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Avon Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum

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6 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    6 Reviews
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      19.09.2012 18:59
      Very helpful



      A good everyday fragrance at a bargain price

      ===Why I Bought This===

      I like browsing through the Avon catalogues and ordering different items to try. However this Rare Pearls perfume has been on sale with Avon for quite a few years and must be popular and it has managed to avoid being discontinued. It was one perfume I had bought many years ago when it first came out and when I spotted it on offer for almost half price a while ago I decided to get some again.

      ===The Brand===

      Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
      Avon has 18 different brouchures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

      ===The Product===

      'Rare Pearls is a floral fragrance launched in 2004. It opens with rosewood, plum, honey and pepper. The heart is dominated by magnolia, while the warm base nicely caresses the skin with musk, sandalwood and patchouli.' (www.fragrantica.com)
      The bottle comes in a cream box with gold lettering.
      Eau du perfum.
      50 mls.
      Contains 75.9% ethanol alcohol.
      Made in Poland.
      Comes in a frosted bulbous glass bottle.
      The bottle has a spray application with a large cap top. The cap is gold with an irridescent pale pink dome on the top - this is a lovely pearly colour (on the other variations the colour of the cap was differerent - amber for Gold, red for Rubies, green for Emeralds and blue for Sapphire).


      *Rare Gold which was launched in 1995.
      Also from the same selection but now apparently discontinued (unless Avon bring them back as they do occasionally with popular products)
      *Rare Rubies
      *Rare Sapphires (due back before Christmas 2012)
      *Rare Emeralds.


      Full price is £13 but often on offer - I had mine for £7.

      ===My Opinion===

      Well this perfume must be a good seller with Avon or else it would never have lasted for 8 years - some barely last a few months.
      I used to use this when it first came out, and then must have moved on to something else as I have not had Rare Pearls for quite a few years. But having a friend who buys a few bottles at a time I wondered what I had been missing and so bought a bottle when it was at almost half price.
      The thing I always liked about the perfume, apart from the smell, was the lovely big pearly dome on the lid.
      The Avon website call it 'A shimmering floral with a pure heart of magnolia and sparkling plum. Warm, floral.'
      It is quite strong when first applied so I only use one squirt as I find two to be too much. But it soon tones down well to its middle notes. Its base notes are stated to be musk, sandalwood and patchouli but do not think this will be musky and heavy as it is not.
      This is a good strong perfume without being one that would actually overpower you - so would be suitable for day or evening. I like this fragrance and will use it often, but I do not think this would be one I rave over.
      On me it lasts for up to 6 hours and when applied and some got on my dressing gown it was still smelling strongly the next day.
      Personally I very seldom get over enthusiastic with fragrances as my all time favourite is 'Angel' but as hubby hates it I have to use others - or face an argument.
      This is what I would call a good all round fragrance that you could wear anytime. If bought on offer for around £6 or £7 it is really good value and a bottle will last a long time - so you get your money's worth.
      Worth a try as you can always return it under Avon's guarantee if you find its not for you.
      Next time I will be re-trying the Rare Sapphire.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      16.04.2010 16:33
      Very helpful



      Good for daytime wear.

      I used to be a big fan of Avon cosmetics and the monthly visit from the local Avon representative was always something to look forward to. Now we no longer seem to get an Avon representative call at the door or even leave the catalogue so I have all but depleted my stock of Avon cosmetics and fragrances.

      The bottle of Avon Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum was given to me instead of an Easter egg, everyone in the family knows how much I love my perfume. I have to say that Avon Rare Pearls is not an expensive or exclusive fragrance, if I was going to categorise it then I would probably describe it as a daytime floral. The 50ml bottle of perfume costs around £12, so if you like it and end up wearing it on a daily basis then it is not going to cost you the earth.

      Avon have had so many beautiful perfume bottles over the years and this one is no exception. The small bottle is as pretty as a picture, a pearly glass bottle with a gilt and pearly pink top to match.
      A very feminine little bottle that would look good on any dressing table.

      Although Avon have labelled the Rare Pearl perfume as a floral fragrance it does have some fairly heavy fragrance notes.
      When I first looked at the fragrance notes I imagined that the perfume was going to be a bit over the top for normal daytime wear.

      The top notes consist of Honey, Rosewood and Pepper, the Honey is the lightest of the three notes, the pepper is going to add spice and in general Rosewood is musky.
      Magnolia, the middle note of the fragrance really appealed to me. Magnolia is a favourite, the sweet light fragrance is lovely and L'Instant de Guerlain has that magical touch of magnolia too but that comes in at a hefty price.
      The base notes are Patchouli, Musk and Sandalwood, three fairly common base notes that work well together.

      The base notes are always an issue for me, if they are too pronounced then I find it makes the perfume too heady. If Avon had managed to control the base notes and let the light Magnolia fragrance shine through then it could be good.

