sits well on a dressing table and in my experience this allows the bottle to sit firmly in place without any chance of it being knocked over or damaged. The bottle lid has a luxury feel to it with it being made in a simple silver coloured polished metal effect that I think sits well on top of the fragrance bottle. I find that the bottle lid works well as it stays where it should keeping the contents of the bottle fresh and ready for use. The spray applicator delivers a nice amount of fragrance to the skin in a soft mist that allows the fragrance to sit where you want it to rather than being wasted. Over all I feel the product presentation is simple and effective with both the fragrance bottle and product box having a classic masculine feel that suits the fragrance.

      ~Price/ product rating~

      When I bought my bottle of Aramis Devin I was really lucky to be able to buy it for a super low £15 which I must admit I snapped up! Prices are generally much more expensive than this and I would normally expect to pay closer to £45/ £50 for a bottle of this fragrance. I have only ever seen the fragrance on sale for close to its full price prior to having bought the bottle I have in use at the moment and whilst at full price it isn't cheap to buy, I feel it is worthy of consideration as it really does wear very well in my opinion. The fragrance bottle holds a generous 100mls which lasts avery long time even with regular use. My rating for this product is 5 stars. I feel that Aramis Devin can be worn by both women and men if wanted depending on personal preference.


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    • Product Details

      Devin was launched in 1977 for the man who enjoys a weekend at the country side. This rich warm fragrance embodies everything you go to the country for. This crisp blend of green notes with bright citrus accents blended with rich spices sensuous wood and amber creates an aristocratic and relaxed fragrance; perfect for the man who wants to feel fresh and unhurried.

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