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Avon Outspoken Intense by Fergie Eau de Toilette

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5 Reviews

Brand: Avon - Fergie / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    5 Reviews
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      28.10.2011 08:42
      Very helpful




      This Perfume has been out for just a couple of books in Avon. The original Outspoken Perfume I have used a few times and get the Body Spray sometimes. I am using a bottle of this just now and am going to buy this for my niece's Christmas as I think it will be a nice present for her (and also it is a good price as well.)

      This comes in a 50ml bottle and the price of this is £15, which is a normal price for a brand name I would say. So far there hasn't been any price reduction on this with it being new out, but for the books that this has been out in you get a 10ml Purse Spray and a 75ml body spray for free when you buy the Perfume. These 2 things cost £10.50 on their own so a bit of a bargain to be had.

      The bottle for this looks nice enough. It is a solid bottle which is wider at the bottom and has a nice shape to it. The bottle is a little shiny and the writing is over the middle of the bottle. The lid looks a bit ornamental and overall it all looks alright.

      So now to the important part of this. How does it smell? It is a nice smell. I would say it is more of a heavier scent but with Fruity bits mixed in. The notes in here are Blackberry, Star Fruits, Passion Fruit, Musk and Kumquat. There is a sparkling scent through this as well, but not too light and sparkling to be honest. I would say that you can smell the Musk which is deep and warming, but the Passion Fruit and Blackberry can be easily identified as well and they break the heavier scent up. It all goes together well and is a nice scent.

      When I first sprayed a few squirts of this it seemed to smell pretty strong, but once it dried and warmed to my skin then the strenght of this was just fine. You can obviously spray more or less of this scent depending on what you wanted to be able to smell of this.

      I would recommend this scent if you like slightly heavier scents but also if you like Fruity as well as it is a nice scent and although I know this will never be a favourite of mine, it is a nice change.

      A good scent on a good offer at the moment.


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      28.09.2011 20:55
      Very helpful



      A musky perfume ideal for a night out.

      I was given this perfume as a gift and am glad I was as it's not something I would choose for myself but I've been pleasantly surprised.

      This perfume I do believe is only currently available from Avon for about £15 which is a very reasonable price for a celebrity endorsed perfume. The perfume comes in a nicely shaped bottle thats a sparkly silver colour with the name of the fragrance written on it in black writing. I like the fact isn't overly fancy as perfume bottles can sometimes be. The bottle comes in a pink and black box with a flowery design which is wrapped in cellophane which seems a bit excessive (don't get me started on packaging in my opinion every product has way too much packaging). The writing on the box is somewhat hard to read.

      The perfume itself smells good it's described as having flavours of "starfruit mixed with luscious passion flower and a warm base of sensual musks." To me I it definitely smells musky with fruity notes. I would describe it as an evening perfume rather than a day to day perfume. I did at first find the smell a little overpowering but was pleased to find out it lasted for a good few hours. Long enough to wear on an evening out.

      Overall I think this perfume is very good value for money and would buy it for myself or as a gift.


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      26.09.2011 10:14
      Very helpful



      An average offering


      As much as I like to buy beauty products I'm afraid my budget doesn't stretch too far being a stay at home mum. Because of this I tend to go for the 'cheaper' options of beauty products such as shops own brands, Ebay and then there is always good old Avon.

      As much as I like Avon products I do tend to find they can be very hit or miss with me (particularly the skin care ranges) though their fragrances always seem to be appealing in a cheap and cheerful kind of way. Recently with their fragrances in particular they have been trying to 'up' their image by introducing a whole range of collaborations and this - Outspoken Intense is the second with Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. Having been uber` impressed with the original offering of Outspoken I was excited to get my hands on this follow up..

      *~*Price, Packaging & Availability*~*

      As this is an Avon collaboration it is available via an Avon Rep, online from their store or one of my favourite options - Ebay where I pick up many a bargain of excess stock of beauty products at knock down prices.

