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Avon Far Away Exotic Eau de Parfum

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11 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    11 Reviews
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      15.12.2014 16:09
      Very helpful



      Baby Wipes And Black Pepper

      I recently bought Avon’s Far Away Exotic eau de parfum after reading some good reviews and finding it in the Avon brochure for just £7.00.
      The usual price of this perfume is £13.00.

      The scent is very unique; actually quite odd.
      It has a clean scent that reminds me of baby wipes, but at the same time it has a harsh, oriental, spicy scent.
      The spicy note reminds me of black pepper. It hits you all at once and there doesn’t really seem to be much to it, but at the same time it is harsh and I find the spicy note quite unpleasant.
      Blended with the cleaner, baby wipe type scent I find it more bearable and sometimes I actually find myself enjoying the baby wipe type scent, but this is probably because the spice is so bad if I smell the baby wipe it is enjoyable in comparison. I get the occasional whiff where the scent that reminds me of baby wipes is stronger than the spicier note and I quite like it, but as soon as I am hit in the face with the spices it is a bit too much for me.
      To me the fragrance doesn’t have much to it and I can only detect the two different scents within it.

      The top notes are listed as mango, spiced chai and mandarin.
      The heart notes are saffron rose, coconut milk and jasmine.
      The base notes are patchouli, amber, musk and sandalwood.

      That’s a lot more notes than I imagined were in this fragrance. I definitely can’t detect any mango or mandarin in this fragrance. I was surprised to find there were any fruity notes in this fragrance at all.
      I struggle even to recognise anything floral about the fragrance. To me it is just straight up spice and baby wipe. Even as the fragrance wears on I can’t detect anything different.
      I am not a big fan of spicy scents, but recently I’ve started to find more and more spicy fragrances that I like. This fragrance finds itself on the harsher end of the spectrum and I find it difficult to deal with.

      The fragrance lasts on my skin for around 5 hours before finally leaving me alone.
      It doesn’t strike me as being a summer scent, but it isn’t particularly a warming spicy fragrance for the cooler months either, having the clean note in it.
      As a hater I find it difficult to put a suggested age range on this fragrance or say who I think it would appeal to.
      I don’t really like this fragrance. I would not recommend this and I would not buy it again. I can just about put up with it, but I don’t plan to wear it again. I think I will see if my sister will kindly take this off my hands as she uses the original Far Away, but with it being so unpleasant I wonder whether she will even like it.


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      08.05.2013 22:25
      Very helpful



      A little to heavy for my liking, but good price and long lasting

      We have a lady at work that does the Avon and every now and again, she brings in a 'goody' bag where everything is 50p (because the packaging is damaged, end of line etc) and in the past, I have had some real good bargains from it, one of the more recent items I have purchased was this.

      The Product:

      When I purchased, it didn't come in any packaging so I cannot comment on this however the bottle is made from frosted glass which has a wave pattern across the front, around the neck of the bottle are the trademark black tassels. The fragrance is a peach like colour.
      It retails for £13.00 however like most Avon products, if you wait long enough, it does get a good promotional offer every now and again. It is only available in one size which is 50ml. Avon do however sell lots of different products in the same range, all which are reasonably priced: Shower gel, deodorant, body powder, mini spray and there are also gift sets available.

      The fragrance:

      Avons state the following about the product 'Escape the norm and get lost in a tantalising blend of exotic essences of rare florals spiced with amber and musk. Oriental'. To be honest, if I had read this before I purchased, I probably wouldn't have brought as I normally don't like floral fragrances. Upon first spray, I was pleasantly surprised as they were quite a few fruity notes coming through, mixed with a hint of vanilla and a spicy kick. I couldn't really detect anything floral, maybe a slight hint of jasmine but I did have to search to find this. I find that it doesn't change much throughout the day, nor does it smell much different on me than it does in the bottle. You don't need to spray much to know you are wearing it and at first, it did feel a little overpowering. I would definitely describe this as a winter perfume as I find it a little too heavy for a summery fragrance.

      I find with most 'cheaper' fragrances, that within about an hour of wearing, they seem to disappear however this really does have good staying power. At the end of the day, although it isn't as strong, I can still smell this on my clothes. The worrying thing about this fragrance is that nobody has ever complimented me on it, working in a busy office, normally somebody comments 'ooh, what's that?', but nobody ever has!

