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Avon Perceive Eau de Parfum

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9 Reviews
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  • Nice fragrance
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    9 Reviews
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      09.07.2014 23:24
      Very helpful


      • "Nice bottle design"
      • "Good price"
      • "Nice fragrance"


      • None

      A nice good value fragrance from Avon

      When it gets towards the end of the year, I find that I start running low on perfume but I don''t want to go out and buy some as I know Santa will always bring me some. As we always have an Avon catalogue floating around at work, I always have a peek inside to see if there are any offers on, I liked the look of this bottle so decided to give it a go.

      This is from Avon so is available from your local representative or online, if you don''t have a local rep, if you go online they can put you in touch with one. The fragrance is available in a 50ml bottle and retails for around 11pounds but if you catch this right, it can often be a lot cheaper.

      The bottle is quite an unusual shape which is what first attracted me to this, it is made from clear glass which has quite an angled shape to it (it reminds me of something from a supernatural film), when on my dressing table, the light catches the different angles and it looks lovely. I would say that it does have quite an expensive look to it. The packing it came in was quite simple, just a plain white box but to be honest, I normally throw the boxes away anyway.

      I always make a point of reading how the manufacturer describes a fragrance before I buy it although I am not sure why as 9 times out of 10, they are made up of notes I have never heard of and am non the wiser of how it will smell. This however was a little different, Avon describe it as "Essences of gardenia, plum, vanilla orchid and sandalwood laced with hi-tech pheromones. Perceive helps trigger positive emotions, increasing feelings of wellbeing, confidence and lifting your spirits. Woody, Floral" From reading this, I instantly thought I would like is as I like most of these elements.

      When it comes to fragrances, I prefer sweet and slightly fruity rather than floral and this definitely didn''t disappoint, from the first spray, there was a floral note present immediately but I would say it was quite a young fragrance (and that of a nice flower), this mingled with the sweet vanilla and fruits makes the fragrance one that I really like. As the day progresses, the fruity notes do subside a little, leaving a slightly musky undertone.

      I have learnt over the years to buy EDP rather than EDT as I find that the fragrance is stronger, this is available in both. Normally with cheaper fragrances, I find that they fade really quickly and I have to ?top up'' throughout the day however staying power of this is really quite good, I noticed that at the end of the day I could still smell on my coat and clothes.

      I quite like this perfume, especially for the price I paid. What I like about Avon is that they offer a kind of no quibble refund policy so if you are not happy with your product, you can return for a full refund.

      I would give this fragrance 5 out of 5 stars.


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      30.11.2013 21:01
      Very helpful



      An inofensive perfume using some well blended quality ingredients


      Avon Perceive Eau de Parfum

      Size: 50ml

      If you have read a few of my reviews before, you will know that I buy quite a lot of products from Avon. This is one of the products I use that is available to review in the Dooyoo Catalogue at the time of writing.


      I was fortunate enough to win a full set of Perceive products in a raffle my Avon Representative was running a few years ago. The most valuable item being the Perceive Eau de Parfum.

      This is not a perfume I would have chosen for myself. My favourite Avon perfume is Treselle, however, I did try it out and used it on the occasional work day. To my surprise though, recently I started using the body cream and shower gel and decided to dig the bottle of perfume out and give it another go. Perhaps now that I am a little more mature the perfume now suits me better? I'm not sure, whilst I cannot say I am a big fan, I have been using it for the last few weeks and have grown to quite like it. If I did not like it I would not wear it all.

      There is definitely Vanilla and Sandalwood in there, the sandalwood giving a masculine element to the bouquet. What hits first though is Gardenia with a slight fruity undertone, this soon matures to bring the Vanilla and Sandalwood to the fore and there is something else in the mix or maybe its in the blending?

      The fragrance is clean and fresh, with a pleasing softness that I think is what appeals to my older nose. It is a soft, comfortable fragrance that sits well in its price bracket.

      I enjoy layering perfumes by using the same range to shower and moisturise and I believe it ads depth and intensity to the perfume, it also ensures that different scents are not vying for attention or clashing on the wearer, which is an enormous faux pas.


      The bottle resembles an ice cube it is clear glass, revealing the light coloured perfume inside, I suppose actually it resembles a clear crystal, as it is angular not cuboid. Think crystal if you have crystals or natural chunk of ice if not! The little bottle fits in the hand nicely and looks good on the dressing table too. Avon are often innovative with their perfume bottles and this one is no exception.

      This whole is packaged in a pale blue and white little cardboard box with a cellophane outer.

