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Avon Bond Girl 007 Forever Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2012 19:19
      Very helpful



      One of the nicer Avon fragrances

      I used to be an Avon rep and when I was doing the Avon they released the Bond Girl fragrance which I absolutely loved, not long after it's release I gave up the Avon but I still love their products.

      When I saw this perfume on the front cover of the Avon brochure I could immediately recognise it as a Bond Girl fragrance as the bottle is exactly the same as the previous version just that the liquid is purple rather than brown.

      The perfume is from Avon like I said above so you can only buy it from Avon either via a representative or from their website although on the website you have to pay a delivery charge on any orders under £20.

      I decided to order this perfume as I had liked the previous version so much although I bought it at the introductory price as the usual price is about £18 although having looked it up on the website it seems that they may have stopped selling it. You can buy the perfume on other sites where people sell second hand items such as Amazon and Ebay.

      The perfume is described as being citrus like and woody which sounds a little bit of an interesting combination and I was quite excited when I got my perfume from my Representative.

      The perfume came packaged in a lovely deep purple box with silver detailing and looked like an expensive fragrance. The perfume is held in a really sleek glass bottle, it is wide at the bottom but rounded and then tapers in to the top where there is a small silver pump nozzle for applying the perfume and a little silver cap which sits over the nozzle and has the words Bond Girl engraved around it.

      You can use the perfume without actually removing the little silver lid and the perfume takes a few pumps before it works it's way up the bottle. The perfume at first smells quite flowery too me but it is a nice light fragrance which is nice, there is also a touch of citrus smelling aroma to it but I cannot smell anything remotely woody. The scent lasts ok but as it is a light scent I don't feel it is strong enough to be smelt after a couple of hours unless you stick your nose directly to your wrist and then you can still smells drifts of citrus fruits.

      I liked this scent and did buy myself a second bottle however I like the original version of the Bond Girl perfumes better, there is nothing wrong with this one just that the original is a little heavier and in my personal opinion this is better and helps give it more staying power.


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      10.04.2012 12:18
      Very helpful



      A beautiful Avon perfume that I would highly recommend.


      When it comes to perfumes and fragrances from the Avon brand, I find they can generally be a bit hit-and-miss. I have tried out many perfumes from the brand over the years, and have found that some of them weren't suited to my own tastes at all, whilst others have faired slightly better....

      One fragrance from Avon that wasn't much of a hit with me was the 'Bond Girl 007 EDP', which I purchased a few years ago and have used only a handful of times. When I noticed a new addition had been added to the Avon Bond Girl range of perfumes, namely the 'Forever' Eau De Parfum, I was understandably rather cautious as my previous experience of the range had been disappointing.

      I really liked the description of the perfume at the time, which described the scent as being citrus-like, with strong woody accents. I though this combination sounded quite unusual, but I was still cautious and was reluctant to spend the full price on the product if I could avoid it. I eventually got to try out the perfume by purchasing a tester pack (containing five individual samples) from Avon, which I could obtain quite easily as I work as a representative for the company from time to time.

      As at the time of writing (April 2012) the perfume has taken a back seat from the Avon brochures in recent times, in fact I don't remember seeing it for sale for several months at least. Past experience has taught me however, that Avon will often 'circulate' their ranges of perfumes and fragrances - and often at promotional or discounted prices - and so I have no doubt that the fragrance will re-appear in the brochures in the future. If you don't want to wait until then, you can purchase the perfume from various online retailers, although at the time of writing, it doesn't appear to be available directly from the Avon website.

      Current prices are: www.amazon.co.uk: £10 - £13 plus postage costs, and the perfume is also available from www.ebay.co.uk, where prices vary greatly but are generally around £9 plus postage costs.

      The tester pack of samples were such a hit with myself that I purchased the full-sized bottle of perfume after only wearing the perfume on two occasions. I fell in love with the scent very early on and subsequently purchased a full-sized bottle from an Avon 'Sale' brochure recently, paying around £12 for the bottle of perfume.