      Overall, I don't dislike the fragrance, but then again, it doesn't excite me and I don't think I will repurchase and for that reason, I will give it 3 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.


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        20.04.2013 19:15
        Very helpful



        A decen fragrance

        I have always liked the Far Away perfume from Avon so when they brought this one out I was intrigue to find out what it would smell like and bought it on an introductory offer which I seem to remember was arounf the £8 mark. The perfume is one of Avons own so you can only buy it from Avon either through their website or a represetative and it's full selling price is £13 for a 50ml bottle although if you are willing to wait it does often come on offer.

        The perfume comes in the same shape bottle as the original, the glass if frosted and circular in shape with a ying yang symbol raised up on it. The top of the bottle pulls off and is half black and half purple and then it has a small tassle around the neck of it, the bottle isn't anything to write home about but it looks ok and serves it's purpose.

        The scent is pretty nice but personally I prefer the original, it has a spicy yet does have a slightly floral scent to it, I find the perfume is rather heavy and overpowering when it is first sprayed but this does settle down but I would say it is about half an hour before it settles down. The smell of the perfume lasts really well and even at the end of the day I can still smell little hints of it which is great as generally I find Avons perfumes often lack in staying power.

        I would rate this perfume 4 stars from 5, as with most of Avons perfume I think it is brilliant value, 1 squirt on each pulse point is plenty and the aroma lingers all day, the drawbacks for myself is that there are other perfumes I prefer and it takes a while for it to settle down.


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        30.01.2013 00:37



        The best perfume i've ever smelt

        I first found this perfume when i was 17 years old & 15 years later i have still not found any scent that comes close to being as beautiful as this.
        The fragrance really lasts throughout the day, with other perfumes i have found that i can smell it when it is first sprayed & only shortly afterwards, with this one i can smell it all day long & i love it! It has a lovely exotic but also relaxing fragrance that makes you take a deep breath and then an aaahhhh!! and being able to smell it all day gives you that aaahhh!! everytime you smell it.

        The perfume is from avon & is a very good price, to be honest, the price is cheap, i would happily pay alot more for this perfume. It smells like a really expensive, quality perfume & i am often asked what perfume i am wearing.

        It comes in a beautiful decorated bottle with a tassle around the neck which gives it a really nice finishing touch. This would make an ideal present for any woman, teenager or young girl, its sure to be a favourite that they will want again.

        You can also buy the body sprays, talc & cream etc. The talc & cream are nice, im not sokeen on the body spray, it doesnt smell as nice as the perfume, so i tend to stick to that.


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        18.12.2012 20:36
        Very helpful



        A beautiful offering from Avon

        **Introduction and reason for purchase**
        I've always had a love/ hate relationship with Avon products over the years and it's not that I don't like the brand, it's merely the brand doesn't always like me - particularly where skin care is concerned and I've had more than one or two issues with facial products in particular over the years. One section which I've never been able to fault however is the fragrance category, which I've always deemed 'cheap and cheerful' (in a good way) and economical enough to splash on every day without worrying too much about the cost.

        I've had favourites over the years, but in particular 'Far Away' has consistently been a fragrance that I've always had a bottle of in my cupboard, and whenever a new variety comes out in this scent then I'm normally the first to want to try it. I've ran Avon myself in the past and up until a few months ago my best friend was a Rep before deciding she'd had enough. Luckily a school mum friend has taken her place and I've been as happy as a pig rolling in mud ordering some of my old favourites, so I was very excited to see Far Away Exotic, the newest in the line of Far Away fragrances, in the last brochure. Priced at just £6 at the time I eagerly ordered it and have now been using it for just under 2 weeks.

        My review will now focus on the fragrance Far Away Exotic..

        **What Avon have to say**
        "...Far Away Exotic takes your senses on an exotic journey. Launched in 2012 it is available in a 50 ml EDP format and RRP's at £13.."

