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Avon Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews
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    5 Reviews
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      16.11.2014 22:52
      Not Helpful


      • "Good Value"
      • "Long lasting"
      • "Strong smelling"
      • "Great scent"


      Great sweet scent, great value for money!

      I bought this perfume when I worked for Avon, I got it on an offer and was more than happy when I smelt it. I then went on to buy 2 more full priced bottles as I think it is a bargain. A lot of perfumes that are popular can cost £50/£60 and this bottle is around £10 which I think is a great deal. The scent is quite sweet so wouldn't suit anyone who doesn't like strong scents, I prefer people to be able to smell my perfume (thats why I wear it right?) and I believe this perfume lasts quite a while....although I do have to apply 2/3 times a day if I am out all day which is no big deal as it fits perfectly in my hand bag.


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      26.01.2014 21:50
      Very helpful



      Would work as an everyday perfume

      While working for Avon I used to try lots of different perfumes and body sprays. Outspoken by Fergie was launched and it was on offer for £8 for the gift set. I decided to give it a try as £8 for a gift set is quite cheap!

      The bottle is really pretty and feminine. It's a deep purple colour with a clear lid which is easy to remove. In the set I got a perfume bottle - 50ml, body spray 75ml and body lotion 150ml. For £8 for the set its a great price. It also came in a purple gift box with the fergie outspoken logo on and a silver pattern. It looks really professional and like it would be an expensive perfume.

      On the Avon website it is described as 'A bold blend of iced berries, feminine tuberose absolute and daring black leather'. I'm not quite sure about the leather part however the berries does come through. It is a strong perfume and it does smell different on different people. I really like the smell however my partners mum also bought a bottle and it didn't suit her.

      The only downside is it isn't a perfume that is long lasting. I found myself spraying it several times a day otherwise it wasn't noticeable. I did expect this though due to the price.

      I'm not sure if this is still for sale through Avon as I bought this a couple of years back. If it is though I would recommend as an everyday perfume (not one for going on a night out as it doesn't last long enough).


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      24.05.2013 08:14
      Very helpful




      Continuing on with the Avon reviews after going through my bathroom cupboard. My problem is I rarely use a Perfume up until it is finished so I have lots of opened bottles. Maybe I should concentrate on using 1 at a time.

      This scent came out a few years ago and it is still being sold in the main Avon books. There has been another Outspoken scent out after this one.

      I quite like the look of this bottle. It is a dark blue colour and it has a nice shape to it. I think the bottle looks quite expensive, but I don't think the lid seems to suit the bottle. That's just my opinion though.

      The scent is a little bit heavier than the usual sort of scent that I go for. After looking online to find out what the notes are in here there is passion flower, jasmine, vetiver and saffron. I can' say that I know what most of these scents actually smell like but it does smell quite rich and musky. I can't say that I can smell the Passion flower but i'm thinking that it would smell quite fruity. I'm probably wrong though. I spray 3 squirts of this on each area and this amount gives a good strong scent which seems to last long enough too but I do spray this again through the day as well.

      This comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £15 normally. As with normal Avon products it is on offer now and again and the offers have ranged from getting the matching Body Spray and Body Lotion for free or the Perfume being reduced. Currently the Perfume is £12.

      I would recommend this Perfume as it is a nice rich sparkling scent which all the notes blend together and leave behind a strong heady scent.


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      30.12.2012 11:15
      Very helpful



      A nice scent, but discontinued by Avon

      Outspoken by Fergie is a perfume I received as a gift. It is available from Avon and can either be ordered from the Avon brochure through your local Avon representative or it can be ordered online at www.avonshop.co.uk.

      ~ Price ~
      A 50ml bottle would cost between £12.00 - £20.00 from Avon, but it seems this perfume has now been discontinued.
      It is still available from www.amazon.co.uk to purchase for around £12.00.

      I don't usually like to use celebrity perfumes as, to me, they have a cheap image, reminding me of desperate fans who worship and go crazy over certain celebrities.

      Fergie (or Stacey Ann Ferguson) is the female American singer from Black Eyed Peas who topped the UK charts back in 2003 with their debut single, Where Is The Love? and have had numerous subsequent hits.

      ~ Appearance ~
      The bottle is made from a deep dark blue glass with 'Outspoken by Fergie' on the front in grey lettering with a little pattern on.
      The bottle is very wide at the bottom, but it then tapers on either side up to the spray button on the top.
      A clear plastic lid sits on the top. This is angular shaped, reflecting the light like a diamond or precious gem stone.

