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Avon Scentini Citrus Chill

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    4 Reviews
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      21.03.2013 22:24
      Very helpful



      Light, fresh and fruity

      Avon released 3 fragrances in the Scentini range and they had discontinued them all by the time I got round to trying them all out.
      In the range there is Plum Twist, which was the first one I tried, Rose Fizz, which I managed to get in the sale just after it had been discontinued and then this one - Citrus Chill.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Citrus Chill was discontinued early this year and I had missed what I thought was my last chance to buy this fragrance so I was considering buying it on ebay for around £6.00 including postage.
      Avon had been selling this for £8.00, but in an Avon sale brochure I managed to get this for just £2.50, which I was really pleased with considering I was going to pay £6.00 online.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The box for the fragrance is bright orange with splashes of bright green and blue on it! Otherwise, it is fairly plain.
      I was disappointed to find that the box for my perfume had been dented in the front to the point that there was a tear in it. The packaging is not flimsy or inadequate. It suggests to me that the products aren't cared for very well by Avon. I have often had bashed or tatty boxes from them, which is rather annoying. I thought there would be no point in complaining and it was only £2.50 anyway, although that is not the point.

      The bottle itself is quite small holding just 30ml. The bottle is a nice shape - widening at the neck and it has bubble shapes in the back of the bottle and the word 'SCENTINI' on the front of the bottle. The lid is made from orange plastic, as is the vaporiser button. The perfume itself is 2 different colours. There is a clear liquid which sits on the bottom of the bottle and a light orange coloured liquid which sits on top of this in the bottle and there is a clear border of where one colour ends and the other begins.

      ~ Scent ~
      This fragrance is light and citrusy.
      It offers notes of mandarin, red orange, guava leaf, passionflower, apple blossom, amber and transparent musk.
      The fragrance should be shaken before use, because it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers.
      It is really greasy on your skin if you do not shake it before spraying it.
      This fragrance is light, fruity and pleasant. It does have a slight sharpness to it, but it is not something I can imagine anyone finding offensive.
      I can detect the orange notes in this fragrance. The red orange gives the fragrance its bitterness.
      It is a nice fragrance, but I don't think it is anything too special.
      I think this fragrance is aimed at a younger target audience judging by the design of the box and the bottle.
      The fragrance sits very close to my skin and it lasts around 5 hours on my skin before completely fading away. The longevity of this eau de toilette is not great.
      I think it is definitely more of a day time scent, rather than one I would wear on a night out.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      This fragrance is nice enough. I like fruity fragrances and this one is very different from other fruity scents in my collection.
      It is not my favourite scent, but I do like it.
      It is very cheap, but the scent doesn't last too long on your skin and it sits very close to your skin as well. It is more like a body spray than a perfume, in that it is handy to use just to freshen up.
      I would consider purchasing this fragrance again, but I prefer the other two fragrances in the range.


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      31.12.2012 05:53
      Very helpful



      An attractive fragrance that gives a light aromatic scent to the skin

      ~~The Product: 'Avon Scentini Citrus Chill' ~ 'Sent Chills Up My Spine'!~~

      The Eau de toilette comes in a sturdy little box that is a gorgeous bright orange. The cute 4" bottle within has no labeling. A very innovative method has been used to separate the fluids components so that half of the fluid shows an oily tangerine orange, the above portion, and clear fluid below. Holding the fragrance towards the light shows the top section to be very oily.

      The fragrance has a lift off top and a spray nozzle. The glass bottle has six droplet indentations within the reverse side of the glass container that furnishes the perfume with yet another creative design. The front playfully displays the word 'Sentini' as a raised section within the glass. The bottle holds 30ml of the scent's contents. Avon launched the Scentini range of these 'summer cocktails fragrance collection in 2011' for women.