        **The composition of the fragrance**
        Top notes:
        Spiced chai

        Heart notes:
        Saffron rose
        Coconut milk


        **Price, packaging & availability**
        Far Away Exotic is in the same distinctive packaging as the other Far Away fragrances which is in the form of a 50 ml rounded glass bottle. The bottle has a flat area at the base so stands with ease, despite it being a circular disc shape from the front view and far narrower at the side it is sturdy enough when placed on my dressing table and if knocked doesn't fall over easily.

        The bottle has a transparency to it though the clearness is 'muted' slightly by the glass being opaque. I like how the warm peachy coloured liquid is still visible despite the glass not being clear, and the opaqueness actually adds a soft feminine touch which makes the bottle seem far more attractive for some reason. As with all Far Away fragrances the bottle is fairly stark apart from a slightly embossed area on the front which is in a 'wave' pattern though the spherical lid in peach and plum adds a splash of colour as does the trademark Far Away tassel which hangs almost provocatively around the neck of the bottle in a teasing manner. All this is encased in an equally attractive looking cardboard box which is a deep purple colour and looks too pretty to discard.

        Available from Avon this can be ordered for free through a local Rep or bought online via the Avon shop @www.avonshop.co.uk though there is usually a charge for p&p so it's worth checking before ordering.

        **My thoughts on wearing this EDP**
        I've been a fan of the Far Away fragrances for as long as I can remember and the original in particular is a scent that's always stayed a firm favourite to me as it's beautiful to wear as well as offering that 'comfort' fragrance as it always conjures up warm memories of the past. I've liked all the Far Away EDP's that have since been launched so was eagerly looking forward to wearing Exotic despite buying it blindly as unusually there wasn't a scented sample page in the brochure I ordered it from.

        On removing the attractive lid from the nozzle encased tightly underneath I was instantly greeted with the sweet familiar scent of Far Away and at first I couldn't distinguish between the two. On lightly spritzing onto my skin I became aware of the differences within seconds and I have to say my first impressions were very positive. The opening notes of mango and mandarin were instantly noticeable and started off the fragrance with soft fruity notes, though I'm not overly positive what spiced chai is so couldn't tell you if it was there or not so obviously it didn't make too much impact.

        The fragrance is very warm and has an oriental zing to it which is my ideal choice of fragrance if I'm being honest. Far Away Exotic is quite strong on application at first, but does start to fade gradually over a short period of time (I find around 15 to 20 minutes on me) and doesn't come across as too overpowering to the point the scent catches at the back of your throat or makes you sneeze like some can.

        Once the initial dry down begins properly the and the fragrance becomes softer and less obvious the heart notes begin to shine through and these in particularly for me as my favourites. Firstly the the floral element in the form of saffron rose is very evident and gives the fragrance a very feminine and almost powdery feel which is stunning enough on it's own. Combine this note with the coconut milk and for me it's a match made in heaven as the coconut is sweet and counteracts the floral notes perfectly before second bout of floral - jasmine - is slowly introduced. Despite there being two quite strong flora notes with each respectively holding their own in terms of strength, Far Away Exotic refuses to become just another 'floral perfume' as the fruit based notes from the opening mingle delicately and once the fragrance fully settles and the deeper muskier notes are introduced then it becomes a sultry and heady scent and a real pleasure to wear.

        I love how the fragrance changes slowly over time from first testing whilst still in the bottle to liberally spritzing onto my skin. It seems to become accustomed to being worn over time and goes from being strong and quite domineering to soft, powdery and dewy and for a 'cheap perfume' it literally drips in sophistication. There's something about this EDP that marks it out from the usual Avon fragrances and even the other Far Away perfumes as it's simply stunning once worn and it's a scent that I simply can't seem to get enough of wearing.

        Longevity wise this is fantastic as once sprayed onto my pulse points it lingers for hours afterwards and I can still clearly detect it around 6 hours later. As this is an EDP it's more concentrated than an EDT anyway but for the money this is such a good product - it's not expensive even when purchased full price, it's economical as one or two spritzes suffice, the bottle is extremely attractive (I always think if a bottle is attractive then the likelihood is I'll like the scent ensconced within though that's just my thoughts!) but most importantly this smells simply divine and far more designer and premium than you would think.