      WHO FOR:

      I believe this is the perfect perfume for granny, unless, that is she is set in her ways. It is a comfortable inoffensive fragrance that is appreciated by the older nose. (Of course you may be a 20 year old fan - we are all different!)


      In conclusion, this is a nice comfortable, soft perfume, that despite being an EDP is not strong or overpowering, it settles to leave a fresh clean scent on the wearer and requires topping up after about 4 hours.

      However, it is not a favourite of mine, therefore I can only award 3 stars. I know others may think otherwise, but that is my opinion.


      Usually price in the catalogue is around £10.00, but Avon frequently have offers and it would be worth trying to buy the set to layer the fragrance as it is not a strong scent. Available from Avon catalogue, Avon on-line and other outlets such as Amazon and eBay.

      I hope you found this review interesting and useful?


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      29.05.2013 08:12
      Very helpful




      I have bought more than 1 bottle of this which would maybe indicate that I like this scent. I do think it is alright but it isn't my favourite scent out there. I just like a change now and again and with most Avon Perfumes it is priced good most of the time - well it is often good priced even when it is not on offer.

      This has been out for a good while in the Avon books. For as long as I can remember anyway. This comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £11 (I think this is the current price) but the price can range from £5 to £8 on offer. I bought this last around Christmas time when you spent £12 on a large selection of Perfumes or Cosmetics and you got 3 products free - 1 was a Mascara, a little 15ml perfume and I think it was a Lipgloss. Most of the Perfumes were on a special offer too.

      The bottle for this looks alright. It looks a bit fancier than some bottles but it still doesn't look all that expensive but it isn't anyway. It's what's inside that counts and all that.

      So how does this smell? It is quite a fresh light scent, but there is a sort of Woody Peppery scent mixed through as well. when I first smelt this I thought it smelt a bit too Gritty smelling, but once this dried and warmed onto my skin the scent became a lot nicer than I first thought. Reading online what notes are in here there is Freesia, damask plum, white pepper, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and carnation. I think there is a few more scents too. I am no good at picking notes out and can't say I can smell the Plum or vanilla in any shape in here, but I am guessing that the Pepper and the florals are the ones that I can smell the most. This scent lasts a good enough lenght of time too and seems to last a little longer than some of the same priced scents from Avon. It would need reapplied through the day though if you do want to be able to smell this more.

      A nice enough scent which is a little different to the fresh, fruity sort of Airy scent that I go for. This scent also launched a Perceive Dew version a few months ago which is worth a try if you like this scent.


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      28.12.2012 11:56
      Very helpful



      4 stars!

      I have had a few bottles of Perceive from Avon over the years.

      It was originally released in 2000.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is angular and it is made from glass. It has lots of flat edges, but is not symmetrical.
      The glass is thick and the base of the bottle is randomly patterned with bumpy square and triangular shapes imprinted into the glass.
      The lid of the bottle is made from clear plastic and it is also angular with lots of flat edges.
      The perfume itself has a slight blue tinge to it.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Perceive is a perfume made by Avon so it is available to order from the Avon brochure via your local Avon representative and it is also available to order online at www.avonshop.co.uk.
      It usually costs £11.00 for the standard 50ml bottle, but is currently on offer for just £8.00. A 30ml bottle of this perfume is available on offer for £5.00, which is sold as a travel EDP spray. This comes in a fairly plain square bottle though.
      Avon's perfumes are regularly on offer throughout the year so I would be reluctant to pay full price for this perfume.

      ~ Scent ~
      The scent is floral with a woody element.
      According to www.fragrantica.com, it combines top notes of white pepper and yellow freesia, heart notes of carnation, damask plum, pear and ylang-ylang and base notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla.
      Avon's website, www.avonshop.co.uk describes the perfume, 'Essences of gardenia, plum, vanilla orchid and sandalwood laced with hi-tech pheromones. Perceive helps trigger positive emotions, increasing feelings of wellbeing, confidence and lifting your spirits. Woody, floral.'
      I think the woodiness and florals complement each other nicely. I cannot detect any fruity elements to this fragrance despite the insistence that one of the notes is plum.
      I am easily offended by harsh floral scents, but I don't find this fragrance offensive at all, despite there being a sharp floral scent detectable within it.
      I would not describe the fragrance as being particularly feminine due to its heavy woodiness.
      It is a warming fragrance. I really like it. It is very different to the other perfumes in my collection.
      The perfume is long lasting, still evident after 12 hours. I think it is more of a day time fragrance and not one I would reach for on special occasions or for going out.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I think this is a nice perfume. It is woody, floral and warming.
      I have found it to be long lasting.
      The bottle is interesting. I don't love it, but it is nice and it brings something different to my dressing table.
      I would definitely consider repurchasing this perfume, once my bottle is empty, but it is not my favourite scent.
      4/5 stars from me!