      ~~My Usage Experience ~ 'Just Chill'!~~

      When I browsed through my Avon brochure, this fragrance caught my eye. I loved the presentation of the perfume with its fun warm toned bottle. At the time, I was searching for a lovely summery perfume that would incorporate some of the aromas I adore. I liked the idea of an Eau de toilette for the summer as the lower percentage of perfume concentrates makes for a much lighter scent; although it doesn't linger as long as true perfume. Upon receiving this little scent I couldn't wait to try it out on my skin. I find that the more suitable way of applying eau de toilette is by putting it on frugally on the wrist and at the back of my neck and knees after I have showered.

      Although I was aware beforehand that the perfume contained predominantly citrus notes I wasn't aware just how strong this would be on initial application. The spritz is fairly powerful, at around 6" of spray, so applying up close can make the skin feel a burst of the mist although thankfully, fine mist! The primary administration of only one brief spurt is so over powering. The scent is just far to over whelming. The citrus bouquet is almost head aching to take in. I am very glad to say that this in time settles to a far more appealing aroma. It isn't the citrus odour that is the problem, simply the strength of the acidity of the scent smothers the senses!

      As I mentioned, after a while, the strength of the aroma settles and I can then begin to smell the fruity tones of orange, mandarin, and amber. This is such a fresh and pleasant combination that I can hardly believe it had given off such a horrid strong synthetic smell initially! After a little while of wearing the scent, I hardly notice it. It is only when I hold my wrist to my nose that I get a most wonderful balm of fruity, tropical and sweet floral tones of musk, amber, apple blossom along with mandarin. It is so easy to pick out the warm incense of these alluring balmy notes. As this is a simple eau de toilette, I didn't expect it to have longevity, with only about five to eight percent of perfume essence; it is designed for briefer time on the skin; ideal for summer afternoons to feel fresh and cool.

      Applying the actual product isn't a problem; it is the residual that seems to accumulate with each use! A greasy oily after effect happens with each application; on the skin as well as the bottle; eau de toilettes still contain a percentage of fragrant oils, even although much lower than actual perfume. Therefore, I am not surprised by the oily feel on my skin, and thankfully, as these contain alcohol, the scented water dries fairly quickly on my skin. I mentioned that I generally only use the eau de toilette on the back of my neck, knees and wrist. This is because the oil content, although small and even after allowing time to dry can mark and stain clothing. As I take caution concerning the application of the scent, this as yet, hasn't produced problem. But the greasy oily residual that builds up on the bottle after applying the fragrance is a real bug bear! If I forget to pop wet wipes in my bag to clean the bottle and my hands afterwards, I am left with oily sticky hands that feel a little sore through the harsher components within the product but also the bottle is left to accrue more oil on the next use!

      ~~Would I Recommend? ~ 'Take A Chill Pill'...or EDT!~~

      Yes I would recommend this product to those that love predominately citrus fruity aromatic fragrances. This eau de toilette is perfect for the summer season as a lighter fragrance than perfume. It is excellent when applied after a shower or bath. Although I am not thrilled by the initial over powering tones of the scent, it soon settles to a most pleasant bouquet. The oily components are frustrating but can easily be dealt with.

      As mentioned above, as a word of caution, beware not to allow this oily substance to come into contact with clothing or other fabrics. Carry wipes around if you intend applying the aromatic water when out. Applying the spritz is best done in a well-ventilated area.

      This Eau de toilette is still available online through sites such as EBay at very reasonable prices of £1 plus!


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        30.03.2012 09:59
        Very helpful




        I tried all the Scentini Perfumes when they first came out in the Avon book. I like to try new products and wear Perfume every day. I like when things are on special offer as well and I got this half price when I bought it. This normally sells for £8 for the 30ml but £4 sounded good to me. There is other offers that are on with this Perfume at times as well.

        I wasn't too sure about this scent. It isn't the kind of scent that I go for although I do like Citrus scent they can often be a bit tart but if I didn't like it then it wasn't a huge amount to lose.

        I do like the look of the bottles for these scents. They look like a Cocktail Glass and are thinner at the bottom and get wider nearer the top. The liquid is in 2 layers and you shake the bottle to mix the scent up. The 2 layers seperate Quickly enough again as well when the bottle is on a flat surface.