        Recommended? I think judging by the way this review has gone then it's a big yes from me. I simply adore this fragrance and hope it stays around for a while without being retired or simply forgotten about like so many other wonderful perfumes from Avon over the years. The only thing I will say though is if you are not a fan of coconut then you should steer well clear as it makes itself noticeable from the offing, and whilst it doesn't take over as such, it's certainly prominent. As I am a fan of all things 'coconutty' I find this EDP a pleasure to wear but my friend who hates coconut scented products thinks it's quite a nauseating scent but it's a case of each to their own really.

        I have found that this fragrance is suitable to wear on any occasion which makes it very versatile and once again well worth the money. I have worn it during the daytime when it seems lighter and at night when it seems to adapt and comes across as heavier and stronger so is perfect for all occasions.

        Top marks from me without a doubt.


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          21.09.2012 08:34
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Try it!


          I was only a youngster when Far Away perfume came out but I asked for a bottle for Christmas as I loved the smell emanating from the scratch and sniff pages of the Avon brochure. That was about 15 years ago! Far Away is Avon's best selling perfume and they have released various limited editions which vary slightly from the original scent but in my opinion the original scent is the nicest. The perfume comes in a 50ml bottle, Avon occasionally do mini versions which are handy for travelling but 50ml is the only real choice.

          ==The scent==

          Avon describe the scent as "a tantalising blend of exotic blooms and sandalwood. Oriental." In real terms despite being described as "blooms" it is fair to say that isn't a floral perfume, it is definitely more musky and sultry. It will not make you smell like your Great Aunt Tess! I do like the smell of the perfume, it lasts all day long and I prefer it when it has got to the end of the day. The slight downside is that when you first spray it, it can be quite overwhelming and take a while for the top notes to settle down. Because of this, I only use it occasionally because there is nothing worse than sitting next to someone with overwhelmingly strong perfume. If I wear it on a night out, I'll make sure I put it on about 3pm so that it has had time to settle.

          ==The bottle==

          The bottle is nice enough, it is made out of tough frosted glass and despite dropping it several times it has yet to break. It is not particularly ideal for travelling as it is made from glass but I think it would be quite robust in a suitcase because the frosted glass does seem quite thick.

          ==Value for money==

          One thing that Avon can't be criticised for are their prices. This perfume is £13 for 50ml but they regularly have offers and deals on so currently it can be picked up for £6.50 - a bargain! It will last you ages too so it really is good value for money. It doesn't smell like a cheap perfume in my opinion and at £6.50 it is worth giving it a go.


          This isn't my favourite ever perfume, it is definitely my favourite Avon perfume and I feel nostalgic about school days when I spray it. It is probably my third choice after my two other perfumes but I do like to wear it occasionally. You don't need much of it at all, literally one spray will last a good while, sometimes I spritz into the air and walk into the perfume cloud just so I don't use too much on my if you know what I mean. For the price, it is worth trying. It also makes a nice room fragrancer!


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            16.07.2012 13:13
            Very helpful




            I have never really been a big fan of the original Far Away Perfume from Avon. When I was a rep it proved to be very popular with my customers and I was always getting orders for the products in the range. I just find it a bit of a heavy Perfume for myself. However this version came out a few months back and I got a little sample of this from my Rep. I thought it smelt nice enough so I decided to buy this when it was on offer and see how I liked it after a few goes.

            This comes in a 50ml bottle and the normal price of this is £13. I bought this when it was on offer for £6.50 - half price offer but this has been on various offers which have been a bit more expensive than what I paid.

            The bottle looks like the picture on here. This is the same look as the Original Far Away and I do like the look of the bottle. I think it looks a little fancy with the frosted glass and the little black tassle hanging around the neck. The box this bottle came in was nothing exciting - a pretty boring purple box with writing on it. It's about what is in the Perfume anyway isn't it?

            The scent of this is nice. You do get hints of the Original scent but there is a bit of a freshness to this as well. The notes in here are Ambered Musk, Saffron Rose and Chai Spice. I normally spray 3 squirts onto each area that I wish to scent but I just squirted 2 of this Perfume as it was a bit of a heavy scent too. This Perfume does last a good lenght of time and I could still smell this faintly a good few hours later.

            This is a nice enough scent but after this bottle has finished I can't see me buying another bottle of this. It's not that I completely dislike this scent as it is nice enough and so different to the usual fruity and fresh airy scents that I usually go for but I still found myself reaching for my usual Perfumes and as a result I still probably have about 75% of this scent left.