      Avon have created a strong fragrance and a tiny dab goes a long way but the perfume does have a classic ring to it. It is not designer or up to the minute instead it is chic, mature and sophisticated.
      Perfume performs differently on each and every one of us, the `peppery` zing is there when you apply the Avon Rare Pearls but it fades within minutes and the softer tone of the Magnolia finds its way through.
      The musky notes are there and they last but on my skin they are not overpowering.

      For an evening out or a special occasion I would use another from my perfume collection but the Avon Rare Pearls is tops for everyday wear.
      But remember, a little goes a long way. The touch that you applied in the morning will still be there way into the day, so if you are not too keen on carrying the perfume about with you for hours then Rare Pearls may not be the one for you.

      For less than half of the price of a bottle you can buy an Avon Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum purse spray, if you feel like testing the water then this may be the way to try it out.


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        27.02.2010 10:27
        Very helpful



        A fantastic perfume with a great smell

        This is really a great perfume I first came across it when I received a sample bottle to try and ever since whenever I order out of Avon I always order this perfume. I'm a bit of a collector as I love different perfume bottles to display on my dressing table.

        The box is quite plain it is a cream colour with gold letters stating the name of the perfume

        The bottle I love it is expensive looking its not very tall and its a glass circle shape. The lid is of gold colour with a cirle shape pearl on the top I sit this on my dressing table with some pearl necklaces I think it looks fab.

        The scent is not overpowering its warm and floral with a magnolia and plum secent. lt can be worn in the day or evening I get people asking where I got it from because it really is that nice.

        There is a range of the Rare Pearls collection including the body lotion and the shower gel which I have tried and found that the whole collection is lovely. There is also the rare gold perfume which I have tried its ok but I found that I prefer the pearls.

        It can be purchased for £12 for a 50ml bottle which I find is a reasonable price. However they do most times have special offers on buy 2 perfumes for £12 which is even better.

        Overall its really worth trying I love Avon perfumes and this is one of the best.


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        25.07.2009 14:33
        Very helpful



        A beautiful perfume from Avon that is as good as overpriced designer perfumes.

        My sister is an Avon lady and when she comes to visit she often brings me a few goodies that she has had through as samples or items that people have returned that my sister cannot be bothered to send back. One such item she brought me was a bottle of Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum which is a reasonably priced perfume at just £12 and one of Avon's best sellers according to my sister.

        Rare Pearls comes in an absolutely beautiful bottle; it's much prettier than the photograph above simply because in reality when light hits it the bottom section of the bottle is so pretty and shimmery in a way you cannot capture in pictures. I much prefer perfume bottles to the actual perfume inside and this one looks absolutely wonderful sitting on my dressing table.

        The scent of Rare Pearls is very floral in my opinion, it's a definite bouquet though as I cannot pick out individual flower scents although the fragrance is very well blended indeed with no 'rough edges' or rogue fragrances popping out willy nilly. There is a touch of fruitiness to the perfume too although this takes a little while to come through and seems most apparent once you've allowed the perfume to settle down a little on your skin.

        When I first spray Rare Pearls it is a very strong scent, I can almost imagine a floral smelling gassy cloud floating around me it's so strong and sometimes it makes me cough quite badly so this is one perfume I daren't use if my asthma is playing up for whatever reason. To be fair it doesn't take long for the 'cloud' to dissipate and then I am left both better able to breathe and then I can also smell the fragrance of the perfume much more clearly.

        Once the fragrance settled I found it became a little fruitier and a vague musky scent fought it's way through the floral aroma which rounds out the perfume nicely in my opinion. This muskiness lingered much longer than I thought it would considering how subtle it is and seemed to get sweeter as time went on, ending up with an almost vanilla scent for a time which blended beautifully with the aroma of Magnolia which is a very sweet floral tone and too seems to linger better than any other smell in the perfume.

        I find the scent of Rare Pearls lasts far longer than other Avon perfumes I have used, which generally seem to have a staying power of ten minutes. When I wore it yesterday I sprayed it on at around 10.30am and when my niece came to visit at 3pm she could still smell it and commented about what a pretty scent it was. She was astounded when I told her it was an Avon perfume and asked if she could have a spray as she is a real perfume addict and doesn't think anything of spending £40 - £50 on a bottle of something which doesn't smell half as nice as this one!

        I think Rare Pearls would suit women of most ages really. The sweetness of the fragrance would appeal to younger wearers, and the overriding floral aroma is blended to smell very feminine and attractive to women of any age - whereas a lot of floral scents smell like older person's perfume I'd say this one is good for younger women too. I am very impressed with the longevity of the fragrance which was still vaguely apparent when I went to bed that evening, despite the fact that I hadn't reapplied it at any point during the day.

