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Avon Far Away Bella Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    3 Reviews
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      18.12.2014 03:43
      Very helpful
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      Far Away Bella

      I bought Far Away Bella from Avon a few months ago when I saw it on offer in the brochure for £7.00. It usually costs £13.00 for the 50ml eau de parfum.

      ~ Scent ~
      The fragrance has a definite orange scent to it when it is first sprayed.
      The note is listed as Italian clementine. It is quite a thick orange note, which I would have guessed to be blood orange or at least something that sounds stronger than Italian clementine.
      The clementine does die down quite quickly making way for a light floral scent and a very subtle sweet and creamy note.
      The other notes listed in the fragrance are Chinese magnolia and Brazilian tonka bean.
      I think the notes go really well together. Once the clementine has died down a bit it goes nicely with the magnolia.

      I think this is quite a nice offering from Avon. It is pleasant and uplifting and quite different to the other fragrances I have tried from Avon. At the same time I wouldn’t say it was the best fragrance they’ve released.
      Although I think the bottle is quite summery I would say this fragrance isn’t specifically a summer scent. It has a warmth to it which would make it nice in the autumn and winter as well as the warmer months. It isn’t a heavy fragrance though.
      It is reasonably long lasting on my skin. It lasts around 5 hours before wearing off.
      I’d say the fragrance is suitable for women of all ages. One of the reasons I was curious about this one was because my partner’s mother (in her 50’s) told me a good six months ago that she’d ordered it. It doesn’t strike me as particularly young or old. It is quite a versatile scent.
      I don’t think anyone would find it offensive.
      I would recommend this fragrance. It is a pleasant fragrance in a pretty bottle, which can be picked up quite cheaply. It isn’t my favourite, but you can do a lot worse.


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        23.05.2013 01:55
        Very helpful



        A nice enough scent just not for me.

        ~*~*~ Avon Far Away Bella ~*~*~

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is the newest fragrance available in the Far Away range by Avon. It was launched this year - 2013.

        ~ Why did I buy it? ~

        I didn't buy this, my cousin has recently become an Avon rep and has been getting the little vials of perfumes to place in peoples orders as a tester/treat and she passed me one of these to try.

        I am not a massive fan of the Far Away range and have to say I wasn't overly keen on this one either.

        My step-mum however really likes it and I can say that the bottle whilst still having the Far Away shape now has an added purple tulle ribbon bow around the neck. I think this makes it look a little more girly and elegant.
        The lid is much the same with the two tone ball shape, this is coloured in a creamy white and gold and is plastic.
        The bottom half of the glass bottle is patterned with a layer of grooved lines.

        ~ The scent ~

        I didn't buy the full bottle but can say that the scent in the vial is the same as in the bottle, as confirmed by my nose and that of my step-mum.

        Avon put this across as -

        Italian juicy Clementine, Chinese blooming magnolia flower and intriguing Brazilian tonka bean.

        When I smell it I can detect a citrusy yet creamy scent which isn't in anyway awful just not my cup of tea, it is a bit too creamy for me but is a lot lighter and more delicate than the original Far Away which I find to be a powdery scent.

        The scent lasted on my wrist for about an hour or so before I could no longer detect it so I wouldn't say this one has a massive staying power. I was grateful for this as I wasn't keen on it but it wasn't offensive and didn't give me a headache which was great.

        ~ Price & Availability ~

        This is an Avon product so is exclusively available from Avon. You can order it through a local Avon rep or online at -

        It is priced at £13 for a 50ml bottle but it is currently on offer at £10.

        There is also a purse spray and body lotion available in the range too. These are priced at £6 for the purse spray and £3.50 for the lotion or the current offer is buy all 3 for £10.

        ~ Overall ~

        At the current price I would be tempted to buy had I not already tried it, it is a great price and if you are not keen and don't like it, it would make a pretty gift.

        The scent is not offensive in anyway but I feel it would suit someone more mature than myself as it has a calmer, softer scent than I like.

        The bottle is quite pretty and the added tulle ribbon makes it look attractive.

        In all I would give this a 2 out of 5 as this isn't something I would choose to wear, however if that was all that was available to me then I would wear it. I like the Clementine but not so much the creaminess the perfume seems to take on afterwards.

        It isn't a fresh a fragrance as I like, others however may love it!

        But on the other hand it doesn't give me a headache which is a bonus!

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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        05.05.2013 13:46
        Very helpful



        From the 'Far Away' range but not like the original at all.

        ===The Product===

        Comes in cellophane wrapped faded pink box.
        50 ml eau de parfum and contains 70.4% ethanol, flammable.
        Made in Poland.
        Box is lined in white cardboard.
        Squashed squat flattish oval bottle.
        Has a wavy line around the base.
        Made from pearlised clear glass with organza bow around the neck of the spray bottle.
        Creamy ball round cap to bottle which is two tone - cream and white.
        'A free spirited adventure awaits you with Italian juicy clementine and Chinese blooming magnolia flower finished with an intriguing Brazilian tonka bean.'


        Normal price is £13 but the introductory price is £10.

        ===My Opinion===

        This is a new edition to the long running family of perfumes produced by Avon and called 'Far Away'. The original has been going for many years and was recently also joined by 'Far Away Exotic'.
        This new addition has the same two colour ball cap and oval shaped bottle but whereas the other perfumes have a tassel around the neck of the bottle this one has a ribbon bow. This is the second perfume by Avon to come out lately with a ribbon or organza fabric around the bottle neck as earlier in the year 'Only Imagine' came out with a ruff around the bottle.
        This perfume has only just come out and in the same range you can also buy a 15 ml purse spray and also a tube of body lotion.
        I am a great fan f the other two Far Away fragrances so was interested to see how this one would compare.
        On paper it sounded just my sort of thing with ingredients such as clementines and magnolia.
        However in use I did not find it half as good or interesting as the other Far Aways.
        When it is first applied it has a sharp astringent sort of smell which feels to me rather cheap. Once it tones down it does last for 2-3 hours which is not too bad for this sort of perfume. However the clementine parts seem to have more of the sharpness of the pith than the sweetness of the fruit itself It is not so unpleasant that I would have to wash it off but it has no distinguishing features for me that would make me want to buy it again.
        Not a patch on Far Away or Far Away Exotic and I do not think this one will stand the test of time that the original one has.
        Reasonably pleasant for the summer months I suppose but not one really worth bothering with. It is sweetish and fruity and a little spicy undertones, but although I love fruity things this is not one I would rave about.
        If you like Far Away perhaps give it a try and is may work better on your skin than mine but for me now I have tried it I would not bother buying it again.

        ===Star Rating===

        3 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Not especially.




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