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Avon Rare Sapphires Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    3 Reviews
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      06.01.2014 20:24
      Very helpful



      A very beautiful EDP just a shame it doesn't have much longevity

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
      I have a great love of beauty items - well all except for make up as I don't really wear it - but anything fragrance or pamper wise I simply can't resist, and because of this 'obsession' I have amassed a great quantity of products over the years. I received several gift sets and pamper products for my Birthday in November as well as recently for Christmas, and though I regularly state this I really am not buying anything myself now (apart from basics like shampoo/ deodorant etc) until I've made a decent enough dent in my stock to warrant replenishing any of it.

      I was bought some lovely fragrance sets for my Birthday and apart from testing the scent on my skin I have put them away in my cupboard as I want to use up the remains of the vast collection of fragrances that I already have 'on the go' with the one I am going to review now - Rare Sapphires by Avon - being one of them.

      As I have just the smallest amount remaining in the bottle I feel I can justify a fair review of 'Rare Sapphires' by Avon.

      *~*How Avon describe it*~*
      "..A sparkling citrus blend of grapefruit and mandarin based on a creamy fig accord enhanced with touches of dewfruit.."

      It is almost 8 months ago since my friend stopped running Avon and this was one of my last purchases along with a few other bits and pieces so I'm not sure exactly what I paid at the time. Having had a quick look online at the Avon shop I can see that the current RRP is £13 for a 50ml sized bottle but is currently on offer at just £7 at the moment.

      Rare Sapphires is presented in a midnight blue cardboard box which has a few intricate swirls in a lighter colour blue with the wording of the fragrance in a golden shimmer lettering. For some reason the word sapphires is in a much bolder gold colour and stands out much more than 'rare' - not sure why this is as the box indicates the fragrance is simply titled Sapphires, but there you go!

      The bottle itself is very minimal in design being an oval shape which stands solidly on a flat base and increases in curvature before tapering in near to the neck, which is then finished off with plastic lid to match. The bottle is made from a relatively thick glass as it is heavy when picked up and no doubt would withstand being gently bashed about if it were in my bag.

      The glass itself has a very gentle blue hue to it but with the liquid inside it gives the glass a much deeper, richer midnight blue colouring and is very attractive. The lid, though made of a lighter plastic, matches with a blue dome like gem on top and is finished off with golden edging. All of the 'Rare' fragrances are of the same design but I think this one is the most elegant looking mainly due to the deep blue colouring.

      I purchased mine through my friend who at the time was an Avon Rep and so ordering and delivery was free and easy to do, though if there isn't a Rep local to you it can be ordered from their online shop @www.avonshop.co.uk though ordering this way does normally incur a P&P charge, as I have not ordered online though I am unable to comment on my experience of buying this way.

      Alternatively sites such as eBay often have a large collection of Avon products so its worth perusing the many pages if wanting this.

      *~*The fragrance itself*~*
      Rare Sapphires is available in the one size of 50ml and is an Eau De Parfum. It is classed as a 'fruity floral' fragrance.

      *Top notes*

      *Heart notes*

      *Base notes*
      Fig tree.

      *~*My thoughts on wearing Rare Sapphires*~*
      I remember my mum wearing the Rare Gold many years ago and I distinctly remember thinking how horrid it was and reminded me of the scent of hairspray. Because of this I avoided buying and of the 'Rare' fragrances for many years, until I was bought a bottle of the Rare Rubies as part of a pamper goodie bag and I have to say that that particular fragrance won me over and so I tested with trepidation the other Rare EDP's.

      It turns out the only one I'm really not keen on is the Rare Gold as all of the others I've found quite favourable and in particular Rare Sapphires seems to stand out that little bit more for me.

      On removing the very easy fitting lid there is a golden metallic nozzle housed underneath which when pressed releases the EDP in a flurry of fine mist. The EDP looks midnight blue whilst in the bottle but when sprayed the liquid is actually transparent so it's quite deceiving.

      When I purchased this bottle almost a year ago now my first thoughts were how different this came across as compared to the last time I wore it a few years ago. I don't know whether any of the notes have changed but it had a slightly different essence when worn on my skin, or maybe I just thought it was different as it is quite a while ago since last wearing it. Whatever the reason I was instantly smitten.

      The first thing I noticed when I'd applied this to my pulse points on both wrists and neck was the very blatant use of figs here. Fig can be one of those fruits that you either like or don't, and the same can obviously be said about its scent but I for one happen to be a fan (more of its scent than taste though if we are being honest) so I was very happy with its presence included here.

