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Avon City Rush Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews
  • lovely scent
  • more expensive than other avon scents
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    4 Reviews
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      09.10.2014 01:49
      Very helpful


      • "lovely scent"


      • "more expensive than other avon scents"

      Pretty City!

      I have had a sample of Avon’s City Rush For Her eau de parfum for a while.

      It was released in autumn 2012 by Avon alongside a ‘for him’ version. The fragrance was advertised by Milla Jovovich.

      Price and availability
      This fragrance is available from Avon for GBP15.00 for the 50ml bottle.
      There is also a version called City Rush Glamour available for the same price.
      You can order from the Avon brochure via your local Avon representative or you can buy it online at www.avonshop.co.uk.

      It comes in a fairly plain rectangular bottle with a large, ‘C’ at an angle across the front of the bottle.
      The bottle is made from clear glass and has a cylindrical lid.
      I think the bottle is very plain; there is nothing special about it. I think the design is kept a bit too simple and there is nothing about it that makes it stand out at all.

      The fragrance has notes of plum, black dahlia and woody notes.
      It opens with a lovely, dark, fruity scent, which is the plum note. It is sweet and sharp at the same time. I can also detect a floral scent in this fragrance, but I wouldn’t have been able to identify it as black dahlia. It is a very unique floral note and it gives the fragrance a sophisticated scent, while it still maintains its darkness.
      Although there are only three notes listed in this fragrance it smells as though it is quite a deep scent. It is very pleasant.
      The plum and dahlia notes combine brilliantly.
      I can’t pick out the woodiness in this fragrance until a bit later and it is quite light and subtle, but it is another welcome addition to this fragrance. The woody notes are completely inoffensive and have no harshness to them.
      I wasn’t expecting much from this fragrance and I don’t think I would have purchased it based on just the bottle design and the list of notes, but it is actually really nice.
      It is a lovely fragrance. I am glad I had the chance to sample this scent.
      I think that GBP15.00 is quite a lot of money for an Avon fragrance so I’d probably only buy this fragrance when it is on offer.
      I will look out for this fragrance in the sale, but I won’t be going out of my way to seek out this fragrance.
      I think it will appeal to both younger and more mature women. It is a sweet, fruity-floral, but it is also quite deep, dark and heavy so I think it is quite versatile.
      I would definitely consider this fragrance for nights out as well as for day to day use.
      It lasts on my skin for about 5 hours before wearing off.
      This fragrance is really nice and I think it is something quite different from Avon. I would like it, but I think it is quite expensive for Avon and it isn’t at the top of my fragrance want list, but if it came up on a good offer I would treat myself to a full size bottle.


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      19.05.2013 10:23
      Very helpful



      I will buy it again and highly recommend it!


      I work part-time as an Avon Representative when my poor health allows, and so I have great access to many of the newly-launched products by the Avon brand. I was intrigued to notice some new fragrances and co-ordinating body care products that were launched by Avon a while back, and purchased some of them to give them a try out. This review outlines my experiences of using the "Avon City Rush Eau De Parfum."

      The 'Avon City Rush' is one of a few newer fragrances that were launched by Avon a while back. There is a small selection of matching products available in the same City Rush scent, including a Body Lotion. There is also a matching "City Rush For Him" aftershave available in the same collection.

      The City Rush Eau De Parfum is available with the usual price being £15 for the 50ml bottle, although it is currently available for the promotional price of £9, which is great value. (Info correct as @ May 2013). The fragrance is described by Avon; "Sleek plum, sophisticated black dahlia and creamy woods." If I had to describe the fragrance in a few words, I would describe it as being "delicate floral."

      The packaging for the City Rush perfume is nice enough, but I can't say it would have caught my eye if browsing for such items on a shop shelf. The bottle is presented in a small 'squarish' box that is rather dull in its appearance, I think, although the bottle itself fares slightly better in terms of offering a little eye-catching detail. It's shape and design is distinctly 'square', with the familiar City Rush 'swirled' C shape appearing on the front of the bottle. The bottle is chunky and robust, which admittedly makes it more than fit for purpose. If you are looking to display pretty perfume bottles on your dressing table, however, I'd look elsewhere, as the product's overall look strikes me as being rather masculine and chunky. On the plus side, I have experienced no difficulties with using the perfume, finding its packaging poses no problems for me, even though I suffer with a lack of strength in my hands, as a result of reduced mobility.


      I find that the City Rush Scent really 'develops' on the skin quite dramatically, so the initial scent experienced is not what I can detect later in the day. This is probably just as well, as I find the scent feels rather 'heady' in its initial appearance, which made me feel rather cautious towards its suitability for me, particularly the first few times I was wearing the perfume. After a little experience, however, I find the scent is much more suitable for my own tastes, so I would suggest giving the perfume a fair trial out, rather than disregarding it based on what you can smell from the bottle, or from the scent's dramatic first appearance.