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      18.10.2012 20:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Just not a perfume for me unfortunately.


      Being an Avon representative for a number of years means I have tried more products than most. I've said on another review that Far Away is my favourite AVON perfume but I find it quite a heavy scent and definitely not one to be wearing during the day. I like to have a day and a night perfume so I decided to try out Avon Perceive as it is my Mum's favourite AVON perfume and the smell always reminds me of her.
      The perfume comes in a 50ml bottle and is quite stylish compared to some of AVONs other offerings, it looks to me like a piece of ice and overally definitely one of their trendier bottles. The AVON website states that this has "Essences of gardenia, plum, vanilla orchid and sandalwood laced with hi-tech pheromones. Perceive helps trigger positive emotions, increasing feelings of wellbeing, confidence and lifting your spirits. Woody, floral" - which is generally pretty unhelpful like most perfume descriptions. The perfume costs £11 but can be bought on offer regularly from the AVON brochure for even more cheaply!

      ==My Opinion==

      OK to try and describe the smell better than the description on the AVON website, I guess floral is right in one sense, it has a hint of "Great Aunt Tessie" smell but something in the scent makes it smell more modern than an old lady perfume - possibly the sandalwood? It isn't completely floral and overpowering like Anais Anais is but is quite floral. I personally prefer musky or sweet scents than floral so perhaps I should have known better from the description? There isn't much vanilla in it, it definitely isn't as sweet as some of the perfumes I've had with vanilla in (such as Flowerbomb) and I think the gardenia is probably the smell I can smell most in the perfume (definitely no plum!). What on earth a hi-tech pheremone is I will just never know so can't comment on that.

      I guess as the description states that it will trigger all kinds of emotion, I'd better address that. It definitely doesn't smell light a night time perfume and is definitely a day perfume so I guess the scent has something about it that wakes me up (perhaps that is the "lifting my spirits" bit? Who knows, I'm sceptical!).

      The scent is quite strong but not too overpowering at first but as the day goes on I find the bottom notes (whatever they may be - possibly the sandalwood) tend to linger and smell really nice on my skin. The problem is whatever the top notes are (probably the gardenia) put me off before I can realistically get down to the bottom notes. I find that the perfume lasts quite a long time and that I can smell it on myself for a while. It isn't as strong as something like Lady Million or Far Away nor does it have the staying power of either of those and unfortunately as I am not so keen on the top notes, it is hard to keep wearing it just to get to the "good bit" of the bottom notes.


      I'm sad to say that this perfume was eventually donated back to my Mum who always smells lovely in it (probably because I see her after the top notes have died down). The perfume is great value at £11 for 50ml and as I said you can often get it on a better offer than £11 as AVON regularly do offers and money off. Unfortunately it isn't one I can recommend but if you like floral perfumes perhaps this is one for you?


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        16.10.2012 16:43
        Very helpful



        Expensive and does not last on me

        ===Why I Bought This===

        I like browsing through the Avon catalogues and ordering different items to try. This fragrance has been out since 2000 but it had never been one I had tried before.

        ===The Brand===

        Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
        Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

        ===The Product===

        'Perceive by Avon is a Oriental fragrance for women and was launched in 2000. Top notes are white pepper and yellow freesia; middle notes are carnation, damask plum, pear and ylang-ylang; base notes are sandalwood, musk and vanilla.' (fragrantica.com)
        Eau de parfum.
        Comes in pale blue graduated down to white coloured box.
        50 mls and made in Poland.
        Contains 75% denat alcohol and is flammable.
        The box is lined in white card.
        The bottle is made of clear glass and is a weird irrelgular sort of five sided bottle, but with very irregular sides.
        The perfume itself is pale blue and the cap is transparent plastic, also irregularly shaped..


        Full price £11 or 2 for £13.

        ===My Opinion===

        Avon's website states - 'Essences of gardenia, plum, vanilla orchid and sandalwood laced with hi-tech pheromones. Perceive helps trigger positive emotions, increasing feelings of wellbeing, confidence and lifting your spirits. Woody, floral'.
        The bottle itself and the pale tinted perfume are reminiscent of the Angel perfume I love in a star shaped bottle - but that is where all similarity ends.
        Looking at the notes this perfume contains I thought I would like it. When first applied it is quite strong for a few minutes. It does not smell floral in the feminine sense but has a pleasant enough aroma - though I could not really detect any specific smells - it was just sort of pleasant and sharp.
        However once again this perfume has been let down by its lack of longevity - after 30 minutes to 1 hour there is very little left that I can detect - and once again it is not worth the money in my opinion. Maybe it is just on me as some people have given this good reviews.
        However this is vaguely ok when first put on, but does not last, and is not one I would rave about anyway.
        I do not know if it was just me but this fragrance just disappears when I use it.
        Worth a try as you can always return it under Avon's guarantee if you find its not for you.