      Once applied the fig is quite a dominating note but it starts to gently fade and takes a side step after a few minutes to allow the sharp scent of grapefruit to shine through. I really liked this combination in the opening notes and I loved how the sharp tang of the grapefruit sat alongside the soft mellow fruity scent of the fig as it gave off an unusual scent which I simply loved.

      The dry down isn't quick and it takes its time to start changing before transforming into a more floral fragrance and after about 20 to 30 minutes I really started to notice a gentle floral aroma on my skin which presumably was the lily and the gardenia, I'm no expert so can't say exactly but it was definitely much more flowery at this point.

      The EDP starts to fade fairly quickly after this point, as on first applying it comes across as very overpowering and catches in the throat slightly, but luckily this doesn't last for long as it does settle very soon after applying.

      What I am left with after wearing this for a while is a warm woody aroma (this is where the cedar in particular really shines through) with a very mellow floral backdrop and finally the fig notes. As fig is used in both the opening and base notes it is, as I mentioned, the most predominant scent here throughout really and if you aren't a fan then this EDP really wont be for you at all.

      *~*Results and recommendations*~*
      I really do love this fragrance as it is unlike anything I've worn myself before and have had people compliment me when I've spritzed it on asking what the beautiful perfume is I'm wearing, to which they always reply 'Avon really?' as they didn't expect that answer!

      Rare Sapphires generally though seems to be the marmite of the EDP world - you either really love it (like I do) or really hate it (which I know others have not taken to it) and there really seems to be no in between. Personally I adore it as it is warm and woody with just the right hint of floral notes for my liking and most of all is different and not just some generic fragrance similar to millions of others.

      The only disappointment I have come across, and this goes for all of the other 'Rare..' EDPs is that as far as longevity is concerned it is very poor indeed. For an Eau De Parfum I would have expected a decent amount of wearing time when applied but found after 2 hours it was starting to fade to the point of having to reapply. Yes for an EDT I would deem that probably acceptable but for a stronger 'unwatered down' fragrance it is quite on the poor side and is reminiscent of many of my beloved Yves Rocher EDP's which have the same problem.

      This is quite a rich fragrance and so can be worn during the evening though I've tended to wear this the most throughout the day, though as it isn't too strong once its settled it is versatile enough to be worn either AM or PM whichever is your preference really.

      I would recommend this if you are after something both cheap and cheerful and a little bit different, if you are then you wont go far wrong as long as you are willing to keep the bottle in your bag to reapply. The bottle luckily isn't bulky or cumbersome and as I mentioned above is sturdy enough to be carried around so this shouldn't deter you from wearing it.

      It gets a 4/5 from me and I'm only dropping a star because the fragrances fades quite quickly but apart from that it very much gets the thumbs up from me.


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        24.03.2013 12:15
        Very helpful



        Looks like there's a genie in a bottle!

        I recently ordered this Rare Sapphires perfume from the Avon brochure. It was available in the Avon representative's brochure (my mother is the Avon lady) at the reduced price of £5.25, which I thought was great as it usually costs £13.00.

        Rare Sapphires is an offshoot of the original Avon perfume, Rare Gold. There is also Rare Pearls and the latest addition to the collection is Rare Diamonds, which I also ordered.
        Previous releases, which have been discontinued, include Rare Emeralds and Rare Rubies.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        This perfume is available as a 50ml eau de parfum and it is available to buy on the website, www.avonshop.co.uk or to order from the Avon brochure via your local Avon representative for £13.00, but there are often buy one get one free offers on it.

        ~ Bottle ~
        Rare Sapphires was discontinued by Avon, but they have recently brought it back. The new bottle have a different lid. The old bottles had a gold and blue fan shaped lid, which I really like, although the new design, which I have, is still nice.

        The bottle is made from clear glass. It is about 2 inches tall and it has a rounded shape. The lid of the bottle is made from plastic and there is a gold cone shape, which holds a large blue rounded gem, which I think is supposed to represent a sapphire.
        The perfume itself is a dark blue colour, which looks nice, but if you get towards the bottom of the bottle it will look untidy through the clear glass. I would prefer the bottle to be made from dark blue coloured glass.
        I must add that the perfume goes onto my skin clear and colourless, so it is not one of those perfumes that looks dark against your skin and you fear that it will ruin your clothing if you accidentally spray it on your clothes!

