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Avon Scentini Nights Midnight Glow Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2013 21:32
      Very helpful



      Nice, yet not very nice!

      Scentini Nights is a range of three fragrances by Avon released in 2012. They have already been discontinued.
      I received Purple Pulse for Christmas and then I managed to get Emerald Sparkle and Midnight Glow (the fragrance that I am reviewing here) for just £3.00 each in the sale.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      The eau de toilette comes in a 30ml bottle and is sometimes available to buy from the Avon sale brochure, which comes with the Avon brochure from your local Avon representative.
      It usually costs £8.00, but as it is about to be discontinued the last few sale brochures have had it on sale for just £3.00 along with the other 2 Scentini Nights fragrances, Emerald Sparkle (a deep green colour) and Purple Pulse (a deep purple colour in case you couldn't have guessed).
      It often comes up on ebay and amazon.co.uk as well.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle holds 30ml of this fragrance. The bottle is cute and doesn't look stupidly small at all!
      It is a nice shape - widening at the neck and it has bubble shapes in the back of the bottle and the word 'SCENTINI' on the front of the bottle. The lid is green and made of plastic as is the vaporiser button. The perfume itself is 2 different colours.
      The bottle is made from clear glass. There is a clear liquid which sits on the bottom of the bottle and a bright blue coloured liquid which sits on top of this in the bottle and there is a clear border of where one colour ends and the other begins.
      The idea is to shake the bottle to mix the layers together before spraying the fragrance. Avon advise that the fragrance should be shaken before use as it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers.
      When shaken, the liquid appears all blue and very cloudy, but with time it separates into the two layers again.
      If you spray it onto your skin without shaking first it feels very greasy on your skin.

      ~ Scent ~
      This fragrance is described as fruity and woody.
      It contains notes of frozen blueberries, magnolia and blonde woods.
      I can detect the blueberry and there is also a light woody element to this fragrance. I can't really detect a floral element to this fragrance.
      The scent is quite aquatic and reminds me slightly of a Coolwater summer edition that I recently tried.
      It isn't a very sweet or fruity scent. I think blueberry is a scent that has a slight harshness to it so it doesn't smell very sweet.
      The scent is pleasant, but it is nothing too special and it is quite one dimensional.
      Like the other two Scentini Nights fragrances, I find that this is one that I would choose for day time wear rather than for nights out or special occasions, despite the Scentini "Nights" name.
      I am not a big fan of aquatic scents, finding them quite masculine and this one has quite a sharpness to it. I prefer to wear something heavier and to be frank, more pleasant, for nights out.
      Although the scent is alright, I think it is the worst fragrance in the Scentini Nights range.
      The fragrances in the Scentini Nights range have not been very successful and they were available to buy from the Avon brochure for less than a year before being discontinued.
      They do not have the greatest longevity and I find that this one also has poor staying power.
      It lasts around 4 hours on my skin before fading away. It seems to have better sillage than the other Scentini Nights fragrances, but it doesn't last any longer than the other two scents in the range.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      While I don't dislike this fragrance, it is certainly not my favourite and I find very few occasions when I feel like wearing an aquatic scent so this one tends to get left on the shelf.
      The price is very reasonable and the bottle design is nice enough, but the longevity of the fragrance is poor.
      I would not recommend this fragrance because of its poor longevity and I also find it quite masculine. It is certainly not a scent I would rave about.
      For the price I paid, I could not describe it as a mistake, but I would not buy this fragrance again even at £3.00.


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