        ===Star Rating===

        2 stars

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Not really as it disappears so quickly.




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        19.08.2012 21:04
        Very helpful



        Shame about the staying power

        I tend to like the majority of Avons perfumes so I am always interested when there is a scented page to see if you like another, I bought this perfume by rubbing one of these pages and deciding I quite liked it.

        The perfume is available from Avon obviously with it being one of their products, it comes in a 50ml bottle which normally costs about £11 although I would suggest waiting for it to come on an offer as the perfumes often do. You can also buy a shower gel, body spray and a body lotion in the fragrance so that you can layer your fragrance and it should last longer.

        The perfume came packaged in a cardboard box in pale blue hues and wasn't sealed so was very easy to open. Inside you found a very strange shaped bottle, to me it looks like a right angel base at one side and a sort of lop sided diamond shape to the other with very straight edges of differing heights. I find the bottle quite interesting to look at and much nicer than a boring perfume bottle.

        According to Avon this perfume has "Essences of gardenia, plum, vanilla orchid and sandalwood laced with hi-tech pheromones. Perceive helps trigger positive emotions, increasing feelings of well being, confidence and lifting your spirits. Woody, Floral"

        I find the perfume has a nice fruity smell but not too fruity as then it becomes too sweet for me to wear, I also feel it reminds me of the old Boots White Musk toiletries that were around when I was a teenager and there is certainly a musky quality to this perfume. I like the smell of this perfume and when it settles it is a very light perfume for everyday wear.

        The bottle is a pump top like the majority of perfume bottles and after the intial pumping need to get the bottle started the pump works well and gives a good spritz with each spray.

        The perfume is nice and gentle as my eldest daughter is at the stage of if I put on perfume she wants to have some on too however she does sometimes suffer with eczema and sensitive skin but she is able to have a squirt of this perfume on and it is nice and gentle for her and doesn't cause any reactions.

        The one issue which lets this perfume down is the same issue that I find with the majority of Avon perfumes and that is the staying power. The fragrance of this perfume stays for about 2 hours and then starts to lighten and lighten until gone and I find this takes about 4 hours on my skin, I think this is quite poor really and on days I choose to wear this perfume I tend to pop the bottle in my handbag for reapplication as it is needed a few times through the day.

        I probably won't buy this perfume again simply because of the staying power, I tend to find on my skin I have to have more expensive perfumes for them to have staying power and I think by the time you take into account you are using about 3 times the amount of this perfume to achieve the smell throughout the day I might as well buy a better branded perfume and use less.


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        21.05.2012 12:03



        A beautiful scent from Avon - One for ALL women

        I bought a full sized bottle of this for my mum and I decided to buy the mini bottle for myself.

        The bottle is design is nice. It looks like a block of ice and the design is rather striking.

        The perfume smells quite fresh and uplifting. It's a lovely feminine scent and one for the more mature woman. When you first spray the perfume it smells a little strong but it soon settles so don't let the initial strong scent put you off. After around ten minutes the initial strong burst wears off and the perfume begins to settle on the skin. You only need a couple of squirts as the spray nozzle is quite powerful. More than three sprays would drown you in perfume, which is not what you want with this scent. With this scent less IS more. Plus you can always top up the scent later on in the day. The staying power is BRILLIANT. I can spray myself in this in the morning and by late evening I can STILL smell it on my skin. Obviously by then the perfume has settled and the base notes have started to show.

        As the perfume settles it starts to smell a little musky and not as fresh as when it was first sprayed. However I like the base notes, aswell as musky notes you can detect a few floral notes. I like these floral notes as they are quite delicate and feminine.

        I would recommend this scent. It's fresh, it's feminine and it's flirty.

        Buy it.


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        27.03.2012 10:33
        Very helpful



        A great little Avon perfume that I would recommend quite highly..!


        When it comes to perfumes and fragrances from the Avon brand, I find they can generally be a bit hit-and-miss. I have tried out many perfumes from the brand over the years, and have found that some of them weren't suited to my own tastes at all, whilst others have faired slightly better....