        ~ Scent ~
        The scent is really nice and uplifting.
        It really reminds me of being on holiday with sun, sea and sand!
        It is light, fresh and summery.
        The perfume is made with top notes of citruses, sparkling grapefruit, mandarin and fig.
        The heart notes are gardenia and lily of the valley.
        The base notes are cedar, vetiver and fig tree.
        The sparkling grapefruit, gardenia and lily of the valley are what I can detect in this fragrance.
        It is described as a woody fragrance, but I don't think it has a woody scent at all. If anything it has quite a green scent, which I think blends perfectly with the citrusy notes.
        This perfume would be perfect to wear on a summer day, where you can get away with a summer dress, that you'd usually reserve for your holidays or it is the perfect scent to pack in your suitcase!
        It is a really lovely scent.
        I have also been impressed with the longevity of this perfume. It lasts on my skin for around 8 hours, which I think is excellent for the price.
        I think this perfume would suit women of all ages. I don't think it would smell out of place on a 18 year old or a 60 year old.
        It'd be great to wear on the run up to your holidays, to get you through those last few weeks at work before the big getaway!

        ~ Conclusion ~
        I would definitely recommend this perfume and would definitely buy it again if my bottle runs out. I hope that it doesn't get discontinued again.
        It is such a great scent. Sparkling, citrusy and green, it reminds me of being on holiday like no other perfume does!
        It is the perfect summer scent. I think it would suit women of all ages and I have been impressed with the longevity.
        The bottle is nice, although I had been disappointed to discover it was the perfume, which is blue, not the actual glass of the bottle.
        I cannot knock a star off for this as it smells extra good! The full 5 from me!


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        23.10.2012 11:41
        Very helpful



        Back by popular demand, reasonable price when on offer - not appealing to me


        ===Why I Bought This===

        I like browsing through the Avon catalogues and ordering different items to try. However this Rare Sapphire perfume has been withdrawn by Avon for quite a while but they are bringing it back in their campaign 18 catalogue so I thought I would give it a try.

        ===The Brand===

        Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
        Avon has 18 different brouchures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

        ===The Product===

        'Rare Sapphires by Avon is a Floral fragrance for women. Top notes are citruses and fruity notes; middle notes are gardenia and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are cedar and vetiver.' (fragrantica.com)
        The bottle comes in a cellophane wrapped dark blue box with a scrolled letter 'R' on it in blue.
        Eau de perfum.
        50 mls.
        Contains 69.6% denat alcohol, flammable.
        Made in Poland.
        Bright blue perfume.
        Comes in a clear bulbous glass bottle.
        The bottle has a spray application with a large cap top. The cap is gold with a transparent bright blue plastic dome on the top (on the other variations the colour of the cap was differerent - amber for Gold, red for Rubies, green for Emeralds and pale irridescent for Pearls).


        Avon still sells Rare Gold which was launched in 1995.
        Rare Pearls.

        Also from the same selection but now apparently discontinued (unless Avon bring them back as they do occasionally with popular products)
        Rare Rubies
        Rare Emeralds.


        Full price is £13 but now on offer for £6.99.

        ===My Opinion===

        Well, this perfume must be a good seller with Avon or else it would never have been brought back this year, as some nice perfumes barely last a few months.
        I quite like the other perfumes in this 'Rare' range but have never tried this Sapphire one before.
        The bottle and colourful cap are in the same style as the other perfumes. I am undecided about the bright blue colour of the perfume - as I am not sure whether it make it look classy or cheap.
        The smell from this perfume is very different to the others in this range.
        The catalogue states it is a blend of grapefruit and mandarin with 'touches of dewfruit'.
        Grapefruit and mandarin are two of my favourite fruits and smells but this perfume did have quite an odd aroma to me. It did not smell at all fruity, but then not floral either.
        Quite a weird one and although not bad enough to wash off it is not one I would want again - unlike the Rare Pearls or Rare Gold.
        Quite good if you liked it before or if you are collecting the set to have all the colourful bottles, but not really one I would recommend for the quality of the perfume. The staying power is not too bad though for the price.
        Personally I very seldom get over enthusiastic with fragrances as my all time favourite is 'Angel' but as hubby hates it I have to use others - or face an argument.
        Worth a try as you can always return it under Avon's guarantee if you find its not for you.

        ===Star Rating===

        2 stars

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Not really.




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