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Avon Little Red Dress Eau de Parfum

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6 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    6 Reviews
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      08.04.2013 20:41
      Very helpful



      a great evening perfume

      I love trying out new perfumes, and having a mother in law that is an Avon Representative, I try out a lot of different Avon perfumes. I loved Little Black Dress, and when I was finished my bottle, I decided to try the Little Red Dress perfume, which is a newer scent and looked quite nice in the book.

      The Bottle
      The bottle that this perfume comes in is quite simple yet elegant, it is a rectangle bottle with quite thick glass and it says in quite classic print on the middle of the bottle 'Little Red Dress', the lid has a red ring around it, keeping in line with the name of the perfume. I quite like the bottle that this perfume comes in, it looks well sitting on my shelf and in my room.

      The Avon Website describes this perfume as the following:
      'Irresistible fruity nectar mingles with bulgarian Rose and sensual Red Sandalwood, for a feeling like you've just slipped into your little red dress. Oriental, fruity.'

      What I Thought
      I really liked this perfume, I found that it has quite an elegant and mature scent to it, this perfume is perfect for wearing on a night out or when I am going for a nice meal or somewhere special.
      I think that this perfume is however rather strong, can be a little overpowering if you use too much, so usually when I am putting it on, I only use a little and apply it a while before I am going so it has time to mellow out and the it lingers nicely provided it isn't overused.
      This perfume has really good staying power, it almost lasts two days sometimes. I have on quite a few occasions put it on for example a Monday evening and still can smell little bursts of it on a Tuesday afternoon, which is really handy whenever I forget to put on my perfume if I am busy in the morning before work.
      I have been complemented on this perfume quite a few times, my mother and sisters love it and have order bottles for themselves, this perfume is really nice and I would definitely recommend it.

      Price and Availability
      You can buy this perfume from Avon either online or through your Avon Representative for £13. I think that this is a great price for this perfume, and also it sometimes is put on offer on 3 for 2's and buy one get one free, so it is also a good idea to keep an eye out for it on sale.

      I love this perfume and think that it is lovely and it is great to wear on a night out. I would definitely recommend this perfume to anyone who wants something nice and cheap to wear that still smells special. Overall I would this give this perfume 4 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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      25.03.2013 13:15
      Very helpful



      Thanks for Reading :)

      There are few Avon dress perfumes available, the first one being little black dress and was released in 2001, and then the little white dress was later introduced followed by the Little red dress. The one I am reviewing is the Avon Little Red Dress Perfume, as I have yet to try the other ones.


      I Purchased the 50ml Sized Avon Little Red Dress perfume from the Avon Catalogue, which at the time was priced at £13, but I am sure you can get it cheaper when Avon have their special offers on (which is quite frequent). I was a bit impatient and just went on impulse and purchased the perfume at its full price, but thankfully I have not lived to regret the impulsive purchase!

      ==THE DESIGN==

      The design of the perfume bottle is actually quite simple; it is made from thick clear glass and which is designed in a simple square shape, and the name of the perfume 'Little Red Dress' is clearly printed on the front of the perfume bottle.

      Unlike the plain looking bottle, the lid displays some colour. It is made of plastic and has some red striped colouring underneath the plastic layer. The lid is rectangular shaped, and fits nicely on top of the perfume dispenser, adding a nice elegant look to the bottle.


      ~~The perfume contains the following notes~~

      Top notes are raspberry, citruses and ploom.

      Middle notes are jasmine and rose;

      Base notes are, sandalwood, musk and amber.

      Upon spraying the perfume, I could instantly notice the sweetness of the raspberry note as well as the freshness of the citrus. The smell is nice and strong, and gets the nose senses running wild, however thankfully it is not too overpowering.
      The aroma has a nice feminine feel, which has elements of a fruity tropical and zingy scent that mixes well and balances out into a pleasant fresh fragrance.

      In my opinion the perfume smells quite expensive, and smells nicer than a lot of other designer fragrances out at the moment. I was really happy with the scent, as I had a few people complimenting me on the smell and asking me what I what I was using.

      One of most notable things about this perfume is how long the fragrance lasts, I can usually smell the scent on my clothes days after I have used it, which is great as it means I do not have to keep re-spraying when I am off out. I personally think it is perfect for wearing for both everyday use or for a night out, it is that appealing and versatile.