        One perfume from the Avon brand that I have bought a good couple of times is the "Perceive" Eau De Parfum Spray. Available in only one size of bottle at 50ml, the perfume has a matching range of cosmetics such as a body spray and a roll-on deodorant. This little range of co-ordinating toiletries is something that Avon offer for a variety of their fragrances, and it allows for the choice of matching your other toiletries to your selected perfume, a choice which appeals to me quite a lot. I have used the Avon Perceive Body Spray and thought it was a lovely product, so would recommend buying this if you found that you liked the Perceive fragrance.

        The Perceive Eau De Parfum comes in a cardboard box that is fairly plain looking and is white/silver in colour. The outer packaging is fairly understated I have to admit, but I can't help feeling that sometimes less is more with these sorts of products, and such things are not always a negative point for me. Certainly, the first impression that is given by the packaging is that the product is quite chic and it has a sort of 'clean' and fresh image.

        The bottle for this particular Avon scent is quite attractive, comprising of a bottle made of clear glass. As you can see from the picture at the top of the Dooyoo review page, the bottle has a slightly 'angular' design to it, and the clear plastic lid carries the same design and matches the rest of the bottle perfectly. I actually think that the bottle looks like a chunk of ice or glass, and it's multi-faceted design is quite unusual.

        * THE PERFUME.. *

        Described by Avon as "Essences of gardenia, plum, vanilla orchid and sandalwood laced with hi-tech pheromones. Perceive helps trigger positive emotions, increasing feelings of wellbeing, confidence and lifting your spirits. Woody, Floral", I feel that the scent may have quite a lot to live up to, and these claims are fairly confident and slightly vague for my liking!

        Based on my own experiences with the fragrance, I can confirm that certainly there is a fruity undertone to the scent which is fairly obvious as soon as the liquid is spritzed onto my skin. This lingers delicately and I find it becomes mingled with a floral tone so that the fragrance feels quite light and easy to wear, a feeling that lasts beyond the initial sprays and continues into the day.

        There is a delicate sweetness contained in the Perceive aroma, but this is secondary to the floral and fruity notes that are heavier and easier to detect. In actual fact the sweetness in the perfume is so quiet that I wondered if it might be contained in the make up of the fruity notes rather than being its own ingredient, as it were. Certainly, it is so understated that the perfume does not carry any sort of sickly feeling to it, nor does it appear to be immature or too young, which is something that I find can often be the case with other perfumes that smell very sweet.

        In comparison, the Perceive perfume feels quite contemporary and has a crisp and 'clean' edge to it, which I think is down to the fragrance feeling so light. It feels so light that I feel compelled to point out that I disagree quite strongly with the addition of the word 'woody' in the product description issued by Avon. In my experience, woody scents are often very musk-like and usually contain a hint of spice or aromatic earthiness in them, none of which can be found in Avon's Perceive. I actually find this description to be quite misleading, but have learned long ago to try out Avon's perfumes for myself rather than base and opinion on what is printed in a brochure.

        The Perceive Eau De Parfum has quite a modern feel to it, though I don't feel that it is particularly innovative or that it offers anything particularly 'different.' It is true to say that I find the fragrance enjoyable to wear and I wear it regularly, often selecting it over other products in my collection. I feel that the fresh aroma of the scent has a light and summery feel to it and it is a scent that I will often take on holiday with me, as a result.

        The liquid perfume feels like a product of a fairly reasonable quality to me, and I have never experienced any sort of residue or sticky substance being left on my skin. Similarly, I have never experienced any discomfort or irritation to my sensitive skin or my eczema as a result of spraying this perfume.

        In terms of longevity, I tend to find that cheaper-end or more 'budget' perfumes don't fare as well as those that are more expensive, so my expectations were quite low and at first I would take my bottle of Perceive perfume with me when I was going out and about, so that I could 'top-up' the fragrance as required.

        I have found though, through experience, that this practice is not usually necessary, and the Perceive scent lasts fairly well on my skin - usually around 6 hours or so. I find this time is quite average and compares with many other perfumes and scents that I wear regularly, some of which are three times the price of the Avon Perceive! For these reasons, I have come to the conclusion that the product is one of a fairly high quality and this makes the price feel like great value - to me, anyway.

        The normal price for the 50ml bottle of Perceive Eau De Parfum is £11, but as at March 2012, the price has been reduced to £6 for a short time, a price which I think offers great value for money. You can buy this perfume online at www.avonshop.co.uk, or you can order directly from your local Avon Representative.

        Whilst I am on the subject, it may be worth asking your local Rep to try a sample of the perfume which would allow you to make your mind up before you purchased the full-sized bottle.

        Overall, I think that the Avon Perceive Eau De Parfum is a lovely little scent, with a fresh and slightly uplifting quality to it that makes it feel light and summery to wear. I would highly recommend the fragrance and have nothing negative to report about it all!


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