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Avon Passion Dance Eau de Toilette

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6 Reviews
  • long lasting
  • smells really bad
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    6 Reviews
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      07.08.2014 14:39


      • "long lasting"


      • "smells really bad"

      Horrible smell that hangs round for ages

      Availability and Price
      This is made exclusively by AVON and was originally launched in 2003 and comes in a 50ml bottle. It is no longer available direct form AVON but can be picked up on eBay for around £5-£8.

      The bottle is an odd shape, it is curved on both sides but at different angles and then has a diagonal slant on the on side up to the neck. I think it is meant to look like a dancer popping he hip. It is dark red clear glass and has a dark red plain plastic lid. It has passion dance written on the base of the bottle in the same colour as the lid.
      Overall it's hard to decide what to say about this scent as most of the online reviews about it are positive but I think it is just horrible, and this is obvious by the fact that I have had it for many years and it still looks full. I only still have it because I love perfume bottles and they all look pretty together. I find the smell really tangy and sharp and just overall not appealing, like I have covered myself with air-freshener it just smells cheap.
      Top Notes : Lemon, Grapefruit, Papaya
      Heart Notes: Lilly, Jasmine, Rose
      Base Notes:Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk, Oakmoss.
      I think it's main problem is that there is so much going on that it ends up having that overwhelming smell that perfume shops have when all the perfumes are blending together and making your eyes burn.

      Strength and Longevity
      It is a very heavy scent that really does fill a room and is very long lasting, it will still be hanging around after a long days work, which would be great if I liked it. But I just sprayed some now before starting this review so I am stuck with it all night, yay.
      Overall I can only give this 1* as it is just horrible but if you do happen to like the smell at least it is long lasting.

      This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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      19.12.2012 22:22
      Very helpful



      I love this!

      I received 7 different perfumes for Christmas and another 4 for my birthday less than a month later, (I am not complaining at all - I love my perfume) which makes it understandable that I haven't got around to using all of my perfumes yet.
      Passion Dance by Avon is a perfume that I received for my birthday in early 2011. I remember at the time sniffing it and I really liked it, but I still haven't used it all that much due to the amount of perfume that I have.

      ~ Bottle ~
      I mentioned in a previous review of Avon's Timeless perfume that I am not a fan of tall thin bottles favouring shorter, chunkier bottles. The bottle for Passion Dance is quite tall and thin at around 11cm or 4 inches tall, but in my opinion this bottle totally gets away with it. The bottom of the bottle is about 4cm/ 1.5inches wide and the bottle curves on the left hand side towards the top of the bottle. It is not too tall and is quite chunky towards the bottom of the bottle, which enables this perfume to get away with being a taller, thinner bottle.
      The bottle is a dark red coloured glass, which is hard to see through unless there is light behind it. It has the words 'Passion Dance' written sideways on the front of the bottle also in a red colour.
      The lid is a dark red colour plastic which covers the spray button.

      ~ Scent ~
      The scent is amazing. It totally reminds me of nights out - not because I've ever worn it on a night out, but it reminds me of scents I smell on other girls when brushing past them on the way to the bar or in the ladies room.
      The scent was introduced by Avon in 2003.
      It is fresh and young with notes of grapefruit, melon, lotus, jasmine, narcissus, rose, amber, moss and patchouli.
      It is feminine and elegant. In my opinion this is one of Avon's best scents. It is described as an oriental-floral fragrance, which I would agree with, but it is lighter and fresher than you would expect from a perfume described in such a way.
      I imagine this scent would appeal more to a younger audience although I can still imagine my mother and aunties in their 50's would also wear it.
      I love this scent and I am disappointed to report that upon checking online this perfume has now been discontinued!

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This perfume originally cost around £8.00 for the 50ml eau de toilette, which I think is well worth it and although it was regularly on offer when it was in the Avon catalogue I think this is one of the few fragrances that is worth the full price because of the outstanding scent and nice bottle.
      The perfume can still be purchased on ebay for around the original asking price of £8.00 per 50ml bottle, but my view is, unless you have lots of money, there is not much point in getting hooked on a perfume which has now been discontinued because as more time passes you will end up spending more and more on this extinct perfume, which should no longer exist!

      ~ Overall ~
      Overall I am bitterly disappointed to find that, yet again, Avon typically has withdrawn what is in my opinion, one of their better perfumes (I also loved Crystal Aura which I got for my 21st birthday, but is no longer available).
      Passion Dance is a beautiful scent that reminds me of nights out. It is light and fresh which you wouldn't usually expect to hear from an oriental or floral fragrance! I also find that it is long lasting.
      I will savour my (nearly full) bottle in the knowledge that I may not be able to get it again, but I would consider purchasing a bottle from ebay if it did run out.