      Overall this perfume is highly recommended, it has beautiful appealing floral sweet fragrance that can suit a night out or a day at work. It is inexpensive and smells a lot more expensive and more sophisticated than most of the other highly expensive perfumes on the market, and surprisingly very long lasting. Therefore I can't really fault this one, it is perfect!


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      24.03.2013 14:50
      Very helpful



      A lovely sophisticated EDP from Avon without the designer price tag

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      I love toiletries and am far from brand loyal though for my luxury items I do favour the french beauty company Yves Rocher and order from them when funds allow. For everyday items I either buy from Superdrug due to the locality of a large store which is close to my home or more so recently I've been buying from Avon. I've found trying to find a local Rep in our area difficult as they are very hit or miss so when a school mum friend became a Rep around 5 months ago it was ideal and I have been ordering from her to be a supportive friend (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). I've bought from Avon on and off for many years so have a vague idea about what works for me and what doesn't as certain skin products just don't suit my skin but their fragrances I've never had a problem with. Having seen 'Little Red Dress EDP' on offer a few months ago I decided to try the bottle for myself and this review discusses my experience of wearing it.

      **What Avon have to say**
      Described as being "..irresistible fruity nectar which mingles with bulgarian rose and sensual red sandalwood.."

      This certainly caught my eye at the time and as Avon offer a scented page with certain products I was able to get an idea of the scent by rubbing my wrist over the page. Being suitably impressed I placed an order and when my bottle arrived around 2 weeks later I wasted no time in testing it out..

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      Presented in a slightly rectangular but more so square like glass bottle, it is completely transparent so that amber coloured liquid can be clearly viewed within. The bottle is very basic to look at with a simple font in red with the logo and a silver nozzle on top with a half clear and red plastic lid but it has an elegant look that makes it look far more expensive than it's usual RRP of £13. Although £13 isn't a lot for an Eau De Parfum I rarely pay full price for beauty items preferring to wait until they are on offer and so I was pleased that when I ordered this it was half price at just £6.50, and as the bottle holds a reasonable 50 ml I deemed this a complete bargain at the time of purchase.

      To buy either speak to your local Rep who will place an order for you, alternatively Avon have an online shop @www.avon.co.uk though there is normally a charge for P&P so it's worth looking into whether this would be beneficial if only wanting to order the odd one or two items. I often find that eBay has a good selection of new Avon products so this is worth considering too especially if after something in particular.

      **The composition itself**
      Little Red Dress by Avon is a fairly new fragrance which was launched in 2011. It is classed as an Oriental Floral fragrance for women and is made up of the following notes:

      Top notes:

      Heart notes:

      Base notes:

      **My thoughts on wearing Little Red Dress**
      Little Red Dress isn't the sort of fragrance that I would normally opt for as I was under the illusion that it was heavily floral orientated so until recently I have avoided trying it, despite being a fan of it's sister fragrance 'Little Black Dress'. Having been impressed by the scented tester page in the brochure I liked how the scent lingered on my skin so was hoping I wouldn't be let down once I had a full size bottle as I've tried Avon products in the past by the tester page and have felt disappointed once I've ordered the actual product.

      When Little Red Dress arrived I was surprised at how elegant the bottle looked 'in the flesh' so to say as it has minimal decoration but really stands out looking far classier than it looks in the brochure. The bottle itself is made from a sturdy feeling glass though due to the large square shape I find it slightly cumbersome to hold preferring to hold at the side (which is slimmer) and turn the nozzle accordingly. This may not sound like much of a hindrance, and it's not, but it annoys me that I can't just hold the bottle 'properly' so design wise I think this would benefit being slimmer and taller though that's just my opinion.

      The large plastic lid sits firmly on top of the nozzle though is easy enough to remove and replace and protects the nozzle underneath. On removing the lid for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful aroma that greeted me and I remember thinking it was far nicer than when I'd simply tried the tester page so was impressed already.

      On spritzing the EDP a few times casually onto my pulse points I noticed the top notes straight away. The citrus wasn't as sharp and tangy as I was expecting but this could be to do with the raspberry notes which diluted it somewhat as for me it was the luscious red raspberry that stood out amongst the two.

      Once the dry down began the delicate heart notes started to show themselves and this is where the floral element really starts to shine through. I'm not a big fan of floral based fragrances generally as I find they can be a bit sickly and overpowering, however Little Red Dress manages to balance the floral heart perfectly with it's opening and base notes. The jasmine is very delicate and barely there, though the beautiful scent of rose is very prominent and gives the EDP a very feminine and romantic feel. Despite what I've just said about not being a floral fragrance fan I do have a soft spot for anything rose based so this EDP instantly won me over with the inclusion of rose alone.

