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Avon Frosted Swirls Frosted Winter Bloom Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2012 13:45
      Very helpful




      I have just recently wrote about the Sassy swirls range from Avon. This scent is from the 2nd lot of Swirls scents that came out before Christmas last year and is called the Frosted Swirls. they are much the same as the original scents but have a bit of a twist to them and they are all named a more Wintery kind of name.

      This comes in a 15ml tube and the right price of this is £5. I picked this up in the sale book a few months ago for £2.50. I think price wise this works out quite expensive paying £5 for 15ml so I have tried all 6 scents over the 2 ranges but always paid less than the full price.

      This comes in a simple plastic tube. Due to the size of this you can easily carry this around if you like to freshen up through the day and although I don't do this you can easily pop this into your pocket it is so small. This has a wrap around plastic label and you can easily see how much of this you have used.

      Now to the scent of this. How does this smell? Well with all the Swirls range it is the Vanilla scent which stands out. Vanilla isn't my most favourite scent but I do quite like to smell it now and again. The sweet and slightly Musky scent from this is nice and the sweet scent is broken up with the other notes mixed through this scent. The other scents in here seem to be a sort of Wood-y kind of scent and I feel that there is some greens mixed through this as well. I can't say if I can detect Rose or anything like that through here but there is definitely a strong enough Floral scent mixed through. Perhaps a touch of Lily i'm not sure but since I bought this from the sale book then there was no scent description next to this.

      I have thought that all the scents from the Swirl range has been nice. They are nothing outstanding but just a nice light fresh scent to use. None of them last all that long after spraying which is disappointing as paying £5 for 15ml isn't cheap especially if you will keep reapplying this, but I recommend all of them in the range for a try but best to catch when on a special offer.


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      28.10.2011 18:14
      Very helpful



      its ok

      The Frosted Swirls range is a collection of limited edition perfumes from Avon. The collection offers 3 fragrances released for the festive season and reflect the Sassy Swirls collection. The fragrances are FrostedWinter Bloom, Vanilla Frost and Frosted Berry. The fragrances can be worn alone or together to create different fragrances.

      ~Frosted Winter Bloom~

      Frosted Winter Bloom is a fragrance based around floral notes. Nowhere specifies which floral notes are used. The fragrance is an Eau de toilette and is presented in a cylidrical, long vial with a spray top. This specific fragrance can be identified by its lilac and silver colour scheme. The vial is decorated with these colours and slipped into a matching box.


      Each EDT in the collection is presented in a 15ml size and retails at £5.00 in the Avon brochure and online at www.avonshop.co.uk. It is currently on offer at £2.50.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I purchased all 3 EDTs in this collection recently at the reduced price of £2.50. I like the idea of mix and matching scents and often do this with the more expensive, Jo Malone Colognes. I have tried all of the fragrances alone and together and plan on reviewing all 3 so you may see some similarities between the reviews.

      ~First up is Frosted Winter Bloom...~

      I expected a glass vial but instead received a fairly cheap feeling, plastic vial. 15ml isn't a lot for a fragrance but the vial slips nicely into a hand bag for top ups throughout the day. This particular fragrance claims to be floral based. The EDT sprays out evenly covering a decent section of skin.

      My immediate thoughts were quite good. For an EDT, the scent is quite heavy but never cloying. It settles and sits beautifully on my skin. Rather than be fresh and light like I would expect a floral scent to be, it is quite sensual and more of a sweet scent. It is nicer than I expected and quite modern scented. Although the floral notes aren't noted, I notice hints of jasmine which I feel gives the sensual edge. I do like the sweet twist within the scent.

      Wearing this EDT alone, the scent doesn't last very long. I have found that the scent starts to fade within 30mins and is barely noticeable except for a whisper on my skin after an hour and a half.

      ~Mix It Up!!~

      I think the whole ideal behind the blending of the scents is to allow the wearer to sample the delights of a fruity, woody and a floral based scent in one go. If I am using this EDT as the base, the following scents are achieved. Adding a spritz of Frosted Berry livens up the sensual floral aroma and gives it a fresh, fruity twist. Adding Frosted Vanilla deepens the scent and allows the sweetness to come through stronger.

      If I use all 3 EDTs together, the fragrance lasts several hours but is still pretty light on the skin. The scent develops at a quick pace. They blend well though I do feel the type of scent offered varies depending on which order you use them and which fragrance you use as a base. I think this EDT is ideal for spraying after the vanilla but before the berry to create a top, heart and base note scenario.


      As a stand alone scent, Frosted Winter Bloom is nothing special. It lacks anything more than a rather average scent. I do like it when combined with the other scents but at £5.00 a bottle for a short time on the skin, it actually works out quite expensive as I constantly need to top it up. It is nice for a night time scent if you are prepared to top it up.

      I recommend it at £2.50 a bottle.

      Thanks for reading x


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