        My bottle of Rare Pearls is 50ml so I think the price tag of £12 is very reasonable, especially considering this is an Eau de Parfum and contains more perfume oils than the Eau de Toilette fragrances that Avon usually sell. It's down to the increased levels of perfume oils that makes the perfume so long lasting on my skin so this very reasonable price is looking better and better!


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          28.12.2008 21:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A very underrated scent

          I'm not a big Avon person generally - I think it's because they don't have shops and I've never had a rep come round. Even though I could also order from their website, I'm just not as keen with things that should be smelt and seen and touched before buying. As Avon is best known for its cosmetics and toiletries generally, this rules it out for me generally speaking.

          However for Christmas 2007 my mum got me an Avon Rare Pearls spray. I didn't know it was Avon at first because it's not very obvious from the packaging it was in - however I noticed it had a lovely smell, more 'grown up' than other scents I had, yet not old lady like. It does smell floral-ly but not overly so, and is a nice refreshing scent, but not too overpowering.

          I think it's a bit misleading from the description - 'floral' and 'magnolia' in the same sentence is usually something I'd stay away from. But this scent is lovely and different smelling. I always get compliments from people when I wear it, and most of my friends ask what it is so they can get some. I have to say at first I was like 'Errr...no idea?! I think it's Avon?' because the packaging is so unclear and the name is tiny, I couldn't remember it! 'Rare Pearls' doesn't stick in my head much as a name though it's a good one because it's vague, just like the scent itself - you can't really pin it down to one particular fragrance or reminder or something.

          Anyway, I love this a lot and was very pleased to get another in my stocking from Santa this year! I was getting down to the last of my old one and didn't want to finish it. It's definitely underrated as a scent, which is kind of good in a way because it means you'll smell different to everyone else!


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            25.03.2008 18:57
            Very helpful



            a really nice fragrance which is quite sweet and has a sophistocated aroma.

            Avon ~ Rare Pearls ~ Eau De Parfum

            I really love the Avon perfumes because most of them smell gorgeous and the perfumes are really cheaply priced. When I am choosing a new perfume from the Avon catalogue I either buy the ones which are on special offer or the ones which have nice looking bottles. I bought my first bottle of Rare Pearls because it was on special offer and you got three matching bath and beauty products free to layer and compliment the fragrance. I think I paid £10 for my first 50ml bottle of Rare Pearls perfume, but sometimes the price varies depending if it is on special offer or not; the cheapest I paid for the perfume was £5 because it was half price at the time.

            Rare Pearls is just one fragrance from the Rare range; you can also purchase Rare Rubies, Rare Gold and Rare Emeralds and they usually retail at about £10 per 50ml bottle. I have tried all of the fragrances in the Rare range bit Rare Pearls is my favourite one. As you can see from the picture at the top of this review the bottle of perfume is a nice rounded shape with a lovely chunky gold metallic lid. I really like the colour of the bottle and the top of the lid because they both have a lovely pearlescent effect finish which reflects the name of the perfume.

            ~~Fragrance Notes~~

            Rare Pearls is described as having ~

            Top Notes of Magnolia, Rosewood and Plum
            The top notes are the first phase of the perfume; they are usually the most volatile and evaporate from the skin very quickly. The top notes are usually very light and refreshing and their scent usually lasts for anything between five and ninety minutes.

            Middle notes of Wild Honey and Broom Flower
            The middle notes of a scent are therapeutic and balancing oils, sometimes the middle notes are often referred to as the heart notes of a scent. The middle notes are not always evident and can take between thirty and sixty minutes to develop on your skin, and they last for anything between two to four hours

            Base Notes of Pearl Musk, Sandalwood and Patchouli
            The base notes are the longest lasting notes in a fragrance, most perfumes use the same base notes. This is because they give the perfume more staying power and stop the top and middle notes from evaporating from your skin as quickly.

            ~~The Scent~~

            As soon as you spray Rare Pearls it has quite a strong overpowering aroma; I don't like strong overpowering fragrances, but this one seemed to die down really quickly. After approximately five seconds the scent dies down rather quickly and has a rich, sweet, warm aroma which smells rather sophisticated. I love the fragrance of this perfume and I think the main reason I like it as much is because it has a wide range of different fragrance notes which aren't spicy or overpowering. The rich aroma which I could smell as soon as I applied the fragrance was the Rose Wood which was accompanied with a light and airy Magnolia fragrance note.

            The top notes of Rare Pearls only last for about 10 minutes or so before they blend in with the middle notes of the fragrance. I would say that the Magnolia top note seemed to linger a lot longer than the Rose Wood and Plum fragrance notes did. The Magnolia seemed to linger for about two hours and it blended in nicely with the middle notes of the fragrance. I think that the Magnolia gives the perfume a lovely sweet fresh aroma, without making it smell too floral and overpowering.