      Little Red Dress finally settles into a deeper, more sultrier, fragrance with the base notes of Musk,Sandalwood and Amber. The amber gives the fragrance a nice warmth whilst the sandalwood and musk create a woody, earthy scent which with the rose and a hint of raspberry still present makes this a wonderful fragrance to wear.

      **Results and recommendations**
      Although I've been buying Avon products for many years now I do find them to be hit or miss. Generally speaking though their fragrances tend to be fun in a 'cheap and cheerful' way and don't take their selves too seriously and what you pay for is basically what you get. I've found that over the past few years Avon have been collaborating more with celebrities and designers to create fragrances to rival top brands but even their own 'everyday' fragrances have vastly improved in both design and longevity.

      As LRD is an EDP it is stronger and purer than an eau de toilette so I was hoping that the beautiful aroma that was currently caressing my skin would hang around and not disappear within an hour or so.. but I needn't have been worried.

      I can honestly say this excelled itself in my expectations as far as longevity was concerned as a few spritzes early on in the day was enough to last several hours without the strength of the EDP fading too much. It's strong on application - but not overpoweringly so - and so the strength lasts until it starts to fade slowly after about 4 hours though could still be detected around tea time after applying it initially in the morning. Although I picked this up for half price I think that even at it's full RRP of £13 it offers excellent value for money and is such a pretty fragrance to wear I'm just annoyed with myself for not buying a bottle sooner.

      I've been impressed with this EDP and whilst it's not something I would class as my signature scent as I like to swap and change on an almost daily basis it has become one I've reached for more than others. I like how the fragrance slowly changes over the course of a few hours, going from hints of citrus to delicate floral notes then becoming deeper with it's musky base though it never loses it's raspberry and rose notes which is what I adore about this.

      I've been using this a few times a week since just before Christmas 12' and I still have 3/4 of the bottle remaining so for the price I paid it's an excellent buy. Although it has quite a keen strength I tend to wear this as a daytime scent as I find it suits this time of day the best for me though it could easily be worn as a night time fragrance due to it's depth, but my personal preference is for during the day though it proves successful either way making it a versatile fragrance.

      I can't fault this EDP and think Avon have got it right here though my only slight criticism is the bulk of the bottle but that's all I can say remotely negatively about this.

      Top marks for a top fragrance



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        20.12.2012 09:17
        Very helpful




        There is a few Litte _ Dress perfumes out in Avon. The original is Little black dress but there has been a White dress and this one which I think is the latest one out. I have tried all of them and although I do like the scent of the Black one it is just that bit heavy a scent for me. I got this Perfume free as when I spent £12 over a certain few pages in the Avon book I got a 15ml purse spray free as well as a Nail polish and Mascara. I spent the £12 easily enough as I was needing items and freebies are always good in my view.

        This normally comes in a 50ml bottle and according to the Avon book this costs £13. With Avon things are usually on special offer now and again though so I doubt you would have to pay full price at times.

        I cannot comment on the look of the 50ml bottle but looking at it in the book it looks to be quite plain looking. I remember the shape of the other Dresses and the glass is quite thick and it just is a simple bottle with a little lid on the top. The 15ml bottle is just plain as well. Good size to carry around and spritz on if you want to freshen up on the go.

        So how does this smell? Well you get the hint of the scent that the other dresses smell like but this one isn't as heavy as the original which I am glad of. Reading online about the note in here they are Sandalwood and Amber (which I think all the Dresses have) as well as Rose, Jasmine, Raspberry, Citrus and Musk. So although there is plenty of heavier scents in here the Raspberry adds a nice sweetness and the Citrus freshens this up and adds a bit zing and sparkle. You only need a couple of squirts of this to be able to smell this and the scent does last a long time. Yes it gets fainter after a couple of hours but I can still smell this on me a good 10 hours after spraying.

        This is a nice enough scent. Still not exactly the scent I do go for as I prefer light, fresh and perhaps fruity scents rather than heavier ones, but due to this having a bit freshness to it then I could see myself using this now and again for a change. If you like the other Dress scents then you should like this one too.


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        16.12.2012 12:59
        Very helpful




        One of my favourite dresses is a little red dress that I bought a few years ago on ASOS, but this review is not for a real dress, it's for a perfume called Little Red Dress by Avon.
        The perfume was released in 2011 off the back of their popular Little Black Dress perfume (first launched in 2001) and they have also released a perfume called Little White Dress as part of this collection.
        I received a bottle of Little Red Dress for my birthday earlier this year. The bottle design is similar to that of Little Black Dress (and also Little White Dress).