      The fragrance is available in an EDT spray and comes in one size (to my knowledge) of 50 ml. The current price at Sept 11' in the Avon brochure is £15.00 though as with most of their products these prices change frequently when on special offer so it's worth looking out for in future deals if wanting to try.

      The packaging is identical as the the original Outspoken and the bottle only differs in colour; whereas the original is a deep dark sexy colour Outspoken Intense is a much more softer, slightly mauve/pink (depending on certain lights) with an attractive iridescent glow about it.
      On the top is an easy to access spray nozzle which is protected by a clear diamond shaped lid which has a hint of pink to match the bottle. The whole look is aesthetically pleasing I suppose, but personally I find it a bit too *obvious* to just copy the previous offerings and think that by changing the colour scheme it is original, that's just my opinion though.

      *~*The Fragrance*~*

      The fragrance is a take on it's predecessor though is made up of the following notes:

      ``Star fruit``
      ``Passion flower``
      ``Sensual musk``

      What Avon describes it as:
      "...Fergie wants to evoke a rush of adrenaline that she feels before she goes out on stage..."

      *~*My experience of wearing this*~*

      I have long since been a fan of Avon fragrances as at the end of the day you pay for what you get and the majority of their scents are ideal 'cheap & cheerful' daytime fragrances in my opinion. Just recently though I have found myself favouring some of their collaborative affairs as they have really had an alluring appeal to them and as for Outspoken I was truly bewitched by it's fresh and funky approach to 'casual' perfumes.
      When I found out that Avon was launching a follow up fragrance in the same name I was genuinely excited as I am a great lover of perfumes and own a vast collection ranging from expensive branded items (just don't tell the husband) to the cheaper everyday 'acceptable' offerings from the likes of Avon.

      I found that on first spritzing Outspoken Intense I found it slightly overpowering in a very fruity manner and not particularly appealing which was disappointing. After a few moments of letting the fragrance settle though I soon began to notice individual notes and it started to fade to a 'wearable' level (as in not making me cough!) quite quickly.
      This is obviously a fruit based fragrance so if you are not a fan of perfumes of this nature then this really isn't for you. I can personally take or leave fruity fragrances as my preference is oriental/musky scents as a rule though as this contains 'sensual musk' it does hold the attraction with me.

      The notes that stood out for me the most were the Blackberry - this adds a deep and richness that seems to be at the centre of the whole fragrance from start to finish though the Passion Flower seemed to soften the scent as did the Kumquat. I don't pretend to be an expert at knowing each and every note used in a perfume but I do like to know what is used to make up the fragrance as I like to try and pick out the notes but some I just can't tell are there, the Star Fruit being one of them, if it was present then I couldn't detect it at all.

      The whole fragrance settles nicely on my skin and the Sensual Musk finishes off the overall fragrance nicely creating a fruity yet warm perfume that is very wearable.


      I was very excited to try this perfume and though it is a very nice and pleasant scent I have to be honest and say it's nothing 'special'. Out of the two I much prefer the original Outspoken as it's much richer and far sexier but this is nice enough in it's own way. Despite it being a rich fruity based scent I found it suited my skin more during the day as it seems to fade quicker than Outspoken, but not completely so you cant smell it anymore, just to the point of leaving a nice subtle scent on my skin for a few hours.

      For a general day time perfume then this is ideal though I don't think I would go out of my way to buy this again unless it was on offer as I don't think the £15 price tag it comes with is justified but again that's just my opinion.

      Nice enough fruity/musky fragrance for the daytime but quite an average offering to say it's a follow up to the hugely successful original. I will wear this liberally throughout the day to use it up but it certainly isn't my favourite.



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        17.09.2011 20:46
        Very helpful



        Intense is probably not quite the right name, but ignore that and you've got a great product

        The dramatic silver bottle with it's eye catching lid along with the celebrity endorsement makes you think that this is going to be expensive. Not so. It's actually from Avon which makes it very reasonably priced at £30 for 50ml. Even better, it's going to be half price for the first few months of it's UK launch.

