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Avon Scentini Plum Twist Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    4 Reviews
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      27.12.2012 17:59
      Very helpful



      Lovely, shame about the poor staying power

      Avon's Scentini Plum Twist is one of three Scentini fragrances I own. All three were given to me as gifts. Plum Twist was the second one that I received and I was really pleased as I had already got my eye on it.

      The perfume comes packaged in a purple box with a sort of jagged graphic design on the front. The bottle of the perfume is identical to the other two I own, the only difference being the colour of the cap and spray nozzle, which are purple to match the liquid inside. The liquid has a two tone effect being clear on the bottom, with a purple layer on top. I love the little bottles of this perfume, they're quite small at just 30ml and they look very dinky and sweet and the two tone effect makes them stand out.

      To use this perfume you have to shake the bottle to mix the two layers. This creates a pale purple liquid which looks quite bubbly in the bottle. Unfortunately one thing I have found with these perfumes is that given the oil and water type layered effect, I do find they feel slightly greasy on the skin which is a little unusual and not something I'm a fan of.

      I love the scent of plum, so really this fragrance was always going to be a hit with me! The perfume is incredibly fruity, even from the first spray and the plum comes across very strongly. I think when this is first sprayed it has a hint of apple to it, or certainly it has a fragrance which reminds me of sweet red apples, although this disappears after just a few minutes of wearing it. The top notes of this fragrance are apparently cranberry, grapefruit and pomegranate. I think I can perhaps understand cranberry, but personally I don't think it has much of a grapefruit or pomegranate scent to it.

      The middle notes of this perfume are said to be plum, rose and water notes. As I have already mentioned I feel that the plum scent is prominent from the moment the perfume is sprayed. I do think now that I am aware of it, I can smell a hint of rose in this scent. That said, it is in no way a floral scent, I think you probably wouldn't notice the rose unless you were looking for it as I was.

      Base notes of this scent are said to be praline and cinnamon. Again, I can't detect either of these! It may just be my nose, but to me this scent stays fruity from beginning to end.

      On the whole I think this is a lovely fragrance. It is fruity, light, uplifting and cheerful, if it's possible for a scent to be cheerful! I think it is definitely suited to the younger woman - the packaging especially seems to confirm that - yet I don't feel too old for it and I'm in my late twenties. As it is a light fragrance, I think it is suited more to daytime wear than for night time and its fruity nature makes it more suited to the warmer months.

      Although I really like this fragrance, unfortunately there is a downside to it, which is its staying power. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the oiliness of the liquid, but this is one fragrance that doesn't seem to stick around for long. I'd say maximum wear is only around three hours before I need to spray it again. Whilst the small bottle makes it ideal for putting in my handbag, I would really prefer something that sticks around as it's simply less hassle.

      Scentini Plum Twist costs £4.99 for a 30ml bottle which is fairly good value for money. It is currently not showing on the Avon website, although I know it was on there quite recently and I don't believe it's been discontinued. You can pick up a brand new bottle for the same price (£4.99) on eBay from various sellers.

      On the whole, I do like this and I think that despite the poor staying power, I would still recommend it as it really is a lovely fragrance and one I anticipate I will use a lot next summer.


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      19.10.2012 20:51
      Very helpful



      Fruity and fresh!

      Avon Scentini Plum Twist is a bottle of perfume that I received as a gift for my birthday!
      The first thing I noticed about it is how beautiful the box was and I have kept mine as I love it - it is a metallic pink/purple colour with squares that make it look like a close-up of a glitter ball and with lots of silver sparkly bits and then "SCENTINI PLUM TWIST" written in silver in the middle of the box.
      I have since ordered this perfume for a friend and unfortunately it came in a differently designed box which I wasn't as impressed with.

      ~ Packaging/ bottle ~
      The box is difficult to open without damaging as I often find with perfumes! The bottle is cute. It is quite small holding just 30ml, but doesn't look so small that it's ridiculous as I have found with some fragrances (namely Paul Smith - the stripey one - I bought it as a gift for my partner and was actually embarrassed when I saw the size of the bottle). The bottle is a nice shape - widening at the neck and it has bubble shapes in the back of the bottle and the word 'SCENTINI' on the front of the bottle. The lid is purple and made of plastic as is the vaporiser button. The perfume itself is 2 different colours. There is a clear liquid which sits on the bottom of the bottle and a pinky purple coloured liquid which sits on top of this in the bottle and there is a clear border of where one colour ends and the other begins.

      ~ Scent ~
      The scent is very light and fruity containing notes of cranberry, grapefruit, pomegranate, plum, velvety rose, cinnamon and praline. Avon advise that the fragrance should be shaken before use as it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers.
      The fragrance is really sweet and I absolutely love it. It does remind me being younger. I think, judging by the bottle and packaging design it is aimed at a younger audience, but this doesn't stop me wondering what the other Scentini fragrances smell like and I'd love to try them out!
      I have tried the scent with and without shaking it and I find that it has a stronger scent when it is shaken, but both ways I find it feels quite greasy on your skin! It pains me to say a bad word about this perfume as I perhaps want to like it more than I actually do like it.

      ~ Price ~
      A 30ml bottle of Scentini Plum Twist, Citrus Chill or Rose Fizz is in the current (at 19th October 2012 - brochure 16) Avon brochure at half price, just £4.00. They are usually £8.00 each! I think £4.00 is a fantastic price and it would make a great stocking filler or gift. I was certainly pleased with mine.