      The top notes in the scent are Plum and Floral which I thought sounded like a nice combination. Initially, however, all I can really detect are the floral notes which feel rather 'heady' giving the fragrance the impression that it is rather old-fashioned, or certainly too 'dated' for my own tastes. Once this subsides a little, however, I am aware that the overall scent feels more 'balanced', with a delicate fruit-based sweetness that comes through quite easily and rests alongside the floral notes quite neatly. This sounds slightly confused in its explanation, but the overall scent feels surprisingly more subtle at this stage than it did at first.

      I think it can be quite easy for perfumes and scents that have a sweet edge to feel rather sickly. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Avon City Rush scent, with its sweetness refusing to take on too much 'body' to become over-powering. I was pleased at this discovery, as I have a tendency to develop a headache if overly-sweet perfumes are worn. The sweetness in the City Rush scent is presumably balanced with the other notes contained therein, with the floral notes in particular seemingly 'warding off' any trace of sickliness. I find too that sweetly-scented perfumes can feel quite 'young' which often gives me the impression that they have been created for the teenage market, or clientele who are considerably younger than I am, in any event. Again, this concern is put to rest once the City Rush Scent comes into 'bloom' as it were, and whilst there is a notable 'contemporary' air noticeable from the sweetly fragrant 'edge' of the overall scent, it feels only fresh and modern, without making me feel like the proverbial mutton dressed as lamb.

      Later in the day once the perfume has been worn for some hours, I am aware that it has subdued and matured, becoming more mellow in its essence. This latter stage of the fragrance's journey feels completely to my taste; subtly sweet, with a delicate 'earthy' whisper of fruit at the core of the overall scent, presumably whispering from the plum notes. The culmination of these scents feels very relaxed and chilled out, with no indication of the earlier 'headiness' that felt too strong. Instead, the scent feels surprisingly sophisticated, with a delicate 'warmth' coming through that feels extremely welcome, as I find this gives a mature, 'grown up' and rather sophisticated air to the scent. Earlier concerns about the sweetness in the perfume being childish or immature are long since banished at this stage, with the perfume's delicate sweetness and warmth sitting pleasantly next to each other, apparently the perfect friendship. There is nothing at all 'heady' or even notably 'overly floral' about the fragrance at this stage, which completely contradicts it's scent when first sprayed from the bottle. This dramatic turnaround is very welcome, and the culmination of scents at the later stages feel in perfect harmony with each other......just lovely.

      In terms of the City Rush Scent's longevity, I have found that it performs rather well in this regard. I don't recall ever sniffing at my wrist and being disappointed at the 'strength' of the perfume's scent whilst it was being worn. When the perfume is sprayed to my wrists mid-morning, I find that this provides enough fragrance to envelop me delicately in its lovely aroma throughout the course of the day and into the evening. For nights out or special occasions, a little 'top up' spritz from the bottle might be required, but certainly for my own tastes I find there is nothing lacking from the scent's 'body' after it has been worn for several hours. I think this is rather impressive, and certainly this result is on a par with several other fragrances I have in my collection, some of which are of a rather premium quality and cost almost four times what the Avon City Rush scent costs. I think this is really excellent, and credit is most certainly due when considering the results here.

      As with all other perfumes and scents that I have purchased from Avon in the past, I have experienced nothing in the way of irritation or sensitivity to my troublesome skin, which will 'flare' aggressively if harsh products are used or worn. I do therefore think that the City Rush perfume is a product of a fairly high quality, and recommend it as being suitable for those consumers who, like me, have sensitive skin.

      Taking everything into account, I have only positive experiences to share about this lovely Avon perfume and have already repurchased it for myself, as a result. I have also purchased it for a friend for her birthday at the end of May as she complimented my "Beautiful" fragrance during our last day out together, without her knowing what it was. The City Rush perfume comes with my full recommendation, together with my award of top marks in the Dooyoo product rating score.


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        07.05.2013 14:42
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        City Rush Perfume

        The Perfume
        = = = = = = =
        I love trying new perfumes and as I was running low on some of mine I decided to treat myself to a new one from Avon after smelling the scratch and sniff page in the book. The perfume wasn't too expensive and if I didn't like it when I got it I could see if one of my friends liked it instead. The perfume is called City Rush and has scents of sleek plum, sophisticated black dahlia and creamy woods. The perfume bottle comes inside a small box which is silver in colour and has a large C on the front in different colours. It also has the name on the front of the box which is 'City Rush'. On the back of the box it tells you a little about the scent and you can also find a list of ingredients as well. The perfume bottle is made from glass and you can clearly see the perfume inside which looks a very pale yellow colour. The bottle is quite short and is square in shape with a big C and City Rush on the front. This is in silver so it stands out on the front of the glass bottle. On one side of the bottle are lines which go into the glass to give it some slight texture. This looks a little odd as it's only on one side. The lid to the perfume bottle is round and again on one side has these deep lines on it. The lid is quite stiff to pull of at first and I wasn't sure whether to twist it or just pull it off. In the end I pulled it off to reveal the silver spray button which you press to release some of the perfume. The overall design of the bottle is simple but looks nice and I would have said that the perfume looks as though it would cost more like £20-£25 rather than the £15 I paid for it.