      When it arrived from Avon, I thought that the packaging was fairly attractive. Consisting of a purple-coloured box with attractive silver detail, the cellophane wrap enclosing the bottle went some way to offering assurance that the package was presented hygienically. Removing the bottle from the box, I was impressed to note a small cardboard cylinder had been supplied around the metallic lid/stopper of the bottle to protect it in transit.

      The bottle itself is quite unique, and it struck me as being quite a pretty item to display on a shelf or dressing table. Made of purple glass, the bottle's curved design offers something slightly sophisticated, and the striking chrome of the curved silver lid only confirms this impression. The lid simply pulls off the top which can be done quickly and easily, and the spray nozzle underneath is a generous size, to ensure spritzing the perfume onto the skin is without any cumbersome or 'gimmicky' feel.

      Based on the product's appearance, I was very pleased and thought the pretty bottle and outer packaging were of a very high standard, offering an attractive-looking bottle that didn't carry any sort of 'generic' feel, instead being a product that would no doubt make an ideal gift thanks to its unique design and sleek image.


      When the fragrance is first applied, the first scents I can detect are unmistakeably floral, but are not at all heavy or overly rich, instead seeming to carry a very fruit-like accent within their core that offers an attractive balance to the floral-like 'depth' of the scent. This combination works wonderfully well, and once the perfume has been allowed to develop on my skin, the overall floral-like notes that were so obvious at first have become much more subdued, making the fragrance seem much lighter than I had initially anticipated.

      The citrus 'core' of the perfume has a pleasant spice within its body which doesn't seem to appear until the fragrance has been worn for a few hours. This spice is very subtle and is not at all 'heady' or reminiscent of an aftershave ingredient for example, instead reminding me of something with a sort of peppery edge, that has an 'earthy' quality to it. This little note lies very much at the bottom of the overall fragrance and is not detected particularly easily, being more of a subtle whisper beneath the louder voices of the other notes. The fruit and slight spice contained in the core of the aroma makes it feel fairly revitalising and quite fresh, but with a slight crispness to it, and it feels perfectly suited to the summer months as a result.

      I think that there is an element of truth in Avon's description about the fragrance being 'woody', an accent which wasn't particularly noticeable at first, but can be detected once the fragrance has developed a little. I find these notes quite difficult to describe, but they are quite soft and have a musk-like quality, without being overly heavy or smothering the other notes which are extremely light and quite crisp. This would have made the perfume far too 'busy' in my opinion, so the mere hint of a woody afterthought is more than enough to compliment the other notes in the fragrance. I find too that the musk-like woody notes give the perfume a slightly softer edge, and I find that they balance the floral tones perfectly as a result.

      The Avon Bond Girl 007 Forever feels very feminine to me, offering a slightly floral perfume that is balanced perfectly with citrus tones and a soft, musky core that contains a slight spice and a delicate aroma is achieved with all the notes offering a perfectly well-rounded perfume. I feel too that the perfume would appeal to a range of ages as there is nothing particularly immature, or particularly old-fashioned about any of the main notes contained within. I also think that this perfume would make an attractive gift for someone, as the scent offers a variety of aromas, one or more of which is bound to appeal to the recipient.

      With a crisp and rather contemporary edge to the product that is evident in its unique-looking packaging and in the body of its aroma, I think the perfume is slightly more versatile than other scents that I own, and I have used it for both daytime and night-time use. It is perhaps slightly lacking something of a 'luxurious' feel to it, but this is something that I have come to expect with Avon fragrances as a general rule so I didn't feel particularly let down about this point, especially when the price of the product is taken into account.

      The perfume performs very well in terms of longevity and the scent is one that I find is very long-lasting. I have never needed to re-apply the perfume when I have been out and about, and find that even after ten hours or so I can still detect the scent on my skin. In actual fact I have applied this fragrance before going on a night out and have still detected it's floral and fruity bouquet the following morning. It's unusual for a fragrance to last as well as this one does in my experience, and it makes the product very economical.

      In case it wasn't obvious until now, I have become quite fond of wearing the Avon 007 Forever perfume and often find myself selecting it over other perfumes in my collection - some of which are three times the price of this product. I think it is something of a little 'find' in the midst of some of the more 'average' perfumes from Avon and it comes with a high recommendation from me as a result.


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