      ~Scent ~
      The scent is really tangy and refreshing.
      It combines top notes of blackcurrant, starfruit and wild saffron, heart notes of tuberose, jasmine and passionflower and base notes of ebony, leather and vetiver.
      It is a light, fruity scent with a definite floral element. I really love this scent. It is a great blend.
      It is a sweet, feminine fragrance and I'd say it is more suited to day time wear rather than for nights out or special occasions.
      I have found it to be long lasting, the scent still being evident on my skin 10 hours after applying it.
      I would say this perfume would appeal to younger women due to its sweetness, but a more mature woman would have no problem pulling it off.
      I have been really impressed with this perfume. As well as its longevity, the scent is really unique and I really love it.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      Overall, I think this is a great perfume. The bottle is nice and the perfume is lovely. It is feminine, fresh and fruity with a light floral element, which does not make this perfume too heavy.
      I would definitely consider repurchasing this perfume after mine runs out, even though I am not a big fan of celebrity perfumes or ordering discontinued fragrances!
      I would recommend this perfume for yourself or as a gift.


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      01.11.2012 11:18
      Very helpful



      Discontinued - pleasant aroma but not very strong

      ===Why I Bought This===

      As I see the Avon catalogue regularly I decided to be a bit more adventurous and try some more of their new items, instead of sticking to ones I know and trust.
      This fragrance has been out for a while but I have never tried it before.

      ===The Brand===

      By Fergie.
      Manufactured by Avon under licence from Krystal Ball Productions Inc.
      If, like me, the only Fergie you know is the ex-Royal, the Fergie referred to is Stacey Ferguson, an internationally known singer, both as a solo artist and as lead vocalist with The Black Eyed Peas.
      Fergie has three fragrances connected with Avon, the first two fragrances, Outspoken and Outspoken Intense were apparently hugely successful, Outspoken sold 1.5 million units on release, and Outspoken Intense sold 1.1 million units on release - Viva is heir newest fragrance.

      ===The Product===

      Fragrantica.com state: 'Top notes of the perfume refresh us with frozen black currant, starfruit and wild saffron, standing in contrast with gentle aromas of the heart. Floral nuances of tuberose, jasmine and passionflower dance together in a passionate and sensual way, while seducing base notes of ebony, leather and vetiver. Inspiration for the flacon is connected with popular Fergie's wedding. She remembers to have seen a beautiful, luxurious, crystal vase which attracted her attention with its elegance. Result of the creation is connecting variety and contrasts. Diamond-shaped stopper crowns dark, glass curves of the flacon and achieves a more luxurious form. The fragrance arrived on the market May 2010'.
      50 ml bottle of eau de perfum.
      Comes wrapped in cellophane.
      Blakc box with purple cartouch on front with the name on and surrounded with sprays of scrolling silver flowers.
      The box has an inner lining of purple cardboard.
      Made in Poland.
      Very dark purple almost black glass bottle.
      Curved shape with transparent plastic bottle topper


      Currently not being sold by Avon but can be purchased from Ebay if required. I bought when it was an end of line item with Avon.

      ===My Opinion===

      To begin with I thought the bottle looked a weird sort of shape, but reading on the internet showed that it was supposed to be modelled on a vase shape - not one I thought particularly innovative.
      The box itself is well made though not especially attractive or classy looking but the pruple lining is quite nice.
      The bottle is very dark purple verging on black - looking mostly black to me anyway - and I feel a rather old fashioned shape..
      The perfume itself is a nice delicate aroma - quite strong when first sprayed on but it soon settles down to smelling quite classy and expensive. I am not sure really what it smells of - but I d quite like it. However it does not seem to be especially strong or have a lot of staying power - and it is not one I would really want to buy again.
      It is not an unlikeable fragrance - being a sort of gently and light musky. However unless you put a few squirts on it is so delicate you might just as well be wearing perfumed body lotion. Fine if you like something very restrained - but for me for the price I would expect something with more power.
      This is the second of Fergie's fragrances I have tried, and while this one is nice than the Viva one I recently had, it is not ever going to be one of my favourites.

      ===Star Rating===

      3 stars - ok I suppose but would not bother buying again.

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Not really.




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