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        14.07.2012 23:39
        Very helpful



        Nice enough, but no-one is going to get that passionate about this one.

        I used to buy quite a lot of items from avon because my nextdoor neighbour is a rep, and I would always feel like I should buy something to be polite.

        One campaign, I was browsing the fragrances. I don't wear perfumes that much, but this one appealed to me. Named passion dance, I was expecting quite a strong fragrance with a lot of personality. I should have known at about £8 for a 50ml bottle that this wasn't going to be the best perfume ever, but I thought I would give it a try.

        The box looked quite sophisticated with red tones and the bodies of a man and woman dancing what looks like the tango to me. The glass bottle continued to ooze appeal with a curve that moulds seductively to your hand when you are using it. It is also a red bottle which I find quite unusual as all my other perfumes are in clear bottles.

        The bottle has a spray dispenser, which is generous when you use it, but it works consistently in the way that it applies the Eau de toilette to your skin. I find it spreads it over a decent area, which could be overpowering in a perfume but for an EDT it works fine. I spray the wrist pulse points before dabbing onto my neck as well.

        Described as an oriental-floral fragrance, I was looking forward to trying out this one. It features notes of: grapefruit, melon, lotus, jasmine, narcissus, rose, amber, moss and patchouli. My nose is not that delicate, but I can't pick out any one of these scents on its own, though do pick up the floral notes mostly.

        Initially I find the scent quite powerful, spicy and seductive, but this initial heat cools down within a matter of about 15 minutes into a more floral scent which is nice, but not what I would call 'passionate' or seductive. It is just very every day and not that inspiring.

        Even worse, within a couple of hours of applying this, the scent is so faint it is barely detectable, and even then it is quite a sweet floral scent which is not at all like the first layers of the scent to come through when I apply it.

        I don't dislike this scent, but equally, I don't really like it. It is just too mundane, and I find my deoderant provides longer lasting fragrance than this one so it makes me wonder why I bothered in the first place.

        Sure, it is cheap enough for you to spritz it onto yourself as many times as you like, but it just doesn't really feel worth it as the initial burst is the one that I like, and that fades far too fast.

        This one is no longer available from avon directly, but you can still pick it up from ebay and occasionally amazon. It is nice enough for everyday, but just be prepared to reapply throughout the day, and don't expect anyone to whisk you into a tango while you are wearing it.


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        13.11.2010 04:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A very spicy, very cheap perfume that is not to my taste.

        Passion Dance by Avon is another of their scents I have been able to trial out for several weeks due to having a friend who's an Avon representative. This is great as I get to try out a wide range of their perfumes long term before I have to decide whether I want to actually buy them, as opposed to just smelling a sample page or having one squirt and having to decide. This way, I get an owners feel for the product without always having to buy them, although I often end up doing so!

        Passion Dance seems to be one of the cheaper bottles Avon sell, with it appearing in my friend's catalogues for just £8 for 50ml which is very cheap indeed. To be honest, it also looks cheap too. Whereas Avon perfumes like Spotlight and Jet Femme look quite elegant and don't look cheap, Passion Dance looks quite tacky I think, with it's scarlet box and tall curvy bottle, and isn't to my taste. I certainly wouldn't have been drawn to this perfume had I not been given one for a while.

        On first spray I found this to be quite a strong smelling scent, I was struggling to find what it actually smelt of as I could mostly smell just a very strong alcoholic scent. At first, it smells like a school science lab in it's aroma. After a few minutes though it settles down, and becomes a spicy, dry aroma, with scents reminding me of cumin and other Indian cooking spices. Although not massively unpleasant, isn't to my taste. It's definitely an evening wear perfume, as it's far too strong for daytime use.

        It's hard to pick out any individual notes, but apparently it's meant to be a mix of roses (I can't smell these), jasmine (nor this), and pink peppercorn (if this is the spicy aspect, this is the only thing I can smell). It smells warming and rich, but a bit too much like a spice market for my liking.

        For once, the staying power with this Avon perfume is actually quite good, I was surprised! I could still smell the perfume on my skin after an evening out, though I actually wished I hadn't worn it out, as although it's not unpleasant, it's not to my liking and there are other Avon perfumes prefer. After forcing myself to wear this for another week, I decided that it was not going to grow on me, that there were no hidden depths to the fragrance, and that I wasn't going to buy a bottle.

        If you like spicy perfumes, you might like this, but it's a bit too strong and a bit too spice-heavy for me.