        The sales pitch tells us that Fergie's plans for this perfume were for it to resemble the intense confidence that she gets just before she goes on stage. It's a catchy pitch. The ingredients are given as energetic shining starfruit, luscious passion flower, and warm and sexy musks. On first spray I got a lot of fruitiness alongside a rush of alcohol. As ten minutes passed and the fragrance settled I still had the fruitiness but it was complimented by a deep muskiness and a hint of spice. It was indeed warm and sexy whilst still remaining incredibly rich and distinctive. This fragrance is set to be a classic. It will, however, be one of those unique, distinctive smells that becomes a 'signature', adored by it's fans but likely to be hated by those it doesn't appeal to. To me, this is the marker of a good perfume.

        The point at which the price of this perfume becomes obvious is with it's staying power. Although it lasted for a good six hours the fragrance dulled dramatically after one hour. For a sales pitch so bright and vibrant I would have expected the staying power to have remained bright and strong and not to have dulled so much. The fragrance you are left with is still beautiful and distinctive but only if you are very very close. This does not reflect 'intensity' to me.


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        19.07.2011 21:22
        Very helpful



        I like it.

        love perfumes, and due to not being in the best situation financial wise for the last few years, I haven't really had the chance to have that many, but recentley I seem to be coming into luck! I have received quite a few and this one if my favourite out of the ones I have so far.

        THE PRICE.

        Now I am pretty sure its only really Avon that sell this, so you will have to order it online!
        It is quite difficult to find on websites for some reason, I can only really find it on ebay and they are mostly samples, 1 or 2 being actual bottles.

        Anyway, for a 50ml bottle ( only one you can get I think. ) you should expect to pay around £15.00 - £24.99, this is the price which I have seen it for anyway.


        Outspoken Intense comes in a black box, which has a kind of Rock N Roll feel and look about it.
        Its quite a glossy black and has patterns over the sides and bottom of it, the shapes of the patterns are flowers and a kind of mist at the bottom, the colours being hot pink, a lovely bright red, darker pinks and a dark grey, they all mix together and look lovely.
        In the middle of the box is the name of the perfume.

        Now when you actually get the bottle out of the box, its completely different to what you would expect, its a grey frosty coloured glass bottle, with a plastic clear glass top which kind of looks a bit like a diamond.
        It is shaped like a pear ( in my opinion.. ) has a grey nozzle top and has the words Outspoken Intense by Fergie wrote near the bottom in black.

        Very simple! extremely simple, I was expecting so much more when looking at the box! it was quite strange to find a boring bottle sat inside.


        Outspoken Intense is a fragrance that contains notes of star fruit, kumquat, blackberries, passion flower and sensual musk.

        I actually rarely like musk kind of smells, I thought I would hate this since it was Fergies perfume, personally I cant stand the woman!

        When I opened it..mmm..such a different perfume, such a sweet and fruity perfume..the smell was just all around me and I hadn't even sprayed any, it was so strong and I fell in love, it was the perfect fragrance which I loved, very sweet and fruity.

        When first sprayed on, its so fruity and strong, its a really girly girls perfume, you can really smell the blackberries and star fruits coming across so strong and sweet.

        I find the smell is very fresh and clean, and I also find it very feminin and sensual, it is actually quite a heavy perfume and I find it works best for night time instead of day time, and its definitley not a casual perfume unless you like to be bold.

        Its very edgy and attention catching, its different to a lot of perfumes which I have smelt before.

        The fruityness of the perfume calms down after a hour or so, but the scent remains strong..the musky smell cuts across and I think this calms it down, it still smells amazing though.

        I think this fragrance is best aimed at the younger ages as its too playfull and sexy for an older woman.

        The smell last for ages too, around 8 whole hour! still as strong as ever, which is great and means you only have to spray a few times!

        I keep meaning to save this for when I go away as I like it so much, but its nearly all gone because I cant resist it :(

        Overall, I will be buying this again when I get money, its lovely.


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