      ~ Overall ~
      Overall I love the scent of this fragrance - it is very sweet and fruity. It is cheap to buy and the bottle is nice enough. I think it aimed at a fairly young audience. I am in my mid twenties, but I still love this fragrance.


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        27.03.2012 13:59
        Very helpful




        This Perfume hasn't been out all that long in Avon - Well it has been out for a few months now and I had to buy it when it first came out. There is 3 different scents in the range and this was the 1st one that I bought.

        The bottle looks alright. I think this is designed to look like a Cocktail glass and is a bit more fun looking than other bottles out there. You can see the 2 different layers of Liquid in this bottle and the liquids are clear and pink. Just shake the 2 liquids together and this will mix the layers up and you will get the scent from both layer. I have never tried to just spray this how the liquids sit but perhaps will have to as i'm curious. The 2 layers return to being seperates quick enough.

        The notes in here are apparently Grapefruit, Cranberry, Plum, Rose, Cinnamon and Pomegranate. I can't smell any different notes apart from the Plum notes but then again since it is a Plum scent then I would expect to be able to smell Plum. You can smell a nice Fruity scent to this and there is a light fresh kind of twist to this but the only other scent I can smell is Rose which goes together well with the Plum.

        This costs £8 for the 30ml bottle. Quite an average price for a Perfume from Avon but as some of you may know if you use Avon that things are often on offer so you should pick this up for a better price. I got this for £4.

        So how do I find this to smell? It is a nice smell. The Plum scent is a scent that I like and this smells like a nice summer kind of scent. I was disappointed that this didn't last all that long and I couldn't smell it at all after a couple of hours. There is other Perfumes for £8 in Avon which are 50ml so I expected this to last a bit longer.

        A nice simple fruity scent and my favourite in the range. A perfume that I will use now and again but it will never be a favourite. Probably best suited to the teenage market.


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        22.02.2012 19:05
        Very helpful



        Inexpensive - but a bit too plummy and sickly sweet for me.

        ---Why I Buy This---

        I thought the bottle looked good from the picture and I liked the way the fragrance was divided in two - I often use Avon products so decided to get this when it was on offer.

        ---The Brand---

        Avon launched Scentini summer cocktails fragrance collection in 2011.
        Scentini Plum Twist contains notes of cranberry, grapefruit, pomegranate, plum, velvety rose, cinnamon and praline.
        The fragrance should be shaken before use, because it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers.
        The Plum Twist has been described as:
        * fruity
        * sweet
        * fresh spicy
        * watery
        * citrus
        * rose.

        ---The Product---

        30 ml bottle comes in a bright pink shiney box.
        Eau De Toilette spray - specified as a 'limited Edition' and you must shake well before use as the contents comes in two well defined layers.
        Made in Poland.
        Contains ethanol.
        Clear glass bottle has a pink pull off lid.
        The bottle shape is thin at the bottle and wider at the top - a bit like someone with a tight thin waist and wide shoulders - but presumable meant to be a cocktail shape.
        'Scentini' is embossed acros the glass front and the back of the bottle has 6 dimples in the glass - probably to represent bubbles.
        The perfume comes in two destinct layers - a clear bottom half which has a pink layer floating on its surface.


        The Scentini range comes in three fragrances:
        * Citrus Chill: Juicy mandarin and blood orange muddle with guava leaves, passion flower petals and apple blossom.
        * Rose Fizz: A splash of watery pineapple and a sprinkling of mango and peach combine with pink rose petals and dewy violet leaves.
        * Plum Twist: A lively mix of crisp cranberries, tangy pink grapefruit and juicy pomegranate mingled with red velvet rose rich plum and a touch of cinnamon.
        Avon will also shortly be bringing out three new versions in brochure 9 -Scentini Nights:
        * Midnight Glow - blue colour - fruity and woody
        * Purple Pulse - purple colour - fruity and oriental
        * Emerald Sparkle - vivid green - fruity and green fragrance.


        £8.00 but also on offer as buy 1 choose 1 half price on selected His n Hers fragrances.

        ---My Opinion---

        Oh dear - thought this might be ok as another Avon perfume I have just had (Eternal Magc) is lovely.
        However this was a bit of a disappointment even before I got it out of the box.
        It came in cheap looking bright pink/cerise box covered in white stars - this did not give a good first impression and it did not get any better when I opened the box and took out the bottle.
        The bottle itself is not too bad but it is let down by a very cheap plastic cap.
        The idea of two layers to the perfume looks quite good - but it does all give the impression of being very cheap - and aimed at younger teens I would think. To me it looked like something you would see on a market stall - but not bother buying.
        Anyway I tried the perfume - both as it was and then, after reading the bottle, after shaping to mix the two layers together.
        The perfume itself is very fruity and sweet when first sprayed on - after a few minutes this tones down but it still retains its sweet sickly smell - but not like any specific fruit.
        It is not so bad that I would have to wash it off (as I have had to with some perfumes in the past) but not one I am keen on or would want to buy - this perfume, being from Avon with its money back guaranteee, will, I'm afraid, be going back.
        I have not tried the other two versions, and perhaps they might be more to my liking - but the cheap feel of this product does not really encourage me to want to try them.
        It does seem to have lasting properties though as I could still smell it on my dressing gown sleeve this morning from when I tried it yesterday!
        I must add I ordered when it was on special offer so if I had kept it it would have cost me under £4.

        ---Star Rating---

        2 Stars.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Not really - unless you wanted a quick stocking filler for a young teenager.




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