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          12.11.2010 14:46
          Very helpful



          Oriental/Floral based fragrance at a cheap price

          Avon perfumes for me are inline with my available credit these days now I'm *just* a housewife. I've tried nearly all their fragrances over the years and though this particular fragrance was launched way back in 2003, this is a fairly new purchase for me.

          I don't know why I've never been tempted to try this up until now as it's described as being "..sensual and woody.." and I do go for the more warmer, woody based perfumes as a rule.
          Having received a small sample size of said scent I was quite taken with it , then when I saw it on a half price offer recently at just £4 for a 50ml sized bottle I thought what the heck and bought some.

          I call all fragrances 'perfumes' ( I also refer to any vacuum as a 'hoover' ) though this is actually an Eau De Toilette. This comes housed in a tall, upright standing glass bottle that is slightly curvaceous and is a fiery red in colour.
          The bottle, while perfectly acceptable to look at, is nothing visually stunning and to be perfectly honest has a cheapness about it. I'm not shallow though to buy things purely on looks alone, so if the scent is nice then that's what counts..so is it?

          Passion Dance incorporates notes of:


          What you are greeted with on first spraying onto your skin, is an oriental/floral fusion. It opens with the sweetness of the melon and is quickly followed by the sharp tang of the grapefruit, which does take your nostrils by surprise. Once the initial scent has started to settle the more floral notes start to shine through, particularly the rose seems to dominate which is fine by me as I'm not a huge fan of floral based fragrances but do make the exception for anything with rose involved.

          The fragrance lives up to it's name as what you are left with is an earthy, woody scent that though I wouldn't quite describe as being fiery, is certainly more than just tepid.

          This can be found by visiting www.avon.co.uk or speak to your local Rep.

          RRP is £8 for 50ml's but very often can be found at £4.

          My opinion~
          I have to admit I was dubious about this. I wasn't even sure myself why I hadn't tried this before to say it's been available and regularly featured in the brochures for the past seven years. I think the cheap look of the bottle really did put me off but that is such a shame as once I did try it I was impressed.

          The fragrance is quite a strong scent when sprayed, and at first I thought it was going to be dominated by the grapefruit as it was the only real note that stood out and I wasn't overtly keen. Once it did all settle however I found it to be warm and mainly oriental based, which is my preferred choice.

          Though this seems overpowering on first spraying, it quickly settles down to a comfortable degree and though doesn't seem too obvious, the scent is there and does linger - for several hours in fact.
          It does have staying power - to a degree - once it settles the scent doesn't fade any more so for the price of £4 this is a very economical buy.

          Would I recommend it?
          It not the most fabulous fragrance in the world by any means but at the cheap price what do you expect? It's a nice warm scent that you can spray on without worrying about using too much of, whilst making yourself smell nice at the same time so if you are a fan of oriental based scents, then try it.


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            31.10.2010 11:02
            Very helpful




            This was never a fragrance I was drawn to in the Avon books. It just didn't seem my kind of scent. Although the design of the bottle reminded me a bit of 1 of my favourite scents Hugo Intense and made me think would this smell the same, I still didn't rush to buy it. I can't say exactly how long this has been out in the Avon books, but I wold hazard a guess of about a year.

            This comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £8 on the normal price. As usual with Avon this is on offer every other book I would say and is usually selling for £4. This is when I decided to buy it, as I like to try different Perfumes, and it's always best to buy when on offer, as it isn't such a waste if you didn't like it.

            The box and bottle look like the Dooyoo picture. It all looks ok, and I think it looks more expensive than other Avon Perfumes at the same price. I like the shape of the bottle which has a bit curve to it, but as usual with Avon I don't like the lid on it. They usually look cheap in my opinion.

            So how does this smell? It is alright. I would say it is more a heavier scent and although I don't go in for the whole daytime or evening scents, I would say this is more an evening scent. It is quite strong but not too strong. It is nicer after this dries and warms to your skin as I think it smells quite alcohol-y at first. This has a spice to it. It seems in my view to be a mixture of Red Flowers probably Roses, with a sort of Jasmine and Pink Peppercorn dash to it. I'm not sure if these are the notes in it, but this is just the scents that I feel I pick up from this. It is quite a rich smell and it lasts a good lenght of time as well. i could smell a slighty Ginger smell as well I would say.

            I used this for a few days, and although I didn't hate it, it just wasn't my kind of scent. I would have used the bottle up, but I ended up giving this to my Niece and she probably likes it more than me anyway.

            An ok scent, and perhaps worth a try when on offer but I don't like it enough to buy again as it just isn't for me.


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