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Avon Extraordinary Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews
  • long lasting
  • Luxurious smell
  • can get musky after a while
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    4 Reviews
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      07.08.2014 14:21
      Very helpful


      • "long lasting"
      • "Luxurious smell"


      • "can get musky after a while"

      A luxurious smelling long lasing scent

      Price and Availability :

      AVON Extraordinary was launched in 2005 and was exclusive to AVON, it was originally sold between £8-£12 but has since been discontinued and cannot be purchased directly from AVON anymore, It can be purchased from eBay for around £25-£30.
      The bottle is a simple tall rectangle shape which is clear glass. It has a gold plastic lid which is plain and square shaped. The front of the bottle has AVON Extraordinary in gold writing surrounded by a gold scrolled pattern.
      The perfume itself is a gold colour which has a shimmery glitter in it giving it a sparkly cloudy apprentice which looks like it is swirling when you move the bottle.

      Extraordinary has a gorgeous fresh sweet fragrance that does seem luxurious. It is advertised as an evening scent but I think it is more of a day to night perfume that would suit the colder months due to its slightly oriental warm feel. Saying that it is not so warm that it couldn't be warn all year round.
      Top Notes: Pepper, Raspberry, Tangerine, Grapefruit.
      Heart Notes: Magnolia, Ginger, Orchid, Dark Chocolate, Lotus.
      Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla.
      Longevity and Strength:
      This is a reasonably strong smelling fragrance and will be noticed by people standing near by but not necessarily the whole room.
      It is very long lasting and will still be obvious for over 10 hours which is quite rare for AVON perfumes, especially as it is not an overpowering scent at all. It will surly last you a whole day in work.

      The only downfall of this perfume and the reason I am not giving it 5* is that after a while (around 6 hours) t does seem to change scent and smells a little stale and musty so although it does last a lot longer I would probably have another spritz just to freshen the scent up, so overall I will give it 4*
      This review is also on ciao under shelyjaneo


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      11.01.2011 12:38



      My favourite Avon perfume & it is 'Extraordinary'!

      Just like it says on the bottle this perfume is certainly Extraordinary, Extraordinarily beautiful! The bottle looks like a timesless classic and it certainly is a smell that i could never get bored of. It has such a rich feminine smell that is recognisable anywhere and always attracts nice comments from others. It lasts for a long time on you as well and whenever i have it on i can smell it all day.

      It is suitable for all ages and all occasions, i used to wear it for college and also used to wear it on a night out! It's as affordable as all of Avon's other perfumes and cost around £10 for a 100ml bottle, but the sad thing is i can't seem to find it in any of Avon's brochures anymore! It really is such a shame if they don't sell it any more, and if that is the case i urge them to bring it back! If you do spot a bottle of this anywhere on Ebay or something similar then i would reccomend you snap it up! It really is a gorgeous fragrance, a little bottle of Golden magic!


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      21.06.2010 05:44
      Very helpful



      Distinctive and Impressive

      I totally forgot about this perfume until I seen it in the Avon catagory. This used to be one of my favourite perfumes ever!
      I used to be an Avon rep myself and instead of earning my comission, I spent it over and above in the catalogue - mainly on perfumes! I think that is what might be called an obsession!

      Extraordinary is truly an extraordinary perfume.

      With Top Notes of Raspberry, Tangerine, Grapefruit and Pepper it has an acquired but nonetheless distinctive, pleasant aroma to it. The perfume scent can only be described as floral/fruity chocolate with a hint of a coffee aroma to it. A mish-mash of scents creating real head turner!

      The bottle is elegant but nothing special. The elegance comes from the tall slim clear glass bottle adorned with gold, ornate patterns. The bottle isn't really done justice as the gold patterns are not able to stand out against the goldy/peach colour of the perfume itself! Nothing extraordinary about the lid either, a tacky looking gold rectangle with a slight indented dip along the top edge, which if I'm honest does not go out of it's way to stay on the bottle when you want it to.

      Price wise, this used to be sold at Avon's reasonable price of between 10 and 12.00 per 50ml. Although I have not seen it in an Avon Catalogue for a long while which is not unusual for them as they have a tendancy to only run a perfume for so long and then they discontinue it.
      I am aware of Ebay selling it usually around the extremely reasonable sum of 5.00. Bargain!!

      Overall, a lovely perfume, but again, as with all perfumes, you have to have an acquired taste to certain scents.


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      14.05.2009 17:17
      Very helpful



      A lovely start and a disappointing finish

      Launched: 2005 - discontinued
      Group: oriental floral

      :: INTRODUCTION ::

      I came across Extraordinary when looking for rare / discontinued coffee or chocolate-themed scents to add to my collection. I was more intrigued when I found positive reviews about it. Conversely, discontinuation of a scent is often a sign of excellence as it mostly means the fragrance is too special for the mass market.

      :: THE PACKAGING ::

      The bottle is fairly nice but isn't groundbreaking or sophisticated. Its clear bottle is adorned with golden drawings at the back though they aren't very noticeable as the perfume itself has a peachy colour . The bottle cap looks a bit cheapish to me, a plastic golden coloured rectangle.

      :: THE FRAGRANCE ::

      Top notes: pepper, raspberry, grapefruit, tangerine

      Extraordinary opens with a pleasant burst of a sweet and fresh slightly spicy citrus smell indeed different from what I expect from Avon. A few seconds later I'm met with a kick of gourmand and unusual note, the bitter chocolate. Mixed with the citrus, the result is a mouthwatering, fizzy coffee-ish note that mellows down to a sweet and toffee apple type scent and stays sweet and delicately spiced for a reasonable half an hour.

      Middle notes: magnolia, ginger, orchid, dark chocolate, lotus

      In this phase Extraordinary's creamier, heavier floral elements start to shine and mingle with the the fresh and sweet notes of the top notes adding depth and an unmistakeable, sweet oriental feel to the fragrance. The most noticeable scent to me nose here is orchid. I find orchid to be a bit of a 'joker' scent in an oriental, when cannot think of anything else, we can always rely on this not totally floral but rather a generic and warm, scent - a mixture of creamy, exotic notes accentuated with vanilla.

      However, I tend to get bored of it quickly if there are no other influences present in the composition or the orchid overpowers everything else. Yes, Extraordinary smells mostly of vanilla-chocolate orchid with a tiny hint of the previous sparkling freshness still lingering. This phase is quite long-lasting, about 4 hours on me.

      Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vanilla

      After the fairly straightforward and linear middle notes I was looking forward to a nice, oriental drydown with some spicy and woody accords thrown in. Unfortunately, I got none of that. I waited and waited. Another hour and still nothing.

      The middle notes were fading and there was nothing to replace them. I've been wearing Extraordinary for a week now and it invariably stops developing any further. I occassionally get a hint of spicy woodiness not even worthy mentioning as it can only be discerned very close to the skin until about 6 - 7 hours later when the last notes evaporate.

      :: CONCLUSION ::

      In a nutshell, Extraordinary isn't extraordinary however it does succeed in creating (in Avon's terms) an unusual blend of contrasting bittersweet elements though the actual composition and the total lack of final notes leave a lot be desired. To sum up, despite the lovely start and the interesting intervowen citrus - chocolate - vanilla accord, it lacks depth and staying power, so is nothing more than just another watered down floral oriental of today from a company who go through their fragrance editions just as quickly as women change their underwear. Maybe bringing out a decent, well-balanced and long-lasting fragrance is not in their marketing plans.

      :: PRICE / WHERE TO BUY ::

      Extraordinary has been discontinued but is still available on Ebay. I bought my 50ml bottle for £4.99 + postage.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao UK


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