            If you like the Original Far Away you will probably like this one as well.


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            21.05.2012 11:47



            A lovely oriental scent from Avon

            My mum has been buying this fragrance for as long as I can remember.

            I know that she paid £6 for it last time as I was with her when she ordered it.

            She gave me the remainer of her last bottle. The bottle is attractive and you dispense the perfume via a standard pump. The volume of the bottle is 50ml and the bottle has a lovely frosted effect to it. It also has a fabric tassle hanging off it which is a nice added touch. I also love the Ying and Yang design on the lid.

            I would describe the perfume as quite warm and exotic. It does smell quite "Far Away", i.e like it has come from abroad. When you first spray the perfume it does smell quite strong. It smells very striking and feminine and it smells miles better than other Avon perfumes that I have tried. After an hour or so the exotic notes really start to show. These notes come together well to deliver a beautiful oriental edge to the scent and once the scent has settled (after around two to three hours) it has a lovely musky base to it. I love scents that end with a musky edge, this one certainly does.

            The scent has good staying power and you only need a couple of squirts in the morning to last you throughout the day. I would recommend this scent but it wouldn't be one for the younger generation. I would perhaps say it'd suit women aged 25 plus. It does smell quite mature and it's not as fresh as the celebrity scents that are on the market. It's not a bad effort though and it's been around for years so it must be popular!


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            28.03.2012 10:43
            Very helpful



            The perfume is nice enough, but I wouldn't rush out to buy it again..

            * INTRODUCTION *

            When it comes to perfumes and fragrances from the Avon brand, I find they can generally be a bit hit-and-miss. I have tried out many perfumes from the brand over the years, and have found that some of them weren't suited to my own tastes at all, whilst others have faired slightly better....

            One perfume that has been around in the Avon brand for years is the well-known "Far Away" fragrance, which has a wide range of fragranced toiletries to match the well-known perfume spray, such as a Perfumed Body Spray and a Shimmering Body Powder.

            In addition to these Avon 'staples', over the past few years I have witnessed a few 'new-comers' being added to the Far Away range by way of new Far Away perfumes being introduced in the Avon brochures. One new addition to the range is the "Far Away Exotic" perfume, which I believe has been around for a couple of months now.

            The perfume is only available to buy in one size of bottle which is 50ml. The normal selling price for this Avon perfume is £13, but as at March 2012 you can buy the fragrance online at www.avonshop.co.uk for the discounted price of £10, and I believe there is a free scarf offer applicable to this perfume for a limited time too. There are no matching toiletries to the Far Away Exotic Perfume, and the product itself is an addition to the Far Away range overall.

            * THE PERFUME *

            The packaging for the perfume is pretty enough, and is in keeping with the other perfumes in the range that I have used before. Comprising of a rounded bottle made of frosted glass, there is an attractive-looking lid on top of the bottle that has a luxurious purple 'swirl' design, in keeping with the rest of the Far Away products. The other well known 'trademark' of this Avon range is the delicate tassel that is always present on the neck of the bottles of fragrance, and in the case of the Far Away Exotic perfume, this purple-coloured tassel adds a little glamour and 'finishing touch' to the overall look of the perfume.

            As with most - if not all - perfumes and fragrances in the Avon range, the Far Away Exotic Perfume arrived in an attractive box that is made of thin cardboard and is an attractive purple shade in this instance.

            The perfume is described by Avon in the following statement "An inspiring journey of chai spice and lavish saffron rose entwined with the exotic richness of ambered musk." This sounds very impressive to me, but past experience has taught me that a pinch of salt is required when it comes to Avon's descriptions of their perfumes, and I prefer just to try them out for myself, when possible.

            I will admit to exercising a little caution when it came to trying out the perfume for the first few times. This was mainly down to the fact that I am not the biggest fan of the original "Far Away" scent and find it can be quite over-powering and 'heady' for my own tastes. I also think that the original perfume is slightly too old for my own age group, so it is fair to say that I was quite cautious of the Far Away Exotic and tended to apply only a very small amount onto my wrists to allow the scent to develop.