            The middle notes of the fragrance seem to last for about two and a half hours before they gradually blend in with the base notes. I think that the middle notes of the fragrance are quite sweet and light but this is also complimented with a subtle floral undertone which seems to give the fragrance more depth. The sweet middle notes which I could detect from the middle notes were that of Wild Honey. The sweet middle notes aren't at all overpowering or sickly sweet, they are quite subtle and refreshing. I think that the Broom Flower undertone compliments the Wild Honey aroma nicely.

            When you are wearing Rare Pearls, the fragrance has a fruity/floral/sweet aroma which lasts for about 4 hours before it begins to change somewhat. The scent only changes and smelt differently when the base notes become more apparent, this is when the fragrance starts to smell a lot deeper and muskier. The deep musky base notes of the fragrance are lovely and have a slightly earthy aroma to them which could possibly be the patchouli and Sandalwood base notes. The musky scent which is evident in the last stages of the scent is a sweet musk which has a slight vanilla undertone to it. The musk in the base notes is described as being Pearl Musk, having never smelled Pearl Musk before I am presuming it must be a sweet musky aroma.

            ~~Perfume Information~~

            All perfumes smell slightly different on different people, and this is due to us having different oils in our skin. The staying power of a scent also differs from person to person because we have different types of skin oils too. I said in the review that this perfume lasts for about three or four hours on me, but it could last a longer or shorter amount of time on you.

            People who have dry skin types will notice that perfumes don't last long on their skin. If you have dry skin and have this problem you should try layering the scent of a perfume by using the matching body lotion or shower gel before applying the perfume. By doing this you are layering the scent and applying a base for the perfume to layer itself upon, so you should notice that the fragrance will last a lot longer on your skin.

            If you like the sound of this perfume then I advise that you go into your local perfume store and test it before you buy it. When testing the scent spray it onto your wrist and wear it for a few hours before you decide whether you like it or not, because the scent changes the longer you wear it due to the different notes which make up the fragrance.

            When testing a perfume don't smell the scent on a perfume card because it might smell lovely on the card and when you buy it and wear it at home it might smell totally different and you might not like the scent you are wearing. I made this mistake a few times in the past and wasted £30 on a fragrance which I didn't wear again and put in the bin.

            ~~Staying Power~~

            I am neither pleased or disappointed with the staying power from Rare Pearls, I find that most of the Avon perfumes I buy only last on my skin for about 4 hours before they fade away and need reapplied. Rare Pearls is an Eau De Parfum; Eau De Parfum fragrances have better staying power than Eau De Toilettes because they contain higher amounts of perfume oils, Eau De Parfum last any time between 6 and 12 hours on your skin.

            However Rare Pearls only lasted for 5 hours on my skin before I needed to reapply it. I find that if I apply this perfume at 8am in the morning before I go to work, I need to reapply it again at lunch time and then again shortly before I finish at 5.30pm. The bottle of perfume is only a 50ml size so it is quite small and easy to fit in your hand bag so as you can top the fragrance up throughout the day if you need to.

            Rare Pearls is a 50ml Eau De Parfum which means that it contains between 10-20% perfume oils. An Eau De Parfum is more expensive than an Eau de Toilette because it contains more perfume oils. Generally an Eau De Parfum should last anytime between 6-12 hours possibly more. (Although this perfume has the same staying power as an Eau De Toilette does)

            ~~Price And Availability~~

            You can purchase Rare Pearls from Avon and it costs about £10 for a 50ml bottle, although Avon seem to have it on special offer quite a lot, so it is a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for a bargain. Avon also sell the matching bath and beauty products which compliment and layer the scent of the perfume. You can purchase Rare Pearls shower gel, talc, body lotion and body spray which will give the fragrance of the perfume more staying power if you layer the scent.

            ~~My Opinion~~

            I really like the fragrance of Rare Pearls because it is sweet/fruity/musky and sophisticated. I think that the perfume smells like a very expensive one. The best thing about the fragrance of Rare Pearls is the fact that you can wear the perfume for any occasion because it is a flexible scent. I prefer to use the fragrance as a casual one because I have a lot of other perfumes which I use for evening wear, although if I ran out of one of my favourite evening wear perfumes I would probably wear Rare Pearls.

            The fragrance from Rare Pearls must be really nice because my husband has commented on it and he never usually says anything about my perfumes. I have also been asked by male and female colleagues at work what fragrance I am wearing/ or being told I smell lovely. So if you like getting compliments then order a bottle of this from your Avon catalogue or from AvonShop.co.uk

            Thanks for reading
            :o) Lisa

            © Butterfly-Wings

            ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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            A shimmering floral with a pure heart of magnolia and sparkling plum /

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