        ~ Price ~
        Little Red Dress is in the current Avon brochure for just £8.00 for the 50ml eau de parfum reduced from £13.00. There is usually some sort of offer on Avon perfumes so don't pay full price if you can avoid it.

        ~ Bottle ~
        The bottle is square and made from clear glass. The words 'little red dress' are on the front of the bottle, one under the other forming a square shape. The bottle design is fairly simple.
        The lid of the bottle is a rectangular shape with a hole in the middle, which fits over the little dispenser on the bottle. It is made from plastic and has a layer of clear plastic with a layer of red transparent plastic underneath. It is quite awkward, but it clicks into place and I think it adds to the look of the bottle.
        I like the design of the bottle. It isn't anything too special, but it is nice enough. I like the shape of it and it's not too boring or plain.

        ~ Scent ~
        The perfume is fruity and sweet. I really like the scent. It is really feminine and fresh.
        Its top notes are citruses, raspberry and ploom.
        Its heart notes are jasmine and rose.
        Its base notes are musk, sandalwood and amber.
        To me, it smells fruity and I can detect the raspberry straight away and it is sweet without being sickly. I can also detect subtle floral notes in this perfume. The combination of fruity and floral notes give this perfume a real kick.
        I absolutely love it. I prefer it to the original, Little Black Dress as I think it is a bit more feminine and I prefer it to Little White Dress as I think it has a bigger presence.
        I find its sweetness very appealing. As it is quite light and fresh I imagine many people would categorise it as a daytime scent, but I would definitely consider wearing it for a night out because the fruity/floral kick that it has to it has a deepness to it and it reminds me of perfumes I have smelled on my friends on nights out in the past.
        The scent is still detectable hours after application. I have been very impressed by this perfume.

        ~ Overall ~
        Overall, I love this perfume. It has a perfectly blended fruity, floral scent, which has a real kick to it. It is sweet, fresh and versatile. It is also long lasting which I have been impressed with.
        As with most Avon perfumes which I love, I suspect that this one, being a offshoot of the original Little Black Dress, will no doubt be discontinued before long so be quick if you want to try it!
        I'd recommend this perfume and would definitely buy it again if mine ran out.


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          15.10.2012 22:00
          Very helpful



          Would be nice if it had some staying power

          ===Why I Bought This===

          I like browsing through the Avon catalogues and ordering different items to try. This fragrance was one I decided to try after not really liking the original Little Black Dress one.

          ===The Brand===

          Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
          Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

          ===The Product===

          'Little Red Dress by Avon is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Little Red Dress was launched in 2011. Top notes are citruses, raspberry and ploom; middle notes are jasmine and rose; base notes are musk, sandalwood and amber.' (fragrantica.com)
          Eau de parfum.
          Comes in deep red box and wrapped in cellophane.
          The box is red but looking closing it has a diamond pattern imprinted in it.
          50 mls and made in Poland.
          Contains 69.6% denat alcohol and is flammable.
          The box is lined in white card.
          The bottle is squarish and made of plain glass.
          The oblong shaped cap is half red and half clear plastic - the odd thing is that there is a hole right through it where the spray cap fits.


          Full price £13 or 2 for £15.

          ===My Opinion===

          Avon's website states - 'Irresistible fruity nectar mingles with bulgarian Rose and sensual Red Sandalwood, for a feeling like you've just slipped into your little red dress. Oriental, fruity'.
          This bottle is very plain and sleek and has a minimalist appearance. The bottle looks very basic and unimpressive.
          This perfume sounded as though I would like it - comtaining raspberry, sandalwood and musk.
          I put two squirts of this on at a time - to begin with it is very strong, powerful and a bit over the top - smelling sort of sharp and fruity.
          Initially when it is sprayed on it does have a nice sort of fruity aroma - but nothing I could actually distinguish.
          However although this is an eau de parfum it did not remain very strong at all. After about half an hour the fragrance had virtually gone on me - very disappointing.
          Not even as good as £1 body sprays for longevity and definitely not worth the £13 which is its full price.
          I do not know if it was just me but this fragrance just disappears when I use it.
          Worth a try as you can always return it under Avon's guarantee if you find its not for you.

          ===Star Rating===

          2 stars

          ===Would I Recommend?===

          Not really as it disappears so quickly.




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