        = = = = = = = =
        I regularly get an Avon book from my sister as she is an Avon representative. I paid £15.00 for the perfume which is for a 50ml bottle. I thought this price was very reasonable. You can also purchase the perfume from the online Avon shop website as well.

        Using the Perfume
        = = = = = = = = = =
        I sprayed the perfume once and could immediately smell a sweet plum smell with a slight floral scent. The scent did calm down a little after spraying it and then this settled into a slightly woody smell with the hint of dahlia. You could still smell some of the sleek plum scent but not as much now as you could when first spraying the perfume. The smell that stands out the most is a woody type smell with the hint of floral but it's not too strong and smells lovely. The perfume does smell rather strong so you don't need to use a lot of the perfume otherwise I suspect this can become a little overpowering. I can't decide whether this perfume would be suited for summer or winter, but I did decide that the perfume is definitely most suited for evening wear as it would compliment a gorgeous dress very well. I think this is the type of perfume that you can get away with wearing all year round in the evening as it's more of a dressing up scent rather then one for everyday wear. Throughout the evening I kept getting wafts of the black dahlia and the creamy woods smell which was refreshing and pleasant. As I kept getting wafts of the perfume during the night I didn't really feel the need to re-apply it which was good.

        Overall Opinion
        = = = = = = = =
        Although there were stages during the evening where I couldn't smell the perfume at all and most people would probably had re-applied it I didn't re-apply the perfume at any stage after applying it for the first time before going out. The perfume smells slightly strong at first but smells very fresh and pleasant. The smell does fade a little, although you do get occasional wafts and hints of the perfume during the day/evening. I thought the scent to the perfume was really nice as it was quite light and faded slightly so wasn't too overpowering or strong. Although I haven't had a great experience with the last Avon perfume I purchased I found this one to be much longer lasting that the last one I purchased. In terms of value I think the product is very reasonable for the scent of the perfume. The design of the bottle is fairly simple but also attractive and I wouldn't mind having this on show in the bathroom. I really liked the scent of the perfume as it wasn't too sweet or strong. I would probably purchase this perfume again as it's great for the evening.

        (review may also appear on ciao)


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          09.10.2012 16:23
          Very helpful



          Long lasting with a sophisticated aroma.

          ===Why I Bought This===

          I am currently working my way through various Avon fragrances that I have not tried out before. This fragrance is new out so I am ahead of myself for once.

          ===The Brand===

          Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
          Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

          ===The Product===

          New Avon fragrance advertised by actress Milla Jovovich and male model Carlos Casia Grande.
          'The most prominent notes in women's fragrance City Rush for Her are juicy and dark gourmand aromas of plum, sophisticated scent of black dahlia and creamy layer of woody note.' (www.fragrantica.com)
          Comes in a cellophane covered box.
          Dull grey and beige box with yellow and cerise swirls.
          50 mls eau de parfum.
          Alcohol denat 67.6%.
          Made in Poland.
          The box comments 'flaunt your gorgeous style with sleek plum, sophisticated black dahlia and a touch of creamy woods.'
          Contains oxybenzone.
          Box has bright pink card liner.
          Chunky square glass bottle.
          Faint yellow coloured perfume.
          The bottle has ridges down one side with a gold 'C' and the name written on the front.
          It is a spray bottle and has a solid chunky round clear plastic top.


          Comes in a male version as well.
          City Rush also has a body lotion and shower gel.


          £15 but you also get three free items with it.

          ===My Opinion===

          Avon state - 'Sleek plum, sophisticated black dahlia and creamy woods'. As this perfume was being promoted as new I thought I would give it a try.
          The box was very disappointing with no shelf appeal whatsoever. Just a dull pale grey colour. The inside was lined in pink which was slightly better.
          The bottle itself was also very plain and apart from a clear top had nothing distinctive about it.
          On first applying this perfume I was not overly impressed.
          it definitely did not seen to have any really fruity or floral notes but had what I would call a modern type of smell - rather than being floral and feminine.
          However this perfume does last for a good few hours and actually as it toned down the aroma did grow on me slightly.
          I would say this is a sort of sophisticated perfume - don't think I would call it romantic at all but great for work if you wanted to give an efficient no-nonsense impression.
          An ok fragrance in my opinion but will not be one of my favourites.
          It is also quite expensive at full price.
          As with all fragrances it is a personal choice so it is a matter of trying it yourself - either have a sample or just try a bottle - you have a full money-back guarantee with Avon.

          ===Star Rating===

          4 stars.

          ===Would I Recommend?===





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