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Avon Frosted Swirls Frosted Vanilla Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    3 Reviews
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      30.05.2012 16:32
      Very helpful



      A lovely EDT but disappointingly doesn't last


      I've a huge hoard of toiletries and beauty items and though I keep meaning to use up what I own first without buying anything new I often fail miserably. As I have just placed an order with my favourite beauty company Yves Rocher which includes at least 3 small EDT's, I decided to at least make an effort to start using up any half empty bottles of what I class as everyday EDT's and came across this by Avon - 'Vanilla Frost' from the Frosted Swirls collection. I had totally forgotten I had bought this and after digging deeper in my cupboard I also found a few of the other fragrances in this collection, though decided to start using this first and as I have been using almost consecutively for around 10 days now will share my thoughts on the product.

      My review will now focus on Vanilla Frost Frosted Swirls EDT by Avon..

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      As this is an Avon product it can be purchased from a brochure via a local Rep, or online @www.avonshop.co.uk though it's worth noting that there is normally a delivery charge for P&P so it's worth checking what the minimum spending amount is before ordering online.

      I purchased this along with two others in the Frosted Swirls collection when they were launched and paid around the £2.50 mark as they were on an introductory offer price at the time, though the RRP varies from £5 upwards as they only seem to sporadically appear in the brochure now making them more of a seasonal EDT. If interested though they can be purchased brand new on Ebay where I have seen several of the different Frosted Swirls for as little as £2 upwards though this isn't inclusive of P&P.

      Packaging wise this is a very simplistic affair being a tall slimline 15 ml tube that is cylindrical in shape. Being only 15 ml it's a perfect handbag size and as it's made from a solid plastic material it's hardy enough to withstand a few knocks when 'thrown in my bag. The tube is completely transparent with only a sticker for decoration wrapped around the centre depicting snowflakes on a green/ turquoise base with silver stars and a silver swirly font. The EDT can be seen clearly through the gaps in between the sticker and we can see exactly how much of the substance is remaining which personally I like when it comes to packaging (of any beauty item as I don't want to be estimating how much has been used each time).

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      I purchased this along with the three other Frosted Swirls EDT's as mentioned which are:

      *Frosted Berry
      *Frosted Winter Bloom
      *Frosted Vanilla (which I'm currently reviewing)

      My thoughts on receiving them in amongst my Avon order were initially how small they appeared! I know 15 ml is relatively small anyway but I do think the introductory offer of £2.50 is enough to pay as they are certainly not worth the RRP of £5 in my humble opinion.

      On removing the green tinged plastic lid I was met with a fairly small, but equally adequate plastic nozzle, which when pressed emitted a fine water like mist evenly on to my skin.

      The frosted vanilla is described as ''... exotic woods swirled with rich vanilla..." and when spritzed comes across at first as being quite sweet, though not sickly so, and lingers delicately for at least 10 minutes before starting to turn slight deeper. Once the fragrance starts to settle and dry against my skin it definitely becomes more deeper and warmer with the emphasis still lying heavily on the vanilla.

      I found that the longevity of Frosted Vanilla to be a bit of a let down as after spraying on to my skin it started to fade almost immediately to the point that I was reapplying almost every hour or so as I just couldn't smell it after this time. For a £5 item I think this is a very disappointing aspect regardless of the fact it's a limited festive edition or not - when applying a fragrance then you want to be able to smell it on your skin for more than 60 minutes.

      Packaging wise there is something slightly 'cheap' about these EDT's and I think it's simply down to the fact they are made from plastic and not glass, though having said that they are more robust I suppose.


      I am a fan of anything vanilla - whether it be in beauty form, household (candles/ wax tarts etc) or food/ drink so I half knew what to expect when I was buying this EDT. I tend to find vanilla based fragrances seem to last longer on my skin so was very disappointed that this just didn't cut it which was a disappointment as the actual vanilla offered here is a beautiful balance between sweet and woody. I have only been using this EDT for a short period of time as mentioned at the beginning of my review and less than 2 weeks of consecutive use it's already empty with just a few dregs remaining at the bottom of the tube.

      I would suggest that if you came across this extremely cheap to give it a go by all means, such as in an Ebay lot or in an Avon sales brochure, but I wouldn't want to pay more than £1 for it simply for the fact it's not an economical purchase as it has to be constantly reapplied which is a bit of a pain to be honest.

      This is a lovely vanilla fragrance that I do honestly like when wearing but because it fades far too quickly I can only give it a rating of 2 stars unfortunately...


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        26.01.2012 09:05
        Very helpful




        First there was the original Vanilla Perfumes out in this range and late last year there was 3 new ones out. They were stated as being Limited Edition and I guess that since these are Frosted Swirls then they were more aimed at Winter time. I haven't checked the current Avon books to see if they are in there, and this could be because I am still trying to use some of these up!