            The initial scent, to my mind at least, is quite floral in its main tones but with quite a heavy backdrop that reminds me of a musk-like quality. Whilst this did subside quite significantly once the fragrance dried on my skin, I did find that the musk and floral combination was still very evident throughout the time I was wearing the scent, and it seemed to be the main foundation that other notes were laid upon.

            A delicate sweetness is evident in the main body of the scent, although I do think it is a very 'floral' sweetness rather than being 'fruity', but given the description - and supposed ingredients - in this fragrance, this is perhaps to be expected. The sweet tones in the perfume are not overly sickly, but I did think that they added a slightly saccharine edge to the floral notes that didn't really seem to suit them as much as I would have hoped. Indeed, it seemed to me that the balance of floral and sweet didn't really feel as 'in tune' as I would have liked, and the end result made the overall scent feel quite old-fashioned.

            The plus side of the Far Away Exotic perfume is that although there is quite a strong musk-like quality within its core, this didn't feel over-powering, nor did it make the perfume feel like it was 'swamping' me, which is something I have found with musky scents I have tried before. The musk contained in the Far Away Exotic feels very subtle and understated, and I felt it was nothing more than a slight 'murmur' within the main core of the fragrance. I also felt that the musky aroma made this perfume feel very feminine and pleasant to wear.

            There is a slightly spicy accent noticeable in the aroma of the perfume as I had expected from the Avon description. To be honest though, I find that this spice is usually only evident after the perfume has been worn for several hours. It is not a strong enough accent to be evident when the perfume is first applied, but I think this is perhaps a plus point as otherwise the main notes would feel too 'busy' and rather jumbled. Once the perfume has been worn for several hours however, the warm, light spice in the background of the fragrance comes out a little more, but it definitely sits behind the other - much more noticeable - main notes which are definitely floral and sweet. The spice reminds me of something in my other half's aftershave, so again, I think its subtlety is intended as any real strength in this aroma would take something from the overall floral, feminine air that the perfume delivers elsewhere.

            I find that the Far Away Exotic fragrance is more suited to night-time wear, as the floral musks are more than what I would normally choose for daytime wear, but this is obviously down to personal choice. I have taken this fragrance abroad on holiday with me and enjoyed its warm floral scent when going out in the evening, but it didn't feel as versatile as other scents I had taken with me.

            The initial fragrance achieved from this perfume felt quite old-fashioned, and I did have concerns about whether it would be too old for me. After the scent had dried, I found it was more suited to my own tastes than I had initially thought, but I do think it is a perfume that would suit most age groups as there is nothing particularly 'immature' about it whilst it is not so overly-floral that it feels too old in its aroma. I do think that this perfume would make an attractive gift for someone, as the scent offers a variety of aromas, one or more of which is bound to appeal to the recipient.

            For the money I paid for it, which I believe was only about £7 at the time, I think the perfume offers a pleasant enough scent that is suited to night-time wear. It is not a perfume that I would wear on special occasions as it just doesn't really feel luxurious or 'different' enough. In my opinion, whilst there is nothing particularly offensive about it, it is not a scent that I would rush out to buy again as there are much nicer fragrances that appeal to me more.

            I feel that a four star rating is appropriate for the Avon Far Away Exotic perfume, particularly as the packaging is so attractive and the perfume is extremely affordable.


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              27.03.2012 11:52
              Very helpful



              In the review.

              One of my closest friends recently became an Avon representative and every time there is a great deal on something she lets me know about it. I collect perfume, not intentionally but I seem to have quite a collection on my table. Recently she text me to let me know about the Far away exotic perfume offer. The perfume was on sale for £10 a bottle which is about what I usually spend on an everyday perfume but it also came with a free scarf. After having a quick look on the Avon website I decided that the scarf had sealed the deal and I brought it.

              The scarf is lovely a nice big bright colourful addition to my wardrobe. I am not sure how you can link a scarf and perfume together but I am not going to split hairs about a free gift. I ordered my perfume the usually way, filled in my Avon order form passed it onto my Avon rep and waited nearly 2 weeks for my item. She then dropped it off at my house; completely hassle free for a woman with a young baby to care for.

