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Avon Eternal Magic Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    4 Reviews
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      10.04.2013 11:26
      Very helpful



      A lovely sweet scent, but I wish it had better staying power

      I have found scents from Avon to be a little hit and miss, but I had a lovely surprise at Christmas when I received this, a lipstick and mascara as a free gift. I actually phoned my Avon rep thinking I had the wrong order but she assured me they were a free gift for Christmas. I have to say I was very impressed with it and it has become one of my favourite 'cheaper' scents.

      First Impressions

      I received the purse spray which is a smaller sample bottle at 30 ml, but it is available to buy in a more elegant 50ml bottle for £13. The purse bottle is a plain rectangle bottle that really does not look like much, but as it sits on my dresser rather than going out and about with me this did not matter. Plus it was a freebie so who can moan? Avon describes this as 'An enchanting infusion of velvety roses and orris, blended with vanilla and creamy woods.' It is a very simple scent and not one that really develops with time on the skin. The notes all hit you at once, and then sadly they die down rather quickly. The vanilla and floral rose over power the other notes, but they are visible.

      Over all opinion

      When I first sprayed this I did not think much too it as it so very subtle I could hardly tell it was there. Once it dried on my skin I could finally appreciate the scent properly and was rather impressed. Once it dries into the skin it is actually rather loud and very noticeable but after 20 minutes or so this dies down a little. For the next hour or so I can smell it as I move around it drifts so it is easily picked up. After this unfortunately the only way I can smell it is to raise my wrists to my nose which is really disappointing. It can be sprayed again to top up the scent without it being too over powering, but it is a pain to have to keep reapplying it.

      The vanilla notes for me definitely dominate the whole fragrance and it is very sweet. I love anything sweet with body products so this was a huge plus for me. You can notice the more woody scents too, but they tend to drift in and out rather than being present at all times. Again the floral notes of the rose add to the sweetness but these are one of the first notes to disappear. It is light but feminine and not overly artificial although it is maybe a little too sweet at times even for me. As it settles on the skin and dies down a little and I would say it is at its best around an hour after applying it. The fresh scent is perfect for day time wear in the summer, as I feel it would be too light in the colder months.

      As it is an Eau de toilette I would definitely say it is better for day wear, and the summery months as the scent is very light. As you would expect it also fades very quickly which I think is a shame as I would love this to be a full on perfume with more staying power. I find it is just too light for the evenings if you are going out as it disappears before you even get a chance to notice it. This is one of the reasons I was put of purchasing it myself and wish Avon would consider this. It is something that can be worn every day because it is so light, and I would say it is perfect for wearing to work or the office as it is not over powering.

      Would I recommend?

      Yes I would. I really like it as it is an extremely sweet scent which I love. This is toned down with woody notes but still manages to stay floral and feminine. It is not an overly artificial smell which I tend to find with cheaper scents, but it does fade very quickly which is a shame. If it had more staying power it would quickly become one of my favourite scents for the summer months. For £13 for a 50ml bottle I would say it is great value for anyone who likes sweeter floral scents. It is a fresher scent compared to other Avon perfumes I have tried, and it has encouraged me to try more.


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      15.12.2012 19:00
      Very helpful



      A rare 5 star perfume by Avon that hasn't been discontinued (most of the best ones have)!

      Eternal Magic is a perfume by Avon that was released in March 2010. I have a 50ml bottle of the eau de toilette and I also have a 30ml eau de toilette purse spray. I am going to review them both in this one review if you don't mind as there is no separate listing. Note that the bottle in Dooyoo's picture is of the Eternal Magic 30ml purse spray and they do other purse sprays in the exact same bottle. The usual 50ml perfume bottle is a lot nicer.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      As Eternal Magic is an Avon perfume it is only available from Avon representatives via the Avon brochure or online at avonshop.co.uk and is currently priced at £13.00 for 50ml, but it is currently on offer - mix and match any 2 perfumes for £13.00 so it is buy one get one free (this includes men's fragrances as well).
      The purse spray is usually available at £3.99, but it is not in the current Avon brochure.

      ~ Bottle ~
      It comes in a lilac and white box - the box is the same design for the normal perfume and the purse spray.
      My purse spray is different to the one pictured on Dooyoo and mine is a plain rectangular bottle with a rectangular black plastic lid and 'Eternal magic' scrawled across the front of the glass bottle in purple lettering. It is a nice shaped spray, but I think the black lid makes it look a bit on the masculine side. I do like the harsh rectangular shape of this though. The purse spray is really handy. I often carry full 50ml perfumes around in my handbag and this is a convenient alternative to that.

      The 50ml perfume bottle is made from clear glass and has the words 'Eternal magic' scrawled across the front in purple lettering. The bottle looks rather small for 50ml, but I don't find that to be a particularly bad thing. The bottle is an odd shape. It has an oval base and then the sides of the bottle widen to a point. It is a cute dinky bottle. The spray button , as I have come to call it, is exposed, but it is sheltered under a clear plastic wave shape that fits over the spray button for effect. I like this added touch and find it makes the bottle look a lot prettier and more interesting.

      The perfume itself is a purple tinged colour.