        The scent of this is Passion Flower, Musk and Mandarin. There does seems to be a slight Chilli scent through this but it isn't as Nippy smelling as what I thought it would be. It breaks the Citrus up and just adds that bit spice to it. So it was nicer that what I thought.

        This kind of scent is the perfect Summertime scent. It is light and fruity smelling.

        Any bad points about this scent? The scent doesn't last all that long and I was disappointed in this. I know this is a cheap scent at £8 for the 30ml but there is other Perfumes in Avon which cost just over £8 for 50ml and they seem to last a bit longer than these ones. I spray quite a few squirts of this and I can't smell this after a couple of hours.

        A nice scent and don't be put off by the Chilli part in this as it is nicer than what it sounds.


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        16.03.2012 17:37
        Very helpful



        Quite pleasant orangey perfume - but is a bit expensive but looks cheap.

        ---Why I Buy This---

        I thought the bottle looked good from the picture and I liked the way the fragrance was divided in two - I often use Avon products so decided to get this when it was on offer. I did not like the Plum or Rose versions much but thought I might as well try this Citrus one as I do like orangey smells.

        ---The Brand---

        Avon launched Scentini summer cocktails fragrance collection in 2011.
        Scentini Citrus Chill is said by Avon to be 'juicy mandarin and blood orange muddled with guava leaves, passion flower petals and apple blossom for a refreshing spirited finish'.
        The fragrance should be shaken before use, because it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers.

        ---The Product---

        30 ml bottle comes in a bright orange shiney box with a splash of green and a green cocktail glass.
        Eau De Toilette spray - you must shake well before use as the contents comes in two well defined layers.
        Made in Poland.
        Contains ethanol.
        Clear glass bottle has a dark orange pull off lid.
        Said to be 'an invigorating splash of juicy mandarin mixed with exotic passion flower and sheer musk'.
        The bottle shape is thin at the bottle and wider at the top - a bit like someone with a tight thin waist and wide shoulders - but presumable meant to be a cocktail shape.
        'Scentini' is embossed across the glass front and the back of the bottle has 6 dimples in the glass - probably to represent bubbles.
        The perfume comes in two distinct layers - a clear bottom half which has an orangey layer floating on its surface.


        The Scentini range comes in three fragrances:
        * Citrus Chill: Juicy mandarin and blood orange muddle with guava leaves, passion flower petals and apple blossom.
        * Rose Fizz: A splash of watery pineapple and a sprinkling of mango and peach combine with pink rose petals and dewy violet leaves.
        * Plum Twist: A lively mix of crisp cranberries, tangy pink grapefruit and juicy pomegranate mingled with red velvet rose rich plum and a touch of cinnamon.

        Avon will also shortly be bringing out three new versions in brochure 9 - Scentini Nights:
        * Midnight Glow - blue colour - fruity and woody
        * Purple Pulse - purple colour - fruity and oriental
        * Emerald Sparkle - vivid green - fruity and green fragrance.


        £8.00 but was buy one get one half price.

        ---My Opinion---

        This was a bit nicer than the other two perfumes I had tried in the Scentini range.
        As expected it came in cheap looking bright orange box - this did not give a good first impression.
        The bottle itself is not too bad but it is let down by a very cheap plastic cap and aerosol.
        After shaking the fragrance to mix the two layers together I put one spray on my wrist - apart from it leaving an oily residue which was not too pleasant, it did leave a good mandarin type of smell. the bottle mentioned 'sheer musk' but I did not notice any musky undertones.
        This would be quite a good summery fragrance if you were into citrus scents and it did last reasonably well.
        I have tried the plum and rose versions, which I was not too keen on but the citrus one is more to my liking.
        However not one I would say I was mad on and I think Avon do better and cheaper perfumes than this - and sorry to say it does look cheap.

        ---Star Rating---

        3 star - quite nice but not really worth the full price and it does look cheap.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes - if you are into citrus scents - and could buy it on offer..




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