              ===The Perfume appearance ====

              The perfume comes in a beautiful purple box with a lovely patterned design on the side. I am not usually one to keep the boxes my perfumes come in but this box is rather pretty and unfortunately I prefer it to the perfume bottle so it is staying in the box out of site.

              Now I was a little disappointed with the bottle, its just not what I expected considering what I paid for it. I have paid less for perfume and it has come in more attractive bottles. The glass part of the bottle is quite thick and a round shape, this is not the issue. The part I dislike most is the lid. It is a horrible plastic that is purple and orange in colour. I feel It looks cheap and lowers how much I like the product ever so slightly. The bottle also has a purple tassel around the neck. I assume this is to add the exotic look to the perfume for its names sake.

              =====The perfume scent=====

              The smell of the perfume once applied is a little strong you need to give it a few minutes to absorb into the skin and mellow. One spray of the bottle gives enough perfume to cover both wrists and probably your neck as well. Spraying again onto your neck may create an over powering aroma of perfume half chocking you in the process.

              Once the perfume has mellowed the smell is quite pleasant. It is not a perfume that I would usually go for as I have firm favourites but it is a nice change to my usually batch of fruity perfumes. The perfume smells musky with a hint of rose and spice to it. I tend to wear this perfume about once a week and the bottle is lasting me quite a while which is a bonus.

              ====My opinion====

              I don't think that I will buy this perfume again; it just isn't really a scent that I would usually go for. However for the price and the free gift that I received I would say it was worth the money. The perfume usually retails at £15 I really would not recommend paying this much for the perfume, I would keep an eye on the Avon website and only purchase when It is on offer. The bottle is a nice size but the lid ruins its appearance which is a real shame as it could of looked lovely along with my other perfumes. All in all I would give the perfume 3-4 stars, a nice perfume but its just not my type of scent.


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              16.03.2012 23:35
              Very helpful



              Great spicy new perfume from Avon - worth a try.

              ----New Fragrance Launched in 2012----

              ---Why I Buy This---

              I have known the original Far Away fragrance since its launch in 1994 but I always found it too heavy and sickly for my liking so I never bought it, but obviously lots of people must have liked it for Avon to keep selling it for so long.
              Because I was not keen on Far Away I never bothered to try the next three versions - Dreams, Paradise or Fantasy.
              However I had been given a sample of this new Far Away Exotic fragrance and really took to it and so bought the full sized version.

              ---The Product---

              According to Avon - 'An inspiring journey of chai spice and lavish saffron rose entwined with the exotic richness of ambered musk'.
              Fragrantica.com states that it 'combines notes of mango, spiced chai and mandarin with the heart of saffron rose, coconut milk and jasmine and the base of patchouli, amber, musk and sandalwood'.
              This fragrance comes in a 50 ml bottle.
              All Far Away fragrances come in the same style bottle.
              The bottle is round from the front but narrow if looked at sideways. The glass is slightly frosted and has a wavy line across the centre.
              The cap is in the shape of a ball and divided into two colours by a wavy dividing line - the top section being very deep purple and the bottom part a sort of peach colour.
              Another trade mark of Far Away perfumes is the tassel around the neck of the bottle - this one is deep purple.
              The perfume comes in a dark purple box with dark Arabian style patterns.
              Made in Poland and contains alcohol.


              Full price is £13 for 50 mls - but has been on sale recently for £10 with a free scarf.

              ---My Opinion---

              As I said before Far Away original was never a favourite of mine, so if I had not tried the sample of this perfume I don't think I would ever have considered buying it.
              However I really like the warm fragrance which is very long lasting. It smells warm and spicy, but not in a sickly way, and I do not think this would be too heavy for summer either.
              There are faint notes that remind me of the original Far Away - but only slightly, and not in a bad way.
              It is possibly the sandalwood and mandarin that I like, though everything is combined and it is difficult to pick out one item from the mix of aromas.
              Many of the elements in this perfume are also listed for the original Far Away - so it just proves that a few changes can make all the difference and that you can never really tell which perfume you will like unless you actually try it.
              I think this perfume will be another hit for Avon as both my friend and a neighbour have ordered this perfume after trying samples as well - so its a winner.

              ---Star Rating---

              5 Stars.

              ---Would I Recommend?---

              Yes definitely.




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