      ~ Scent ~
      It is a light, clean, floral scent.
      Fragrantica.com says of this perfume, 'The fragrance was inspired by Princess of Monaco rose aromas and it wraps you with notes of rose, iris, velvety vanilla and woody nuances.'
      I think this scent would suit younger women and teenagers. It is light and sweet. The vanilla is very evident, but it is also a floral and soapy scent.
      The perfume reminds me of vanilla candles and products that I have used in my home. It is a nice perfume.
      I'd definitely say it is more of a day time perfume, rather than for a special occasion or night out.
      I have found it to be fairly long lasting.

      ~ Overall ~
      Overall, I'd say this scent is a nice, sweet, floral and soapy scent. It isn't too strong - it is rather subtle once settled on the skin. It strikes me as quite a young scent. It is really nice, but not my favourite perfume. Both bottles are fairly simply designed, but I like the shape of the larger 50ml bottle and I think the lid makes the perfume look prettier. I would buy this fragrance again, if mine were to run out. I would recommend this scent to anyone who finds the description appealing.


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      06.05.2012 12:36
      Very helpful



      A youthful version of Ghost original but without the heavy price tag

      I brought this fragrance from Avon just as a stocking filler really, for any birthdays or special occassions that I may forget about until the last minute (I have a habit of doing that). I know that every woman loves Avon so I know when I'm stocking up on gifts I know that I can't go wrong with the brand that's been around for 125 years.

      -The Image-
      It comes in a card board box which can be recycled, and it's violet sky shade at the top and white at the bottom with an image of almost a scarf floating through the middle, which to me gave it a mysterious look.
      The bottle itself is a clear flat 3D square with a black rectangle lid that can just pop off. The liquid inside has a tint of soft purple and makes the italic words across the middle "Eternal Magic" has a feel and emotion to it.

      -The Scent-
      This fragrance has a clean musk smell mixed with vanilla and delicate florals. It has a mysterious smell like a mysterious woman that caputures your nose (because you don't reconize her scent) that you never seen before. I would describe this scent a more youthful version of "Ghost original" but this fragrance tends to have a story behind it waiting to be revealed....

      -Where to buy-
      This product is an Avon brand so the best thing to do is ask your local Avon representive for the latest brochure. The full prie of this bottle is £7.50 for the purse spray but Avon is good for having offers on various products.

      This product is made is Poland


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        22.02.2012 17:03
        Very helpful



        Great inexpensive perfume to use every day.

        ---Why I Buy This---

        I tend to buy a lot of Avon products and this perfume came as a free gift with something before Christmas. It was put in my present drawer but never used so I decided to try it for myself as I was running out of fragrances.

        ---The Brand---

        Another one of Avon's newish fragrances.
        Eternal Magic arrived on the market in March 2010 and the face of this fragrance was actress Zoe Saldana. The fragrance was inspired by Princess of Monaco rose aromas. Creator of the fragrance was Ellen Molner.
        The perfume has also been described as:
        * woody
        * powdery
        * vanilla
        * floral
        * rose.

        ---The Product---

        The 30ml bottle comes in a lavender and white box and is an eau de toilette spray.
        Made in Poland and containing oxybenzone, it is classed as 'flammable'.
        Inside the box the fragrance comes in an attractive square and slim botle.
        It has a clear square transparent plastic pull off lid and the bottle is see-thorugh - only having a transparent label stuck to the front with the words 'Eternal magic' written quite small in lavender letters.
        The perfume itself is a pale delicate pinky lavender shade.
        This bottle is classed as the purse spray size.
        It also comes in a 50 ml bottle


        The full price in Avon books is currently £7.50 but is going at a sale price of £3.75 for Mother's Day.
        Currently sellling on Amazon for £3.49.


        In the current Avon book (brochure 5) as well as the 30 ml bottle for £3.75 there is the large 50 ml bottle for £10 (instead of £13), a body spray for £3.60 and a roll-on deodorant for £2.60 - but the last three items can be bought together with a free flocked make-up bag for £13.

        ---My Opinion---

        If I had read that this perfume contained rose before I started using it I would not have bothered as I do not like 'rosy' things - but actually the fragrance is very delicate and pleasant.
        I just put one squirt on and it lastes for 4-5 hours. At first it is quite powerful but it soon tones down and is not too heavy for day and would also suitable for the evening.
        The description as the fragrance being 'powdery' is also quite accurate and three are nice vanilla notes too.
        Not one I would have actually have picked but using it I am pleasantly surprised - especially as this bottle can be picked up for under £4.
        Using only one or two sprays per application I can see this bottle lasting me right through the summer - and its delicate notes will be just right for the (hopefully) hot summer days.
        A lovely fragrance and pretty bottle to sit on the dressing table - the bottle does not have the cheap feel that some Avon fragrance bottles do.
        As far as being endorsed by Zoe Saldana - I do not know who is she is or particualrly care. I go for the fragrance itself - not who is supposed to be 'selling' it to us.
        I would think this sort of fragrance would suit most ages as it does not seem one that would be out of place on someone young or old.

        ---Star Rating---

        5 Stars.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.




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