        This comes in a 15ml bottle. A great size to carry about if needed. This could easily fit in your pocket if needed, but I still just carry this in my bag. The right price of this is £5, but it has been on offer for £2.50 more often than not. So I bought all 3 of these like what I done when the other range came out. I do like a bargain.

        The bottle looks alright. It is just a simple looking tube shape and has a wrap around label which has a kind of Snowflake pattern on it. There is a small strip at the back of the tube where you can see how much of this you have used, and due to this only being 15ml then it does go down pretty quick. The lid stays on firm so no worries about the lid falling off.

        So how does this smell? This one is my favourite out of the Frosted Swirls scent. This reminds me of 1 of the other Vanilla Swirls - can't think the name of it but it is the one in the light brown coloured tube but this smells a little bit crisper. The scent of this is really nice. You get the sweet and Musky scent which smells like vanilla Beans. It is a Rich sweet scent. In the Avon book it doesn't state what the scents or notes are in this Perfume, but this is noted that this has a Woody scent, and I would agree with this. It isn't too Woody smelling though, but the different scent breaks up the otherwise perhaps sickly sweet scent of the Vanilla.

        This scent lasts surprising well too. I know it isn't all that expensive really, but I thought you were paying that bit more due to the size of this as often the price you pay works out more per ml when it is smaller. I would never class this scent as a firm favourite of mine, but it is a scent that I like to wear now and again and I would buy this again if it comes back into the book (and especially at offer price).


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        27.10.2011 22:08
        Very helpful



        my favourite frosted swirl!

        The Frosted Swirls collection is based around Avons Sassy Swirls collection. There are 3 limited edition scents available : Frosted Winter Bloom, Frosted Berry and Frosted Vanilla. The fragrances can be mixed together to create individual scents or worn alone.

        ~Frosted Vanilla~

        Frosted Vanilla is presented in an Eau de toilette. It is described as capturing the "woody" element of fragrance notes thought the actual fragrance notes used are not noted.

        The Frosted Vanilla fragrance is packaged within a tall, plastic vial with a spray top and has a pale green and white colour scheme. The bottle is slipped into a box with the matching design and the packaging has been released for the winter season.


        Each 15ml EDT in the collection is available from www.avonshop.co.uk or through your Avon rep;. The retail price is £5.00 but these can currently be purchased for £2.50.

        ~My Thoughts~

        As you can see from my previous review, I purchased the full collection of Frosted Swirls fragrances recently as part of the £2.50 introductory price. I have used them all alone or together so this review may seem a little similar in places but I have to add the information as not everyone may have read each review.

        The packaging is pretty but the vial feels cheap. It is ideal for handbags and topping up throughout the day. I was particularly looking forward to trying out the Frosted Vanilla as vanilla is one of my favourite fragrance notes. Spraying some on to my wrist and neck, the scent is very powerful and initially reeks of alcohol! Thankfully it settles..

        ~It Isn't A Cupcake But There Is Frosting!~

        The vanilla scent is quite intense but not as sweet as I would have expected. It is a different scent from the way vanilla is normally portrayed in fragrances and I can see why the fragrance is referred to as being woody rather than sweet. It is a deep vanilla scent which offers warm, earthy hints. It is relatively sweet but not in a sickly way and smells absolutely gorgeous on my skin.

        I would say this EDT is comforting and although not overly strong in comparison to some vanilla based scents, it does envelope me in a protective, cosy hug. It is the longest lasting scent in this collection giving around 2hours wear. This isn't very long but can be improved by adding to the scent.

        ~Creating My Scent!~

        The vanilla on its own is tempting but I love adding the other 2 scents to it. Using Frosted Vanilla as a base, I can add delicate floral hints and a sensual edge by spritzing on some Frosted Winter Bloom. Adding a spritz of Frosted Berry, the fragrance becomes more vibrant and changes to a heavenly aroma with a sweet and fruity ensemble. The fragrance is different depending on which EDT you use as a base and there is lots of combinations to try out!

        My favourite way to use all 3 perfumes is to apply the Frosted Vanilla as a base and allow the alcohol tinge to settle. This creates a coating of vanilla on the skin which can be added to and enhanced. Winter Bloom is next up and then finished off with Frosted Berry. The result is a layered scent with the fruit acting as the top notes, a floral heart and the vanilla coming into play as a base. This allows the scent to last a good few hours and I get the most from it this way.


        My favourite Frosted Swirls EDT as it is perfect to wear alone and even more appealing to blend to create different aromas.I stated in a previous review that I used this EDT to enhance and compliment another vanilla based product (a body lotion) and I stand by this claim. My bottles aren't lasting long and I don't feel at £5.00 that they are worth it but I am glad I bought them. I find the vanilla nice enough for evening wear and the mixed scent is ideal for anytime.

        Thanks for reading x


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