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Avon Perceive Dew Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    3 Reviews
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      02.01.2013 18:40
      Very helpful



      Another mediocre Avon scent

      Over the years I have tried many Avon perfumes (partly owing to my mother being an Avon lady) and my experience tells me that they can be very hit and miss. I rarely buy Avon perfume for myself, I receive most of it as gifts and one I recently received was Perceive Dew.

      Perceive Dew is a sister perfume to another one Avon make which is simply called Perceive. Perceive has been around since 2000 which is a really long time for an Avon perfume, as I tend to find that like a lot of their other products, they only seem to be in the brochure for a short time before being discontinued. I have never tried the original Perceive fragrance, therefore I cannot make any comparisons between the two.

      My bottle of Perceive Dew came housed in a lilac box with a teardrop shape on the front formed from flower shapes. The bottle is clear glass and has the same angular shape as the original Perceive scent. I have to say I do not really think much of the bottle, I think it looks a bit 80's for my tastes. Also on a practical note, I found the lid is really stiff and is difficult to remove.

      Top notes of this perfume are lemon, freesia and melon. The lemon is very clear when this is sprayed and is incredibly sharp. There is also a spiciness which smells to me like black pepper, although this is not mentioned as one of the ingredients. I don't notice either freesia or melon in here. I think the spiciness of the pepper (or whatever it is!) makes this smell quite masculine when it is first sprayed onto the skin.

      Middle notes of the perfume are supposedly honeysuckle, sea water and apricot. As the perfume settles on the skin I do notice it becoming more floral which I can only assume is the honeysuckle. I don't notice any apricot and to me this is not a fruity fragrance, I think of it as being woody and floral.

      Base notes of Perceive Dew are musk, sandalwood and amber. I normally like amber in perfumes, it tends to give an exotic, sensual edge, but I can't really smell it here. The musk and sandalwood are quite evident and add to the slightly masculine feel of the fragrance.

      Overall, I do like this scent, but it's not something I would have chosen myself and is very different from the fruity, light perfumes that I usually choose. The fragrance is pleasant and wearable, although I feel it is bordering on being masculine and it is certainly not a 'wow' fragrance and probably not a memorable one either.

      I think this perfume is mostly suited to daytime wear. It's slightly on the heavy side, so although the name, Perceive Dew, sounds more suited to spring, I would tend to wear it through the Autumn/Winter months. The staying power is OK - I can get maybe five hours from it, before a top up is required.

      This perfume is only available in a 50ml size and costs £11 from Avon, although it is currently reduced to just £8. If you don't have a local Avon rep you can buy online from www.avonshop.com. Whichever way you look at it, even the full price of £11 is pretty good for a perfume.

      To sum up, I would say this is an OK perfume and would probably be suited to anyone who likes woody scents. It's not the nicest fragrance I've ever tried and as mentioned it verges on smelling masculine, but I do still like it and will continue to wear it. I'd give it an average rating of three out of five stars - nice but nothing special.


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      23.11.2012 13:38
      Very helpful



      A good scent for those who like clean, fresh smells

      I don't often get items from Avon myself, but my mum bought me this for my birthday in September. It was a fragrance that she didn't like very much herself, but thought I would- we have very different tastes in perfumes.

      It's quite a strong fragrance when first applied, but from the first spray it smells great. It's a very clean smell, not overpowered with flowers as are some of perfumes I've tried from Avon- but, as I said, I don't buy from them very often, so it's quite a limited selection that I've tried.

      The scent lasts a long time- I applied it, then met my friend an hour and a half later and she commented on my perfume, so it's long lasting, unlike a lot of other perfumes I've tried.

      I'd say that it was predominantly a spring/summer-type fragrance, as the smell reminds me of early mornings in the late spring (hence the name "Dew", presumably!), but I'd be quite happy to use this all year round. The bottle is very pretty and has a purple floral design on the front. I don't know how much this cost, because as I said, it was a present, but knowing that Avon perfumes are often priced between £8 and £15-ish, I'd say that this is very good value for money within that price bracket, as it is a 50ml bottle and I can see it lasting a long time, because even though I use it nearly every day, the bottle is still three-quarters full, after two months of use.


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      17.10.2012 19:53
      Very helpful



      Ocean type fragrance - not too bad when bought on offer

      ===Why I Bought This===

      I like browsing through the Avon catalogues and ordering different items to try. This fragrance has been out since 2011 but it had never been one I had tried before.

      ===The Brand===

      Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
      Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

      ===The Product===

      'Perceive Dew is a descendant of the fragrance Perceive, created by Christopher Sheldrake in 2000. New Perceive Dew is a fresh fruity floral marine fragrance. The bottle has the same shape as the original perfume, but the perfume composition differs a lot. Perceive Dew was launched in 2011.' (fragrantica.com)
      Eau de toilette.
      Comes in pale lilac graduated down to white coloured box.
      On the front is a dewdrop shape made up of lots of purple flower heads.
      50 mls and made in Poland.
      Contains 69.9% ethanol and is flammable.
      The box is lined in white card.
      The bottle is made of clear glass and is a weird irregular sort of five sided bottle, but with very irregular sides.
      The perfume itself is pale green and the cap is transparent plastic, also irregularly shaped.
      The bottle has a dewdrop shape on its front.


      Full price £11 or 2 for £13.

      ===My Opinion===

      Avon's website states - 'A fresh, spirited scent of citrus and marine mist, with sweet apricot and golden amber'.
      This perfume comes in exactly the same shaped bottle as the original Perceive.
      This is a weird combination.
      Firstly the box is pale lilac, but the perfume itself is pale green.
      The name of the perfume is 'Dew' but it actually has marine aromas.
      Personally buying a fragrance called 'Dew' which is green you would expect it to be more floral and grass like. Also I do not know where the lilac colour on the box is meant to come from.
      Anyway the irregular bottle is quite nice and unusual. When first sprayed on this perfume is, for me, very strong and marine in quality. However it does tone down quickly and settles into a nice fragrance. This is definitely marine and ozone like to me and not really floral at all.
      Quite nice if you want a fresh and oceany type of perfume and more suited to summer months in my opinion.
      Lasts for a few hours but is not too strong.
      An ok clean and fresh fragrance and much better than the original Perceive, but not one I am that bothered to buy again.
      Worth a try as you can always return it under Avon's guarantee if you find its not for you.

      ===Star Rating===

      3 stars

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Yes - if you like marine aromas.




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